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  1. It's not about being fair. It's about how they performed vs big time teams .
  2. AU looks good in the draft every 4 years. Between those times AU can't develope draftable talent for some reason. They opt for project kids/recruits vs more developed kids like OSU and UA. AU is so far away for the OSU, Clemson, and OSU levels when it comes to draft measures it ain't even funny. Just my honest take. It's quite embarrassing giving the top ten recruiting talent every year. Until AU addresses the lack in developmental facilities and maybe the lack of developmental coaching this will never change. Good luck to Monty and Carl and all the AU guys in the draft
  3. I hate liking this. You are right . We love carl because he was on our team, but he wasant dominate at all. He missed way more than he made. Holland is just like him. One thing about carl though is his attitude. Absolutely love his work ethic and that alone will get him a long career in the NFL. I say 2nd round late to the steelers
  4. Gus and coach speak ... whatever Gus.. good luck to Kyle . I hope he is getting the support he needs
  5. He can rent the banquet hall
  6. When is Hugh Nall coming back ?
  7. Martin sucked it up . Put McLain at tail back. He is a big kid
  8. Glad they rested pettway. I hope he focuses on getting faster this offseason . He is really close to being an elite back. Also he needs to keep the Heisman talk to himself and talk with his play. Love the confidence, but it's about under promising and over producing
  9. Thomas played great in run support and sherrod made a name for himself
  10. Where was sal canella??
  11. hope he gains that other 15 percent this offseason.
  12. Didn't see the game, but can't wait for highlights
  13. Can he play safety?
  14. Hahahahahahahah. Awesome point. Forgot he had a bum shoulder too