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  1. Now I'm a dawg forever.....sounds like a creepy line from a Stephen King novel.
  2. Well, I hate to lose him if our coaches wanted him, but WR is just not a position of concern to me. I'd like a small WR class this year. We perennially recruit too many WR's to go along with too few offensive linemen.
  3. Shoot, if he's going to play for us, I'd just as soon see him live here. 😁
  4. This is a school with a 27 billion dollar endowment. It's probably going to get ugly elsewhere real quick.
  5. I don't see this as a bad thing. It makes it tricky when you are recruiting elite guys, but baseball has been dealing with the baseball draft and minor leagues forever. Players that are NBA ready or close to NBA ready probably should be skipping college. I don't see it as a negative. I'd prefer to see fewer players who are one and done. College basketball will be fine without those guys.
  6. It makes me think we should be in the East where we belong and that Tennessee really sucks.
  7. Yeah, a million per player was more in the range I was thinking..🙂
  8. Wow, that's $10 million per player. I didn't think they paid that much..
  9. Oh my gosh, funny, funny and awesome. Thanks for posting.
  10. 6' 5". Pretty sure we've got ourselves a dark horse for an offensive tackle spot. 🙂
  11. I'm not concerned about Bo; I'm not concerned about running back or wide receiver. Plenty of talent in those spots. But if you can't open holes for the run game or give you QB time against top notch defenses, you are going to struggle offensively. So yeah, gotta agree with Viper here.
  12. Nah, can't do it. Put Rocker at DE. Start 'em all, bench somebody else.
  13. Travis Williams needs to be fired (up) for this. You know, I hope the kid comes to his senses and comes on home. But I'm not worried about linebacker. If we lose a good guy, I have faith we will recruit another good guy. That's what happened last year; that's what will happen this year. It's just not a problem.
  14. The video was sweet, but the thread title......SMH