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  1. LSU got trolled. He is not going to Ole Miss.
  2. What about this one? http://flightaware.c...e/flight/N813JP Flew from Columbus to Tallahassee they day after the IB. And is now scheduled for Bentonville, AR from AU airport this afternoon
  3. In a heartbeat if that was the best move for the team. 49rs might have a little more talent at LB than Auburn so that comparison doesn't really work. I'm not saying Parks to LB is the best move for the team but I think the OP has a legitimate question. I really don't care if he is the best TE in the history of football, if he can help Auburn MORE by playing LB....well then I want him to play LB.
  4. Man I'm getting old...... Sitting here laughing at myself for laughing about the comment of Price "being a veteran SEC coach". Of course I'm thinking of another Price that had "self-inflicted wounds" and it all made total sense to me because I know he left for A&M....but wait that was another coach. Then the talk about him coaching at AU made me think....WTH are they talking about. I almost started to google it when the candle (pre-light bulb era) came on in my head. Still laughing at my stupid self.
  5. Don't know how to quote from another thread so I'll do it the old fashioned way - "-I believe Auburn adds at least one guy below that I have going elsewhere" - ST So ST is STILL right!!!
  6. There Will Be Blood "I won't stand for this bologna!"......"That's right, he doesn't stand for bologna!"
  7. keen1


    That is definitely the best thing about where I live. Nothing beats waking up to Jordan Hare casting a shadow into my room Let me predict your chances of successfully completing your degree. Do you live on the east or the west of the stadium? Well if the sun is casting a shadow on his room when it's rising I would think he would be west of Jordan Hare yep; guess my joke didn't work. I got it StuBob. Funny stuff
  8. LOL....YES.....It's not just you.
  9. Probably a stretch here but maybe refers to "fighting irISH"? Who knows....
  10. Does Patrick Miller coming help or hurt our chances with Avery Young in any way? Both from Palm Beach Gardens but different high schools I think.
  11. Or simply drop somebody off to discuss contract....come back to pick them up later....it's possible! WDE!
  12. Please share the "evidence". I'd like to hear from the "Just wait till next year" if you have anything solid you can point to that makes you feel this way...or is it just a gut feeling. Just because a guy is getting playing time this year doesn't mean he'll be a beast next year. That comes from coaching. Only example I can think of is NF and the man that gets the most credit for coaching him up is no longer on the Plains.
  13. Not sure who is he talking about......perhaps all the talented linebackers that have NOT come to Auburn. I agree with an earlier post talking about the LBs being the core of Defense. Maybe this is what Roof was speaking of claiming only recruiting will fix our defense. I'm ready for another Takeo! Any recruiting guru's know if we have a shot at any game changers coming up?
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