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  1. logan adams

    New OC Hired Kenny Dillingham

    dilly dilly
  2. logan adams

    The State of the program

    Things are bad. Really bad. First off, the negotiations with Gus’s contract is a big ole question mark. Secondly, Leath, the BOT and boosters are making it to where Allen Greene is pretty much a non-factor in any of this. Secondly, Gus will be the first to catch fire, but he doesn’t even have the ability to go for his own replacement for offensive coordinator. Sound familiar? Same thing happened with finding Lashlee’s replacement. BOT and boosters refuse to sign a multi-year contract in this case. This completely rules out Hugh Freeze. He’s more than likely bound for Liberty. So next year we are looking at best to be a 7 win team. That’s being optimistic. Gus will take a lot of flack, but he has been cuffed. He has done things wrong as a coach in some of the decisions, but he is not 100% at fault.
  3. logan adams

    Austin Wiley Injured (OP Updated 11/8/18)

    There’s more developing on this....
  4. logan adams


    Well, we kind of are and need to. He’s to be held to a certain standard. The kid is not even close to meeting those standards.
  5. logan adams

    Now what?

    We wait until national signing day. See you guys then!
  6. logan adams

    Austin Wiley Injured (OP Updated 11/8/18)

    Thanks. I heard before anything was reported online. Thus I couldn't post a link. Softened the blow to report early. Regardless, this injury should not be keeping him out all season. We survived, and thrived, even without him last season. He should return mid-season.
  7. Catching wind that Austin Wiley broke his foot. Details will soon come. when posting stuff like this always include a link. If you can't wait to post till you have one. Thanks
  8. logan adams

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Mississippi State

    This is a pathetic performance by our players.
  9. logan adams

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Mississippi State

    I’m still just baffled that we play Kam Martin.
  10. logan adams

    Mississippi State Score Prediction

    21 - 17 MSU
  11. logan adams

    Jordan-Hare Stadium Renovation

    Watched the video on Alabama's upgrades and it makes me shed a tear.
  12. logan adams

    Weekly Presser - Southern Miss

    KMart isn’t cutting it. Boobee needs to be fed ~20 times a game. I’d also like to see more of Joiner, but that’s not going to happen.
  13. logan adams

    Pump The Brakes!

    If we were 4-0, I wouldn't be too, too worried. But since we are 3-1 and lost to a inferior LSU team, there's reason for worry. We have NO ROOM for error with this schedule. Just where my expectations are set, and that's to make the playoff, we have a monster of a mountain to climb after the LSU debacle.