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  1. Tucker Brown moves to Center

    Won’t be tight for long more like a split end type guy
  2. Kid can run like a spooked deer as bo Jackson would say. Is this kid as fast bo??
  3. Tigers are Stronger than Cancer

    You can never lose if you don’t give up .
  4. Malik Willis looks like a starter

    Willis is a fun kid to watch . We are in very good hands at qb
  5. This guy hasn’t picked anyone yet?
  6. Some people just suck . He will play early and often . Fine young man with an extremely bright future
  7. 2019 4* ATH Steele Chambers

    Absolutely All name team captain . Fantastic. My first name is Samuel . Damn!!!!!!
  8. 2019 4* LB Lavonta Bentley

    Roquan is a stud, but he gone to the pros right?
  9. This . What a stupid article .
  10. Let's Grade the 2018 Recruiting Class

    B- for me . I feel like we missed a lot, but we did get some good kids with no BS. Losing herb hand didn’t help it maybe it did. You never know exactly how the class will turn out , but not the staffs best effort imo
  11. Please pray

    Praying for you guys . God is so good
  12. 2018 3* SDE/DT Caleb Johnson

    Absolutely a playmaker with so much versatility. Would be a beast special teams player
  13. 2018 4* WR Justyn Ross

    I agree 💯. He is just having fun . To me I believe AU has a good a shot as anyone to grab this kid .