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  1. ESPN says he is a graduate transfer and will be eligible immediately
  2. Did Atlanta just set an NFL record by scoring 2 touchdowns in 2 seconds?
  3. Since that second pick 6 really turned the game around I am goping for " The Butt-ception "
  4. It's great you guys are all keeping abreast of the situation
  5. Great news. Here's hoping he signs with the Mongolia Network
  6. I read that Tuscaloosa is flooding today. Gives new meaning to "ROLL TIDE"
  7. I think that one run was unearned so it would be an era of 0.00
  8. I guess in the long run I was right after all. We failed to win all 4 of our last games and the one loss did give them the opening to take bama over us even though we beat them.
  9. The line does not seem to be very long. You are the only Bama lover I have noticed around here.
  10. If I ever stoop that low somebody please put me out of my misery.
  11. Perhaps he just did not want to come here because of the inconsistent support from the fan base.
  12. I had no intention of citing either of them. This is just my opinion after following Auburn sports since 1954 and seeing how little respect we get. If they can find a good excuse to bypass us they will. I will wait and see what happens but it would not surprise me to see them take Alabama over us. Sadly when I take of the orange and blue glasses I cannot see us winning the next 4 anyway. But I never give up hope.
  13. As much as I want it, I can't see it. If we win them all they will still take a one loss Alabama over us.
  14. Actually in the past 7 years we won 2 out of 7 against UAT. Not quite what you ask for but those years have been unusually tough for everybody against them.If you take a longer view it really doesn't look quite that bad. Sure the bear beat everybody but then he had a few unfair advantages. All his games against us were home games and he was the only one allowed to pay the players. Since Pat Dye took over we are a more respectable 18-19 against them. Once the games were moved out of Birmingham we are 2-2 in Montgomery.8-6 in Auburn and 7-5 in Tuscaloosa. If you look at all games back to the 1890"s we have won 43% of our games against them and if you take out our 4-19 record against the bear ( before many of you were born) we have a winning record of 31-26 against them. Looks like we turned it around about 30 years ago. I apologize if any of these numbers are incorrect ( I got them from Wikipedia) but they are surely close. Yes the past 5 years are unacceptable and I believe Gus bears most of the responsibility for this and yes I believe he is in over his head but this too will pass and I am not ready to drink the kool-aid yet.
  15. I don't know much about the law here but it seems to me that this is a case of entrapment where the FBI initiated a criminal enterprise and then enticed participants with large amounts of money and some were too weak to reject it. That doesn't make the coaches innocent but it feels like the FBI is the more guilty party here. Unfortunately the victims here are the teenagers who trusted their coaches and will probably end up losing their college careers and education as a consequence. Of course the other victim is our school that is being dragged through the mud and will probably have our basketball program destroyed. I know there is a lot more to this story that we have not heard yet but this is how it feels right now.
  16. I would really hate for us to miss out on JF but like many have said we still have a pretty good quarterback situation. But the other side of that coin really scares me. What if he goes to UGA and takes those other 8 prospects with him?
  17. Well I am 72 and in my second childhood so most of you young-uns are more mature than me.