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  1. Headed for another ass whipping . This could be the norm in league play . AU can’t hit anything
  2. Doughty could win most attempted flops in a year or most front to back head fakes or bobbles . if anyone gets close to him he goes flying lol
  3. Defense is playing hard and free throw shooting is keeping AU in it. Let’s go boys
  4. Au is taking some really bad shots . looks like rec ball out there . The gators are very beatable
  5. Okoro is getting a lot of attention from the gators .
  6. Everyone is trying to do too much . Play together and depend on each other . Let’s get the AU mojo back
  7. I agree . Top to bottom AU has a long way to go to be a contender . Also bama exposed us . It stinks
  8. Bama still sucks , but they out played Us. They deserve some credit . AU will get revenge
  9. Florida will not be kind to AU either . Better get focused
  10. Au thought they could give little to no effort and win this game . Can’t believe the lack of focus
  11. It was , however the internet never dies and you can’t run from a comment like that no matter when it was made in this league
  12. Maclemore sure talked trash this week . He can’t throw a damn chair in the lake . Put your humble pants back on