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  1. But that is what CBP has asked them to do they just aren’t performing consistently
  2. I’m completely blowing off some responsibilities... I’ll deal with the guilt after the basketball ball game tonight.
  3. Enjoyable way to spend an early Saturday afternoon!
  4. The soccer team has been respectable recently, although down this past season. Went to final 8 in ncaa tourney a couple years ago. Typically hover around the upper end of the top 25
  5. The stats for this game are crazy ... kira had a triple double? At least it was in a loss!
  6. Dean had to weather an extremely unusual set of catastrophes left behind by the Meyers family, which saw a couple year exodus of players which may/may not have had anything to do with dean. I hope the frosh next year can impact immediately. Softball is enjoyable to watch with a competitive team. The sec is so tough.
  7. It’s amazing how lucky good teams are ...
  8. College sports are an extracurricular. No one is forced to sign a scholly. The portal gives kids an oppo to change mid stream. That’s a good thing. But! Their decision to change also has potential consequences. They are adults making adult decisions. ultimately the best thing for the kids is to do what it is theoretically about - getting an education while also playing sports. Stop thinking about the pros. a great deal of these kids would be better off going to a non-p5 school to start with. schools and athletes would be better off if the decisions made on the front end were better made.
  9. He’d have gone to Bama if they’d have hired bucky
  10. That actually jumped out at me. During recruiting, it seemed weird that Auburn was nowhere on any list of his. Makes me wonder if CBP decided he didn’t want him and didn’t recruit him - for some reason. And watford is salty about it?
  11. Jvon was thaaaaaaaaaat close to the second ever auburn triple double.
  12. A little trivia .. okoro guarded watford in isle of palms tourney as high school seniors ... held watford to 4 points. 20 under his average.
  13. We’ll miss his size and rebounding for sure. I don’t see us playing 8. Somebody’s gotta step up. Will we see Amac at 4 with stretch at 5? Jaylin?