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  1. Where are people catching word that Tim Cook is involved?
  2. I’m glad someone manned up and said something, especially a former player.
  3. Hopefully this doesn’t halt plans for a Jordan Hare facelift. JHS is in dire need of a facelift.
  4. They have the money to fund it. Tired of them saying they need to rely on outside funding. That’s just a preface for when plans fall through, the “outside funders” are at fault. Just build the damn thing.
  5. I believe the lack of offensive linemen is going to doom this team. I hope I’m wrong.
  6. i dont care if he's 17 or 18, he knows how he handled this was wrong. i agree with you, he probably knew all along he wasn't going to sign. but why even post things on social media that hinted otherwise...? like sunday evening he posted something of him in jordan hare stadium. why?
  7. The arms race is real. I agree with you for the most part in adding capacity, but I do not in renovations. Jordan Hare NEEDS a facelift, and in-part of that is because of literally everyone else in the SEC is doing it. These types of things can draw or push away recruits. Auburn has some catching up to do and it's pretty obvious.
  8. The money will not be put to good use. Sub-far facilities will stay intact.
  9. I personally would rather have them exposed with screens instead of a complete horseshoe anyway. We don't need that many seats added anyway. The conceptual design they came out with a couple of years ago was perfect. But oh well.
  10. This is the same case with Jordan Hare. They aren’t at the exact same height.
  11. USCe just completed a massive facility. Completely makes Auburn’s that was finished this past season look like kibbles and bits. Quite embarrassing, really. Auburn is now in the very lowest tier when it comes to facilities. In terms of revenue, Auburn was ranked in the top 10 in the country, yet we treat it as though we are poor as s***. I say forget the people worried about losing their seats momentarily in the north end zone. Do the renovation that was proposed YEARS ago. Either those who were there before will renew their tickets, or someone else will. This is getting pathetic how far behind Auburn is.
  12. I’m on mobile so copy and paste of the article is too difficult. Anyway, we are top 10 in high worth of football programs. The value of Auburn's football program jumped 20.4 percent year over year, according to a study released this week. Ryan Brewer, an associate professor of finance at Indiana University-Purdue University Columbus, released his evaluations of the value college football programs across the country. Those numbers were released by the Wall Street Journal. Auburn ranks eighth nationally and third in the SEC with a value of $871.9 million. Auburn's football program was worth $724.2 million in 2017, according to Brewer. In other words, that's how much Auburn's football program could be bought and sold for on the open market if it was a professional organization. Vanderbilt is valued at $81,494,539, ranking 61st nationally, to bring up the rear for the SEC. Clemson, which faces Alabama in the national championship game Monday night, ranks 26th nationally with a value of $298.1 million. You can read more and see the full value rankings at The Wall Street Journal. 2018 college football value rankings 1. Texas: $1,105,493,378 2. Ohio State: $1,048,166,317 3. Alabama: 1,009,903,620 4. Michigan: $924,625,003 5. Notre Dame: $913,401,562 6. Georgia: $891,099,506 7. Oklahoma: $885,558,053 8. Auburn: $871,907,615 9. LSU: $852,445,897 10. Tennessee: $727,849,384 Brown found three college football programs are valued above $1 billion: Alabama, Ohio State and Texas. The Longhorns lead the way at $1,105,493,378. Ohio State had led the country in each of the last three seasons previous to 2018. Here's more from The Wall Street Journal on Brewer's evaluations of the college football landscape: Brewer’s analysis reveals adjusted revenues are up $5.6 billion from last year and cash flow jumped 2.7 percent. SEC teams comprise half of the top 16 programs, including seven of the 12 most-valued programs.
  13. The north end zone and exposed beams on the exterior are god awful. There’s no functionality to it. Fix it up.
  14. 3 years ago they announced the possibility of this.. And we got nothing.