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  1. Has the schedule come out for Auburn softball for next year?
  2. That is definately Reubens tatted forearm. He has another pic of the finished tattoo on his facebook.
  3. My prayers are with you during this tough time. GOD is with you and your family my friend.
  4. Any type of new info on Eddie or is it still the same?
  5. So is it definately official we have the last in home visit with Goldman and when?
  6. Kwon has to put his "lifelong Bama fan" thinking behind him and think hard what is really best for him. Bama in my opinion is not the best for him.
  7. It says on his twitter that he will be done with his online finals today. im assuming its his high school finals?
  8. Is Eddie Goldman visiting Auburn before NSD?
  9. Come on people, lets talk about the subject thats in this thread which is Eddie Goldman.
  10. So are we back in it with Jordan Jenkins and what is the % we sign Leonard Williams?
  11. Well congrats to Prattville and to TJ Yeldon for having a phenomenl season.
  12. Any updates on his performance so far?
  13. What are TJs stats on the year for rushing and receiving?
  14. So far how many yards does TJ have?
  15. Eddie Goldman. Dont know where he stands with Auburn. He so much more visits left
  16. Im hoping we can get this Beckham kid with Zekes commitment. A great addition to the offense
  17. I havent seen much on Alexander. Where does he stand right now with Auburn?