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  1. It is our absolute joy. That is, I believe, THE most important reason for AUFamily...and the reason that we can still call ourselves "FAMILY"--no matter how weird we each are.
  2. Total lay opinion. I side with the bride. The last thing that should be on her mind on her wedding day is any type of fear other than typical nervous jitters. I agree that COVID19 constitutes act-of-God-category-worth exemption. My opinion, but like a funeral parlor, the emotional experience of the contractual service is as key as the practical particulars. The angst of having to postpone the wedding at all is angst enough. This company has no "bedside manner" at all. Such hardnosedness will not bode well for interest from future clientele. My take. I'm so sorry for this dilemma.
  3. On it! He really is precious...
  4. You need these moments right now. I'm so sorry, Bird. More of everything all of you've poured out STILL needed. I just can't imagine. I am waiting on something of much, much, MUCH less magnitude than your family's situation. The Streams in the Desert devotional, an old classic, seems to hit every day where I am, and it's done so in crises worse than my current one for decades. Linking, and I hope it helps a bit. Know that we are all cheering and expectant for your multifaceted breakthrough! God's got you...He really does...because HE IS...and you have chosen to be His. in the Desert&utm_campaign=Streams in the Desert&utm_medium=email&utm_content=3442653&bcid=df20ccab8f299e599195d804607cc8ee&recip=490376586
  5. Maybe one step closer...
  6. Love that...worst is behind her. She is so TOUGH! Love and prayers continue, E. I have noticed that the crepe myrtle trees exploded while we were away. I wonder if their pollen can interfere with respiration, too? Prayers for that being a possible reason for your dad's cough.
  7. There is something of a relief to watch doors close to narrow to the best. Good, better, best. Believers who accept the incomparable price paid for our restoration by His loving, just terms and continue the imperfect path to personal death of self-will (and all that entails) are on their way to the ultimate best, but the journey for each human is fraught with the pebbles Bird mentioned. The atlas you keep sharing with us depicting varying routes when some are blocked for one reason or another is always uplifting and hope-giving. Love you, Nathan, you Auburn Man. I'm thinking you need an Aubie costume, too. Thank you for your update and example. Love and hugs to Sonya and the girls. "Pressed but not crushed..." 2 Corinthians 4: 8-9
  8. So many things to consider. Thank you for sharing! Our mask-conscious son graduates in December, but he lives with my uber-health-conscious but 78-year-old mom off campus. I am sure it will be an adjustment.
  9. Duck Samford Stadium, where we played our ballgames and marched during halftime, is the happening spot for fireworks on Auburn now...
  10. This one they can have. Undisputed.
  11. No way, but to each his own. Awesome road trip music, along with Dire Straits.
  12. Sioux City, Iowa..."after midnight," because I'm relentless...and I said I would try. 🦋🌍
  13. Seattle IS amazing. Glad we went when we did. You WILL love it. Wyoming stole my heart. Here's the bounty! I'll put it in "Post a Picture", too. Obtained at 12:20 am in Sioux City, Iowa. Just arrived in Omaha...2:20 am. I am relentless...and my family is beyond patient. 😊😴
  14. Tell you what. On our route to Yellowstone thru Wyoming and South Dakota, I have never seen more hospitality... coupled with less fear of being "politically correct." Stereotypically speaking, the freedom of yesteryear is roaming the prairies and the buttes...and it's very refreshing. Takes a lot of grit to live through these winters, and observing the state population rank, few are up to it. I love Alabama, hot mess that it is...just like every other nook and cranny of Amuhrica...but I could adapt with seasonal tweaking pretty fine to roaming the plains.
  15. Happy birthday, prayers from South Dakota, and love to your mom. Will do!