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  1. ToraGirl


    Seriously, you look great!! No! More! Tumor! "Lord Jesus...among many incomprehensible identities, You are Rapha, the God Who heals. 72 knows from whence comes his strength, and he readily testifies to it. We come together and ask for strength and complete healing for this phase of his faithful, grueling journey. We ask that You touch that tumor and render it useless to cause damage or stress from this point forward. Shrink it, remove it, eradicate its very memory save for a head-and-heart-turning legacy of hope and faith in YOU to come. We are asking for Your steady peace and constant provision for Sonya and the girls, as well, and for the family extended. You've promised that wherever two or more are gathered, there You are with them. You've asked us to be bold and specific when we pray, full of faith and impervious to doubt. Well, Lord, we are FAR more than two. We thank You for the privilege of calling upon You to do mighty things only You can do in the life of our brother and all who love him. We know the glory and the peace are Yours to gain and give. And we speak with firm faith these words...IT IS DONE. In Your mighty and powerful name we pray, Amen." #letitbeso
  2. Seems more like innuendo needed to fill a time slot. Basketball and baseball shining the light on football underperformance...just by being themselves and giving their all. Plus equestrian.😉 Think anyone who matters know that AD Allen Greene is definitely part of Auburn's solution.
  3. Tell me there is better chicken salad than at Mag Deli. I triple dog dare ya! (Well, Chicken Salad Chick was embryonic then, but no one could touch Mag at the time!)
  4. You da bayest, Ellitor! Grazie mille!!
  5. GWill, are we separated at birth? You gotta teach me how to get a Tweet onto this page faster than my cut and paste moves. You got good skills!!
  6. As the daughter of a late AU botany professor, I found one professor's take very insightful. He goes on to say in other tweets that he is encouraged by the transparency already being shown by the Board in announcing a Sunday meeting via conference call as to proceeding forward. (I tend to like it when the profs are happy. Biased girl.) He likes sports, too. As did Daddy. John Carvalho @John_P_Carvalho Some context on #StevenLeath as he and Auburn move on from what has been a difficult two-year tenure, and I prepare for what will be my fifth president after 13 years on Auburn's faculty. 1. His tenure got off to a bad start because the trustees cloaked the search in secrecy. It was only after he was confirmed as AU's president that stories emerged of airplane accidents and land purchases. These were not openly discussed before, so he started with PR negatives. 2. Yes, the Research I designation is awesome and beneficial, but it is short-sighted to neglect Dr. Jay Gogue's role in getting Auburn there. Leath deserves credit for finishing the journey, but it did not all happen during his tenure. 3. Likewise, the president's mansion renovation, which Gogue supported, was approved before Leath got there. Leath was president when the renovation was carried out, the phase that had the potential for creating difficulties that did not exist in the planning stage. 4. Leath was definitely more of a sports fan than Gogue, and most college presidents in general. I personally found his approach to sports unbalanced, especially at a time when reform is needed, and it certainly added to his problems. 5. The 500-new-faculty pledge could have been framed as a commitment to re-energizing and enhancing Auburn's excellent faculty (it included replacements for retirees and resignations), but because he did not state it clearly enough, many mocked it as overselling. 6. History will decide if Auburn was better after Leath's two-year tenure. Others use their own adjectives to describe it. Overall, for now, I will term it disappointing. We charge the trustees with finding a president whose tenure will bring stability and growth. #WarEagle Sunday meeting:
  7. The ONLY thing, Jeff, is the apples and oranges difference between coming and calling for Bruce Pearl and coming and calling for Gus Malzahn. That comparison doesn't fly here or in any other of the countless posts that mention meritorious raises. Hence the general fanbase ire and the ongoing response. And that lovely, hasty, kneejerk "decision" was a huge factor in the Leath/Auburn divorce, though clearly not the only. As many wiser than I was just a matter of time. Personally, I like CGM. But it's never been about that. It is an issue of the inexperienced (#leath) negotiating and spending, debatable as to necessity, sums of money that were in his wheelhouse to STEWARD...not his own. I agree on Harbert...but since when does ONE member of a team get that much voice? That's on the rest at the table, for sure. Different but interesting it entirely possible that the final straw was NOT the "football-only facility when or if"...but the fact that the 2019 performing results of AU basketball and baseball shone an unbelievably strong light on the underperformance of AU football? I cannot imagine, right or wrong, any SEC AD being happy that every sport except the "main one" is thriving.
  8. There was enough evidence or at least post-result conjecture that he would NOT have gone to Arkansas. You cannot tell me each of the one-sided terms of that contract were what was required for him to stay even if SOME RAISE were involved. Fear-based anything drives the train we 24/7 criticize. I also detest the "who else can (poor pitiful) Auburn get" mantra. So call the bluff. Auburn didn't. Hence the controversy. Hence the seeds, rather enormous ones, that led to the "mutual parting of ways." Dominoes indeed.
  9. An interesting read which will shed some light on the whys of the initial Leath selection as well as the woes. #learnfromhistory "Leath’s tenure at Iowa State was tarnished with a string of controversies that resulted from his mingling of professional and personal interests, the Associated Press reported...." "The Board of Trustees praised Leath’s experience as Iowa State University, which, like Auburn, is a land-grant public university that emphasizes agriculture and research. The experience at a land-grant university in combination with his history of supporting research and fundraising made him a strong pick, according to those who had knowledge of the selection..."
  10. I might have agreed...BS. ("Before Stoops"...) 🤣😎😉
  11. I keep seeing a (very) few bring up the "we had to" encore on the $49 million. Completely disagree. No we did not. "Blackmail" or fear-based decision-making, however you view it, seldom and should never pay off. Here's hoping future contract negotiations for anyone concerned include benefits for BOTH sides, and are tied to future benchmarks, not past performance.
  12. No shortage of info out there. Google will keep you entertained for hours...
  13. The reasons that have been given, listed, some athletically-related and some not, might be enough to part ways in a stand-alone sense. But together? It explains the rejoicing. Outside of our message board, it's coming from all directions. Suffice it to say that "a bad fit" is seen across agencies. One telling quote.. Josh Pate @Project_Pate "Haven’t talked to a single person plugged into Auburn who thinks this is bad news."
  14. Twitter is understandably having a field day. Here's my favorite.
  15. I knew I couldn't possibly be the first to post this news upon waking this morning, but had I been, "something DOMINOES" is exactly the line that it would have been under...