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  1. Ye old pot calling the kettle black here. Couldn’t agree more. It’s only an issue when they don’t get the players they want. But he is right when he says this can’t keep going like this. I don’t know the answer, but it has watered down my passion for college football.
  2. A lot of truth in this thread. Makes me so angry.
  3. Good points here . Our biggest rivals are juggernauts currently and that sucks lol. I understand what you are saying. It does seem in the past AU competed much more consistently than it does now.
  4. AU needs to get better in every possible area. Couldn’t agree more with this. The schedule has zero to do with it. This conference is a bloodbath and has been for well over a decade. Every year no matter what side you play on is strong. Figure it out AU..
  5. Not a dig, but retro Starter gear was awesome. The Orlando Margic Starter jacket meant you had made it as a 6th grader. Loved it
  6. They Should Wear cut off tough skin jeans and tank tops . Would that work for you? I have UA gear that is awesome. Shoes not so much, but clothing is A+
  7. This what winning looks like. Hugging mommas and kissing babies. this is what recruiting in the south looks like. Oh yeah and paying players. The staff is doing work and doing everything they can to be successful. War Eagle
  8. So what’s the play here for AU? Good for NIL? Bad for NIL? Not being rude but what does the above matter? Take me to school
  9. I read the the same.. not comparing the two, but I lost my father at 36 years old. I was 6 years old . He was extremely healthy and worked hard. Then next thing you know a heart attack took him. I struggle every day with it. I pray these kids get the support they need and Christ wraps His arms around them .
  10. Guys this just sucks . No way around . I feel so bad for his family . Young man with so much life . I pray for his family and friends and pray for guidance and comfort .
  11. Big time pickup . Great size . Great job staff . A lot to be excited about here. I expect big things in recruiting and the portal soon . Great win here . I said the word “great” a lot .
  12. Just watched the film. Hope the team and continue to gel and get stronger this summer. Could be a rough year coming up.
  13. I hope nobody gets hurt today . Spring games have really lost interest all over the country. I remember not missing one for years , and then just completely lost interest. It probably had to do with the lack of winning . All in all today is supposed to be about good fun and good food
  14. Hell we gotta pay the last 12 head coaches somehow
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