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  1. Georgia Game Report Card

    Special teams needs some work! Kickoff and punt return was yikes.
  2. Should we extend Malzahn's contract?

    Yes. Not sure why this discussion is even a thing.
  3. Score Prediction- Georgia

    I had confidence and saw what we were capable of. What had UGA proven on their schedule up to the point?
  4. Score Prediction- Georgia

    @Dual-Threat Rigby @1856 Was my post facepalm worthy? Laughable? mod edit: unacceptable here. you should know better.
  5. Auburn Football 2017 Hype Video Thread

    This will be played right before kickoff. Definitely will get the crowd electric.
  6. Tweet from Jeff Holland

    My confidence level is pretty dang high to be playing the #1 team in the country... I have a lot of faith in our fans to force a multitude of false starts.
  7. CFP WEEK 2- Auburn at #10

    That is the only way that they don’t make it. Auburn could potentially play a big spoiler and keep both Alabama and UGA out of the playoffs should we win out.
  8. Score Prediction- Georgia

    45 - 24 Auburn
  9. Wear Blue for Georgia

    Back in 2013 when I was a student, I had emailed Jay Jacobs about inviting the Guinness Book of World Records to Jordan Hare for the Georgia game. I actually got a response back saying that it would be considered, but may be “too difficult”. I can confidently say that on that catch by Ricardo Louis, we would’ve set the record for the loudest recorded stadium.
  10. With 6 Games Left to Go...

    Let’s not count chickens before they hatch...
  11. Question for the board

    We also didn’t have Tre that entire LSU game and missed Tray for the second half. Had Tray been in in the second quarter on that missed wide-open interception, we could be sitting real pretty at maybe even a top 5 team.
  12. Wear Blue for Georgia

    This could be the loudest game in JHS history. Looking forward to a rowdy weekend down on the plains.
  13. rare top 10 meeting in rivalry

    Let’s hope for a similar outcome.
  14. #10 in Latest AP Poll

    May move up to 9 or so in the playoff rankings. AP is essentially useless now. Just a talking point really until Tuesday evening.
  15. Pettway out indefinitely

    We still have the squad and talent to put up a fight against UGA. We just need to use and utilize the talent right.