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  1. Late to the party on this post, but seeing as I am "friends" with Kristi Malzahn and Aleaschia Gunn on Facebook...Mrs. Gunn whom I met when Kristi came to speak locally...the wives sure get along. Neither has posted anything sketchy or divulging on their pages. So whomever said, "speculation"...well, you can tell it's the off-season. As for starting a foundation, I can so see it! Many do but countless don't know that Gene and Jonna Chizik through the Chizik Foundation are significantly responsible for the initiative to get more orphan dorms built and renovated at Wetumpka's Adullam House, an incredible ministry that houses children of incarcerated moms at Tutwiler Prison. Often, there is no one to raise the child when the mom is in jail. Sometimes babies are delivered and go straight to Adullam House. The hope is that "Mom" will get square, begin afresh, and come get her child/ren when her time is completed. Some children are adopted through Adullam House, but it's meant to be a temporary situation. Christian school, boarding, all the love in the world. It is simply incredible what God inspired Rev. Pete and Angie Spackman to do...especially as he was converted in a British prison! TMI for some...but truly, the stories behind the stories are more interesting and definitely worth celebrating than the rumor.
  2. Yes. Yassssss. And we'd have to be sure to have Cam on hand for that game. Personally. Since my dislike for Urban Meyer goes back exactly to that.
  3. Prayers are continuing, E., and I am lifting this verse in particular: Isaiah 40:31. It fits with Auburn, it reminds us of the Source of fighting strength, and it is perfect for "the waiting game", which usually applies to the caregivers... "...but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint."
  4. Golf, you related to Beetle Bailey, too? I kid, I kid. You're on point doing a Sarge. :-)
  5. He and State just remain in my ewwwww pile. They just do.
  6. Just wonderin' who is going to line up to fix those crab legs for him now...
  7. That is exactly what I meant. Carpe diem!
  8. Mercer's on the publicity roll...
  9. Sling it > wing it. UNH-huh. May there just at LEAST be some mystery involved this year, both for the opponents and for the faithful fans! Let the "creativity" stem from rivals' scrambling to deal with the plays that are "slung" their way. Unh huh.
  10. We took our youngest for a Talons Day experience for incoming honors freshmen today. We are so blessed that he has qualified for a remarkable scholarship for this fall and will interview for another one next Saturday (Auburn two weeks in a row....woo hoo!). Just wanted to say that our time today made me so proud to be an Auburn Tiger. Photo with Spirit (bald eagle), visit with Marianne and two other precious little raptors, AUsome student ambassadors, enthusiastic faculty, so many changes compared to the mid-80's experience (the new Wellness Center has a two-year-back-to-back NC rep already), lunching with Aubie, seeing all of the Auburn Abroad opportunities and the focus on how Auburn students are making life better for people all over the world, giving and receiving in return...the list could go on forever. Of course, a Toomer's vanilla limeade was on the docket as well. He's not sure of his major (normal), but the opportunities are endless. Football was not mentioned the entire day. Honestly. The CREED was mentioned at least 20 times and "War Eagle!" was everywhere. I'm a hometown girl, late prof's daughter, 1988 alumni, and late-years football fan, but today reminded me that, no matter what we say in the heat of the moment, Auburn IS different...and though we may disagree from time to time regarding the best course of action for the football program, its personnel, and the product we see on the field from week to week, I am reminded today that Auburn is so much more. Mods, please feel free to post this elsewhere if not here. Never been prouder or more fortunate to be an Auburn Tiger. Micah 6:8!!
  11. It's an article from two years ago, but assuming they are to be found, I would love to have one! :-)'s-toomer's-jewelry-to-be-sold-at-a-day-0416/
  12. WHAT? Already connected to SABAN? This spells doom for certain.
  13. Shout out to you for your honesty and humility. Both endangered species!
  14. I guess it's too much to ask that posters would follow AuburnNTexas's line, "I waited to post before doing a little research" (regarding the CCL hire). Maybe since all we can control is our own reactions, we could work on not getting involved in a poster's hypes regarding the hypothetical. It only takes a little time on the board to know who is worth listening to. It doesn't take very long to distinguish the ledge-creepers, the "compromised-influenced" (especially on game day, most noticeably after a disappointment), and the ones who just really don't know how it all works (game itself and the processes associated with personnel) but are bound and determined to give their 2-cents about it. It IS a message board, open and free to all, but posters can contribute to its overall benefit and worth by knowing what we're talking about to begin with. At the very least, we could grace doubt with a bit of humility. In other words, the sane COULD regain control of the asylum. Great post, steeleagle.
  15. Kristi does, though. Opposites attract!