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  1. That was brutal ... I couldn’t listen to it. I think we unloaded the dugout. Glad we got to play a lot of kids but hells bells I feel bad for the other team. It happens though.
  2. There’s no doubt ... we got curb stomped by LSU. Every single year most freshmen start to crash midway through sec play. The young kids don’t typically have the stamina or experience or mental strength to power through. We have a team full of them plus a high school senior starter.. Next year will be dramatically improved. I’ve predicted that flanigan, if he returns, may not be a starter next year. JJ and stretch will hardly see the court. this year - rough next year - I hope a lot of folks decide this year super sucked and don’t renew their tickets so there will be more
  3. The numbers may be accurate but comparing the 2 Auburn sports is wildly irrelevant. Auburn football - perennial/historically top 20 program Auburn bball - perennial/historically ... ummm ... somewhere in the 200’s??? maybe??? also ... there is substantially more competitive bball teams than fball.
  4. Hate it for the players ... apparently a different set of refs came out for the second half
  5. All a sudden we are +6 on fouls and we can’t shoot
  6. Watching 2 teams that both seem to be playing below their potential.
  7. They’ve let the kids play but how do u call that on JJ
  8. Cardwell is maning up their bigs hes gonna be something else in the future
  9. Did y’all see cardwell move their big out of the paint ... way to use his body
  10. That was a tough situation for flan
  11. Our starters are a combined 2-19 FGs including FT ... starters have scored 5 pts in a half of D1 college bball.
  12. It appears I’m lucky to have missed the first half
  13. Sorry I didn’t see a foul on cardwell
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