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  1. UCF RB, "AU in for Rude Awakening "

    Yea they all say that . Love the confidence. When we have d lineman that run as fast as your wr. Not sure I would talk about speed
  2. Pettway Out for Peach Bowl

    I know man. I hate liking this post. Flat out beast .
  3. Pettway Out for Peach Bowl

    Damn pettway . He’s 100 percent healthy
  4. AP All-American Team

    AG never stayed at one position long enough lol
  5. AP All-American Team

    Great group of tigers . Very deserving . Awesome young men
  6. 24/7: Holland coming back

    Gus put a lot of miles on him. Rb shelf life is very short
  7. 24/7: Holland coming back

    Russell played great this year , like u said depth worries me
  8. AU puts 3 on Walter Camp AA team.

    Awesome job guys . Names in the record books
  9. Tennessee targets DC Kevin Steele

    You guys know more than I do. I do believe at some point twill will be a prominent coach in college football
  10. 2015 4* RB Kerryon Johnson commits to AU!

    What a back this kid has became . Fantastic young man
  11. Tennessee targets DC Kevin Steele

    I would like twill in that spot if Steele leaves . Twill is a bright guy with a huge upside
  12. Do we still protect Gus from Arkansas?

    Let’s focus on UCf now . Glad that’s over
  13. This is just the beginning

    I’m with you . Consistency is what we need.
  14. UAT OR UGA in January?

    Same minus ga vs bama . I think ga has a better team due to Chubb and the kid that touched us in the 4th
  15. Malzahn wants to be loved/paid

    Man you nailed it . What do AU fans expect? We have been to the holy land twice since 2010. We expect to be consistent and win . Sorry Gus if that hurts your feelings . I want him to stay . If he wants to leave he can go . We will be fine . Hire kiffin . He will absolutely thrive with this team