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  1. Auburn hired the man to do a job and expected him to do it. Why should auburn not be expected to give him the chance to do it ?
  2. Did you two just agree on something ? 😉
  3. Thanks. So we potentially could move up from 12? Not complaining I’m thrilled With what this staff has done
  4. First , thanks zeke for a fabulous job of making this day fun and keeping us informed! how do these recruiting sites handle early signing day? Is there a recruiting champion or does this all carry over until February?
  5. I don’t know sorry it might be. He’s just one of my all time favorites
  6. I had low expections in the beginning due to new staff and schemes. We came out of the gate and I got caught into the hype we were better than we really are. While losing 4 games in a row hurt I still believe we are improving. We were competitive in every game including the georgia game( even though it got ugly at the end). If we can be competitive in Harsins very first year surely things will improve in year 2
  7. No body gave us a chance but we were there to the end
  8. Happy thanksgiving and war eagle
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