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  1. Looks like we are banking on the transfer portal again. Given how it played out last year, that's not all bad.
  2. Rattler has talent. He also brings with him locker room cancer. Think John McEnroe as a QB. No thanks.
  3. The CDC finds itself attempting to defend the indefensible--making people who have superior immunity from a previous infection (at least according to some good Israeli research) get a vaccine anyway. This has inspired them to do some truly embarrassing research which resulted in this paper (also released on Friday) https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/volumes/70/wr/mm7044e1.htm?s_cid=mm7044e1_w This graphic and statement summarizes their findings: Among COVID-19–like illness hospitalizations among adults aged ≥18 years whose previous infection or vaccination occurred 90–179 days earlier, t
  4. I refuse to believe that he has changed, but he has gotten smarter when it comes to public relations. He probably has learned to lean on the advice of somebody more mature than he is, like his 12 year old daughter.
  5. Eku is a junior. Could have 2 more years if he wants with the covid year. He has been an awesome addition.
  6. Yep, and now A&M will be big. Then Miss State will be big and then ...
  7. This will be a challenging game for sure. But I feel good about our chances. Their QB Calzada looked good against Bama in the 1st half, and again on the last drive. But before Bama he was a 50% passer, and he barely cracked 50% against Missouri and South Carolina after the Bama game, and those are 2 awful defenses. A&M needs to run the ball effectively to win, and I think our defense can step up and stop them. We need to do whatever we have to to stop their run game, and make Calzada beat us. (You know, like our opponents do to us). He also throws a fair number of interceptions. If the o
  8. I'll take "What do men lie about for $500, Alex.
  9. With the new offense, punter fatigue is no longer a problem😁
  10. I know that LSU contract was here a minute ago. What happened to it?
  11. What Lane said....blah, blah, blah, blah......what Lane was thinking....damn it, if we would have won that game, I could of gotten the LSU job... Kiffen will never change.
  12. Much respect for the defense in the 2nd half. They won the game. I said we needed 21 in the 2nd half to win and we got 3. And we won anyway. Awesome performance. Offense shined in the 1st half, thank god.
  13. I'm feeling good about it, because we have the better defense. We need the offense that played Arky to show up and score 50, because Ol Miss will score some points. Matt Corral is scary, but if we can stuff the run we will be fine. Bo shines, and we win by 14.
  14. Mandates rub me the wrong way, but I can see both sides of this one. What really bugs me is that there is not an exemption if you have had covid. It's easily determined with a quick blood test, so you can't even lie about it. It's not about the science anymore when you won't allow someone with superior immunity to skip the shot.
  15. Well, there's always funny KIffen videos. Daniel Tosh's Kiffen's Krimson Korner is classic, but not very family friendly. This one of Saban chewing out Kiffen is hilarious.
  16. Well, it's possible he has matured and grown as a person in the last decade. But my money would be on he's just learned to fake sincerity a little better and now knows what to say and not say in public. Underneath the facade, I'm sure he is the same old weasel. You get some pretty funny stuff if you google why do people hate Lane Kiffen. For instance, this, after he was hired at Bama: Because he’s the perfect bad guy in college football, it’s almost impossible to find Lane Kiffin fans. In fact, is there any doubt that Kiffin has the lowest approval rating of any play
  17. Just one of the small reasons I hate Lane Kiffen. The guy coaches them to do it. He is so classless. I will root against any team that employs him. I admit he does know how to run an offense though, at least when he has Matt Corral.
  18. Well, I hate to get ahead of ourselves. But it is getting interesting. Bama's wins over Miami and Florida are looking less and less impressive every week. I actually believe we could win out. But take 'em one at a time, and start by beating Ol Miss.
  19. This is the offense I've been waiting for! They stepped up big on the final drive! Props to the whole team!!
  20. Well, this thread didn't age well. 😁
  21. Everybody is going to stack the box against us until we prove we can beat them thru the air. Make 'em pay for stacking the box and the run game will open up. I'm not really worried about the run game if the defense doesn't get to cheat against it. The O line opens holes just fine, just not against an 8 man front.
  22. So, I have shows I have enjoyed even though I know they are not really "good". They are entertaining and fun. Watched Shanara Chronicles recently (Netflix) and I'll put it up there on that list if you like fantasy. And hot women. Poppy Drayton is worth the price of admission alone. And my wife liked the men as well, not that I care.
  23. JJ is an interesting guy. He's a little short as a tight end, and average tight end speed. Athletically, I could see him in the NFL as a DT, but he's got a lot to learn. Now if he wanted to be an offense guard, (I know he doesn't), he probably has All-Pro athletic talent.
  24. We lost primarily because we got beat badly at the line of scrimmage. You almost always lose when that happens. Clemson has a good offensive line and they got beat badly at the line of scrimmage against Georgia. The drops definitely hurt but we had lots of issues. In college ball, you almost always need a transcendent QB to get to the top. Bo is not that, but he is the best we have right now. We can win 3 out of the next 4 with him if the rest of the team does their job. If we would have had Joe Burrow his senior year, we would have cruised to a championship just like LSU did. We gotta pl
  25. It's easy to stay cool when you can hold the ball in the pocket for a few minutes waiting for an open receiver.
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