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  1. Doesn't mean I wouldn't like to imagine how it would turn out.
  2. He needs to embrace his position as an excellent blocker, with the occasional dump pass down low. He's not quite as big as Prosch, but he could develop to be just as good as him in the same role.
  3. No, it would not be cool to do it again Chandler. Sorry, but that is not your role.
  4. Definitely preferred 11 over 86.
  5. Kyle Davis is back to number 11?
  6. Uhhh and who is this?
  7. We had 5 runningbacks, 3 of which got injured.. the depth was there last year....
  8. One thing that comes to mind is bubble screens and speed sweeps.
  9. This 100% percent. I'm tired of people moaning and complaining about this ranking and high expectations. Embrace them! And root for the kids and coaches to come through and perform.
  10. The screen, new football facility, and renovations to the north end-zone will put us right back at the top.
  11. To be fair, let's also look at the QB coach... Chip Lindsey is a proven developer.
  12. To be realistic, this team has more depth/talent than any other team Gus has been the head coach of. So those referring to his past remarks, I believe this one can be justified.
  13. Tre and Davis were extremely successful at the position... Why change that?
  14. You are probably right. I just want it to release soon. Maybe they will after the bid date.