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  1. I'm thinking it might have a little something to do with coaches' decision making. Do you notice many other teams, college of NFL, just sticking with one back every game? Not to mention one that isn't 100%. Seems like they might benefit from a few less carries, and the young ones might just benefit from the experience. Maybe I'm just crazy.
  2. jwilco

    2019 4* QB Bo Nix Commits to AU!!!

    I saw Nix play Fairfield last year in state playoffs. He went about 60yds on a QB draw & out ran their entire defense in the process. Kid basically never left the field. He played QB(obviously), safety, punted & returned punts. When their D struggled against one specific WR, they moved him to corner and he locked that guy down. He is definitely an athlete. Fairfield wasn't the best coached team, but they had the better athletes and Bo was definitely a cut above. I never expected him to be faster than them in the open field. Is he Cam or Nick? I wouldn't go that far, but he can move. Plus he has the arm and the intellect to be very special.
  3. jwilco

    Byron Cowart

    It very well could be ailing mother, lack of PT or 12 month transfer rule, but the timing is very odd. Why do I get the feeling that this decision is related to White's dismissal? BC was getting in the rotation this year. What changed between spring ball and week 3 that would cause him to quit? If Gus is just doing some house cleaning, we should all be okay with that.
  4. jwilco

    Game Online

    It is a CBS game. Either watch on CBS sports app or cbssports.com. Go to gamecenter and should find a watch live option. Hope this works for you. WDE
  5. jwilco

    The Tre Mason stiff arm Against WCU

    I'm with you on that. I was there and never expected him to get back up. Looking back on it...was that Miley Cyrus on Jacobs back?
  6. jwilco

    2014 5* ILB Tre Williams commits to AU!

    You missed the part that said 4/5 UA graduate journalist/bloggers picked the updykes. Of course they are going to pick bammer. The alternative is to be unemployed as the great weeman will have them fired for going againt the Mighty Tahd. That point was not missed. Just answering the questions that WDE and elitor had.
  7. jwilco

    2014 5* ILB Tre Williams commits to AU!

    may be referring to the al.com article that said 4/5 writers picked updykes
  8. jwilco

    2013 5* LB Reuben Foster (Alabama signee)

    He didn't say. I think he slipped up. Just his honest thoughts came out when trying to bridge over commercial break. Very telling to me.
  9. jwilco

    2013 5* LB Reuben Foster (Alabama signee)

    When going to commercial, I think the host said, "now that we know where reuben is going..."
  10. jwilco

    Coach Dye's perspective

    It's the second post on the "Pat Dye Interview" thread. Just a few threads down on front page.
  11. jwilco

    What is the best entrance song for this year?

    Heard Work Hard Play Hard by Wiz Khalifa yesterday. Would take some good editing but the beat and chorus sounded good. Pretty sure the players would dig it.
  12. jwilco

    Caption the photo

    every day I'm shufflin..........
  13. jwilco

    BAMA's 222nd College Football Championship Is........

    Hat? Always looked more like a mullett to me.
  14. jwilco

    USCe Look-A-Likes

    Never done it before, but it looks like you do this: 1- click reply at the bottom of last post 2- scroll down and click additional options 3- click on Browse button beside blue window 4- select your file and click open or ok *looks like its limited to 128kb...you may have to resize your pic if it won't accept it 5- Then either post it or preview it first. It should give you the post option from the preview screen Good luck.
  15. jwilco

    Worms came out of cyst like mass on dog?

    Sounds like a botfly larvae. Some call them a "wolf". More common in horses and cats. Previous post, maybe ET, is right. They are definitely wounds. If the larvae die or are killed before removing them, they can release a toxin that can cause necrosis. Typical removal method is not to squeeze them out but to use hemostats or tweezers to grab and pull them out. This helps avoid that toxin release. Keep an eye on it. Flush with peroxide or saline and keep it clean.