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  1. So who wants to keep him now?

    Missed you, Red! Welcome back...good post.
  2. Arkansas wants Gus

    And that is why I have no personal tolerance of the thought of Dan Mullen ever setting foot on the Plains except as a guest.
  3. Arkansas wants Gus

    Neah. The timing is PREDICTABLE.
  4. What do you want to see vs ULM?

    Same mental intensity and duration as if they were playing Georgia or Alabama and enough God-confidence and unity to dance while they're doing it. #nopenalties #noinjuries
  5. Should we extend Malzahn's contract?

    We think alike. Down to the Kronk imitation, too. ("Emperor's New Groove") Fear of "sudden swoop" catalyzes polarizing, merit-debatable contract extensions? Right. Just wondering if anyone else out there is as weary of the "Fear-Driven-What-If?" mentality that permeates our culture as I am. I mean, seriously. "Waiter, there's a fly in my soup." "Well, ssshhh...or all of the other customers will want one too." I would have a salary higher than Saban's if I had one dollar for every procedure I now have to follow because: 1. Some eejit did something eejity or 2. "I can't let you do ______ because then everyone else would want to, also" Or, "If I do it for you, I'll have to do it for everyone." (AS IF EVERYONE IS ASKING, WANTING, OR EVEN THOUGHT OF IT TO BEGIN WITH.) Creativity and common sense are one step closer to extinction every time fear determines a decision. Rant over.
  6. ULM Lookalikes!

    "I hAYT dem! I hate all de orpans in de hole worl!" This crazy movie is in my is scary what I can quote!! "I don't see wi u have to be JODGING me...just because I beeleeve in SCI-ence...."
  7. ULM Lookalikes!

    Well...the way I see it...hairstyle is a choice, unlike some other unalterable features....
  8. ULM Lookalikes!

    would look like the below if only he had some chocolate. He needs to smile.
  9. ULM Lookalikes!

    Duran Duran forever!
  10. ULM Lookalikes!

    Asst. Head Coach Collins