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  1. AU has talent . It just needs to be in the right spot . Who cares . Just win baby . NO RAGERTS
  2. Professional coach who thinks like a damn winner all the time. Think like a champion today
  3. All the resources to be successful, I trust the hire . Welcome Home and War Eagle
  4. This again ?? Lol . Would love to see a gray , navy, orange
  5. After reading my wording on my post . It appears I put the cart before the horse . I hope we land him . Lol geez what a week
  6. This is like getting an 8 star in recruiting. Shows masons ability to attract secondary talent
  7. 3 rd team AA transfer sounds pretty dang good . Wow let’s get him
  8. Prayers lifted to the highest . War Eagle
  9. Prayers for the family and new member. Please keep us updated
  10. This . We can’t win a damn game of tic tack toe . Terrible streak . Just win one game AU BB .
  11. Prayers for speedy recovery . Terrible news
  12. Really excited about these two future all Americans
  13. Same as the above post . Good luck to you . Enjoy this time and Make the best decision for you no one else . Just hope it’s AU . War Eagle
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