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  1. I’m in emotional distress. It’s not funny lol
  2. Just disliking because I’m a big baby. I can’t handle logic right now. I do agree 100%
  3. All these articles are right and that sucks . I hate AU is going through this. I hate sports. I’ll be back next Saturday
  4. This should have happened at AU, but Harsin doesn’t create an environment players want to be a part of. Deon can bring so much to AU The people that argue about Deon know jack s*** about running a program in 2022. Recruiting is the number one thing that gets wins. He will get players
  5. There are so many bad stats like this on Harsin. like AU has blown double digit leads in 5 straight sec games or something. this guy may be the worst coach AU has ever had. By a long shot
  6. This . Nothing. He is not present
  7. I have no words except ones that are vile, violent, and vulgar . I’m disappointed and just bummed. Can’t wait for good football again .
  8. 4 turnovers will not win many games . bad bad ball folks. This loss is on everyone on that sideline . Not just the staff.
  9. Ashford is a freshman and is making mistakes. The ceiling is so high for him. Need a break on D
  10. The lack of discipline by Pritchett. Damn
  11. How convenient Moore threw it. Damn what a bummer. He had nobody to throw to
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