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  1. Malik is solid, however it’s the Bo show. Everyone knows it.
  2. I have never liked marcelo. His interviews and columns are just plain bad . Zero charisma behind the mic or camera . He acts like he hates AU all the time .
  3. Put us wherever you want . This team is built to brawl . I don’t care about seeds . Hell of a year and more to come
  4. I am enjoying my crow . During the bad streak I said this team stunk . Boy was I wrong and happy to admit it . So proud
  5. I was not able to watch, I kept up on gamecast . Man I hope I can find this game on the web . Wow what an effort . Complete team effort
  6. Unbelievable job by the team and staff . They dealt with adversity and never quit . Very very proud
  7. Proud of these guys . Hope they kick ass and go high in the draft .
  8. Masters I can’t imagine the pain you feel . I am so sorry for your loss . Prayers have been lifted for you and your family .
  9. Good size . My cousin is 6’2” also . He sux at football
  10. So what your saying is ??? I believe Turner Gill is still out there guys
  11. I understand what your saying , however we need a change at AU with strength and conditioning. There is zero push on both sides of the ball. We are missing explosiveness and physicality. The off-season is where the killer instinct is installed and AU has missed it for a long time . Look at the nfl draft when it comes to AU players . Just not on the same level as college footballs elite . JMO
  12. I don’t care what it takes . Clemson handing out PEDs . Whatever it takes to win