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  1. Really liking what I'm seeing from Bo
  2. A-day on the tv and the Masters on my laptop. And sprinkle in some NBA playoffs. Fun day.
  3. I couldn't watch the second half, was following on ESPN game cast so I didn't see the double dribble. So there was a double dribble before Samir fouled on the 3 point attempt?
  4. Well that's about as gut wrenching of a loss as I can ever remember. Up there with 2013 national championship game. Proud of this team and the season they've had. War Eagle.
  5. My nerves have been ok all day...until now. Get it done tonight boys. Win or lose it's been one hell of a ride. WAR DAMN EAGLE
  6. Still speechless. Will probably be this way for the next 5 hours. Send booze plz
  7. Absolutely speechless. I love you all and I love Auburn. TIME TO CELEBRATE!!
  8. I love this team so much, DO NOT want this to end. GIVE THEM HELL IN THE SECOND HALF
  9. Not playing great and our best player is out and just down 5? I'll take that any day. Have to come out strong in the second half. A repeat of the second half of the UNC game would be...amazing.