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  1. Hope Shivers returns . He’s comes from a great family and is how you want your university represented . but the white man privilege bull s*** needs to go. This board is a lot of fun for me, but I can find another board if those kind of narrow minded comments will be tolerated. We need to care and love for one another . We are all AU fans .
  2. He was throwing games at times . Just a complete clown
  3. So refreshing to see the staff getting after recruiting again
  4. Great question. It’s as if they were told to throttle back . It’s pathetic really
  5. No comment ,, at all , I enjoy being a member here and have for a long time and want to continue to be a member here
  6. Guys cooper is the best player to ever come through AU. He makes everything look so easy . Plays way bigger than 6’
  7. Hilarious travel lol. He knew it
  8. All the physical tools you could imagine , needs mental toughness and stability on the field
  9. Listen we will grab a few guys to get us from 38 to 40. AU has plenty of time . Next year is a mulligan
  10. Prayers for you brother . God is so good
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