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  1. Montravious injury

    Looked like a mild stinger to me.
  2. New Scoreboard - Construction Progress

    Here you go.
  3. New Scoreboard - Construction Progress

    Just this one...
  4. New Scoreboard - Construction Progress

    I was playing around in photoshop to see how big the structure will be when it is completed. Here is what I came up with if anyone cares.
  5. 2015 Spring Practice - Day 1

    SW is #13 and TQ is #15
  6. 2016 4* OT EJ Price (USC Signee)

    Archer has a WR we are also recruiting for the 2016 class IIRC.
  7. U.S. Army All American Bowl

    Kaleb played OT, OG and DE in highschool. Never played center. His high school runs a similar offense as us though.
  8. 2015 4* OG/C Kaleb Kim commits to AU!

    Video of Kaleb vs. Trent Thompson <iframe class="vine-embed" src="" width="600" height="600" frameborder="0"></iframe><script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script>
  9. 2015 4* OG/C Kaleb Kim commits to AU!

    This morning Kaleb received his US Army All American Jersey.
  10. 2015 4* OG/C Kaleb Kim commits to AU!

    FYI: Kaleb's team (mill creek) plays on FSS at 10:45am this morning. Mill Creek plays Colquitt County which is coached by Rush Propst.
  11. 2015 4* OG/C Kaleb Kim commits to AU!

    A good read on Kaleb. Says his life's dream is to win a national title with Auburn. He also mentions that the coaches are looking to play him at guard or center, he currently played OT in high school. http://www.gwinnettp...-bound/?schools
  12. 2015 4* OG/C Kaleb Kim commits to AU!

    You are correct. The school is only 10 years old btw.
  13. 2015 4* OG/C Kaleb Kim commits to AU!

    E said he moved it to Thursday and then back to Friday. I hope he moves it back to Thursday and picks the good guys. War Eagle! Kaleb is announcing on Thursday and it is still looking good for the good guys. He likes Georgia as a school but does not like their offense. Mill Creek runs a very similar offense to us...
  14. 2015 4* OG/C Kaleb Kim commits to AU!

    I don't post often but I do know Kaleb personally so I'll add my thoughts. He is a very good kid that comes from a great family and I'm a bit shocked to not see GT in his top 3 since that was his childhood favorite growing up. Wherever Kaleb goes they will be getting a good one. I'll check in with him again to see how his visit went.
  15. FSU Board Stating Noles were drug tested yesterday

    I know for a fact they do.