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  1. Nope. He got canned yesterday.
  2. Well I am 72 and in my second childhood so most of you young-uns are more mature than me.
  3. And a d... leadoff walk comes in to score.
  4. That announcer reminds me of John Madden. Has to explain everything.
  5. Prayers on the way E
  6. Thanks. My computer crashed right in the middle of this reply. Hope I did not cause any confusion.
  7. Appreciate the video. I am guessing we are the ones in blue but does anybody know the inning or the score?
  8. Seems like the women always have horrible starts and the men cannot finish. Maybe the coaches should swap teams for a week or two and then we might get 2 good teams... or ...it could go the other way and we could just give up on both of them.
  9. I only get to watch the games on TV so I know I miss a lot but it looked to me like we had a bunch of freshmen that are just learning how to play defense in the SEC. When those teams started to increase the pressure in the second half they seemed to get confused about their assignments and the whole defense fell apart. We have some pretty talented guys but Kentucky is the only team I have seen that could play so many freshmen and get away with it. Maybe our expectations have been a little too high. We have been pretty bad for a long time and it is not going to turn around overnight. Give them another year to gel and I believe they will be truly competitive by this time next year and hopefully real contenders in 2019. A little more size and depth wouldn't hurt either.
  10. Good one. LOL
  11. Been a long time ago. Richard Plagge in 1964. There may have been others but I don't remember. Richard was a pretty good tailback for us and played for Buffalo for a while.
  12. But it is also one of the finest Universities in the country.
  13. I think you are are right about his heart being at UGA and he committed to us because we said he would have a chance at QB. But when Stidham committed to us I think Smart convinced him that he was not going to get a real chance at QB with us and he returned to his first love. Maybe a case of the competition being too tough so he took the easier course.
  14. This I agree with. I don't believe conference games or cupcake games tell us much about overall strength of the conference.
  15. You took my answer so I'll say 5-3 AU