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  1. This. Key was very disruptive
  2. Arden key comes to mind here. He was and is super light playing great ball as a d-end
  3. A guy like fields could make everyone around him raise their level of play. I believe in playing the best man . Not the guys who have been there since the 80s.
  4. Man this kid is an athlete and an overall great person. Glad he picked AU . Can't wait to see him
  5. A guy like fields coming on board will get you noticed . Absolutely a game changer and other skill guys and relievers want to play with this guy. Great fit culturally and skill set
  6. KD has a lot of tools to be a great WR.. glad to have him back and I look forward to big things from him
  7. I don't remember your point and I am not reading back through the thread to try and figure it out. You take this stuff serious . I get it. Probably too serious . If I hurt your feelings by not agreeing with you. I don't know what to tell you. Stoops did good in Norman. Could he do that here? I don't have a crystal ball. Speaking of coming from the Big 12. Didn't Les miles come from OKC? He did well in the SEC.
  8. I'm fine with you not liking stoops. I am not tore up about it . It's a message board. We have different opinions. Man I am in a good mood . Your line about comprehension. Come on dude. We are on the same team Dag.
  9. Hell Yeah I do man . Fantastic coach . Your crazy if you don't think he did a great job at Oklahoma. His attitude is definitely questionable at times though. That's why I understand if you guys don't want him . As far as Richt as we sit here today he doesn't have much to show for the talent he had at GA. Richt never won a title like stoops did or even played for one. Percentages mean zero without championships. Stoops is a winner. He is never coming to AU though so this conversation is irrelevant.
  10. Too bad Bob beat our eyes shut in NOLA. Also the last game he ever coached .
  11. Stoops is a great coach. Quit playing . You can't compare the 2. Stoops has many more years in the big leagues
  12. Tigerchris + 45 alexava + 25 JDUBB + 18
  13. Me too Sir .. it's a marathon not a sprint
  14. Just to touch on this again . I didn't have the grades either and it wasant until later in life that I took that seriously. I will have my MBA in a few years . This is just another opportunity for this young man to get better.