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  1. LET THE KIDS PLAY!!!!! that will take away from a laying our depth later in the game good grief
  2. I’ll jump in here with my opinion. I am strongly opposed to paying athletes. In fact, my strong desire is to reduce the amount of money in college athletics. I want these kids to be students first, then athletes. A standard view of mine is ... the future college athlete is aware of the rules before they sign their scholarship ... if they do not like those rules, then they are welcome to not play sports and pay their own way to college. i was offered a college football scholly at a well regarded non-auburn academic school. I chose to work/pay my way through auburn. the cost of a college education is waaaaaaaay more than it needs to be. It is a culture of everything needing to be more better more better more better ... an athlete should be thankful for that scholly. The cost of auburn for an average student not on scholly is obscene. It is beyond what a kid can work and make on a year to year basis.
  3. Yet again gus wastes opportunities to make the team better. Fourth quarter was a waste
  4. Nothing in fall camp or the spring is ever accurate
  5. Glad they apologized for the idiotic Rod Gilmore - body paint comments
  6. When was the last time auburn was on track to throw the ball 58 times?!?!
  7. Yes ... standard recruiting stuff ... which I’ve always personally hated. I know lots of people think it’s fun and I respect that. the whitlow story this week about his recruitment to Tulane made it sound like he left them high and dry. I hope not.
  8. I’m a little fuzzy on last years’ Washington game, but this game was as, or more, aggressive as last years opener ... and with a true frosh. I’ll call that an improvement. BUT, those first 2 calls after the fumble ... and the 3 and short end around with worm when we had been effective with Whitlow ... good grief! i hope we please run more RB’s the next two games. Hope whitlow doesn’t have 24 combined carries in these next 2 games. gus isn’t gonna have an epiphany ... he is who he is ... he may show slight improvement - at least I hope.
  9. that is yet another stupid ncaa rule ... if he is justifiably able to transfer to a new school and have immediate eligibility ... both school are supportive of the move ... then Auburn should not have to keep that initial counter slot against us. idiot rules by idiot people ... good grief.
  10. I can see this leading to a lot of missed arm tackles for younger players. You’ve really got to time this. Leading with head in front - at least the runner is more likely to trip over you if you don’t wrap. as @bigbird said ... it’s gonna be a process with decades of teaching to change. I’m all for reduced head injuries. No telling how many I had.
  11. Appears to be yet another kid ... if he was simply a few inches taller, would be significantly higher ranked. i know they project to nfl talent/measurables ... but I’m an auburn college football fan. If he is gonna be a stud at auburn then sign him up!
  12. interesting ... we were always taught to put head in front. its actually kind of weird to watch it this way. really cool that he would go through the effort of putting this video out there. any idea when this video was made? recent?
  13. thats a big kid look at CBP with the weight loss. dude has slimmed up. good on him!
  14. this guys ability to shoot from the perimeter and open up the inside for our slashers (among other skills) ... yes, please ... hes gotta be able to run the floor, though - alot. does he do that?
  15. Dang it! I tried to be smart ... but failed. You clearly said scoring, not td drives. Kinda like an internet grammar cop who uses bad grammar to correct someone ... this is me sheepishly walking away in shame ...