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  1. I see D.J. and worm scoring Saturday.
  2. I hate liking this , but it’s truth
  3. That’s one of the worst losses I have ever witnessed . Absolutely disgusting
  4. Yes and will make burrow a millionaire 20 times over too.
  5. 2017 all over again . Just beat GA and bamas ass please
  6. Thank you for the info. That makes way more sense . He just needs gravy to get to 325.
  7. What’s up with this kid ?? AU is wide open and in need of play makers
  8. Is this guy a good pickup ?? He is barely big enough to play tight end . Very light tackle . He better go to Cracker Barrel every day
  9. The guys should go straight to prison. Is there any reason why he is not in jail ? If that were on of us that pissed in the ocean wave or whatever they are we would be in jail serving a sentence
  10. Can this just go away ?? This is strictly a stunt to talk s*** about AU. why do this in Tuscaloosa? Why do this on a Saturday morning?? Don’t they have a game today ?? Bunch of dumbasses
  11. effort . GA is very beatable. Make routine plays and you win . That simple
  12. Great win. So many points left on the court with poor free throw shooting . Either way big win
  13. This . Effortless athlete. Could play DE for Garner . Glad to have him