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  1. Au has to get this ga monkey off their back . GA is due for an ass whipping . If I’m Gus I do every trick play from flee flicker to the globe of doom. It has to change eventually
  2. He will be a good Fullback , Te hybrid. Very athletic big man
  3. No turnovers, he managed the game . he is improving
  4. Also we need to get the offensive line in the weight room . Physicality was not there guys
  5. Your correct . Maybe he needs to move to the LB core or more into the box for run support . He is very physical .
  6. Observations Guys smoke Monday and Sherwood look like LBs. fantastic players newkirk has legs for arms . Played great. bo managed the game. pegues ( Big Boy 89) is going to hurt someone
  7. A lot of rust , but glad to win . AU looked fresh in second half . AU was in better shape
  8. So glad for Stove . Excellent pass . Let’s keep it going
  9. My thoughts exactly. Williams is just too much . Wow
  10. Wilson got mashed after the fumble .Lord have mercy
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