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  1. smackydoodle

    Hawaii Rainbow Warriors’ ultra-fun offense

    It's all fun and games until Auburn bombs an incompletion on 4th and 1 and LSU scores.
  2. smackydoodle

    Mark Emmert Criticism

    It would seem Emmert is getting some nasty side glances for his cop-out answer regarding Michigan State and Larry Nassar. Auburn fans have always claimed he plays favorites with Saban. Well this statement won't help, "... Emmert also has ties to Michigan State University President Lou Anna Simon." NCAA president doesn’t have an opinion on the biggest sex abuse scandal in NCAA history
  3. smackydoodle

    College Football Playoffs Announcement

    Sports will always be unfair because... well take Wisconsin... they got penalized because other teams aren't good enough. It took an extra game for them not to go undefeated and got penalized because the teams they played suck. I mean... what are they supposed to do, schedule Oklahoma and Clemson every year to sub in the s***ty Big 10 teams they have to play? Those mighty wins UGA had against UF, UT, UK, etc are just as awful as the others. I would be willing to bet every team but UGA in the East would lose to Wisconsin, Michigan State, Penn State, Northwestern, and others.
  4. smackydoodle

    Lingering Questions...Add Yours.

    Ya know, he could have been sitting there pondering his future... "the next positive or negative reaction I see determines my decision." Then all of a sudden he gets an email from 3rdgeneration saying "thanks" and the rest is history.
  5. smackydoodle

    Hypothetically Speaking....what IF?

    I think the only difference is the amount of suck that Alabama has another second chance. They would have passed a two loss Auburn team because Alabama's only loss still was to Auburn. LSU is tough but I don't think they're carrying THAT much sway, especially when the other team in question also beat them.
  6. smackydoodle

    ***SECCG -- Auburn vs. Georgia -- Game Thread***

    Funny to see some criticism about RB depth... Ya do realize the defending SEC rushing leader is on the sidelines... And his last name isn't Johnson.
  7. smackydoodle

    Deal between Greg Schiano and Tennessee falls apart

    Oh I understand, I'm just saying they used it in place of being honest about the situation. He got unnecessarily dragged through the mud.
  8. smackydoodle

    Deal between Greg Schiano and Tennessee falls apart

    I don't buy it. Their morality movement is nothing more than being disappointed they didn't hire a Gruden type hype coach.
  9. smackydoodle

    End could be near for Jacobs

    I keep seeing Tuberville pop up in various locations about the AD. Is it an on-going joke or are people serious? If for real, in what way does Tubs qualify? People always want Auburn to move past the inside good ol boy politics, yet always want someone associated with the program of the past to be put back into a prominent position.
  10. I understand, I was pretty disappointed myself and don't think Malzahn is a big game coach. Statistics prove that to be the case. However, in reference to the article posted, "we would have been number 6 this week" makes it seem insane nationally that fans want to scorch earth the program and start over.
  11. Compare Auburn to the teams on that list. Believe it or not, there are worse teams off than a team that just one week ago was ranked #10 in the nation and still has a (slight) chance of making their conference championship.
  12. smackydoodle

    This is why....

    Gus is a "play to not lose" coach instead of the "play to win" coach you need to sustain actual success.
  13. smackydoodle

    Roll call Mizzou

    Cool thanks for the info!
  14. smackydoodle

    Roll call Mizzou

    The Mrs and I are heading down from Chicago on Saturday. Our first game since 2011 and last for the foreseeable future. Anyone have tips on parking such as off-campus shuttles, etc?