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  1. Bammer Excuse Thread

    "nick let ya'll win cause he didn't want o have to play an extra game"
  2. Bammer Excuse Thread

    bama beat bama, lucky is all ya'll can count on mistakes from bama is the only way ya'll can win
  3. First Series PUNT

    yes...first touching rule
  4. FINAL: Auburn 44 Ole Miss 23

    Who is trying to scare you DA?
  5. FINAL: Auburn 44 Ole Miss 23

    I agree the 2nd half was not fun to watch, but we could have won 65 - 3 and some of you bitches would have melted. If you are so worried about that team and what they are doing, then go to the other side...if you are not already there.
  6. Chip Lindsey new OC

    If I had to guess most are millennials.
  7. Rhett leaves AU / New OC discussion (Merged)

    Bunch of damn cry babies on here.
  8. New DB Coach discussion (Merged)

    Francis Brown Temple/Baylor Torrian Gray Florida
  9. WCWS Softball vs. Georgia - Game thread

    Even the dugout looks dead.
  10. WCWS Softball vs. Georgia - Game thread

    One batter to late. I disagree. That fine, i just think someone with wheels could have scored on GG's hit up the middle.
  11. WCWS Softball vs. Georgia - Game thread

    One batter to late.
  12. Kasey Cooper ESPNW Player of the Year

  13. John Jancek out as Vols defensive coordinator

    You can say that again.
  14. Men vs. South Carolina - Game Thread

    It's Jay Jacobs' fault.......I guess