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  1. Chicken Littles should let the season finish before evaluating performances.
  2. Glad to grab another SEC win. Drastically reduced the penalties and none from the DB's. Kicker's misses kept them in the game. Next!
  3. Gus didn't have 14 penalties, bad throws and dropped balls. I'm not one for criticizing players but they're the ones who have to execute. Lack of execution should get you on the bench. That's on Gus. Losing in the Swamp and Death Valley happens a lot. Not a fireable offense.
  4. @StatTiger Your posts are the reason I thank Al Gore each day for inventing the Internet.
  5. I believe the ball Alyssa Rivera hit out was the hardest hit ball I've ever seen. That thing didn't get 10 feet off the ground and took less than two seconds to get out.
  6. Wiley reminds me somewhat of Jeremy Johnson. He's had some flashes but it seems the game's too fast for him. I believe he could use another year to build his confidence and hone his skills. All told, with the suspension and injuries he's really just barely played a whole season.
  7. We get ready to play Ole Miss next week. What do you want to do? Give up?
  8. Wish we could have saved some of last weekend's runs. Striking out too much.
  9. Stat, you never cease to amaze. WDE!