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  1. Thanks, StatTiger. Your explanation makes it 100% clear that the correct call was made, and Ole Miss has nothing to bitch about. It's almost too bad; I liked hosing Lane Kiffen. But I like beating them fair and square too. And I'm still hot that that Ole Miss's last TD was enabled with a blatant block/tackle in the back.
  2. Man, this is a rough break for Council; I hope his rehab goes well. We just need to change the lineup of the front 5 now a bit, and we'll be fine: LT, LG, C, TE, RT.
  3. I'd say the opposite-same kind of speed and quickness as Cadillac, but breaks tackles even better. I'm not ready to say better than Cadillac, but it's nice we can have the conversation with a straight face.
  4. Tank is better than Dyer. And he's going to have a much better Auburn and NFL career.
  5. Yeah, Tank looks like a future Heisman candidate. He's pretty special, and it's apparent to everyone. However, Shivers has been really good too. I don't want to see his carries diminish. Shivers YPC was actually a little higher than Tank's against Ole Miss.
  6. Ole Miss has an outstanding offense and offensive line. They scored TD's on 6 consecutive possessions against Bammer. There's room for improvement for sure, but the defense did stand tall when it counted. I'm more concerned about the offense.
  7. This. Whistle blew. Dead ball. Nothing else matters. And I'm still hot about the block in the back, actually more like a tackle, that resulted in their last touchdown. I've always kinda liked Ole Miss, but I can't stand Lane Kiffen, so if he's upset, that's a plus in my book.
  8. Given how good their offense is, and how bad their defense is, I say: Ole Miss 95 Auburn 96
  9. Like the Arkansas line, Vegas blew this one. If I wasn't wrong 50% of the time, I'd drop some serious cash on Ole Miss.😄
  10. Neither can their fans..
  11. Texas fans have their hearts set on Urban Meyer, but Gus gets a mention now and then.
  12. If you think we are pissed off, you should read some Texas boards...
  13. Tom Herman will be available soon...
  14. Ole Miss, nope, we can't keep up in a scorathon Their QB is the real deal. Kinda what we hoped Bo would be this year. Bama, nope Miss State, win, LSU win no longer looks like much LSU, win-somehow they are just awful Tenn, tossup SC, win, not a sure thing TAMU, tossup Arkansas, win, somehow they are a quality team this year. That was a good offense and decent defense. Looking at 4 or 5 losses on the year. Auburn is not an elite team Defense will get better if it gets healthy. Offense likely to stay inconsistent.
  15. Main thing wrong with the defense is injuries, plain and simple. Everybody gets healthy and that's a pretty good D. It's not last year's model, but it's not bad. Give Arky some credit. That's not last year's Arkansas. It's a pretty good offense. We aren't going to stop Ole Miss though. We need an offense that is more consistent.
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