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  1. The kid is a truck . Hate we missed him
  2. Glad to have this kid . Glad he joined . Can he gain 100 pounds to play guard ?? J/k Bo and Gatewood I’m sure are excited about this target .
  3. Auburn is getting its ass whipped in recruiting. Clemson will take anyone they want pretty much
  4. Gus rebuilds ever year he is anywhere . Reload my arse. The offensive line is where I have the most concern . That’s where we win and lose .
  5. This is the 3rd or 4th knee injury. I hate it for him .
  6. Really excited about Seth Williams and Schwartz. Also my bro football crush is Worm ..
  7. Brady is stoked about this guy . War eagle RD
  8. This whole thread pisses me off . So many wins pissed away by the Gus bus
  9. Dd is a dang good guy and ball player . I admire his hard work and take no crap attitude . Very happy for him
  10. Auburn needs to have some receivers drafted before he talks trash . I like his confidence, however just play and let that do the talking . Au just doesn’t have a strong history in the WR category. Just being honest . Hill and Co need to change that . He better get his ass in gear . If not the media will run all over him for those comments.
  11. Made my day better . Congrats ladies
  12. Also Ryan Davis to the pats . Brady will love him . He has got every bit of quickness as eddleman . Great hands and hard worker . He will be a great addition for the pats
  13. He is a traditional steeler type back . Glad he is with the steel curtain
  14. It’s seems like Barrett has had an identity crisis since coming to Au . Hope he crushes it as a DB . Very athletic . Hope he has fast hips
  15. Gus just can’t get the nfl transition right . He is terrible getting players to the next level offensively . No first rounders probably no second rounders . Moo states with 3 first rounders . Big time Recruits notice this . Unfortunately That’s why Au is years behind bama, Clemson , Ohio state. It sucks to say that . It’s reality . Garner is the only coach on the staff with consistent history in the draft