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  1. had a little familiarity with their paving ... lets just say i'd prefer to use someone else
  2. I just ran across this thread. I lost my class ring and was looking at the Balfour "ring" online. I would like to replace mine, but want "mine" not this singular version that Balfour shows on their website. Anyone got any info if the "rules" have changed, before I start doing unproductive research. If the Balfour option is the only option, then I guess I will have to pass. I never liked having a stone, just having the interlocked AU in the gold on top with the customization - frat, civil engineering, etc.
  3. I hope she goes 2 for 3 with a homer in games against Auburn ... as long as we win 9-1 in the 5th!
  4. Can't give a dude a hard time for scoring 30 and dished no the ball for others to have wide open shots. They are pros and it's their job to make the wide open shots. my favorite thing about MJ was his defense. ive got a buddy who's son-in-law played some European pro ball and started working for the warriors this year. They posted pictures with Durant in the locker room celebrating. Pretty cool first "real" job.
  5. It was pretty obvious and talked about here on this board that there sure appeared to be chemistry issues with this team. I'm sure it was a combo of the multiple things ... plus girls teams tend to lean a little more towards drama in my experience
  6. Yea, I bet our JUCO contributors were at a higher percentage than typical. And guys like Anthony has such a big upside still
  7. My guess would be burns let it be known that he was going the college route. To be projected #37 and then not pop up in the first 200? only reason a club would take him now is to secure his rights, in the off chance something changes later with college. selfishly this is good for auburn. todd - I'd assume he'd take the money. I can't imagine he could improve his stock significantly after this season. He won't get any taller. (Selfishly, I'd like for him to come back and cut the "1" off that 175 draft position.
  8. A really good game by the whole squad. Some specific good and bad by players but all in all a solid game across the board. One of the best games by Bradley in a while - mostly in his defensive role
  9. I guess we are gonna stuff the middle and make their breaks go wide. Yedlin worked hard the other night. Hope he recovered. Guess we can always replace him with our other speed demon right back ... the one and only zusi (yes, tongue planted in cheek) I'm recording it (yard work). so I won't be checking any media until after dark. Hope they pull it out
  10. When you are piling up nattys and sec championships by the wheelbarrow load, you ought to get some reasonable upgrades. dont forget, the student body gets to use the swimming pool. Or at least we used to. Don't get to use the other facilities I don't believe.
  11. How are they setting it up? 3-4-2-1 ? beasley/yedlin up and down sides with arriola sitting in front of 2 DM and pulisic given free reign
  12. Jacobs needs to hand the keys to the front door of the now state of the art swim complex to marsh and turn around and walk away.marsh can email Jacobs pics of the trophys
  13. To put it nicely, that was a lethargic first half. Either the altitude really hosed these guys up or they overtrained leading to the game. Much better second half. I didn't think anybody had a bad game but a few stood out like pulisic and nagbe. I usually am not a fan of altidore but I thought he did a lot of dirty work tonight. Dempsey did too much coming back to midfield unless the switches with pulisic were part of the plan. i thought villafana had a nice game getting forward but he paid for it at the end. im afraid that Mexico is gonna fry us in the axteca altitude. We looked gassed at the end and we were walking around the first 20 minutes
  14. All students are available for pell grants. My kid looked at playing college soccer. It is all about the "packages" that can be put together. superstars are gonna get a full ride however that is pieced together. I know a college that has an "endowed" scholarship that is eligible only for girls soccer players. A lot of these scholarships - particularly at smaller schools or schools that have less applicants have much lower baseline levels for the academic requirements - don't have any other requirements than to have a certain gpa. Then that group is selected from. I'm guessing a future varsity athlete has a significantly higher chance of being selected for those funds. fwiw ... the only world I know is soccer. The vast majority of those kids, the elite ones, are very good students and in honor societies etc. i have been told numerous times by older soccer parents ... "your athletic ability gets you in the school and your academics pay for it"
  15. Yes I agree with you there but the academic scholarships (at least for incoming freshmen) have minimum requirements. If he meets those then he is probably more likely to get academic money (and more of it) as a varsity athlete