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  1. Kick some ass men . The talking is over.
  2. I believe in the special jerseys once or twice a year . Sell them high and donate the proceeds . Au can do this tactfully and still keep the best uniforms in the ncaa cool.
  3. Fantastic job by the staff . The effort in recruiting is showing. Absolutely killing it .
  4. Didn’t Au raise a billion dollars a few years back ?? I remember during a day they made an announcement
  5. Really excited about this young man . Freshman all American on the way
  6. I am so happy for Chuma . What a fantastic young man . Also this is huge for Au basketball. This will change the program
  7. Phil Steele is straight shooter. He makes sense. Still not sure about the o-line or d-line being that dominant . Just being cautiously optimistic
  8. War Eagle boys . Get after em . Omaha bound
  9. I haven’t read the whole thread , however we can still drink and post right ??