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  1. jtm0003

    Rhett leaves AU / New OC discussion (Merged)

    But couldn't you something like that for us this year too? Bad QB play dooms anyone. Bama just has enough stacked talent to compensate ("best defense of all time" LUL). I'm surpised we had any success once Rhett "took over." Makes me wonder if their QB situation is as bad as ours decent starter with a couple of red flags and backups with red flags more imposing than the Soviets.
  2. jtm0003

    A Head Coach Challenge

    In the back of my mind at the end of the BCSNC game in 2013 (Gus' first year), I wondered if getting to that game would be the worst thing that happened, to oversell what Gus has to Auburn fans and make him very comfortable. Think about it...the collapse in the UGA game needing a miracle play (when we should have put the boot on the leghumpers' throats and blown them out) and the Bama game coming down to another miracle play. Without those (or even just losing the Iron Bowl), we would have not played in the SEC title game and looking at maybe a major bowl instead of the BCS title game. Considering the heartbreak of losing those two games that way, and seeing Bama play and probably win the NC game vs AU losing NC game because of crazy QB play from Jameis Winston with our defense giving it to them...that would hurt. A LOT. Would Gus be fired now if that was how 2013 played out? I would think so, or the seat would be A LOT warmer.
  3. I don't normally pay attention to stuff like this, but... WHAT
  4. jtm0003

    Lashlee, DC, and KB discussion

    Not having stability at QB will make things predictable and doom an offense.
  5. jtm0003

    Craig a candidate for lsu WR coach (update: Done Deal)

    LOL... Craig could have left for Georgia before signing day and taken all of these kids with him had he really wanted to. He's looking out for himself as any coach should; but he still went out of his way to do all he could to leave Auburn on a positive note. Very true. We should all have an extra amount of respect for how Craig handled his move. Several people hinted that a move was coming, so it's not like he made a snap decision. What he did was leave Auburn in the best shape he could and then did what was right for him. Plus, think of it this way. Gus brought in a guy with extensive experience in his offense in Kodi. (It has been suggested that CDC didn't have very much experience in this offense before he came on board.) Add the addition of Hand, who was with him at Tulsa (with great results). Everyone else on that offensive staff has been with him before and knows the system well (they're "all in"). The less resistance that there can be had, the better the offense will run (if done well, which is a big if). Hopefully a good QB will come out of the spring and any "problems" will be in distant memory. With all the competition, you hope it makes the best of the players emerge, which should translate into wins. All the eggs are in the basket; if Gus fails, then all the dirty laundry will come out and a new start might be needed. If he succeeds, it's all for the better. And remember, Saban re-hired Steele multiple times for a reason, and CKS has big ties in Mobile and Florida (like DC). Crimedog is a stud recruiter, and we still have Garner. Malzahn does well on the trail too. We're fine recruiting-wise. Heck, we need to do a better job developing the talent we've recruited at this point.
  7. jtm0003

    2016 4* WR Nate Craig-Myers (AU signee 2/3/16)

    Lol. Quit wasting so much energy of fretting over what hasn't happened yet and you might have the energy. Everything being reported says he's picking UNC and Brown is picking Turds. WTH coaches? Given everything that's happened over the last 6 months, excuse me for being paranoid and seeing 2012 stars. Where are you seeing the DB info? uat247's doesn't have anything on it & Rivals is down. BOL insiders, FWIW
  8. jtm0003

    2016 4* WR Nate Craig-Myers (AU signee 2/3/16)

    Thanks for the link! And BOOOOOOM Could barely hear, turn it up, he announces Auburn and i'm deafened. yay headphones
  9. jtm0003

    3* S Daniel Thomas (AU signee 2/3/16)

    War Eagle! Effort can beat talent if given time.
  10. jtm0003

    2016 4* WR Nate Craig-Myers (AU signee 2/3/16)

    Who was thought to be a dark horse playoff contender.
  11. jtm0003

    2016 4* WR Nate Craig-Myers (AU signee 2/3/16)

    One recruit not a school make or break.
  12. jtm0003

    2016 4* WR Nate Craig-Myers (AU signee 2/3/16)

    Agreed. DON'T SHOOT THE MESSENGER Nothing to bash him about. His information is likely correct. If we don't get the signature, all that does is reflect on the character of a kid who says one thing and does another. Nailed it.