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  1. Goooooood read. Nothing but respect. https://www.amazon.com/Terlingua-Teacher-Remarkable-One-room-Schoolhouse/dp/0974504831
  2. What a difference a year makes! Last two original sentences only part that hasn't changed...
  3. Passing the torch to you, my friend! Carry on...you're rocking it!
  4. The point is, free will, free choice applies for all, according to the One whose standard really matters. All else is imitation...or not.
  5. Oh, same, Johnny. I feel those same feelings. I think it was AUB who reminded, "It's all in fun." I have stopped short of doing Lookalikes for FamBoard members, though...in the face of all kinds of temptation. THAT would be mean. (But definitely therapeutic...)
  6. This tweet though. A conversation some---not saying anyone here---don't want to have. (I'd leave out "left", though, and stick an apostrophe in can't.)
  7. One of the things I admire most about George Washington is that he had to be talked into government office and was absolutely ret-ta-go when 1789 arrived. We have been slipping ever since...but I've always appreciated those who recognize their seasons, carpe diem, and take their curtains with grace...even amidst encore calls from the fickle masses. Even this one knows "her" season.
  8. Hey, Fifty? We ALL have whole places, and we all have broken places. Sometimes we shine it up better than others. Transparency is the first step to healing. We all need each other. There's a lot of truth to "Kumbaya"! Blessings, brother. For all of us, it feels good to be on the road to recovery. I see my dad's flaws a lot differently through the eyes of grace, now that he has passed. I try to correct some of his parenting blunders as I parent mine...knowing that I'll leave things that they need to correct in theirs, if they're blessed to have them. Knowing "I'm just passing through"
  9. You are more right than you know. Thank you for your service. This is amazing to read!
  10. Glad you are okay! Some serious flooding pics from downtown Pensacola! Prayers for recovery and peace of mind...that's a long process, I understand.
  11. Homer, I do not disagree with the need to drain the swamp...in all directions...but I have to ask...the connotation many have with "draining the swamp" has to to do with the ones who've made a lifetime of making it swampy as "legislators." Who's going to tell the people who keep voting some of them in to stop? #termlimits #pipedream
  12. Ya think? Every teacher knows the law of natural consequences....and I'll bet a lot of non-teachers do, too. "Be careful what you ask for..."
  13. Who knew?! Goober is a UNA alum! https://roarlions.com/honors/hall-of-fame/george-goober-lindsey/68 "George Lindsey was two-year letterman on Lion football teams in 1950 and 1951 and played quarterback. Born in Fairfield, Ala., he majored in biological science and physical education and graduated in 1952. He then went on to an illustrious career in television and film. His most famous role was that of Goober in the popular TV series The Andy Griffith Show, where he spent five years on one of the most popular running series ever on television. He later reprised his role on Mayberry R.F.
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