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  1. That's great to hear . I hope he has a great spring . He could take the 2 spot from Sean. His skill set is Taylor made for this offense, Sean won't go quietly
  2. Horrible news.My grandfather is in the hospital as well. He will be 87 in a few weeks. Prayers for yours and mine . God Bless E
  3. Happy for Willis. I said Willis was a winner LOL.. Where u at AUH?? Gotta jab a little . One scrimmage doesn't tell the tale. Also great news cowart did well . I hope he settles in and has an all sec type year
  4. Would love to see bubba get just a hair faster . Great stable of RBs..
  5. Anyone attend the scrimmage today?? If so any analysis?? I mean real honest analysis. Glad nobody got hurt
  6. I have beat on Cowart since he got here. This year the light has to come on .. I hope garner wears him out and makes him as mean as Fairley
  7. Woody physically looks great . Good luck to him
  8. Hope things are good with KD .. hope he can get it handled and come back home
  9. Aren't they all homer posts though?? This is an auburn message board .. We are all homers...again lol .. middle school ?? Thanks for the compliment. Nonsensical ? Way over my head I guess . Us simpletons can't understand those words . I agree he is raw. I agree he needs coaching .
  10. Ok so to make you feel better . Willis is gonna suck .. since optimism isn't in your vocabulary. I thought we both loved Auburn University. If that's true you are indeed my bro or sister depending on which gender you identify with which apparently tonight is 12 year old spoiled brat little girl. I get that you know more about this kid. Congratulations. I think he will be a good pickup. Please remove the stick from your ass. Wde
  11. Not enough bench press or post practice fruit
  12. Because I do bro. Look at his recruiting page or topic or whatever it is. One of the top players in GAs biggest classification.. you can read.. go find the article ... that's how I know
  13. Maybe Willis 1.0??? Sound better??
  14. The only reason he did that was because he was not going to be the starting qb
  15. I hate liking this. The truth though