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  1. This. Some folks can’t forgive. They are coming out of the woods now. Top 5 class in route.
  2. I agree. AU is missing a clear alpha. Broome is the leading scorer but not the leader. KD is flat this year. AU does not have enough scorers
  3. Still poor shot selection, guard play, and right now intensity. Always 3 shots behind the opponent.
  4. Tough game last night . This team still hasn’t clicked . Time to practice harder and get back to work
  5. I wish that screaming ass woman would shut the hell up. I can’t enjoy the game
  6. AU can win, but they have to play perfect
  7. I love Bruce, but at times the off script stuff does not work. He has to call a timeout and draw up an answer
  8. Here’s the deal. tXAM wants it AU getting out coached Piss poor effort
  9. Aggies shooting well. Nothing you can do. Gotta match
  10. Certainly prayers for the community. Tornados are just frightening. Awful
  11. I get it… UNO right? Bunko maybe? 21?
  12. Roe we are still 53 players short.
  13. Somebody toss me the keys to our line backing core my favorite artist is Alicia Keys That was dumb
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