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  1. I hadn't been more shocked after a loss in my life. Being at that TAMU game didn't even feel real.
  2. Am I the only one that doesn't think it looks that bad?
  3. Initial plan was to put two scoreboards caddy corner in the north end zone. Don't spoil the away team and put them where our players come running out of the endzone.
  4. I personally loved the most recent renovations that were released for the North End Zone. This will be extremely disappointing if we just settle for another scoreboard.
  5. Had Pettway been healthy for us all season, he would be #2 on that list.
  6. Do. Not. Move. Keep us in the west.
  7. The Louisville game being at Louisville does make it tough. Auburn is probably the most talented team they face next year though.
  8. Definitely not. We are their toughest test next season.
  9. You can't be serious. It's trash.
  10. I think the most important thing is just improving the facility. Something definitely needs to be done with that eye-sore scoreboard that currently is at the north endzone. But does this completely negate any sort of renderings that were released just recently of the renovations to the end zone? A lot more needs to be done other than just slapping up another scoreboard.
  11. I meant to say my Friday classes were canceled because they knew everyone would be hungover watching the game the night before haha
  12. I was a student, so I loved it. Several teachers that I know of canceled their class so that we could go to Skybar or wherever to watch the game.
  13. And we have all of that now.
  14. Marshall was at least effective with his feet. And during his time, Auburn was WAY above the national average on scoring in the red zone.
  15. If the coaches believed that Sean White would've been effective, then they wouldn't have ran it so often.