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  1. ToraGirl

    Ten Things You Must Do...

    Bg5, it is a gorgeous sunny Sunday here in central Alabama, and I am usually pretty sunny myself. I read your post and reread every other one on in this thread. There ARE plenty of negative comments throughout the board, but lots and lots of kudos to CGM and staff, too. What makes this particular thread different...and shocking in some senses... is that it involves an in-depth interview into the mindset of Coach M. A lot of what AUFamily banters about is speculation. These are straight-up quotes we're trying to decipher, and it is honestly unsettling to me at least on a few points. We all have to take a break for various reasons from time to time, so it's completely understandable. Just don't be gone too long! All of the perspectives put together identify the proverbial elephant.
  2. This is so powerful. My husband and I held "listening meetings" in our home when we were appointed to serve this area many moons ago. They were open to anyone who wanted to come. It was especially important as we had been told (by our "PTB") that we were walking into an impossible pastorate. It proved to be true, but God has worked in the last decade to resurrect. We now smile again, but having the initial meetings were the key to at least understanding perspective across the board...and it showed that we cared enough to make the time and priority to do so. In any leadership situation, listening is paramount. I love that Auburn athletics, top-down, believes the same.
  3. ToraGirl

    Ten Things You Must Do...

    Accountability is my word. And I'll let the new sheriffs decide the best way to do that.
  4. ToraGirl

    Ten Things You Must Do...

    We are wearing the same glasses here. I might not say "never" (might think it), but believe one could rightly assume "never", in the sense of "never IF patterns keep repeating but never correcting". It does reek of arrogance. I don't know how one resolves some conflicting points such as "fitting scheme to personnel" but "not wishing to alter scheme". It does bring forth the "We didn't execute" all too other words, "We ad-nauseumed that play in our most excellent practice repeatedly and you still couldn't execute?" Never mind that the other side is on the field, constantly adjusting. Enough players said throughout the season, "We just run the plays they tell us to." So our eyes are forever hoping that mid-game adjustments will become the new understood reality. A gameplan is only as good as it works, and I guess I am idealistic enough to believe it should work fairly well, most of the time, around the contingencies common to all teams With this article, fans unfortunately do have an inside look through the words that were stated from his own mouth without even having to speculate. Maybe this is why the contract is still being finalized, which makes me feel better. I will support Coach Malzahn, but I will ceaselessly pray for open eyes, open minds, open hearts, and courage to continue to adapt...for the fire that wrote the book that needs new chapters now. I may from time to time join the discussion here as to how the progress is going on the adaptation front...or not. So here is my silver lining hope...there are two new sheriffs in town who have a fresh, vested interest in keeping perspective married with "hardware" in the long run (from the presser). I look forward to seeing them ride the range and tackle the tumbleweeds.
  5. ToraGirl

    Ten Things You Must Do...

    Gotcha. I myself would NEVER use "NEVER"...ever! 🤣
  6. ToraGirl

    #48 for bammer

    Reason enough! My only C at Auburn...CALCULUS, quarter one. Reason? Above. Real reason? My non-aptitude for letters and numbers mixed together. I traded pre-med/pediatrics for teaching Kindergarten. The salary doesn't match, but the non-numerical benefits and the blessings are worth it all.
  7. LOVE THE PRESSER...just watched the whole thing. There's just nothing not to like! Thank you so much!!! If you're just tuning in to this thread, go to the first post to find it.
  8. You make a good point, but I am waiting for someone with nothing to lose to stare down the PTB from our rivals as Pat Dye did when he said, "The Iron Bowl WILL be played in Auburn every other year. Make no mistake about it, no doubt about it." (I embellished. He most definitely did not say that last line.)
  9. ToraGirl

    Malzahn's new contract

    Please hear that I like and want to support Coach Malzahn. Truly, I do. I've tried my best to be faithful to do so from his time here as OC. I also like that the particulars of this contract are still on the table, whatever they may be. I AM an eternal optimist, and I am optimistic that some of the very concerns that are repeatedly expressed on this board from the young to the old alike from all over the world will be addressed in this pre-finalized contract. Each step Dr. Leath has made, most recently the welcoming of Allen Greene, makes me more and more confident. Thank you, aubiefifty, for sharing!
  10. ToraGirl

    Ten Things You Must Do...

    Mikey...this is too simple. Baiting, so I'll bite. You are right in one sense...but most understand that the elephant family in the room continues to be the lack of predictability, the difficulty in winning the big games outside Jordan Hare, and the wonder of what measures of accountability exist for the lack of execution on players' parts, injuries aside (common to all teams, "next man up"). We still suffer from an extreme allergy to apparently having an effective "Plan B", which gets even more obvious around halftime. Nothing in the article addresses these observable "elephant babies" that are attached to the parent. Unfortunately the article addresses the REASON for them, REASON ultimately being it's not perceived as worth adapting to, by CGM. We're talking moving from good to GREAT, here, Wooden-Dungy style. Character always first, but accountability at all levels right up there, too. It's very easy for me to get behind a leader willing to seriously analyze, seriously adapt, and seriously know why he or she must. I contend I'm not alone.
  11. ToraGirl

    Ten Things You Must Do...

    Great analysis on every point...on #7, could he and bigbird trade positions/locations...if dream jobs are in question? 🤣
  12. ToraGirl

    JB Grimes Returns to Auburn

    I will NEVER forget a conversation my sassy, sharp-witted "AU-Lions Club-football-tv-tower-cancer-battling-prof-dad" was having with someone who stepped in with "But I thought..." Dad snapped off, "NO, ya didn't!" Made me smile, lionheartkc! So glad for you are feeling better! P.S. He SO walks in greater humility and grace, now. P.P.S. Good news we KNOW what we are getting with Coach Grimes, hey?
  13. ToraGirl

    JB Grimes Returns to Auburn

    CHH was considered a "splash hire" if you read many buried threads. Ahem. Welcome home, Coach Grimes!!
  14. ToraGirl

    JB Grimes Returns to Auburn

    Hence all of the discussion about "can recruit/can't develop." I'm going to take a not-so-wild guess that younger coaches appeal to younger generations when it comes to recruiting, but the emotional stability and seasoned-ness of older coaches appeal to their PARENTS! Could be an ideally great tag-team mix, and his productive-on-field record could plug the mystifying holes that exist with bringing the "on-paper predictions" of the J and J's to actual success.
  15. ToraGirl

    Next OL Coach?

    They were "my" years....with Bo...1985-1987-ish. At that time, I was little into football, but I think most of our eyes were on BO.