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  1. That's what I saw too, but A&M ended up with it (stole it in the pile is what I am assuming), and the replay couldn't see CAP had good control on the ground. No doubt he was first on it.
  2. auee90

    ***Auburn vs. Texas A&M Game Thread***

    Once again, our defense makes newbie QBs look like Heisman contenders. Depressing.
  3. I had to look up the stats as I missed most of the game. But yes, he made his first FG from 31 yards out. But missed a 38 yarder on the next drive. Then made FGs of 23 and the game winner of 36. He appears to be 4 for 6 on touchbacks (if I counted right in the play-by-play).
  4. I watched that too! They even froze him, he made that kick that didn't count, then made it again! War Damn Cody!
  5. auee90

    A to Z Movies

    Your Highness
  6. auee90

    Keep a word - drop a word

    Assassin's Creed Almost went with a way out on the ledge reference to Bratton (needed Google to find this LAPD chief), but opted against it. This one will be easier.
  7. auee90

    Will Collier Article Nails it Again

    Will is a buddy of mine from my college days (I was class of '90... I believe he was class of '91 before going on to Texas for grad school). He was my neighbor during my sophomore year (1987-1988), and became good friends due to having common interests. Plus, he lived here in Panama City for a short while, where I still live. He also co-wrote the book "The Uncivil War" about the Iron Bowl history, with an Alabama perspective written by Scott Brown. I'll get up with him and tell him to keep up the good work .
  8. An abbreviated version of the game is available on Comcast Sports Southeast (CSS), which I get in HD. It is on from 5-7pm CT on Sun. Also, it is on ESPN3, as penguin said, but the video quality today was horrible.
  9. What a a**hole this guy is... from that article: He actually wrote that crap? He cannot be called a journalist. Hacker blogger at best. What a POS. Although, I amazed he even bothered to include us in the list. Many decent schools were left out.
  10. auee90

    How many can you name?

    I got 91, and forgot some big ones, like Boston College, BYU, Wiconsin! Just bad. I would have had no idea Mass. was now Div. I. I missed that memo. Heck, they could have been Div. 1 last year and I would not have noticed.
  11. auee90

    Hope the voters get it right

    Plus, you can put an asterisk by Okie State's loss with the fact that that weekend, they were in mourning for their women's basketball coach's death. If nothing else, they were at least a little distracted.
  12. auee90

    ***Iron Bowl -- Game Thread***

    Not that it matters, but Moseley's fumble was not a fumble. He was down. No review, of course.
  13. auee90

    ***Iron Bowl -- Game Thread***

    Looks like he stepped out to me. Another gift for them they didn't need.
  14. auee90

    What a mess of the BCS.

    Just for kicks, let's throw an undefeated Houston into the MNC game. Against who? Let's see where the dust settles on the rest of the one-loss teams.
  15. auee90

    9 Game Conference Schedule

    I pointed out in another thread (despite a lot of disagreement) that this was a big potential problem with expansion. We will be going from 3 interdivisional matchups against 6 teams to 2 interdivisional matchups against 7 teams. Since one of those is locked on UGA every year, we will play each of the other teams in the East once every six years. Is my math right on that? No, it will be every 12 years that we play a certain team again. Think about it. We have 1 slot to rotate a home and away game between the remaining 6 teams. So that's 12 years to go through all 6 of those teams.