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  1. B...connection. I'm from Auburn. I've said enough, I'll leave it there; people can choose how they will with their support.
  2. Couple of favorites from our DC Thanksgiving trip...
  3. One of the two new Montgomery statues commissioned for the! Presenting Rosa Parks...
  4. The accused has connections to J&M. His continued behavior is being seen by many as entitlement and enablement. I went to high school with his mom. We haven't connected in years. She was super-sweet, and I grieve for her, but this continued behavior and its allowance is inexcusable. My greater concern is for Shelby, Josh, and the Burchams. I would give anything to spare them one further second of grief. Just praying that the Lord will wrap His arms around them tightly, sheltering them and providing love and support from all directions. Christmas, I imagine, will be unspeakably hard.
  5. It is REALLY hard not to. I wouldn't say I've arrived. It's wrong on so many levels. The events of today hurt my heart even further. I just can't stop seeing their faces.
  6. All I can see in front of me are Shelby and Josh's precious faces...and the Burchams...those closest to it all, who are trying their best to pick up the pieces and walk one step at a time, with Christmas around the corner. Let's all, who feel inclined, pray up one side and down the other for these precious four and all who are affected by the events of May which continue and, for a season, are justice-less. In His time, in His time...and protection for all involved until that time.
  7. '72...these are lovely! We're going to build them at our Christmas Party on Thursday...with plenty of parent hands available!
  8. That is adorable! Send those two to Asheville! These have been airing on FoodNetwork this week.
  9. My sweet babies are a house divided (though mostly AU this year)...and everyone is copacetic following the IB so I'll just save it for AUFamily...😁🤣
  10. Watching Iron Bowl 2019 YouTube makes the merriment re-seen Perfect weather, perfect day 30th anniversary of JH play Brand new eagle cruises the sky Bama is holding, what's new--oh my! Cannella and Hastings make impossible grabs Wow...there go 7...and everyone dabs Fast forward a bit, chess match underway Gary can't keep his BamLove at bay Dinky is melting, foul language galore AU has fielded a within-4 score Second half, cardiac central for sure Worm trucks McKinney; it's gold, oh so pure Dink danky doink; their kicking woes reign Waddle can run, but can't count; it's so plain Gus fooled the "master"; the wizardry worked! Everyone's spirits are a wee bit more perked. Truly a team-deal, this one for the ages Long will it live in the Loveliest's pages Math/game remedials will stuff Saban's stocking Reservations to Atlanta, their fanbase is hocking "No playoff, honey," they'll watch from their couches While forced to reckon: our Tigers aren't slouches And we in our kerchiefs and I in my cap Anticipate next year, post- Outback Bowl snap When football's enjoyable, it adds to our living "Unfair in Jordan Hare": the gift truly keeps giving! 🤣🤣🤣😉😉😉❤❤❤🦋🦋🦋 (Anyone else rewatched, loving it or noticing new things even more?)
  11. Thinking Chad is more his peer/equal...?
  12. Some have the hairstyle all ready to go with it...amirite?