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  1. Prayers lifted . Can’t imagine .
  2. It’s hard enough for me to keep my pants on now much less then ....
  3. Pat did so much for AU . Tough tough news . Prayers for his family and the AU Family
  4. Just win baby. Manage the game
  5. Im Glad we are talking about . Gus sure isn’t lol
  6. Prayers lifted brother . Sorry I just saw this .
  7. Mikey did you watch sec ball last season ? I know Nix did his best , but stingley was the best freshman in America . I get it we are not debating that. I hope Nix does better with Morris , but in my opinion Davis is going to be a better fit . That’s all. Watching this kid reminds me of Nick Marshall . He gave DCs nightmares .
  8. Finally a QB fit . Holy crap it’s about time . Huge pickup
  9. 100.00 bones for a polo . Nope nope . Go to nike
  10. Yes . We should switch . Better shoes and better gear . Better marketing and brand awareness . Jumpman gear would be sweet.
  11. All I can say is be good to your neighbors and help those in need.
  12. Better walkout song , fire , fireworks , cannons . Something that is way too loud and frightening .
  13. Just an awesome story. Hard working kid and loves to play ball. He would play defensive tackle if asked . Hope he has a long career