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  1. In search of 3 regional tickets if anyone knows of any
  2. Just saw another view. I agree with call but not angry with frost. Was no doubt helmet to helmet.
  3. War eagle. We are so much better than last year this is fun again. Does any one remember how slow the start was with cam? Nick is no cam but lets gi e him a chance.
  4. I'm sorry if I'm wrong, just didn't see it. I saw the holds we were called for. I sa a lot of penalties we were called for and want them gone. I personally did not see the helmet to helmet. At best I saw roughing the passer. If I. Wrong I'm just wrong. Asu's an didn't even leave his feet couldn't have been to hard a hit.
  5. Ok war tiger I didn't realize that. Thanks
  6. face mask got into QB's face mask
  7. Gilstein21 was it helmet to helmet?
  8. The replays I saw didn't show it that way. Fiost couldn't believe the call either. Was there a replay I didn't see. He put his arms up was late getti g there but was no helmet to helmet. Is there a replay I missed?
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