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  1. How dare these young men come to one of the blue bloods in the SEC ? I can’t believe it welcome men
  2. Practice ? Lifting weights ? What is this some kind of attempt to be an elite level FBS program ?
  3. Get some shorts on lol. Looking forward to McClain getting that all American nod
  4. I will speak for the board when I say we want Brahms to be more physical and aggressive. Get mad and get ugly. Whip someone’s ass. He’s smart and knows the offense, but he needs to hate the team across from him
  5. They have so much money . The buyout is probably a drop in a bucket , not to mention they could drag it on in court for years.
  6. He may have took a pay cut with the NIL going public lol Wait til Arch Manning comes to college football . Holy crap
  7. That’s a slow Tuesday for me
  8. Just win baby. the guys on the team are grown and can decide what’s best for them. No matter what any of us think we know it’s up to the player, staff to make the best individual decisions for themselves.Keep in mind there is still little info on the long term affects of the vaccine. Can any of us believe the media ? Nobody really cares about Scalici or his opinions.
  9. That’s what sold it for me . His ranking didn’t make much sense to me , but how do you truly evaluate that many kids. I’m no expert , just an AU Fam Homer
  10. Underrated. I bet he jumps up the rankings . Great pickup
  11. I was going to say he looks big for 175. Smooth runner , great hands. Coach corn may have a weapon with this one
  12. Good luck to him . Excellent athlete, now it’s time to be great in the classroom.
  13. Glad to have coach watts .
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