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  1. This. It was execution that lost us the game. Bo played the worst we’ve seen from a QB going back to Jeremy Johnson. Our defense looked a joke many times, specifically Daniel Thomas and sometimes Iggy.
  2. Now those were the days...
  3. If we win out, we will be favored in the Georgia game. No doubt in my mind.
  4. marcus spears said this is 2017 gus. no, this is 2013 gus. even more fearsome.
  5. i imagine florida game will be at 2:30
  6. Why we have utilized him in such few scenarios is beyond me.
  7. Auburn is 3-0. Only game to worry about right now is the Aggies. Get to 4-0 before starting to worry about our final season record.
  8. I agree, I love the idea. I think what will end up happening is they put the FOF over by Lem Morrison where New Row is. I just hope that we don't halt all discussions and plans for the north endzone until the football complex is completed. I enjoy going to Auburn games, but every time I do, I am bothered by the aesthetics of the interior and exterior of our stadium.
  9. Joiner was one of the players I was most excited to see breakout this season, yet, we've seen almost nothing from him. If Whitlow's issues with holding onto the ball carry over to tomorrow and to TAMU, I hope and expect to see a chunk of his carries to be distributed to Joiner and maybe DJ Williams, if healthy.
  10. Why would you prefer 38-3 to 55-0....? Obviously more things go right in a 55-0 victory than a 38-3 victory.
  11. A year to design and then 2 years to complete construction? This leaves ample time for us to make changes and amends at the tail end of construction. 2 years is a long time when it comes to advancements of technology. Hopefully this will follow that trend and adjust accordingly.
  12. The only reason why I would agree to this is because it would knock out two birds with one stone. The north endzone is in a dire need of a facelift. Imagine an attached FOF with this as the interior of the stadium. (or the two screens on the corners instead of a massive one)
  13. My personal favorite of all of these is definitely Oregon. Close seconds are Michigan and Clemson.