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  1. Kirby: Pickens picked UGA because "he saw the ability to throw the ball a suitcase full of cash at our place. FIFY
  2. Well, Cristobal's best wins this year were over 6-4 Washington, and a 2 point squeaker at home against (#41 Sagarin rating) Washington State 2 weeks ago. He has plenty of talent on his team, but I really have no idea how he'd do with our schedule. I'm not trying to dis Cristobal. I think he's a good coach, but it's a stretch to say if only we had him, we'd start beating LSU, Alabama, and Georgia on a regular basis. We need an 8 or 16 team playoff, no matter who the coach is. Murderer's row ain't gonna change, no matter how many times we change coaches.
  3. Gus has had 4 or more losses in 4 of his first 6 years here. You really do not think Cristobal could do better than that? This team here that we have, warts and all, would be undefeated this year with Oregon's schedule. Cristobal's a good coach, but Oregon would lose to LSU, Georgia, and Alabama this year, along with Auburn. Florida would be a tossup.
  4. We need to score 24 points. The defense will take care of the rest.
  5. I'm happy, 2nd best possible outcome on the game, right behind an asteroid strike in the 3rd quarter. Now let's go beat the dog out of the dogs.
  6. Finebaum sounds like something you would put on a herpes sore. Just don't listen.
  7. The offweek is helping us. We'll come out ready to play. We held the best offense in the conference to 23, without much help from the offense. Sagarin has us ahead of Georgia. I say good guys 24, Hellpups, 13. If South Carolina can beat them between the hedges, we can beat them here.
  8. If Bama beats LSU, LSU with one loss goes before we do. And they won't take 3 SEC schools. Our only chance really is for LSU to beat Bama, and we win out. Then we would be the 2nd SEC team. But even in that scenario, they probably would not take a 2 loss team, and the SEC would only get one. It would depend on a lot of other factors in other conferences. OU losing a conference championship game, for instance. We seriously need an 8 team playoff with our schedule.
  9. There are weeks where a win is a win, and you take it and be happy. This week was one of them. The game after an emotional loss like LSU is almost always bad. The kids gave 110% at LSU on every play. It was just a devastating loss. Add in the emotion of Gatewood leaving the team, and we were ripe for an upset. One mark of a good team is the ability to play poorly and still win. I'll take it. Not a lot of difference between Ole Miss and South Carolina, and I'm happy we didn't pull a Georgia on Saturday. We've got a week off to lick our wounds, and we'll come back and be ready for Georgia. That game is going to be a tossup, and I hope it lands our way. I'm almost hoping for Bama to beat LSU next week. I'm still butthurt over our loss. What does it take to draw a PI, anyway?
  10. One thing I have always liked about Gus was his ability to keep the team chemistry positive. It has paid off in recruiting as well as extraordinary circumstances like Davidson & Brown staying for their senior seasons. I fear this is going to hurt the chemistry that has been so carefully nourished. I can't defend the decision not to play JG more all year, especially in the LSU game. If it was a close race, and one guy's not performing, the other guy should get a shot. I was screaming for Joey in the 2nd half, not because of all this, but because I wanted to win the game, and it was pretty clear we couldn't move the ball with Bo. Sure if Joey comes in and does well, we have a QB controversy, but so be it. Gus is betting his job on Bo right now, and the last thing that kid needs is more pressure. I really hate this, but it was predictable. Intentional or not, the coaches embarrassed Joey badly at LSU. It's hard to explain to your friends and family why you aren't getting a shot when the #1 guy is hitting 40% of his passes. In this situation, Joey is reacting about the same as most people would. Damn.
  11. Crap, it's not like I'm not already depressed enough from the LSU game.
  12. He runs slow with a high center of gravity making him easy to tackle. This is bs. He has a certain quickness and elusiveness that makes him a good runner. I don't know if he is better than this year's Bo, but I'd like to find out. I like Bo, and I haven't given up on him, but he's just not ready. In all honesty, we win going away against both Florida and LSU with good (not great) quarterback play. I'm a Malzhan fan for the most part, but I was very unhappy not to see JG in the 2nd half against LSU.
  13. This is the death of college football and basketball, and maybe all college sports. I admit that it is untenable to not allow people to own their own name and image. But regardless, this will create a divide in college sports that is unbridgeable. Rest in Peace College Football Nov. 6 1869--Oct. 29, 2019
  14. Major collapse? Defense is still playing lights out, and offensive collapse would suggest there was an offense to begin with. Gatewood leaving is about the last thing I want to hear.
  15. The best solution for Auburn is an expanded playoff. Get 16 teams in the playoff, and our killer schedule won't matter nearly as much.