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  1. Lol... should've been PI right there
  2. Clemson defense with a great series there
  3. Well, at least you're not an Auburn fan and a Cleveland Browns fan like me. Lol.
  4. Absolutely zero excuse to lose this game. The worst part is we will probably have to continue to put up with this for another 2 years. 56 rushing yds against this defense? Can't even net 250yds total offense? What a completely embarrassing performance.
  5. Blame Gus and the offense there. You put the defense immediately back on the field while they're exhausted after a great stop on 4th down, and that's what happens.
  6. Aaaaaaaand 3 and out. Way to capitalize on the turnover on downs there offense!
  7. Minn will go for it here
  8. Agree we should've punted and tried to pin them. But the refs definitely missed a defensive holding call there.
  9. Thank the Lord the Wildcat actually worked.