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  1. Multiple family members in Texas. If I'm not mistaken, his grandmother used to work for UT and his Aunt currently does.
  2. His mom lives in Florida. He lives with his mom.
  3. Chidi is from Ga by way of Nigeria. Neville Gallimore is the Canadian.
  4. Bleacher Report is owned by Turner.
  5. DC Maryland Virginia
  6. Jake Rowe ‏@JakeRoweRivals 14m The nation's top player, Trenton Thompson, says he will visit #Auburn this weekend with his mother. @Allie_Davison @JHokanson
  7. I'd much rather see the 4 SEC teams who have semi-permanent acc rivals continue to play those games and have the other 10 teams match up with the Big 12 every year.
  8. I agree about Moss not working as hard as he should have but let's not pretend that the QBs that threw them the balls were even close to being equal.
  9. Swing and a Miss
  10. I assume she meant if Markell hadn't got the offer from AU.
  11. Does it also mean we feel good about having a replacement?
  12. Jerit Roser ‏@JeritRoser57m #LSU commit Davon Godchaux just texted saying he'd like to open back up his recruiting process & make sure he picks the right school... Does this help us?
  13. CJ, Louis and Denson
  14. Wasn't leaked inside information a previous problem when dealing with Greg Bryant? When he originally decommitted from OU wasn't he just about ready to commit to us but didn't due to info leaking?