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  1. I really like Shivers. He's a home run threat every time he touches the ball. My biggest concern for him would be blocking. He's tough enough, but it is just going to be a size mismatch. I'm fine with running back by committee as long as they are all good, and I think they are. Saves wear and tear on everybody. Gus seems to like a feature back though.
  2. Whipping boy? Not what I saw. I saw surprisingly little criticism directed at Stidham. O-line, playing calling, Gus' offense, Offensive coordinator, those were the whipping boys. Stidham got some criticism, but that's to be expected when you are the QB. He was nowhere near the top of the list though.
  3. Bill Belichick drafting Stidham is interesting and surprising to me. I just didn't think Stidham had the talent to be an NFL quarterback. Obviously, the shrewdest judge of talent in the business disagrees. The first year Stiham was here he infuriated me with his tendency to hold the ball too long. He compounded that problem with an inability to elude the first rusher. But his arm was golden and his accuracy was off the charts. The first Georgia game and the Alabama game that year almost made me a believer. But this year it was back to the same old story. Slow to make a decision, fail to avoid the first rusher, sack. And the accuracy wasn't nearly as good, which we now know was related to his bad shoulder. Granted, our O-line was doing him no favors. So I'm guessing Belichick just sees the arm and figures he can be coached to make quicker decisions. My personal opinion is that's not going to happen. But even I wouldn't bet on my opinion vs. Belichick's. We will see, and I'll be rooting for him. Gus's offenses have relied on having a mobile quarterback. I have always felt that the best college quarterbacks are very mobile. Cam, Vince Young, Murray this year--the list is endless. I'm very happy we will have a mobile quarterback again. Our offense was very effective Stidham's first year. The biggest differences in his 2nd year was his bum shoulder and lesser accuracy, and our slow to gel O-line. Gus's offense is proven. We do need a healthy, mobile qb to run it effectively. Looking forward to next year.
  4. So, how about a couple of Appalachian State OT's to go with him?
  5. 😞Chances are Texas landed a 2fer when they got big brother.
  6. We all know Pickens has great potential, and it was nice thinking about him and Seth Williams making plays. But it is counterbalanced by his complete lack of character. He MAY wind up a big contributor at UGA but it is more likely he will just be a headache and a bust. Fortunately, it's not a position of need for us and I'm happy I don't have to root for him. Just don't like the guy, and I didn't like him even when he was committed to us. It will be much easier and more natural to be rooting against him. We've got a great core group of receivers, and we don't need the kind of locker room distraction he is sure to bring.
  7. If Gatewood is the guy, it's possible Nix will redshirt. It's going to be an interesting summer.
  8. Reading the tea leaves, the current pecking order is Gatewood, Nix, Willis. But objectively, Willis had a great A-day. 7 for 7 and moved the ball against the 1st team defense, which was something neither Gatewood or Nix was able to accomplish. I don't see how that makes him a distant 3rd. I think the coaches want to see Nix or Gatewood take the job. But after watching Malik Saturday, I don't think he is going to give it up easily.
  9. Bad news: Not much separation in the top 3 Good news: It's because they all played really well. I was surprised at how well Gatewood threw, and how well Nix ran. And Willis looked good as well. Dang, this is going to be a battle. But I'd call this a very good problem. And all the talk about the WR's not playing well--forgetaboutit.
  10. The new world of transfers is an opportunity for those who play the game well. It's also a minefield for those who don't. It is wise to have a few spots on your roster for these guys. But you need to be very choosy because almost everyone (other than the graduate transfers) has issues or they wouldn't be transferring. The opportunity to upgrade a position like offensive line (which takes forever when you have to do it with freshmen) is a game changer, though. We were smart to hold back a few scholarships; many did not.
  11. Good lord, guys, this stuff doesn't happen in a vacuum. This is a great class, especially considering the turmoil. Our most pressing need is QB, and I'm very optimistic that we just landed a 4 year starter. The quality of this class is outstanding. The way the transfer market is shaping up, we are going to be glad we have openings and didn't take reaches. This class is an A.
  12. Full quote "I want to let you know I won't be poaching any of your players. My boosters are out of money."
  13. It takes a special kind of jackass to pull what Pickens just did. I don't much care for it when a recruit is "committed" but doesn't sign on the early signing day. But if you go ahead and sign, well, your ego is a little too large, but you honored your commitment. But this kid has known for weeks or months that he was going elsewhere. Just decommit and be done with it. But hanging on to a spot until the last second, then announcing early in the morning to do maximum damage? Well, you just have to have no class or character whatsoever to do that. Karma is a bitch. I can take some solace in the fact that 9 times out of 10, the kid involved in this kind of crap winds up being a failure. I'll admit he is a special talent on the field. But it's still addition by subtraction. You are just better off without players this toxic, no matter how talented.
  14. Dennis Rodman grew 7 or 8 inches after graduating from high school. Unusual, but it happens. Lot of odd things about Rodman though, lol.
  15. So, is Parker Braun on our radar screen?