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  1. I will do my dead level best, no doubt about it, make no mistake about it. I've gotten in one good practice regarding it so far. It was a vanilla attempt but I can pull out the whole playbook next time. Can't go fast tempo yet, but I'm making improvements every time. There will be no whirlybird involved. 🤣😁
  2. Sounds great! I have delivered the message request to our BBQ gurus. Little one WILL be in my class this year...yay! #missingtheBarbecueHouse
  3. ToraGirl


    Oh, Slammer, I am with you. I am so sorry for your loss. Same with my dad (but decades ago). Your precious wife would be so proud of you...that is what I always tell my mom about Daddy. Love that we get to see 72 stare the beast down in God's strength and overcome! Love that we get to be a part of cheering him and each other on. War Eagle, friend!
  4. ToraGirl


    See, it's this. This is a hope-dealing situation. This is what the seeking (or even non) world stands back to do believers respond...for the long haul...when crisis strikes? You have made no secret of the Source of your strength. Everyone's journey is dad wasn't healed this side of Heaven...but when you live with an eternal perspective, as you clearly do, and can accept the outcome no matter what, others gain strength, hope, and store away tools for the toolkit when crises of all sizes and temperaments strike. You HAVE brought Him glory with your faithfulness. You have brought US perspective with your updates. You have brought us JOY with the opportunity to stand with you in this fight. You aren't're our brother. No matter what comes for any of us, there is strength to be found from keyboard to keyboard when you are AUFamily. Love you, Nathan! And Sonya! And the girls! We are PUMPED! (Bet @augolf1716 knows this one, too. He's my music brother.)
  5. ToraGirl


    Yasssssssssss!! This one's dedicated to you, 72. All the praise to God, all the joy to you!
  6. Career...starting year 22 of prepping the future of the world...current mission, teaching 2nd grade at Pike Road Elementary, a dream system and learning environment. I also lead contemporary worship at the church we planted in 2006...WellSpring CC...where we live, straddling Millbrook/Prattville, AL. Very, very grateful and blessed!
  7. Someone may have said it already, but thinking a "New Coke" revolt is in order.
  8. Praying for your family, Doc!
  9. Y'all. I am mad about the impala. #twomissiontrips2Kenya #bornfree P.S. But seriously...add the cost of shipping that HOME?
  10. Was that the same thing as the "CoxCat"? #cringe
  11. "Facts come in"...So true. ALL of the facts. Half of our thread centers around the little out there to be read and a lot being read into. That's just natural, because we care and want to be able to relate...or maybe we wish we couldn't. Adding prayers now for the jurors, should that be the route.
  12. To keep up with the "Highway Joneses." 😁But seriously, too slows, too fasts... I've been both...each its own hazard...for self and others.
  13. Will testify that this beauty lasted longer than my sweet 2013 Kia I look to replace both, thought to share! EXTREMELY well-made, and can't tell that it faded a bit. You can get it on a T-shirt, mug, pretty much anything! I trimmed the white away and positioned it on the hatchback. Sweet!!
  14. Will testify that this beauty lasted longer than my sweet 2013 Kia I look to replace both, thought to share! EXTREMELY well-made, and can't tell that it faded a bit. You can get it on a T-shirt, mug, pretty much anything!
  15. We all need to see the best balance justice and grace have to offer in the outcome. The message that comes out of this must ideally lead to LESS of this, however that is accomplished given the flaws we and the systems we have created both have. I DO have connections and personal memories with both sides involved. I am curious, EagleEye7, what do you think SHOULD be the outcome given the gravity of the situation? What outcome could lead to less? Growing up in Auburn in the fishbowl is no easy task. Life for highschoolers with all that's accessible in a major university atmosphere is challenging. But I can tell you in my time there, I saw a fair amount of recklessness, some with a sense of entitlement, that didn't lead to less. With @Gowebb11 in the reality of no easy answers as I continue to pray for my first sentence to come to pass.