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  1. After last weekend, I had little hope to get him. Hopefully we can get a solid player to take the open slot.
  2. Who all is going to be visiting next weekend while Jones is in town?
  3. I think if we land Jones, this will be the best recruiting class under Malzahn. And when I say best, I mean most well-rounded and complete class. Really hope we can snag that dude.
  4. I do not know how anyone could think that Rivals is the best when 247 has a composite ranking...
  5. I never really saw Prosch, Cox, or Shanker as much of tight ends. When he mentioned wildcat, that kind of scared me.
  6. According to Gus, he will be the H-back. I would love to be running behind this guy if I were a runningback.
  7. Might not be the best finish for him in terms of rankings, but if we land both of those guys, I believe that this will be the best and most complete class for him.
  8. Pegues to be utilized as the H-back. Not sure who it was that said he was recruited to be our TE, but that was wrong. Will be interesting to see him used in the wildcat as well.
  9. People can pick and choose which website ranking they want to base off of. I personally have always used 247 due to their composite rankings. Most people will choose to go to whichever website has their team/player ranked highest.
  10. Pegues is a surprise for me. Glad to see it! Hoping for Eric Reed this afternoon....
  11. With Flax committing to Kentucky, I would not be surprised at all at this point if Broderick Jones comes to Auburn.
  12. Oh man, hate he had to see that UGA performance in person. Oh well, the Iron Bowl completely overshadows that hopefully.
  13. Didn’t Broderick Jones come on an unofficial visit Iron Bowl weekend?