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  1. I couldn't agree more on that part of your post. That's not capitalism either.
  2. If the Fed is really going to keep raising interest rates like they say they are, this is going to keep getting uglier. Hard to know if they will stick to it as the economy tanks.
  3. We quit being capitalists a long time ago. In a capitalistic country, governments and corporations aren't allowed to borrow money at 3% when the inflation rate is 8% (really more like 10% if it was being measured honestly). I'm not sure exactly when the left went from hating the government to being their biggest cheerleader, but anybody can see the FDA mishandled this and bears a large portion of the blame.
  4. Not a shining moment for either of them. We all got the message. Saban is outraged that somebody is cheating more outrageously than he is, and Jimbo was outraged that such an outrageous cheater would call him out for cheating, and threatened to go public with where all the bodies are buried. It was kinda fun for the rest of us, but a stark reminder that college football is a cesspool and has been for a long time.
  5. Lol, ok that's funny. In a painful kind of way.
  6. Well, now that the problem has actually been solved by allowing foreign imports, I'm not sure what good it is doing to reward the FDA, the agency that caused the problem, with another 28 million. The FDA's budget is already 6 billion, and it is rising to 9 billion in 2023. Maybe Republicans actually think that giving the FDA even more money was the wrong solution, which is more or less confirmed by how the administration is actually solving the problem now, several months later than they should have. The bill to solve the infant formula shortage by giving the FDA money just passed in the democrat controlled House a few days ago. It is unlikely to pass in the democrat controlled Senate, but if it does, it will come far too late to do any good in this crisis. The agreement to reopen the plant has already been reached. It's like appropriating funds for a new paint job for the town fire truck after the fire station failed to respond to the fire that burned down the courthouse. Not every problem can be solved by giving more money to federal agencies. And I realize the FDA didn't actually cause the problem. They just moved at a glacial pace. Keeping the Abbott plant shut down a week or two is one thing. Going on 4 months is ridiculous when the investigation did not find the problematic bacterial strains in Abbot's formula. Come to think of it, the FDA did cause the problem.
  7. I'm not sure how giving an extra $28 million to the FDA will get more baby formula into the hands of consumers.
  8. Biden today: I’m taking two new steps to increase baby formula supply: - Invoking the Defense Production Act to increase domestic production - Launching Operation Fly Formula to use federal planes to fly formula in from abroad We're making sure safe formula gets to all who need it. There, that wasn't so hard, was it? Better late than never. BTW, most people in the 40's and 50's grew up just fine on do it yourself formula. Evaporated milk and a little karo syrup, lol.
  9. They didn't find any formula that was contaminated. There were no illness linked to the plant. The inspection found other issues that the government says Abbott needs to correct.
  10. The lack of transparency is disturbing. I can't see any legitimate reason to hide the payment amounts and the entities making the payments. Frankly, I'm shocked that it's not available. This is 3rd world stuff.
  11. Yeah, but that was like 120 years ago..
  12. No shortage of formula in Mexico or Canada. Desperate Texas parents are driving across the border to get it as we speak.So how about buying formula in Mexico or Canada for illegal immigrants. This shouldn't be so hard. And rather than starving our own babies, how about an emergency option to import for US citizens as well? And it seems more than crazy that the Abbott plant is still shutdown despite the FDA learning that none of the bacterial strains that started the shutdown can be linked to the plant. It's as if your home is on fire and the inspectors are preventing the firetruck from leaving the station because the inspection for faulty brakes found the brakes were fine but catalytic converter was outside of spec.
  13. I realize I'm getting ahead of myself, but I think Westry will be our best option at 1, 2, or 3 next year. Without Phillips, he is going to have to play 3 at least some of the time. Flanagan's return to form is going to be huge now. It's going to be interesting to see how this team gels. Lots of options.
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