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  1. "We" didn't get rid of Bo Nix. However, "we" are all perfectly aware of who did.
  2. I dunno. Right now being negative as hell about Harsin when he was hired seems a lot like jumping on bitcoin when it was $10.
  3. The inept bowl has the perfect ending..Mizzou advances to play Vandy for the title of worst team in the SEC. But in our hearts we know we deserve it..
  4. I was talking to my buddy Joey Freshwater the other day, and he said he thought integrity was actually a bit of a liability for a head coach.
  5. It's past time to move on from Gus. He accomplished a lot, and I'll always appreciate it, but it was probably time for him to go. It just wasn't time for Harsin to arrive. 1 bad hire down, let's get the next one right.
  6. The plain fact is that it usually takes 3 or 4 coaches until you get the right one. The NIL era is also a change we don't seem to be ready for. It favors a large alumni base that cares about football, a brand name, and location in big market. A few schools like Texas are uniquely positioned for it. We are okay on those fronts, but not advantaged relative to most SEC schools. If we don't get the right guy fast, and get on the same page with our money men, a decade or more of irrelevance is staring us in the face.
  7. Sarkisian started 2 freshman, 2 sophomores and 1 senior against Bama on the Oline. 4 of the backups are freshmen, and the other is a sophomore. Texas's season last year was as disappointing as ours. The joke around Austin was that if Sarkisian didn't start drinking again after that season, he was probably going to be okay. But the coaches and the alumni were all on the same page with NIL, and I have to give Sarkisian credit for what he has pulled off. Texas is going to be another monster program. I'm kinda sorry they are coming to the SEC.
  8. Texas and Auburn had similar offensive line situations (not good) when they hired Sarkisian after we hired Harsin. Sark prioritized OL for NIL dollars and now 8 of the 10 OL guys on his 2 deep are his guys, and they just went head to head with Alabama. He owned the problem and fixed it. We hired the wrong guy, then we crippled his recruiting rather than fire him, and here we are. But Harsin went out of his way to NOT embrace NIL, and at the very least could have thrown numbers at the O line problem and didn't do it. How he thought he could go into an SEC season with that line is beyond me. And it's going to be WORSE next year. If he was trying to sabotage his successor, I'm not sure how he could do it differently.
  9. This is like a playoff game. Loser advances to play Vanderbilt for the title of worst team in the SEC.
  10. He's finally uniting the fan base. We all want him gone.
  11. He'd leave for equal money for sure. This is a bad situation, partly of his making, but the offseason stuff put him in a no win situation. I'm sure Auburn would waive the payment. This would be the easy way out for all, but nothing can convince me ASU is that crazy.
  12. Well, you have accurately assessed Lane's character. The only thing he would do with an Auburn offer now is get himself a raise at Ol Miss and use it against us on the recruiting trail. I'm coming around a little on Freeze. He's done a heck of a job at Liberty, and would probably like another crack at the SEC.
  13. Never much cared for Lane. But all you guys who think he is leaving a stable program where he is doing well to jump into our mess are living in the past. Sure, there was a time that might have been considered an upgrade for him. But now, you might as well set your sights on Dabo. And if Finebaum is pushing it, he just wants to see us embarrassed.
  14. I'm not sure anybody is ready for this job right now. Another interesting name is Gary Patterson. Sark hired him at UT as a special assistant, and he is widely credited for revamping the UT defense that did an incredible job against Bama. He was doing more with less at TCU for decades, and that may be a job requirement at Auburn for a while. On the whole, I'd rather have him as a defensive coordinator than head coach though.
  15. I watched UT play UTSA last night. Jeff Traylor has done a phenomenal job at UTSA, and his players love him. I'd put him on the list of candidates. Harsin needs to go ASAP. He knows he is gone, and he's got to be angry and bitter about the offseason bs. I can't see anything positive coming out of leaving him hanging around.
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