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  1. That's the ❤ of Auburn I remember! Yep on least once...what was the one down from Toomers, before Cheeburger? The above was the AM rendezvous stop for the BY 506...systematic botany...April field trips to caravan to the Annual Wildflower Pilgrimage in the Smokies. Talk about kid-Heaven, hanging with and occasionally crushing on Daddy's students! (and cringing to grade some of their exams...bless 'em...he was tough...)
  2. This sweet thread is the Groundhog Day of off-season threads....I'm dying! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 There can be no confusion about the hopes here or their source. Still can't rival this redundancy... yet!
  3. They DO have a KILLER, economical biscuits anywhere. Not that @passthebiscuits cares.
  4. YES. That. I'm not bbq-picky. AMAZING chef salad. Good pies when I rarely indulged. Cue stew....YES! (I do like big rocking chairs too.) Country's in Prattville just closed after 37 years...
  5. Hey, Salty, his sweet grandson is one of my WorldChangers this year. JP used to give my dad extra large portions of BBQ when he would walk over from his Funchess Hall office for lunch...his last stages of cancer. Heart of gold. The sauce recipe has been requested...but not given to date. 🤣 Here's a shot of my mom and JP.
  6. First of all, 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣! I think he's just seriously headed to Mama Mocha's.
  7. Most people don't ever list their full resume of reasons for updating or laying to rest their current one.
  8. My inquiring mind is leaning in for this answer, too. I think the Bama win shook up the departure scenario, (their) benchmark-wise.
  9. For AND (anyone needing decoding), no to this 'un.
  10. TigerChris said YELLOW...actually not yellow enough. He gets your gist. Amply.
  11. Or has a ridiculously loyal consumer base with a below-average memory...who generally likes Ruth's Chris but doesn't mind Golden Corral on most occasions. 😁😉
  12. I'd be with you there. Yuck. I...wonder...what they were "on" when they came up with THOSE!?!
  13. Kaz!!!!! I remember! I think you're right...Darnells/area was several things. Old Tiger Theater, too, not far. I liked WEGL after the fact, weirdo me. I love alternative, as in "REM/Smithereens/etc." before they were Top 40, and it was on that station that I first heard "Snow/Hey O" by the RH Chili Peppers...couple of decades AFTER undergrad! Still can't get enough of that baseline. 🤣🤣 Maybe it takes the flavor of whomever is majoring in broadcasting...
  14. Annnnnnd....excellent public schools without Mountain Brook traffic! Opelika has come on strong, too. Great opportunities, at least from my time there. Three primary schools, 1970-1990-ish. Over double that now...just primary. The new Auburn High is grades 10-12, with the former Samford Ave facility serving JUST 8 and 9, I believe. It's really wild...