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  1. Not sure, we haven’t had any plays to utilize them other than blocking. Would rather Joiner get the ball 20ish times a game than 3-4 times a game anyway.
  2. But like I’ve said, we don’t really utilize the TE position. Would be a waste. Joiner needs to play a skill position, at RB.
  3. He’d be a very undersized TE and a waste of talent with how little we use TEs.
  4. By far most excited about Joiner. I’ve been craving a large RB in this offense for a while.
  5. Im so durn mad.

    I wouldn’t have been so certain of that. Plenty of time for our players to get healthy by that time.
  6. Im so durn mad.

    I’m still hurt by this loss to Georgia. I haven’t kept up with anything football related since the final minutes of that game. We were so damn close......
  7. Im so durn mad.

    How Dunn didn’t fall on that ball and get possession blows my mind...
  8. Georgia got dumpster points in the last game.. but we could spare them the extra 7. I do however expect for them to have a better output on the offensive side this game. Now with the status of KJ unknown, I’m not sure if it really makes that much of a difference not having him. We have a huge offensive weapon in Ryan Davis. The utilization of him in the Iron Bowl was immaculate; it was almost impossible to defend him. Our defense had some oopsies against UGA round 1, but they weren’t able to take advantage. I expect for our defensive errors to trim down much like they were in the Iron Bowl. With KJ playing.. Auburn 42 - UGA 21 Without KJ playing.. Auburn 35 - UGA 21
  9. Jordan-Hare Stadium Renovation

    Success of our program always makes me question what’s coming to Auburn. Is there any ramblings of what will be done with the north end zone since the proposed bandaid of a scoreboard fell through? What will be done with the back of our current scoreboard?
  10. Gary Danielson

    I couldn’t really hear the broadcast since I was in a large crowd at Sky Bar, but if he complained about Auburn missed penalties, then boy he should’ve complained about the plethora that weren’t called on Alabama. There were also questionable penalties called on Auburn that weren’t reciprocated for us. For instance, the obvious pass interference that wasn’t called on the deep shot to I believe Slayton inside the 5.
  11. Alabama Injuries

    So we have our short list of players that are questionable.. what about on the other side? How are things looking for Alabama?
  12. Alabama vs Auburn - Score Predictions

    According to @Brad_ATX, it has been since 1969, which is absurd.
  13. Auburn 42 La-Monroe 14 — Post Game Thread

    CBS has first pick of SEC games. We obviously have the best one that weekend, therefore we get the 2:30 slot. I’m not so sure why so many people are upset about this. Did people watch a different game than I did against UGA? That game was the most electric we’ve had since 2013. I expect it to be just as wild, if not more, against Alabama.
  14. Alabama vs Auburn - Score Predictions

    More worried about our injuries than theirs? We have it better off than they do.