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  1. ToraGirl

    Time for a little Sunshine Pumping

    Another Bill Withers for Golf...just heard it today. Describes yesterday, maybe in the football world. Describes yesterday AND today in the central Alabama weather world...though it's said to be dropping by the decades tonight. Adding Kirk's version after.
  2. ToraGirl

    2019 Offical NSD Thread

    Speaks volumes about a character's character.
  3. ToraGirl

    Time for a little Sunshine Pumping

    You're both absolutely right. No doubt about it.
  4. ToraGirl

    Coaching Staff Changes?

    You don't have to read any more. He is on "IGNORE" for me. This function button has been a lifesaver. You probably know how to do this, but someone had to coach on your name, upper right of screen, go to settings, and go down to the "Ignore/d Users" page. I've loved AUFamily more even since. War Eagle!
  5. ToraGirl

    OffSeason Entertainment--Any RIVAL Lookalikes!

    Brandon case he needs this site for more fodder...thought I would give him something with which he's intimately familiar.
  6. ToraGirl

    OffSeason Entertainment--Any RIVAL Lookalikes!

    This one is for Deshaun. 😍
  7. ToraGirl

    D. Davis Article

    Oh!! What an AUsome article!! Muschimp/chump (never "champ" in my book) was easy to size up, from my perspective, from the get-go. Each time he's mentioned for return on this board, I cringe. If he had one TENTH of Deshaun's character...rock on, Deshaun! You make us all proud, and I rejoice with you and all of Prichard!
  8. ToraGirl

    Freeze wanted to come to AU

    "What you're doing speaks loud, I can't hear what you're saying. " In his own words in the above article, he explained exactly why his dream of coaching at Auburn did not come true. I might have given the benefit of the doubt had I not read his response to his dismissal circumstances. I wish him a genuine fresh start at Liberty. Perhaps this can be moved to Rivals?
  9. ToraGirl

    Coaching Staff Changes?

  10. ToraGirl

    Sucks To Be A Bama Fan

    He's been on ignore for awhile, but it's like driving by a convoy of blue flash. You just can't help but look.
  11. ToraGirl

    qb's - who will start in 2019?

    Going with Joey or Bo on prediction. Oh, what a wonderful problem to have! What some teams wouldn't give to have our potential. At least it won't be
  12. ToraGirl

    Sucks To Be A Bama Fan

    Here. We're in his head. That must REALLY "suck."
  13. ToraGirl

    Checking up

    You are sweet! Yes...about 15 miles. Terrible damage to gorgeous historic area, homes and churches. We're joining in the rally to supply needs organizing at the high school. Our hearts and prayers go out to all suffering loss. Watching God work already...a rainbow stretched across the sky last night, comforting at least one man who said, "He's telling us it's going to be okay." ❤
  14. ToraGirl

    Bama departures

    Word travels fast...