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  1. Prayers for your family. I hope your mom can take the malaria medicine they are touting, and I hope it works!
  2. I've been saying for a while that it makes sense to recruit Texas. Herman is selling smoke and mirrors at Texas, and while he's pretty good at it, a lot of recruits aren't buying. A&M has raised the SEC profile in Texas quite a bit, but let's face it, going to A&M is like joining a cult, and a lot of kids in Texas would just prefer not to go there. But the SEC has a lot of allure, and it means a lot of kids will be heading east. Sure, we'll be fighting LSU, Alabama, and Georgia, but we already are everywhere else we recruit anyway.
  3. He's a very good offensive lineman. Do we have a guard who grades in the top 10 in the country as a run blocker? And who is a very good pass-blocker? I'd like to see us get him.
  4. "Fedd-Jackson led the conference in run-blocking grade at the position as he ranked in the top 10 nationally in the run game. He was no slouch in pass protection either, allowing just 15 pressures on a whopping 529 snaps in pass protection. He mauled up the middle and paved the way for some wide-open lanes while allowing just a combined three sacks and hits in the passing game."
  5. It's easy. Just play in a weak conference and get in the National Championship game every year. Then everybody wants to play for you. I wonder why everybody doesn't do it.
  6. This is a great class, maybe our best under Malzhan. It addressed all of our needs, especially wide receiver, DB, and defensive line. Yes, it could have used another OT. It's just hard to fix a broken O line pipeline in one year. I'd have somebody watching the portal 24/7.
  7. Really hated missing out on Pickens. Guy had the height to play OT, and we could use him.
  8. So, are any of them offensive tackles?
  9. This topic has been beat to death, but OL is perhaps the worst spot to screw up your pipeline. Most guys just need a couple of years to develop. At almost every other position, you can get immediate help from incoming freshmen. Overall, Gus and his staff have been killing it on the recruiting trail. I think this year is their best effort. We are running out of scholarships before we run out of high quality guys to fill them. Still, we are going to pay the price next year for past mistakes. We need to find a transfer or two who is ready to play now.
  10. We need an Olineman or two who can play next year. That's my whole wish list on transfers.
  11. I'd love to get those guys. But the most impactful addition we could have for next year is one of the stud Oline graduate transfers that are available.
  12. Leach will be entertaining and fun. Great hire for State. You better plan on scoring 50 if you want to beat them.
  13. I'm surprised this guy is leaving. Soph starter. Would be a huge get, played every position this year, including LT. Maybe just going back home to Tennessee.
  14. Dang, he was one of my favorites-I'm not sure how he got derailed this year. Love to see him come back, have a great season, and go on to have a good NFL career. Whatever he does, I hope it works out for him.