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  1. mustache eagle

    It's not that deep

    i am ... see @cole256 comment below ... not acceptable ... i personally need in game commentary from knowledgeable people. i consider myself a sports fan who can see nuances - regardless of the sport. I would never put myself out there as being a basketball person, although I love Auburn basketball. I enjoy the commentary and discussion among you guys and feel the benefits of it. I disagree with you some - like Bryce Browns defense. I agree highly with others - how Bruce used Cinmeon Bowers like dreymond green. I hope everyone who has a reasonable basketball knowledge will post their thoughts ... particularly during game threads.
  2. mustache eagle

    Duke Preview/Review

    I want the win no matter what. ... but I really really hope we play well ... no deer in the headlights stuff. Hopefully we got the neutral court, spongy rims, damp floor junk out of our system. I worry most about whether our back court has the legs after last night. we will see.
  3. mustache eagle

    Men vs Xavier

    Pearl was effusive with his praise about BB defensively in post game interview w rod. was a little critical of Spencer except for OT i was surprised about the lack of offensive input by our bigs cbp was positive about macs second half. i didn’t see the game and I’m having a hard time squaring the stats, what I’ve read here, other places and what I heard. It all seems all over the board. growth after a win ... xavier may look really good late season
  4. mustache eagle

    Men vs Xavier

    We were out rebounded but were plus on steals and blocks. plus 10 on turnovers was probably the difference. Other stats against us. wiley with 0 rebounds!
  5. mustache eagle

    Men vs Xavier

    FWIW, I remember the last Hawai’i tourney we played ... the refs were all over us then. The game against Harvard was horrid
  6. mustache eagle

    Men vs Xavier

    I just finished reading this thread from start to finish as I missed the game. im exhausted! Cant imagine having watched it!
  7. mustache eagle

    Liberty Game Report Card

    Second string OL/receivers?
  8. mustache eagle


    There are a couple home games over Christmas break. That’s a great time to catch a game and tickets are pretty easy to get. We try to do that most Christmas breaks.
  9. mustache eagle

    2018 Maui Invitational

    I was at this game ... place went bonkers
  10. mustache eagle

    Men vs. Mississippi College - game thread

    had to go look it up ... hard to believe we had a 50-5 run in the second half that included a 35-0 run. I cant recall ever hearing Auburn do anything like that. Largest margin of victory since 2000 I think I saw somewhere. I know its a DII team, but still ...
  11. mustache eagle

    Men vs. Mississippi College - game thread

    55+ rebounds!!!!!!
  12. mustache eagle

    Men vs. Mississippi College - game thread

    Interesting... we have 5 TO but none by a starter. All 4 subs with at least 1
  13. mustache eagle

    Men vs. Mississippi College - game thread

    We’ve picked it up choctaws have also started hitting
  14. mustache eagle

    Men vs. Mississippi College - game thread

    We have gotten sloppy the last few minutes wiley looked great. D was great the first 8 minutes
  15. mustache eagle

    Mississippi College Preview/Review

    The little I've seen of McCormick so far, he reminds me more of one of the wide-eyed walkons than a scholly player. It will take him alot of minutes to get confident. I cant tell if he has the skills or not. I can definitely tell the guy is freakishly quick. That alone should worry opposing teams. If he can show a decent perimeter shot, then he'd be tough to guard close because he'd always be a threat to drive and dish. I had wondered if there was some staff relationship to this team or somethign. One of the cool things about basketball is there is often enough schedule flexibility to play teams near a player/coaches hometown and whatnot. That along with Europe, Bahamas, Hawaii etc... All are great recruiting tools. CBP can tell kids - look, if you come play for Auburn, we will take you on free trips to Europe, Hawaii, Madison Square Garden and other cool places every year. You just gotta come and make us good enough to go.