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  1. Was really hoping they would be given a top 10 spot.
  2. They have a nice compliment of an offensive line.
  3. We will continue to just sit back and watch as others make improvements to their stadium...
  4. People have their preference. I have mine, but that doesn't mean I won't support the other if they get the starting job.
  5. Tega had a sore knee last week. If it’s him and it is the same leg, why wouldn’t the coaches pull him?
  6. Haha! As hopeful as I was that the first play of the game would be a deep pass, I'm not thinking so much now. I can imagine a simple bubble screen so that we can hopefully get the ball rolling and advance the ball. We will maybe see some deep threats on the 3rd drive or so.
  7. 1st pass - Gatewood 2nd pass - Nix 3rd pass where you see Hill juking, pass by Nix 4th pass - Cord. It's a left-hander throwing the ball.
  8. Would love to hear more on Stove and Williams as well.
  9. Really need to see some improvement on the offensive side of the ball.
  10. @aujeff11 @bigbird Why those reactions? Joiner has way more upside than Martin. Plus, reports are saying that Joiner and DJ are bleeding into more of Boobee’s reps, especially last practice. Not much said of Kam Martin.
  11. And Joiner should get more touches than Kam Martin,.
  12. I unfortunately believe the same as you. I would love for him to get a lot of carries, I just don’t see it happening.
  13. Do you think Joiner getting a lot of carries in the first scrimmage was just an anomaly?