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  1. Baseball vs Kentucky game 1

    Does Hjelle own that 3rd run? Would love for Mize to get the win versus him.
  2. Baseball vs Kentucky game 1

    When listening to the radio broadcast in first inning ... they played destinys child “bootylicious” after a Hjelle strikeout. Got a good chuckle . Edit: for you non-hip folks ... “I don’t think you ready for this jelly ...”
  3. Baseball vs Kentucky game 1

    My ESPN app has is giving me about 3 seconds of game every 5 minutes or so ... bummer
  4. Purifoy eligibility

    BTW ... the articles about CBP and Leath talking ... why would it not be CBP and our new athletic director? I still can’t help but feel Leath made this unnecessarily personal towards CBP (those idiotic emails he sent random fans) plus some other bad thoughts I have.
  5. softball vs. Alabama State

    That almost looked like we were trying to be put out on purpose. Am I missing something? Surely that isn’t the case?
  6. Pearl Assistants

    I’m not sure what kind of fan this makes me, but I was not aware of CP getting paid as a player until the FBI thing. I can’t honestly say how I would have felt at his hiring if I had known, but I’d like that think I would have been against it.
  7. Tony Barbee

    ... this is also on the tail end of CBP publicly asking the Auburn fans not to get on to Barbee at Auburn Arena. Which, for the most part, I think the fans abided by what Pearl requested. I'm guessing next time Barbee is inside Auburn Arena ... the fan base won't hold back. Barbee is a tool.
  8. Softball vs. uat game 3

    i agree ... and since the baseball team had this happen this weekend, another example is if a runner misses a base. If the team doesn't call it before the next pitch, then the play stands after that. They need to change the rule if it was, in fact, implemented correctly.
  9. Auburn Men's Basketball 2017-18 Appreciation Thread

    Yep. Yep. Crazy aint it! Yep. I've got the utmost respect for this team and for Coach Pearl. The heart these guys displayed for the vast majority of this season has been the kind that makes a University proud. Well done gentlemen!
  10. Barkley's TV ads

    y'all!!! Think about it for a second ... Sam Jackson and Spike Lee are 2 iconic figures in pop culture, particularly black pop culture. the fact that Charles Barkley ... the basketball player from Leeds and Auburn Alabama is included with them is very impressive to me. It transcends sports in to popular culture. I think it is crazy cool. I don't think it makes him look any more buffoon-ish than peyton manning did in his dead-pan commercials. Personally, I think they are funny and fun. If it wasn't so obviously self-deprecating then it might be uncomfortable, but it is obvious.
  11. Official Tournament Thread

    after watching all of the games this year, the aggies "should" have been the best team in the SEC. If they are truly playing to their potential (and recovered from injuries), they could be a problem for a lot of teams. I just dont think anyone will beat villanova.
  12. Baseball vs Texas A&M Game 3

    I just knew mcguffin was gonna have a 2 run hit there. Bummer
  13. Baseball vs Texas A&M Game 3

    Annnnnnnd it doesn’t work ... I must have jinxed them.
  14. Baseball vs Texas A&M Game 3

    Ok ... the auburn rally dance cracks me up. It has made me laugh every time I’ve seen them do it. It would irritate the stew out of me if another team was doing it though ... therefore I like it!
  15. Baseball vs Texas A&M Game 3

    The umpires have been doing inconsistent both ways this whole weekend behind the plate.