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  1. Nix and Williams seem like they study different playbooks.
  2. Interesting how so many beat writers and insiders can be so wrong every time something comes up, but year after year there the same faces in the same places still getting paid.
  3. It's interesting how Kiffin was a laughing stock until he became UA's OC and now he's the big get. UA was good before, during, and after his time there. He was run out of Oakland, bailed unexpectedly on Tenn, run out of USC, bailed unexpectedly on UA, would have to bail on Ole Miss to go to Auburn... surely there are better options.
  4. So what happens if the high dollar donors that have been too involved for too long get their fragile egos bruised by this decision? Think you're going to get a high dollar coaching staff in return? If Auburn hires Steele hell I'm more up to thinking your scenario actually happened.
  5. It's funny seeing some of the same people down on Mario Cristobal but want Lane Kiffin.
  6. Gus has a $21 million buyout. It's gonna take a bit more than a few buddies withholding donations unless you're talking upper six figures each.
  7. Down 8 with 6 mins left in the 4th quarter and Nix throws a three yard pass on 3 and 12 leading to a punt. Now that's a solid plan. At least pretend you want to get the first down by throwing it deep enough to get a penalty, miracle catch, something!
  8. In other words, if we played crappy teams we'd have a better record. Mmm, that's the spirit!
  9. Bloop... bloop bloop... down to the abyss we goooooo..... maybe the next shot at 1 in a million prediction glory works out
  10. People always start these posts because if Auburn wins "I told ya!" but when they get blown out it just disappears into the abyss.
  11. It's amazing how one solid showing against a bad, name brand, team can make people forget the previous weeks. Auburn almost lost to South Carolina, Arkansas, and Ole Miss after getting manhandled by UGA. Now all of a sudden they're gonna compete with a Bama on the road... goodness.
  12. It's amazing how desperate they were for the referees to influence the game in their favor. It feels like it's every other post lol
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