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  1. ToraGirl

    Loeffler to Bowling Green as HC

    The lyrics are hysterical in this context!!
  2. ToraGirl

    Open Letter From AD Greene To The AU Fans

    Ah, it's still cryptic enough...😜😜😇😇🤣🤣
  3. ToraGirl

    Open Letter From AD Greene To The AU Fans

    Monday, Monday, lots of news! We will see, if watch we choose. Thank you, Greene, for giving clues... Full steam forward, on we cruise. Dilli dilli...welcome, too! We are much in need of you. Happy days have been so few 'Cept good reports from '72! Breaking ground soon as for us... Life is more than dear coach Gus. Better is one day in THIS house Than that of any Bammer louse. Lots of love to each and all... WDE and let's play ball! 😇🙏🙌
  4. ToraGirl

    Who replaces Chip?

    Serious question. If Coach Malzahn "becomes" the OC (formally) does that save a salary that would be spent on another coach? Or does he get that allocated salary in addition to the HC salary, too? Under normal circumstances, it may be one way. But under these? Just wanting to know, if someone is in the know. Thanks!
  5. ToraGirl

    A to Z Movies

  6. ToraGirl

    A to Z Movies

  7. ToraGirl

    A to Z Movies

  8. ToraGirl

    Kyler Murray should win the Heisman.

    Yes! I am thinking....what is WRONG with me that learning this news is the brightest ray of "non-Auburn" sunshine that has crossed my mind today? I am beginning to feel like this guy...
  9. ToraGirl

    August 2019

    That's what I hear! Perhaps Nash-VEGAS isn't too far off?
  10. ToraGirl

    Who replaces Chip?

    We need some more Look-alike threads. @AUBwins, what can we do that will help this situation?
  11. ToraGirl

    Who replaces Chip?

    That would indeed be a much-appreciated ray of sunshine. I'll buy it!