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    Updated Roster Weights

    Nailed it . Kmart is still not going to be an every down back imo , but I’m glad he is gaining and hopefully not losing much speed .

    2019 5* CB Andrew Booth

    Tremendous kid. The staff and other recruits are working hard . AU
  3. Tremendous job by the staff . Immediate guy who can move the needle on and off the field . Huge day

    Gus is an average coach

    Not saying I completely disagree, but Gus is our guy . For a long time. Let go of the past and get behind him. He needs support. He ain’t going anywhere. I am riding with Gus. War Eagle

    Who replaces KJ at wildcat

    Would love to see him catch a pass or run the ball. Just to get fans excited and have some fun

    Who replaces KJ at wildcat

    Derek Brown

    Dinson has shoulder surgery

    Worst spring I can ever remember as far as injuries. I know the question has been asked , but does this have anything to do with the S&c program at AU? Or is this just a freak spring ? I believe it’s a freak occurrence myself

    Anybody else being reminded of 2014?

    Can’t argue with this. I still believe the defense is good enough and the offense barely ok enough to beat Washington
  9. I haven’t watched film on this kid , but is there a compatible AU linebacker or player in recent or current time that is as talented as this young man ? There is a lot of hype in this kid . His measurables remind me of a kwon Alexander.
  10. JDUBB4AU

    A-Day thread

    Let’s get spring over before someone else stubs their toe . Was the d that good or the offense that bad today ?
  11. JDUBB4AU

    A-Day thread

    How do we lose an aday game?
  12. JDUBB4AU

    Devan Barrett as WR

    I agree. Those two guys are going to thrive in this system . Asa and whitlow that is .
  13. JDUBB4AU

    Devan Barrett as WR

    I never saw him as a threat to be a full time rb. Situation type guy at best . Just my opinion. I hope he tears it up at wr
  14. JDUBB4AU

    Shed Jackson ahead of the game

    Absolutely nailed it . Running style, body type, like a carbon copy
  15. JDUBB4AU

    Brahms out for Spring

    Next man up . Oh wait there isn’t one ..