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  1. It's so much more than that. Lack of interest, that is.
  2. That's me, wish that it weren't. Hope and lack of it. Hubby watching A-Day on TV. I'm researching Italy and checking in to the AU Basketball Forum...just actually irate that the season is over and longing for December. #completereversal
  3. And no one to date, with A-Day the day after tomorrow, has even started a thread about it!
  4. There are hope and good consistent performance with basketball. Two things football can change any time it chooses. That is all. Timeline for bb is over and I'm still here. #nottimelines #justlovehope
  5. I adore James Taylor, but you are spot-on about Coach Pearl. I have FINALLY figured out who he reminds me of, looks and leadership style...#johnmaxwell...and I am mystified to find myself drawn to this board still...with little regard to the other...that is what passion will do for you. He made me believe and care. #contagious
  6. Do they know what a basketball is?
  7. Teacher to teacher, history-a-phile to another---please post more!! So beautifully written!!! I feel the same way. Exactly.
  8. At least that's something. We can't ever guarantee an outcome, but we can make sure we give them something passionate and convicting to think about. I can pray "hound them like white on rice prayers", too. 😎🤗
  9. Rising from injustice crowns real champions. How we treat others when misunderstood, maligned, and misrepresented speaks volumes. I wish we didn't have to be the Guinea pig this time, with so much that they've overcome along the way, but it puts us in a huge position for blessing later. That's my silver lining today...but I would have much preferred another one. Again, we bring the real trophies home...Pearl and the team!! Plus our newfound love and joy for hoops, the in-your-face to the ones who mistakenly think the Clemson stomp has been long forgotten, and hope, sheer hope. Rest well boys and Coach Pearl, staff, and all in loved who worked so hard, and let's do it again! Oh, and if new accountability measures for officiating can rise due to unwanted but deserved scrutiny by any powers that be that exist, then bring it, baby.
  10. What, if anything can be done, and by whom? Could complaints be filed by the AU athletic department? Found myself seeking solutions today that will prevent moments like this from hurting someone else. #precedent
  11. Out of likes, but yep. I can't root for Virginia. I agree with Titan in another expects these kinds of games to be close. It may indeed come down to one point. But it shouldn't be a point that got an extra boost by negligence on the part of those who get paid the big bucks to be what? FAIR and impartial. As if. But yes, nothing, NOTHING takes away the fact that Auburn athletics has had its definition vastly expanded this season and, in having the heart of the boys and the passionate competence of Coach Pearl, we are bringing the most important trophy home...HOPE for the future. Good night everyone! War Eagle forever---to the moon and back!
  12. Well, depending upon the degree of Bammer in there, I see your point...but it is fun when the truth really works.
  13. Ahhh.....but they had NO chance of being there. Gump 'em right back.
  14. In no way does this DECISION define or deflect from this team. There will be no stopping them next year. Heartbreaking, and excellent match. Let's go, Texas Tech. Love you forever, Auburn Tigers.
  15. I have chills. I never have chills.