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  1. Auburn isnt the only team losing players.
  2. I feel 100% confident in Hunter carrying the ball next year if Tank rolls out.
  3. This is what I don’t get about a lot of posters here. They act like a juggernaut football dynasty is being torn apart.
  4. Questions like those drive me nuts. "Oh psssh yeah I'm outta here first thing in the morning. This place bloooooows." It comes across as a "make us feel good after this loss with some nice words about the school."
  5. Wow defense wearing those big boy pants today! Great job.
  6. We already asking why the backup QB isn’t playing? 😝
  7. Isn’t really that shocking of a prediction considering AU has 2 in 65 years
  8. Nix is who he is. I just hope #11 has been focusing on his education. Goodness gracious he can’t be better than those on the bench. It’s impossible
  9. Sounds like a good way to prematurely end careers.
  10. People always say this when UA loses and then bloop, they're in the playoffs. A #1 ranked UGA will be the only thing keeping them out this year.
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