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  1. On the fwiw front … Oklahoma played Baylor last Saturday, they play AT WVU tonight and then at Auburn at 1:00 Saturday. Solid chance they may show up fatigued a bit.
  2. We played weds against a rival, enormous game Saturday and then at Missouri on Tuesday. That’s a lot of bball, emotion and travel. They looked tired. Some of them were also out at the bars Saturday night (they are college kids so I have zero problem with that (as long as they keep the alcohol to a low intake) If we simply shoot a poor 40% n stead of an abysmal 30% on our 70!!!!!!! attempts then this is just an ugly but solid win. We drew fouls, rebounded and kept the turnovers to 10. We actually did enough to win with cushion if we simply split the difference between shooting percentage last night and our average.
  3. So the weekly … what channel will we be on hunt …
  4. Exactly! fouls were 20-12. 3 or 4 intentional fouls at the end plus the careless 3 fouls on 3-pt shots. That puts the difference at 2-ish. In my opinion the refs let ‘em play
  5. A partial quote … I had hope … looks like it’s working out.
  6. If cal would play his bench like cbp does then uk might have the Auburn depth
  7. And our bench of 3*’s and nobody’s beat that ass!
  8. I’m as pumped now for this win as any win since the kick 6!
  9. For the love of our Lord and Savior … what the hell are u thinking ?!?!?!? Absolutely do not change your pic!
  10. What the hell is gonna happen to an opponent when we actually play a complete game?!
  11. Bench points - au 20 and uk 11 au wins game by 9
  12. Did he flop himself into banging his head on the floor?
  13. We are winning the foul battle I’m gonna enjoy the refs whistling them
  14. They only played 8 players with Washington out, we may have a fitness advantage at the end. Gotta protect the ball
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