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  1. ToraGirl

    What if we Win out

    I think we still are in our heart of hearts, but once you become convinced that the emperor wears no clothes, it's just impossible to imagine any outfit changing that.
  2. D-A-B-O. 🙏
  3. ToraGirl

    What if we Win out

    "Too Much Too Little Too Late"...
  4. ToraGirl

    Song title that sums up season

    These have been in my head all morning...long before I saw the thread...good one! "Wake Me Up" (When It's All Over...) and...
  5. ToraGirl

    Now what?

    You've asked Him? It's not about the win, and there's nothing in my #1 that says it is. If you haven't read Hard-Fighting Soldier by Brother Chette Williams, Auburn's chaplain for decades or All In, by Coach Chizik, they're good reads and give plenty of perspective as to what I just alluded. Most people who use the quote you did have read neither, because they don't get the big pic behind what I'm proposing. If you don't think there exist rogue boosters from another, maybe rival, maybe not, source who could toss enough money in a personal pocket for poor results, then that may be true. However, it's not that hard to imagine. Let's see...I guess it was 1984's "The Natural" that sadly brought that seedy side of life to my awareness.
  6. ToraGirl

    Fire Gus (merged threads)

    Thanks, Titan! You posted my mind, even more articulately! Kirby Smart's "un-provenness" was brought up when he WAS available. Ahem. 20/20. I don't buy the "there's no one else who'll take Auburn" mentality. I don't buy "there's no one out there who can do it better." I also don't buy the record of stats in an attempt to convince that "no other coach has taken us here." Perception is huge, and losing the games we naturally expect to be able to win cripples the drive and the morale it will take to win the games we need everything in our power TO win. I also don't buy that we can't get a Creed-honoring man of faith and commitment who is also humble enough to demand excellence of himself and work on his weaknesses. As a woman of faith, we kill our own commercials for Christ by refusing to adapt and grow when we need to. Fruit does matter! People keep saying that Dabo is being groomed for Alabama. Dabo has the win-factor Auburn needs, but even more Dabo's own personal life would be a perfect fit for Auburn, so there's that...and I do believe, just one of many. Thank you for stating what you did. In the light of all of the $$$$ on the table, we need something to cling to. And I'd rather believe we have the money and can use it wisely rather than run around trying to pick up pieces of the sky. Incidentally, I'd like someone to produce the stats that have resulted from the very day the Jumbotron was first placed in Jordan-Hare. On that day, I remember thinking, "Now, every flaw is broadcast to the ends of the earth", and pride goeth that way too....
  7. ToraGirl

    Fire Gus (merged threads)

    Musical chairs, despite the salary...I do like this. If different results appeared, everyone is happy. Fans feel they get their money's worth, players get to enjoy success and have more opportunity to attract scouts, Gus gets the salary. It would be very humbling on the part of the other coaches not to earn the salary that equates with the greater work, but that kind of delayed gratification-style sacrifice would likely bode well for their next or elsewhere. This makes a statement of epic proportions.
  8. ToraGirl

    Was a Barfield offense this bad?

    As well, our expectations are reasonable to think that one who wrote the book on innovative offense is ultimately responsible for what people are paying $$$$$$$$$$$ in money, time, and lost opportunity to view. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. I was in elementary school during Barfield, growing up in Auburn but caring nothing about football . AU was just Daddy's "teaching place." But it's the fact of having been previously dubbed "The Guru" of the HUNH or whatever it is...or used to be...or has been figured out...or is stuck...or ????? that has people naturally up in arms. For what might Barfield have been previously known and lauded?
  9. ToraGirl

    Now what?

    Pat, I like your idea. His--SOMEBODY's--incentive to change needs to have the thermostat turned up. We could fear never getting another quality coach, or we could attract them because of the chutzpah it would take to hold the feet to the fire. I left a very COMFY school system just this year after 12 years onsite to go to an elite, progressive, top-talent-attracting-one 40 miles away in my year 21. I wanted to be as excited about the end of my teaching career as I was at the beginning. I'd LOVE to see "elite attracting elite" at work in the AU football program, because I think we are in the mess that we are in because of the fear mentality. It's like a bad breakup that needs to happen...but, oh, another one might not come along, or I couldn't get anyone else, so I'll just stick with it. Sickening! Have some grit! I'd rather work for HIGH standards that are ENFORCED, all cards on the table, rather than slink along in mediocrity.
  10. ToraGirl

    Fire Gus (merged threads)

    This mentality earned us the buyout we are currently discussing. I just hate fear and lack of risk. I choose hope and faith.
  11. I love her already! Tell her, "Siento lo mismo hay palabras...vamos a ver que trae manana..." ❤️
  12. ToraGirl

    Now what?

    Two suggestions I've never seen posted, and definitely from opposite ends of the spectrum... 1. We have lost our prayer commitment and prayer cover. Something beyond the field happened in 2010, with the team chemistry and all of the media assault, that put the focus even above winning. And the results played out, step by step. I felt such an urgency to stand in the gap, and it's an urgency that has not grabbed me now. Something is amiss with the ultimate focus of the team, the coaches, the fans. Something Creed-ish and unique to Auburn, maybe, is what is missing from motivational standpoint. That's the Heavenly perspective. 2. It has crossed my mind more than once, and this is the Hellish someone or some THING paying Auburn MORE to LOSE? Has anyone else wondered this? I'll probably get thrown in the furnace for both suggestions, but they make as much sense...or anything else out there. Love ya, AUFamily. See you on the Lookalikes, and pray that I don't start one for the Tigers. I kid...or do I? #justhadenough
  13. ToraGirl

    Tennessee look-a-likes

    Ha ha...not for a look alike for Alfred E. Neuman's twin. He's like "Tiny Terry." It was one of the more hilarious "Bachelorette" observations of that season. More like everyone's little brother. Bless him!
  14. ToraGirl

    Tennessee look-a-likes

    AUB, yes!!! And this guy has been floating in my head, too.
  15. ToraGirl

    Tebow says....

    Truly another reason to love Tim Tebow. He can pump sunshine in my neighborhood any day. (Umbrella still handy...)