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  1. As an open ended side question ... if the COVID jacks up the nba and/or GL, will these new signees get paid? Hope their contracts are guaranteed. Cuz they’ve shot their college eligibility.
  2. The timing of the GL popping up with bags of cash at the same time we have Unprecedented opportunities in recruiting ... also ... I figure there is statistically very small probability all of these GL kids make the nba. When the few successes start being compared to the (I assume) larger quantity of failures, college educations will start to look good in the rear view mirror ... particularly when those GL signing bonuses are gone. i wish these kids would have affiliated themselves with a college for at least a couple years before they bolted to the pros. I think their long term would have benefited.
  3. Didn’t the federal court judge state that auburn could not have known what was going on with persons? Or something to that affect. I wish the NCAA would burn itself down. Of course the schools are the NCAA... have never understood ... it’ll take an entire conference or 2 to finally say enough.
  4. Based on what some of you guys have said, he seems like an outlier for CBP. CBP puts a premium on defense. I understand a frosh who needs to be taught D, but this kid is a transfer. HIs O may be good but is it great enough to not be able to play D? if he wants to go next level, I’d assume he’d need to do a couple things out of the following ... grow a few inches, Improve his O (good but nba good?), play better D, be better cog on a team, play more of a PG role for his height, etc... I like the idea of him coming if he’ll stay a couple years and be a team guy. CBP encourages the guys to shoot if they have a good shot. Appears MM has that part down and could do well under CBP
  5. Is it me or does he have Okoro hair? Means he’ll be a guaranteed star for Auburn!
  6. I miss watching my girls play. Loved watching them compete.
  7. I’m not feeling this upcoming season ... ouch the youth ... fouls from the 5 position ... we will have athleticism out the wazoo but how will it gel ... believe in The Bruce!
  8. I’m hoping brown finds merit in CBP tutelage and that the last 2 of our #3 position has been drafted in first round. He can shoot to be 3 in a row ... the question for them ... will a year of college with auburn increase his draft stock/endorsements more than $300,000? It probably did for Okoro.
  9. I’m actually ok with that. I know I may be on an island with that thought, but the imperfections of amateurs is one of the reasons I like it so much. There are more opportunities for the “try-hard” types to have their moments. Some of the stories become more interesting to me. I think that is part of the reason I like the olympics. People who are doing something for the love of it as much or more than a payday. (i know there are pros, money and exceptions in the olympics) ... but Athletics to become educated or personally fulfilled ... I’d rather have less quality and more of this.
  10. It appears to me the g-league/nba was changing/evolving as the weeks moved along ... also I would assume the possibility of college was a negotiation tactic. colleges are in the weak position here with zero leverage. Kid can sign a scholly and still go pro weeks or months later. the NCAA/colleges really have 3 options that I can see ... conform to the new reality, somehow negotiate with someone who can convince the pros they would benefit if these kids went to college a couple years and my third crazy idea ... Force the kids to decide their future earlier - at least the elite kids. The NCAA could, if they wanted, make kids who play AAU ball ineligible for college scholarships. That would force kids to make a decision between AAU and high school. The majority of kids opting not to play AAU will see their game stunted a couple years so that their biggest improvement happens in college. Just a crazy thought. fwiw ... I’m a college sports fan. I like amateur athletics far far more than pros. I wouldn’t blink if all pro sports disappeared. That is where I’m coming from. I don’t begrudge anyone making money from their abilities based on the existing situation.
  11. I’m not talking about basketball. These kids are freak basketball athletes ... but they are kids. There are exceptions, but the “protection” of a college program will allow them to grow up another couple years. I’d put money that Bruce Pearl would have cared more for Jalen Green and Greg Brown as a person than the nba, the g-league, the endorsers, the agents, etc... the parents may want the best for their children and ultimately are the best guides, but I’d assume all this is new to the vast majority of them ... CBP has the resources of Auburn to guide these kids in addition to himself.
  12. Doesn’t matter when signing day is. They can still bolt from college before stepping on campus during the April May timeframe the pros are slinging offers. Reason I wish there was a “2 and done” type situation similar to college baseball. It would give the pros a chance to see these kids develop and mature. oh well ... it seems there are slightly more kids steering Away from pro baseball out of high school than used to be. Hope this is a slight bump in the road and these kids will play a couple years at college.
  13. College will have to find a way to get the nba to want to Have these kids go to college. Whether that is use ESPN as an arbitrator or let these kids get drafted and then play some college ball ... or some other crazy off the wall idea. regardless, kids can always bail on college at any time in favor of the pro paycheck.
  14. Two opposite personalities I’m going to miss watching them, should they not return. how they keep their arms In shape till they pitch competitively again will be interesting. With the extra year of eligibility, maybe their faith (and long range goals) will keep them under CBT coaching.