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  1. Gus still claiming that Chip runs all the plays

    I know I know ... I just WANT it to happen. I’m so pissed at gus, I’d smile if chip throat punches gus during the next 3rd quarter that we throw in the offensive towel ...
  2. Al Borges?

    An al borges system with our athletes and stidham would be crushing opponents. Al would have every receiver involved. makes me ill thinking about what we are missing out on. the bonus would be al’s shirts and his pressers
  3. Gus still claiming that Chip runs all the plays

    That gridironnow piece is yet another indictment of gus. I’m not sure if I’m an assistant that I don’t just flat come out and say gus screwed the pooch. Probably looking for a new job at seasons end anyways. No reason to let him take you down also - I guess this is primarily for the O staff.
  4. Things I Think I Saw (AU vs LSU).....

    I know everyone hates the wildcat, but it was working pretty well in the first half.
  5. Auburn is a top 10 team rn...

    With gus - not too 10 wthout gus - yes top 10 every Day gus is coach from this day forward screw up this season and NEXT SEASON worse.
  6. Auburn's next Head Coach

    I assume at this point JJ and Gus are tied at the hip. One won’t get fired without the other. crazy idea ... dump gus and JJ now. Hire tubbs as interim head coach. Yes, I’m serious. Let him come in and settle everything down. He was always a ceo head coach and his style was to let the player leadership run the team. Think about the leadership tubbs had - heath was one of them. this gives auburn a couple months to hire a good AD (not tubbs) who can then hire a REAL head coach. btw ... IMO you cannot have a consistent championship program with a “nice guy” head coach. So if you want auburn to consistently win championships then scratch the “nice guys” from your list. No richt, no peterson etc. start thinking franklin, Petrino etc. we need a pissed off winner if we want to win yearly.
  7. Coach O says after game he out-schemed Gus

    If I’m an LSU fan, I’d be horrified if coach O thought he outschemed auburn ... that was some horrible coaching yesterday.
  8. FINAL: AU 23 LSU 27 -- Postgame Thread

    I just finished watching game. Dvr’d It. I complained loudly after last week about not crushing the opposition when you were ahead ... well case in point today. 20-0 and lose. Unforgivable.
  9. World Cup 2018

    Yes I’ve got a BUSA kid. We’ve done BUSA and vhsc over the years. Mine playing today used to be an 03 but is now an 02 with the recently changed age bracket rules. She hasn’t played in 2 years till this season - and it shows! I’ve seen the underbelly of the pay to play and have experienced numerous examples this fall. If anyone ever wants my negative opinions of pay to play, I’d be more than happy to share. my 00 isn’t playing club soccer this fall - primarily as a result of the clubs Everyone needs to always remember these are big businesses and the kids are the commodity. The guys that run BUSA and VHSC are making $200,000 a year. The top handful of staff at the clubs are pushing 100k or above. There are pro soccer players not making that much. my 00 was a 4 time ODP player. She was a good player. We never pushed her and she decided she didn’t want to pursue college soccer, so the only reason to play club is to prep for senior season and she didn’t want to. This is the reason I know so many of the better girl players in the state. 4 of which are playing at auburn next year. One of which I think really highly of ... think Kristen Dodson clone with possibly slightly better technical skills. The other 3 have great skill sets and all are regulars in ODP region 3 team. The 00 ODP Alabama and region3 teams have represented themselves very well against the other top areas. sorry, I’ve rambled ... this u16 game I’m watching is setting soccer backwards. It would help us if the cocky coach would stand up and coach and put his freaking cell phone down.
  10. World Cup 2018

    i wonder is arena was banking on traditional American soccer wins, but unfortunately the players (as a whole) don’t have the traditional American soccer grit and heart. Since most US soccer fans seem to say the same things ... overhaul ... then some whoever is placed at the top of US soccer needs the be hired based on his holistic philosophy, which should include type of coach. That’s what they were trying with Klinsmann. i think JK made positive strides in the right direction which was a larger emphasis on skill. I know youth soccer changed a bunch in the last 4-5 years. at the core of the youth soccer is the established pay to play programs and college soccer. quite frankly, why would any kid/parents invest the time/money into it except for the elite or nutty few? there is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Heck there isn’t really much scholly money. Probably equivalent to what most parents will have put into RPL/ECNL and ODP programs. personally, I think US soccer is going to have to somehow partner with college soccer. We don’t have the opportunities for kids to make soccer a career. So they are striving for college. Full schollys, FIFA rules, limited scholarship roster would be a great place to start in college. youth clubs need to separate the truly talented from the rest. Already happening with ecnl and ODP. ODP needs to be FREE. i have other thoughts but it’s time to go watch my U16 play a double header today ...
  11. Chuck Person

    Dover has confirmed, via facepalm emoji, Wiley is definitely the man on the grassy knoll ...
  12. ESPN OTL Report on Auburn football, AD

    there has been some mention of this in this thread ... referencing journalistic integrity ... i've said this a few times on this forum ... sports media IS NOT real journalism! It is gosip entertainment pretending to be journalism. In general, sports media are the lowest scum of the "journalism" pool. (quite frankly I think journalism in general sucks in this country, but that is probably better suited for the politics forum)
  13. Chuck Person

    i am pretty sure dover wholeheartedly agrees with this ...
  14. Chuck Person

    I’ve been rueing the day keim gets pulled to the nba ... lottery pick? That’s the question.
  15. World Cup 2018

    That’s freaking funny right there! my hope is that we flood the bundesliga with American players. It seems to be the one top league that some Americans are good enough and the teams are willing to give them top flight time. maybe one day we’ll see more guys in EPL. I’m personally not a fan of la liga (mostly cuz it’s so dang top heavy) and the very few Serie A games I’ve watched have made me want to gouge my eyes out. ligie 1 I’ve never watched nor eredivisie.