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  1. LSU looking great on both sides of the ball. If they go up 17-0 out.
  2. Missed facemask call on bama.
  3. Definitely thought about that when that happened..
  4. Good lord LSUs offense is ridiculous
  5. Fun game. Great win for Fleck and the Golden Gophers
  6. Clear delay of game not called on Penn State and the play results in a TD. 31-26
  7. Man, Minnesota is a VERY well coached team. On both sides of the ball.
  8. Imagine this offense paired with our defense...yes please.
  9. Kind of off topic, but when I was playing basketball in highschool, I dunked during warm-ups and got a technical foul (pretty sure that stupid rule isn't around anymore). So the opposing team shot two free throws before the tip...we ended up losing by 1 point lol.
  10. Great lob and an amazing finish from McLemore. Wow
  11. And Purifoy drains another 3. 61-48 AU
  12. Good take and layup from Samir. Up double digits now.