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  1. I look forward to watching MBA and JJ. Two freaks with bad attitudes . Going to win a few games for the Tigers
  2. AU needs exposure and positive media type stuff like this. More of an inside look in the program and how much fun it is to play at AU. Great video .
  3. Thanks to everyone for the updates.
  4. I was such a trash can mess on this. I was a certified homer . I will never commit to that again. I should be homeless lol
  5. I can’t talk about it. I’ve never said words like that before . I’m leaving the board lol.
  6. This . They make money off hits and will write anything that drives people to see the smear. This has been college football for 50 years . It just means more to us since it’s AU
  7. I hate to make rude comments about the hire , but what problem or challenge does this solve guys ? Sorry for being a tool.
  8. So nobody really knows how this translates to talent? Dallas hasn’t been very good. Yeah , bring in someone else with zero familiarity with the SEC in the last 15 + years . Can’t wait for the season
  9. this. Recruiting is terrible . Especially in the spots that help you win championships. The OL and DL.
  10. This is bull s*** . JS is the best player by far. This is trash , but huge congrats .
  11. This sucks ass . Get it going Butch damn
  12. Hard to argue with that. Off-season program has to be revolutionary. I am not looking forward to it guys . Feed me a pile of crow if we out perform the above prediction.
  13. Need another National Championship banner in the background. Let’s get it Zac C …
  14. Great idea . Hopefully it’s a great way for the fans and recruits to get to know him. is it football only or just bros chilling etc?
  15. This spoke to me. I’m trying to be reasonable, but i am bitter after the skid last year. I’m trying to get excited. I’ve almost ignored AU football all together. Maybe I will grow up , I just have a bad attitude about AU football right now. I’m sorry guys.
  16. We need it. Hope we have tigers stepping up and holding each other accountable. This is where championships are won.
  17. Laughing Michael Jordan meme. Somebody post it lol
  18. Ye old pot calling the kettle black here. Couldn’t agree more. It’s only an issue when they don’t get the players they want. But he is right when he says this can’t keep going like this. I don’t know the answer, but it has watered down my passion for college football.
  19. A lot of truth in this thread. Makes me so angry.
  20. Good points here . Our biggest rivals are juggernauts currently and that sucks lol. I understand what you are saying. It does seem in the past AU competed much more consistently than it does now.
  21. AU needs to get better in every possible area. Couldn’t agree more with this. The schedule has zero to do with it. This conference is a bloodbath and has been for well over a decade. Every year no matter what side you play on is strong. Figure it out AU..
  22. Not a dig, but retro Starter gear was awesome. The Orlando Margic Starter jacket meant you had made it as a 6th grader. Loved it
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