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  1. All I can say is be good to your neighbors and help those in need.
  2. Better walkout song , fire , fireworks , cannons . Something that is way too loud and frightening .
  3. Just an awesome story. Hard working kid and loves to play ball. He would play defensive tackle if asked . Hope he has a long career
  4. Get off your asses boys let’s go
  5. Very winnable game . Very disappointed
  6. It’s so funny how over recruiting I am . I used to care and now when I see we made a kids top 100 I could give a rats ass. Just commit, sign , and move on . I’m more concerned with the fruit pics from spring practice .
  7. I just threw a top 11 party . Can’t tell you how honored I am that AU is in the top 11 .
  8. What a battle . Pretty crappy game until the run . Awesome job , but it’s hard to celebrate. Maybe we are asking too much of them
  9. Who’s partying with Greg?? This guy was he supposed to pickup hay and accidentally go delivered this ? 160lbs of wacky tabacky is a bunch folks
  10. Au just sucks right now . No fire and everyone looks lost
  11. Just can’t score man . 30% will not cut the mustard , maybe the cheese
  12. Au has no real threat to anyone right now . Douty makes garbage decisions. What are we doing
  13. Exactly. Kind of like ha ha Clinton dix or whatever . I think this is what makes Bill Taylor so damn important in the name game lol .
  14. With a name like scoob, he deserves impermissible benefits. Get him some cash and a pontoon boat for all year use