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  1. Ten Things You Must Do...

    Mikey...this is too simple. Baiting, so I'll bite. You are right in one sense...but most understand that the elephant family in the room continues to be the lack of predictability, the difficulty in winning the big games outside Jordan Hare, and the wonder of what measures of accountability exist for the lack of execution on players' parts, injuries aside (common to all teams, "next man up"). We still suffer from an extreme allergy to apparently having an effective "Plan B", which gets even more obvious around halftime. Nothing in the article addresses these observable "elephant babies" that are attached to the parent. Unfortunately the article addresses the REASON for them, REASON ultimately being it's not perceived as worth adapting to, by CGM. We're talking moving from good to GREAT, here, Wooden-Dungy style. Character always first, but accountability at all levels right up there, too. It's very easy for me to get behind a leader willing to seriously analyze, seriously adapt, and seriously know why he or she must. I contend I'm not alone.
  2. Ten Things You Must Do...

    Great analysis on every point...on #7, could he and bigbird trade positions/locations...if dream jobs are in question? 🤣
  3. JB Grimes Returns to Auburn

    I will NEVER forget a conversation my sassy, sharp-witted "AU-Lions Club-football-tv-tower-cancer-battling-prof-dad" was having with someone who stepped in with "But I thought..." Dad snapped off, "NO, ya didn't!" Made me smile, lionheartkc! So glad for you are feeling better! P.S. He SO walks in greater humility and grace, now. P.P.S. Good news we KNOW what we are getting with Coach Grimes, hey?
  4. JB Grimes Returns to Auburn

    CHH was considered a "splash hire" if you read many buried threads. Ahem. Welcome home, Coach Grimes!!
  5. JB Grimes Returns to Auburn

    Hence all of the discussion about "can recruit/can't develop." I'm going to take a not-so-wild guess that younger coaches appeal to younger generations when it comes to recruiting, but the emotional stability and seasoned-ness of older coaches appeal to their PARENTS! Could be an ideally great tag-team mix, and his productive-on-field record could plug the mystifying holes that exist with bringing the "on-paper predictions" of the J and J's to actual success.
  6. Next OL Coach?

    They were "my" years....with Bo...1985-1987-ish. At that time, I was little into football, but I think most of our eyes were on BO.
  7. Next OL Coach?

    Miami, with Coach Richt.
  8. Herb Hand to Texas

    Auburn would LOVE one! While we are talking West Coast, let's rally for an In and Out Burger, too. Trader Joe's while we're at it. Finally, Birmingham got one, at least. Now speaking of Auburn, California, it was news to me that Auburn is right in the heart of Gold Country. Coloma, site of the Gold Rush of 1849, is Auburn's neighbor. Fabulous little museum telling the whole story by the American River, where you can still try your hand. For anyone road-tripping, maybe they can do some panning while they take care of brisket matters!
  9. Herb Hand to Texas

    Possum and gravy "here" in Auburn or in West Vance? Is that LA literally?
  10. Herb Hand to Texas

    I think it was a brisket thang. If it can be found in Auburn, Texas-style, it's news to me.
  11. Herb Hand to Texas

    I am too....but I bet we could go into more than a few AE/AUFamily buried threads and see CHH mentioned frequently for every OL vacancy we've had since I've been "on Board."
  12. Hugh Freeze

    Does the toothless wonder know the word "regard"? That might be challengething. Someone with skills better than I can impose the right faces here. I got a mental picture of something "freezing over."
  13. Bama underclassmen leaving for NFL

    I know it's theoretically "next man up" ... "lock and load?" (y'all know I don't hunt)...but this looks like good news to me. Ridley's brother for UGA will be one to keep an eye on now.
  14. Jonathon wallace hired at bethel university

    Love, love, love his remarks. So proud for him. Blessings and prayers, Jonathan and Ashley!! Thanks for posting, aubiefifty!
  15. Demographic Curiosity

    83...did you ever know Dr. Freeman in botany...Funchess Hall? 😀