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  1. TE seems like a fit to me too. He has the height. I'd rather have an athlete needing to add muscle than a guy who has the size needing a little more athleticism. Anyway, he's an interesting recruit, and I hope we land him. Seems like a great kid.
  2. I can understand this is a kid whose position is not certain in college. He will most likely need a redshirt year to add muscle to his frame. But he's an athlete (basketball and track), and I have a feeling he will be a very good college football player. I hope we are able to get him.
  3. Well, we know we aren't shy about telling Florida running backs they aren't fast enough to play for Auburn, so the staff must think he's plenty fast.😀
  4. Something was telling him to go to Missouri......yeah, looking at the depth chart and seeing Gatewood and Nix on it.
  5. The staff has done a great job recruiting quality athletes who are also quality people. Steiner epitomizes this; and I will be rooting hard for him. I love the atmosphere the coaches are creating.
  6. Probably be a pretty good corner. Let's give it a shot.
  7. If he will commit, we should take him. I'd rather have a stud linebacker now than a possible 7th OL slot or 5th DB slot that we may or may not be able to fill with a quality player.
  8. Where did you find the SPARQ scores? That really is amazing considering Pappoe had the high score in 2018, I believe.
  9. Well, I feel good about it, and Steiner would be a huge pickup. The words 'virtual lock" seem like baiting the karma gods, however. Not that I'm superstitious, knock on wood.
  10. Here's hoping that Jimbo does the same great job at A&M that he did at FSU.
  11. Of course you can never count on any recruit to be as good as Caddy. But we have plenty of depth at RB. We don't need numbers. Taking one outstanding guy would be fine this year.
  12. I remember Cadillac's recruitment. ALL the coaches showed up at his house, and told him that if he signed, he'd be the only RB they'd take. It worked. May be time to dust off that playbook. Use the other schollie at a position of more need.
  13. Nice kid but has questionable judgement..."that's how special Norman is"....😖
  14. The D line is terrific. No. 2 is reasonable. Can't buy into No. 5 for the O-line, but if we can stay healthy they will be pretty good. I love mobile QB's. I think that alone will make our offense much improved. We will see though. So far our QB is just potential. Somebody will have to grow up fast and prove it on the field. I like this team a lot, but even Clemson and Bama would struggle to get through our schedule unscathed.