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  1. Well, it's possible he has matured and grown as a person in the last decade. But my money would be on he's just learned to fake sincerity a little better and now knows what to say and not say in public. Underneath the facade, I'm sure he is the same old weasel. You get some pretty funny stuff if you google why do people hate Lane Kiffen. For instance, this, after he was hired at Bama: Because he’s the perfect bad guy in college football, it’s almost impossible to find Lane Kiffin fans. In fact, is there any doubt that Kiffin has the lowest approval rating of any play
  2. Just one of the small reasons I hate Lane Kiffen. The guy coaches them to do it. He is so classless. I will root against any team that employs him. I admit he does know how to run an offense though, at least when he has Matt Corral.
  3. Well, I hate to get ahead of ourselves. But it is getting interesting. Bama's wins over Miami and Florida are looking less and less impressive every week. I actually believe we could win out. But take 'em one at a time, and start by beating Ol Miss.
  4. This is the offense I've been waiting for! They stepped up big on the final drive! Props to the whole team!!
  5. Well, this thread didn't age well. 😁
  6. Everybody is going to stack the box against us until we prove we can beat them thru the air. Make 'em pay for stacking the box and the run game will open up. I'm not really worried about the run game if the defense doesn't get to cheat against it. The O line opens holes just fine, just not against an 8 man front.
  7. Yeah, I know the doctor did come out again in August with another strong recommendation, and maybe doctors are prescribing it. But I haven't seen anything that indicates that's the case. And Japan is a highly vaccinated country-over 70% I believe now. I think the U.S. is on it's way to burning through this as well. At least I hope we are. I still believe early treatment is at least one of the answers to covid. Heck, the study 2 days ago said aspirin reduced hospitalizations 45%. Who could have ever guessed that aspirin might be helpful against a disease that causes blood clots?😁 And don'
  8. Guys, as far as I know, Japan did not go all in on Ivermectin like India. If they did, I'd like to see a source. The chairman of the Toyko medical association recommended it back in February, but Japan did not adopt the recommendation. Indonesia adopted the Ivermectin recommendation in July, and their rates are plummeting, but I can't explain Japan.
  9. Homer, I haven't said one negative thing about the vaccines. What has happened in India despite their low vaccination rate is truly remarkable however . I can't explain why there is so little coverage of it. But I'm pretty sure if something other than Ivermectin and an early treatment protocol was being credited for the exceptionally low number of covid cases there, it would be front page news in the United States. Yesterday in Bijar and Uttar Pradesh, the total death count was zero with a population larger than ours. In the U.S., it was 1,856. I know I'd much rather have their numbers than
  10. So, I have shows I have enjoyed even though I know they are not really "good". They are entertaining and fun. Watched Shanara Chronicles recently (Netflix) and I'll put it up there on that list if you like fantasy. And hot women. Poppy Drayton is worth the price of admission alone. And my wife liked the men as well, not that I care.
  11. JJ is an interesting guy. He's a little short as a tight end, and average tight end speed. Athletically, I could see him in the NFL as a DT, but he's got a lot to learn. Now if he wanted to be an offense guard, (I know he doesn't), he probably has All-Pro athletic talent.
  12. Fauci will never address it. He will sound like a tobacco executive in their 1990's testimony to Congress saying Sure, 98% of all lung cancer patients are smokers but that doesn't PROVE smoking causes lung cancer. I'd like to see somebody like Rand Paul ask him some direct questions about it, but that seems unlikely too. The media is ignoring it. If the same thing happens in some other countries, it will be increasingly difficult to ignore.
  13. This graph, and the one for Bihar, (which looks just like it), are the specific thing that convinced me Ivermectin worked. It's not really an exaggeration to say these two Indian states have eradicated covid. They both had very aggressive early treatment plans and widely distributed kits that contained Ivermectin and also used it as a prophylactic. Now, there may be an alternative explanation, but I haven't heard it. It is just being ignored. I think Dr. Fauci and the CDC owe us an explanation of what is going on here. The silence speaks volumes. I want to emphasize that I am not "anti-va
  14. Well, I try to avoid this board because football is way more interesting. But I would like to explain why Ivermectin has become popular because there is a lot of misinformation out there. I wish it was free of politics, but for some reason it is not. My own interest started after my older brother refused to get vaccinated. We had multiple screaming phone fights about it that always ended with one of us hanging up on the other Despite the fact that I was/am pissed at him, I really don't want him to die. I realize that no matter what I say, he's NOT going to get vaccinated. He's over 65 and vu
  15. We lost primarily because we got beat badly at the line of scrimmage. You almost always lose when that happens. Clemson has a good offensive line and they got beat badly at the line of scrimmage against Georgia. The drops definitely hurt but we had lots of issues. In college ball, you almost always need a transcendent QB to get to the top. Bo is not that, but he is the best we have right now. We can win 3 out of the next 4 with him if the rest of the team does their job. If we would have had Joe Burrow his senior year, we would have cruised to a championship just like LSU did. We gotta pl
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