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  1. Additionally to support this ... seems apparent to me that amac has been told to keep his feet in n the ground and let the shots go up. Some of us have mentioned he seems passive ... I now think he has been instructed to be that way. I think he has been well below his foul average from last year.
  2. FWIW ... every b-ball player should shoot at least 70% from the line regardless of age or position ... starting from high school
  3. Auburn has only ever had 1 triple double i predict another one by okoro before he leaves us
  4. JJ on the ground and guy falls over him may be a foul but I just don’t like it. 2 guys just going for the ball. B-ball is so hard to watch sometimes
  5. Refs decided to even up the fouls ... last play excluded
  6. I so bad wanted to see stretch dunk it on that guy but he passed
  7. We need to be able to play deeper on our bench cambridge played but they didn’t list him kentucky lost
  8. Jags seemed to be a little too amped up in that first half. The energy was impressive but a little out of control
  9. Gotta be frustrating for south ... they played tough and it feels closer than 8 points at half
  10. We have ZERO Offensive boards to their 7 edit: 8-0
  11. We are finally pushing it in transition they are having a tough time dealing with our drives to basket
  12. Nice bounce pass in to wiley by okoro might be the first bounce pass of season