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  1. Good Read on Antifa

    That is fantastic, funny and such a great response. Gives the white supremacists a buffoonery feel. They should always pick out and interview one of the toothless ones ... gives them such a respectable look
  2. Clemson playing two quarterbacks

    If we were publicly announcing a couple weeks before the first game that multiple QB's would be playing early in the season, our fan base would go bat-shite crazy! so I'll reverse the situation ... them doing the QB hokie-pokie guarantees their disfunction and thus us winning big!
  3. 2018 5* QB Justin Fields (Update 6/6/17)

    This forum has a way of ruining auburns chances with recruits when we hit 100 pages ... some serious voodoo AUFamily curse or something ...
  4. Tour of Italy

    Apparently Harper muscled spencer out for the boards in the first game!
  5. Team's Strongest/Fastest Player?

    Had a structural engineering professor that ran off with Kaz's girlfriend/wife. That sure was a dumb professor ...
  6. Byron Cowart

    The kid hasn't learned how to get out of his own way. My guess is the kid has very very thin skin ... snowflake-ish. Garner's type of coaching doesn't suit him. I'd imagine he easily has 5* talent IF he could have a 5* mindset. My guess is the bulb won't turn on for him and his future may be better if he simply lets this be his last season, recognizes that football at this level isn't for him and finishes auburn with his degree and moves on with his future as a college grad outside of football. college sports isn't for everyone regardless of physical ability.
  7. Team's Strongest/Fastest Player?

    Kinda OT - was at a men's night at highlands church in bham Friday - they had a bench press contest. I got there late and only saw the last few guys. dude in slacks, dress shoes and white button up dress shirt throws up 42 reps of 225#. 2500 people yelling for him and counting reps. It was pretty impressive.
  8. Team's Strongest/Fastest Player?

    Man I love that song! I endorse your message!
  9. European Tour

    10 extra practice, 4 practice games, game type fitness, amazing team building trip, reward for the walkons/staff/transfers, etc... recruiting: Hawaii and Madison square garden/NYC last year and a week and a half in Italy this year ... can you imagine a recruit knowing that he will get to go out n trips like that while playing at Auburn!
  10. scrimmage updates?

    I love their record setting longest play from m scrimmage (which can't be broken) was against us ... cuz every single time it gets brought up, the announcer will then point out we won in the kick 6 game - Bama fans get to choke on that play in all kinds of ways!
  11. scrimmage updates?

    I wonder if they'll wait to name the starter after first day of class. what a bizarre thread. The same SW arguments going on 2 years now it seems. Why are we arguing how great a rivals player is? id like to know how tega did? how canella did? how did our starting CB's look? who was running 1st team at canter? etc...
  12. 2018 4* RB Dameon Pierce

    "package" deals are almost a guarantee that those particular players won't go to the same school ...
  13. 2017 Auburn Soccer

    Will be fun to watch the ladies play these next few years. My daughter has played with and against some of the kids commited to auburn for next year. hope they can repeat last years success
  14. Jarrett Stidham Film Study

    i didnt get a minute into this ... what was stidhams stats in the spring game? something like 80% completions for nearly 250 yards in the first "half". give me that "no progressions" type of passing game every half of auburn football, please!
  15. Sal Cannela impressing the team

    my guess, and it is only a guess, is he doesnt have the speed for a typical wideout and since he is a little older will probably not add enough weight to be considered a traditional blocking tight end. my favorite thing about this guy is the constant reference to his grit and competitive attitude. maybe his "want to" is the difference maker at the college level and gives him a shot at the next level.