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  1. ESPN says he is a graduate transfer and will be eligible immediately
  2. Did Atlanta just set an NFL record by scoring 2 touchdowns in 2 seconds?
  3. Since that second pick 6 really turned the game around I am goping for " The Butt-ception "
  4. It's great you guys are all keeping abreast of the situation
  5. Great news. Here's hoping he signs with the Mongolia Network
  6. I read that Tuscaloosa is flooding today. Gives new meaning to "ROLL TIDE"
  7. I think that one run was unearned so it would be an era of 0.00
  8. I guess in the long run I was right after all. We failed to win all 4 of our last games and the one loss did give them the opening to take bama over us even though we beat them.
  9. The line does not seem to be very long. You are the only Bama lover I have noticed around here.
  10. If I ever stoop that low somebody please put me out of my misery.