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  1. First 7-1 Start

    solid post. agree with pretty much all of it. thats a bold statement about okeke! I'm assuming he will hit a wall during sec play like the freshman did last year. i'm hopeful harper can sustain through the year. according to game announcers (primarily the auburn crews) we have played some very well thought of guards during the OOC schedule. i, of course, have absolutely no idea if that is true. i was really hoping spencer's foul troubles would subside and the glimpses of an offensive game would become more consistent. really hope we can get wiley back. the team that has been on the floor this year has been refreshing. i'm worried we will miss players like chubb, devin waddell, and josh wallace (I had to look up wallace). not necessarily talented compared to others, but always played hard and smart. 10th, 11th, 12th man type of guys who gave a few minutes a game during real game time and made a difference. seems like waddell induced a couple of charges every game. I don't think we have that type of player on this team. Then again if we get AW and DP back, we wont need that type of guy. Guess I miss having that type of guy who makes a difference.
  2. University of West Florida

    That is absolutely crazy. Second year and playing for a natty. Grand total of 25 games in program history!
  3. First 7-1 Start

    Ability to pay it back?
  4. 24/7: Holland coming back

    If Gus didn’t pound one RB then the backups would have been better prepared at the end of the season. Maybe a more seasoned backup produces better than a 75% KJ? We’ll never know. If KJ and Pet both leave ... we’ve got squat for experience. Does anyone think Kam or Barrett can take 30 carries a game? Miller hardly played. He’s gonna be a junior right? Gus might have hosed up the RB situation. IMO KJ never should have seen the field vs LaMo. Before anyone gets cranked up. Yes KJ should have touched the ball 30+ times versus Georgia. But 25 versus LaMo.? 16 times by mid 2nd quarter in the first game? Until he yanked his hammy. simply put, gus rides a RB into the ground unnecessarily. Ride them in a big game? Sure. But spell RB1 5-10 touches a game more than is being done. It saves bodies and trains new ones.
  5. 24/7: Holland coming back

    Gus has shown that he will pound our RB1 into the ground. If Kerryon wants to play in the nfl and if he is anywhere in the top half of the draft then he should go. History shows Gus will pulverize KJ next year as a senior. Kerryon can end this year with 1500 yards and as a solid receiver and decent blocker. Get a 3 year contract, put it in your savings account and then when your nfl career is over in 3 years, finish your last year of college, on Auburn’s nickel, and get your degree. my biggest beef with cgm this year ... play RB3-5 more (plus qb2) thus less touches by KJ and maybe he has less wear and tear and maybe he comes back.
  6. First 7-1 Start

    Huh? I haven’t heard anything. Unless it is the assumed pissing match between the AD and Pearl?
  7. Question about AU BB Tix - UConn game

    Ditto ... there are zero bad seats. Any seat inside the building is good. Standing at the counter bhind the seats is also a good place to watch.
  8. Patrick Keim Awarded a Scholarship

    Very cool!
  9. Men vs. George Mason

    yep ... i watched the SEC+ channel on the watchESPN app and used chromecast to cast to my TV ... via my spectrum account. about to pull the plug on cable. purchased my HD antenna and going to see if Sling will cover most of my bases.
  10. Men vs. George Mason

    GM hit either 7 or 9 straight shots when they took the brief lead. 3 or 4 were 3’s and as mentioned some of those shots from a guy that hasn’t hit one this year. Another odd thing ... GM seemed to get more of the lucky oddball bounces. We’d have a good defensive play but the ball bounced awkwardly to the GM for the open shot. I bet they got 5-6 more of those than we did. i thought we played fine. Lost focus and intensity for a bit but got it back. Like last game ... that is the type of comeback we lost last year. We found a way to win by double digits and won most stats. Everyone contributed.
  11. ***SECCG -- Auburn vs. Georgia -- Game Thread***

    Maybe vegas got confused about who would be out ...
  12. Alabama Game Report Card

    A few days ago ESPN had the stats revised and the 65 yard gain was gone. not sure about NCAA stats.
  13. Wiley and Purifoy

    In the ongoing auburn AD public perception battle ... having a judge toss the case of one of the issues would be solid.
  14. Wiley and Purifoy

    It’s a money grab. The very little that has been out there makes the case sound very weak at best.
  15. Heron and adios Lebo

    Last night was the kind of game we blew leads last year and lost. lots of improvement across the team. Spencer seems to be about where he was. I’d hoped to see a more consistent offense from him. He shows it with plays here and there. He is one who may greatly appreciate having Wiley back so he can play the 4. He just doesn’t seem (in my poor opinion) to have a down low game. anfernee seems to have improved on his offense and not all dunks. was a fun game last night. Got a chuckle when we started to sit on the shot clock the last 8 minutes.