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  1. The new world of transfers is an opportunity for those who play the game well. It's also a minefield for those who don't. It is wise to have a few spots on your roster for these guys. But you need to be very choosy because almost everyone (other than the graduate transfers) has issues or they wouldn't be transferring. The opportunity to upgrade a position like offensive line (which takes forever when you have to do it with freshmen) is a game changer, though. We were smart to hold back a few scholarships; many did not.
  2. Good lord, guys, this stuff doesn't happen in a vacuum. This is a great class, especially considering the turmoil. Our most pressing need is QB, and I'm very optimistic that we just landed a 4 year starter. The quality of this class is outstanding. The way the transfer market is shaping up, we are going to be glad we have openings and didn't take reaches. This class is an A.
  3. Full quote "I want to let you know I won't be poaching any of your players. My boosters are out of money."
  4. It takes a special kind of jackass to pull what Pickens just did. I don't much care for it when a recruit is "committed" but doesn't sign on the early signing day. But if you go ahead and sign, well, your ego is a little too large, but you honored your commitment. But this kid has known for weeks or months that he was going elsewhere. Just decommit and be done with it. But hanging on to a spot until the last second, then announcing early in the morning to do maximum damage? Well, you just have to have no class or character whatsoever to do that. Karma is a bitch. I can take some solace in the fact that 9 times out of 10, the kid involved in this kind of crap winds up being a failure. I'll admit he is a special talent on the field. But it's still addition by subtraction. You are just better off without players this toxic, no matter how talented.
  5. Dennis Rodman grew 7 or 8 inches after graduating from high school. Unusual, but it happens. Lot of odd things about Rodman though, lol.
  6. So, is Parker Braun on our radar screen?
  7. It's great if you are mobile enough to run the zone read effectively. Colt McCoy did it well at Texas for 4 years without Marshall speed. But even more important than that is the ability to elude the first tackler when pressured by the defense. I think Bo will be able to do that. It was a real problem with Stidham, along with holding the ball too long.
  8. Haven't really watched his film before. Bo is more mobile than I thought. Our other QB's are going to have to be very very good to hold him off.
  9. Auburn legend, check. Great NFL career, check. High school connections, check. Class, check. Relates to players, check. Instantly likeable, check. This is a great hire!
  10. Saban looks out over his all hands on deck Monday morning staff meeting:
  11. When you don't have a staff, you probably need a helicopter to go everywhere you need to go.😁
  12. His High School coach had two D1 QB;s on his roster. One of them could play more than 1 position. Don't be an idiot. No high school coach sits D1 talent behind another. Saban offered Gatewood at QB. I don't know how he will pan out. But lots of people were impressed with him in high school.
  13. I didn't think Hurts would consider Auburn because he's just the kind of classy kid who wouldn't want to burn his Alabama bridges and stir up that much trouble. But Alabama may have burned their bridges with him in the Clemson game. It's unforgivable that they didn't' give him a real shot. I doubt he will come here, but who knows? I hope he gets a soft landing somewhere and does well.
  14. Dang, I thought most of these guys were leaving. It says a lot about the atmosphere on the team. Fantastic news. Gotta credit the coaches!!! And what a great group of players. Next year is looking up!
  15. Yeah, the Spur guy who grabbed Bevo's left horn while simultaneously kicking the woman in black out of the way may have saved 2 people some serious injuries. Funny now, but damn...