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  1. mustache eagle

    2019 4* RB Derrian Brown

    it appears we are still in the mix for a few top 15 backs. We pull one of those guys then we probably say it was a success. Love the side bar convo btw. It is relevant and is obviously a concern to many of us.
  2. mustache eagle

    2019 4* RB Derrian Brown

    Line me up a big ole pile of Kenny Ironseseseses ... and I’d be oh so happy!
  3. mustache eagle


    Unfortunately, typically Gus's RB2 is QB1 ... until injury ... then RB2 will be QB2
  4. mustache eagle

    JB Grimes- Thoughts?

    Maybe WT meant to refer to you as a ... Playa ...
  5. mustache eagle

    2019 4* OG Keiondre Jones Commits to AU!!!

    Had some peeps post pics on Friday going across bob Sykes and was little traffic. Figured Saturday would be nuts if that many people skipped watching on Friday. I’ve seen the blues a pile of times ... never isn’t awesome.
  6. mustache eagle

    World Cup 2018

    He couldn’t play his normal game after the yellow. They needed a disrupter back at the 6. I made the same comment. If he flops there, he has a good chance of getting the PK
  7. mustache eagle

    World Cup 2018

    That was an enjoyable game. Skill and grit across the field. Good tactics and Pogba was everywhere. Croatia had the better of the game enough times to make it competitive but France was the better team. scary thing, I agree with Lalas, I don’t think France played to what they are capable of. In 4 years this team will be a monster. soooo, does that make our tie look better or is there any correlation?
  8. mustache eagle

    2019 4* OG Keiondre Jones Commits to AU!!!

    Beware of the “sneak pass”! so ... what was your blues watching strategy? Boat? Condo? Bike? Walk? Early drive, park and wait? or the locals favorite ... thurs/fri watch and home chores on Saturday?
  9. mustache eagle

    Pumped about coming Baketball season

    Pretty sure we tied Kentucky for youngest team in the country
  10. mustache eagle

    2019 3* RB Tye Edwards

    I don't recall Mason having any significant injuries. If there were, it could be explained as normal football bumps/bruises. I don't recall specifics but I distinctly remember Dyer being gimpy the second half of the season. Specifically runs against Arky where he actually was running with a limp. He was very very productive. Could also be explained as normal football, but a second quality back to share more of the productive load would have been nice. Of course, Chiz could have been making the final call on Dyer. It is hard for me to jump up and down about Mason and our 2013 run game. That was an historic run offense and was truly special. Our OL blocking, WR blocking, RB and QB play was simply astounding. It will be quite an accomplishment for that to be matched. IMHO, the cox cat whirrly bird QB rotation against Clemson (which has me in "prove it to me" mode about CGM to this day) was due to his plan to run Jovon Robinson into the ground that season. When we booted him, we didn't have a backup running plan ... so we went trickeration and had 7 people take snaps. A solid platoon of RB's to run the ball that season would have been nice. Also, FWIW, I thought Jovon had Heisman-esque season in his future that year. I've never been so disappointed to not see a guy fulfill his potential.
  11. mustache eagle

    World Cup 2018

    I thought geiger did fine. No significantly better/worse than any I've seen this world cup. He probably could have started pulling cards a little earlier, but I dont fault the guy for wanting to let the teams play and to keep himself out of the spotlight. i actually prefer a ref to lean that direction. As for the whole Eng/Columbia game , it was ridiculous anyways. The Colombian team deserved a disproportionate amount of the fouls/cards ... that was the game they purposefully intended to play. I don't recall the ronoldo incident. If it was a deserved straight red card ... geiger would not be the first ref to not penalize a superstar who deserved it. It is human nature. As an aside, I hope the increased visibility of the diving/over-acting, the positive use of VAR and some of the retroactive penalties will clean up some of the foolishness in the games. I hope FIFA and the major soccer leagues will start reviewing games and retroactively penalize clear diving/simulation ... I have additional thoughts on this but will hold off.
  12. mustache eagle

    2019 4* RB Noah Cain

    Stumbled across this ... Too superb of a post not to bring it back up ...
  13. mustache eagle

    2019 4* RB Noah Cain

    lock for Auburn (i kid, i kid ...)
  14. fwiw, I pulled up Alaric's 247 profile page. I don't know if I'm looking at the right page, but it seems to indicate he is a Class of 2019 guy coming out of JUCO at Garden City ... there are zero colleges listed as interested? To soon for JUCO's or did he fall off the map? Edit: he has a pinned tweet from this time-ish last year stating his appreciation to the AU staff and as a warning to highly recruited athletes to take academics seriously. Seemed like a solid and humble thing to post and also to leave posted/pinned. Maybe we will see him again?
  15. mustache eagle

    2019 3* RB Tye Edwards

    As much as this issue has bugged me, I had no idea he was 14th in that stat. Good Grief. Its a wonder any of our RB's ever last a season ... come to think of it ... have they? I know I have blabbed on about this issue ad nauseam, but KJ should have seen 5-ish less touches a game (except for the "big" games). RB3-5 get more experience and higher morale and KJ "might" not be gimpy in the championship game. yea, I know ... blah blah blah ... edit: i will say, if we are going to do this then we need a whole lot more Kam Pettways and Tye Edwards.