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  1. I started to try and come up with line ups that put yedlin wood and Fabian on the field ... even looking at a 3-5-2 i can't come up with anything that doesn't mess up pulisic and Dempsey. Neither of those guys is really a defender. Dempsey as a 10 sitting under woods/altidore but that would withdraw pulisic as an 8. i would never be a good coach. E finally have pieces to think about. i thought nagbe was quiet this game
  2. He gave her a high five to her body. She thought about it for a split second, turned around and pushed him in the back. They had some words then her teammates pulled her away. I'm old fashioned about stuff like that and usually think the kids are wrong ... but she absolutely did the right thing sticking up for herself regardless of the back story.
  3. Well ... maybe I'm just having a negative weekend. I'm glad to win 2 of 3 on the road in the sec, but Georgia is in the cellar. our 2 wins were with 5 hits each game and 18 total strikeouts. our loss was with 9 hits. That's great but it was with 7 strikeouts and we left 11 on base. said this in the softball thread. Did our baseball bats get exposed by the mid 80's breaking balls? I wasn't under the impression that georgias staff was particularly good, but only a few of our guys were seeing the ball well. 2 weekends Into sec play and we are 5-1 and ranked top 20. But yet we still feel uneasy - particularly with a cloud hanging over Thompson's pitching future (again, at least in my mind)
  4. I'm afraid our hitting from top to bottom in lineup got exposed a little this weekend in baseball and softball. Hope I'm wrong. Doubt many teams can replicate floridas pitching though so maybe that gives time to work on things. we did put runs on the board (and base runners) in the first game that other teams haven't so I'll give be the team credit for that.
  5. I started to write this comment a couple times over the last couple weeks and thought it might be premature but unfortunately I think we will struggle during the conference. They will be good but good in this conference may not be enough. hope when tourney time rolls around they find that extra little bit.
  6. This may sound too negative at this point in the season but this team feels right on the edge between good and great ... unfortunately I'm not confident they ever get on the right side of that edge. I just don't think we've got that little something xtra. No doubt we are having a great season so far. Hope I misread it.
  7. that seems like that should have been the centerfielders ball???? was she leaning against the wall? draper has speed ... i would have expected her to be there for that one. if she fields it, even on the hop, then i think we get the ball to the catcher probably holding the runner at 3rd?
  8. finally saw the replay of the missed call at home ... my problem is, how can a competent umpire ever even consider that he did not see the call correctly. He was standing on top of it! If he is that unsure of a tag out when he has proper view, then he doesn't need to be doing this job at this level or with games of this magnitude.
  9. If baseball has replay reviews ... why not softball? the game is already interrupted often as normal for softball so what would It matter
  10. The fans behind home plate are moving around way more than I can stand and I'm sitting in my living room ... would have to drive the pitcher crazy. Would any of y'all want to sit at butt level watching a game?
  11. That's the kind of game we lose the last few years. Sweep of Florida. away win vs ga tech. rpi moving the right way. momentum. good feelings ... then BLAM! Swept by Georgia! not this young season. Hope it is still holding up when the season is "old".
  12. Umm ... wow ...
  13. Excellent job by everyone! I'm impressed. That'll look nice on the resume.
  14. Ok, so it's not ideal for purifoy and okeke ... spencer was serviceable at times. to me, starting in Hawaii, he showed some offense away from the paint here and there that give me offensive hope. I think he is fine defensively. But he has got to expand his offensive game to play 4. Mclemore's athleticism and drive will suit him, no matter where in the court. He is a very likeable player. He was great within 5 feet of the basket. Can he play 5-10' from the basket on offense? i can't help but think we have a grad transfer coming at the 4. That European kid would do nicely to split minutes with spencer.
  15. Signed an agreement on a cocktail napkin with an agent ... while in a bar ... in Florida somewhere ... iirc...