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  1. Help me here. Does he plan to graduate in December 2018 or 2019?
  2. Chip Lindsey is a good hire.
  3. For some reason, I have a good feeling about this game. Auburn 34 Georgia 17 I really hate Georgia, too.
  4. Our lines dominate again, but the Ole Miss offense is dangerous. Auburn 38 - Ole Miss 24
  5. When is the last time Auburn has had a MLB MVP (Donaldson) and the NFL MVP at the same time?
  6. I think Muschamp did a very good job getting our D to improve during the season. He went from being a D Coordinator to a Head Coach, both in the SEC. I for one wish him well and thank him for what he did for us during 2015. WDE!
  7. Does anyone know how practice went today. I hear we have 105 players on the team!
  8. Bird does this every year. I just knew it would be something like that before I even opened the topic. Good one, though.
  9. Oh, is that what that was... I think so but now that you mention it????? I think it beats a morning freeze up.
  10. Wow, 8 pages on 2 players being late. Must be a slow news day. What a waste of time reading this thread.
  11. A bit off topic, but just watched the game again on SEC Network. Does Roc Thomas really remind anyone of Michael Dyer? (sorry if discussed elsewhere)
  12. Only 3 for me: Jordan-Hare (class of '76) University of Phoenix (Jan 2011) Rose Bowl (Jan 2014)
  13. Most think we will be more balanced, with Marshall improved and stronger receivers. It would be great to have a featured back that is both a dynamic runner and strong blocker. I am very excited about Roc's future. Does anyone know if he had to block much in high school?
  14. You should read the article in the Feb 2014 Inside the Auburn Tigers magazine, page 28. (sorry, I do not know how to link). He discusses how he has fallen in love with Auburn and our Family. Says it is like no other place he has ever experienced. Relays how he was so impressed with our fans after the football game in Pasadena. Says he now has another reason to want to win, the Auburn Family. I tell you, this is one coach that I love already. Go Sonny, take us to Omaha. Ware Eagle!!!