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  1. Me thinks Orlando will feel the jabari smith wrath in the future. If Orlando was doing a rope a dope, does that mean they were lying to jabari?
  2. 2-0 ole miss over arky delucia goes the distance for ole miss. Arky starter goes 8 and the reliever went 3 up 3 down. zero walks issued by either team. 11 total hits. 15 K’s. 207 total pitches by both teams. (AU threw nearly 200 in our loss) gotta hand it to the pitching staffs. I hope they all go pro! ole miss vs okie in the finals.
  3. I can’t decide which one I want to see move on. The players and coaches both have my respect. Maybe ole miss due to their “come back” story the end of the season …
  4. Both ole miss and arky starters are slinging it. Both less than 70 pitches through 6 innings.
  5. Fwiw I think some of the negativity was from folks not typically in the game threads during the heart of the season. Folks who have been posting all season might have some “constructive criticism” from time to time but have an overwhelming positive view of what AU baseball is doing.
  6. Fantastic season. Enjoyable group of players to support. We beat great teams to get as far as we did. Unfortunately we were 2-7 against 3 of the final 5 and 2-1 against Ta&m. We’ve shown we can beat anyone but just didn’t have it consistently at the end. btw … props to the team for going 3-3 while batting below 200. looking forward to seeing how the off-season goes and prepping for 2023.
  7. Dang this game can be so brutal we are thiiiiiiis close to an 0-1 game and batting in the 3rd
  8. Barnett is pitching good enough. He deserves for the bats to help him out
  9. Every left fielder has had problems at these 6:00 games
  10. Sigh of relief to only give up 1. Barnett looked better towards end of inning but not like last outing
  11. Arky looked good batting for 2 innings before their bats went quiet. Let’s do that to em tonight
  12. Reminds me of bball final 4 run season. Jobbed by the sec and then ncaa tourney committee with our dates and travel lets avoid the baseball equivalent of a missed dbl dribble and win it all
  13. Here’s hoping that arky/ole miss go 20+ innings tonight in the longest game in college history!
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