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  1. It's amazing how desperate they were for the referees to influence the game in their favor. It feels like it's every other post lol
  2. Pausing the video at 0:50, when he cradles the ball, his foot is out of bounds. That's assuming these videos are properly synced. It was weird to have two refs get overruled tho. Not sure what that was about.
  3. Oh who cares. The only people I really ever see complain about it are Auburn and Alabama fans. Fans across the nation appreciates the pageantry behind celebrating a win over their rival. Let's stop throwing toilet paper into trees while we're at it....
  4. That's just the validation they came up with. Had Auburn lost to Oregon, they would have come up with something else. "Clemson hasn't played anyone."
  5. This thread shows why there are so many angry posts in the big game day threads.
  6. Based on what? That isn't Arkansas out there.
  7. Eh, I won't be terribly surprised if they do. Not because of Auburn's defense, but because Tua, Jeudy, and Ruggs are 1st round top 15 NFL draft picks.
  8. Can see the clip in an embedded tweet within this article. Source: https://www.saturdaydownsouth.com/
  9. Unless Clemson makes some big adjustments here soon, they gonna get blown out.
  10. If a player's confidence is shaken by a player transferring, that player would probably be eaten alive by a major program anyways. It seems most of the kids who seek the big lights already consider themselves better than most of the players on the team. Clemson and Alabama benched their starting QBs that played in the college playoffs and have true freshmen all over the field, didn't skip a beat. Auburn loses a non-impact player and people here think the program is collapsing. To me, that's a worse look than the article.
  11. So after the ridiculing it would appear OP was correct? Since Gus is calling the plays?
  12. Until conference championships become a requirement, Notre Dame deserves a right to make the playoffs. Ohio State and Alabama set the precedent. Also, normal years, Notre Dame's schedule would have been absolutely loaded, they shouldn't be penalized because normally successful programs like Stanford and Florida State have declined.
  13. I'm gonna join the fun of making stuff up... maybe Gus also restructured the area of his contract that dictates how much he owes if he leaves. That way, he keeps his "I've never been fired", moves to another school, and saves everyone (including himself) a ton of $.
  14. Your reading selection is going to be very, very limited.
  15. That has to be a crappy, pressure filled experience. Win SEC Championship, closest NC in almost 40 years, next season only loss to current #4 on the road, and the fanbase wants you benched.
  16. I think UA beats them by 20+
  17. If winning is your main requirement for liking/watching a team, go buy yourself some houndstooth and call it a season.
  18. Poor elderly dad, missing quality time with his son because a team isn't good. I'd kill for that chance.
  19. AU's last offensive series before the half was the single worst coached series I have seen in recent memory.
  20. It's all fun and games until Auburn bombs an incompletion on 4th and 1 and LSU scores.
  21. It would seem Emmert is getting some nasty side glances for his cop-out answer regarding Michigan State and Larry Nassar. Auburn fans have always claimed he plays favorites with Saban. Well this statement won't help, "... Emmert also has ties to Michigan State University President Lou Anna Simon." NCAA president doesn’t have an opinion on the biggest sex abuse scandal in NCAA history
  22. Sports will always be unfair because... well take Wisconsin... they got penalized because other teams aren't good enough. It took an extra game for them not to go undefeated and got penalized because the teams they played suck. I mean... what are they supposed to do, schedule Oklahoma and Clemson every year to sub in the s***ty Big 10 teams they have to play? Those mighty wins UGA had against UF, UT, UK, etc are just as awful as the others. I would be willing to bet every team but UGA in the East would lose to Wisconsin, Michigan State, Penn State, Northwestern, and others.
  23. Ya know, he could have been sitting there pondering his future... "the next positive or negative reaction I see determines my decision." Then all of a sudden he gets an email from 3rdgeneration saying "thanks" and the rest is history.
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