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  1. I have always had a general problem with how tightly refs call college basketball, in general ... but some of these have been excruciating
  2. If we had played like this every game, we'd have this loss and Purdue ... with the remainder as wins
  3. Kentuckys quickness is obscene hitting FT's might be helpful
  4. Getting away from us and the crowd is back into it proud of how this team has played kentucky is crazy talented
  5. Btw, this run was with no freshman on the floor
  6. Just read through some of the thread. Dunnans is better than 50% from the field and displaying the most energy on our team ... and getting meg dogged for it? Y'all are nuts
  7. Lang plays way smaller than his height. My concern about Lang ... I don't really know what his role is? He isn't scoring a bunch, not a rebounding threat from outside, I don't think much offense runs through him and i don't perceive him to be a notable defender. Maybe it's his experience and trustworthiness ... kind of similar to Waddell getting more minutes.
  8. Leadership in athletics can be tricky. Ultimately the most ideal leader will be older, have supreme work ethic, be good at an important position, be a difference maker during play ... and have a solid personality. If they are charismatic amongst their teammates then that is a bonus. Notice I didn't say "liked" necessarily ... but must be respected. you can have people be leaders by example but there needs to be a vocal leader. a coach can empower a player to be a leader, but ultimately players have to sort it out. Someone has to do it ... otherwise the "leadership" will regress to the mean. the freshmen this year can't do it till later on in the season and then they may ruffle some feathers, but it is part of the process. its that nebulous "team chemistry" thing that can make teams play above themselves if they have it and below themselves if they don't.
  9. wow that is very unfortunate. weren't there similar things said about the improvements to Jordan Hare?
  10. in the georgia game, our youth really showed ... at that was at home. Vandy and kentucky are gonna be really tough away games. i've never really understood why the away teams have such problems (think of the basketball court measuring scene in Hoosiers ...) ... i'm a geeky engineer so I dont understand that sort of thing, but it is real in college basketball and vandy is tough for seasoned teams. with this youth, the highs will be high and the lows will be exhausting. it is what it is. i dont know the makeup of vandy, but any veteran team is going to give our guys trouble, particularly when we are the visitors. Charhair makes a good point ... our guys are going to start hitting the fatigue wall and that will be a tough place mentally against typically physical sec foes.
  11. I was thinking today about how much my orange and blue soul needs the winter/spring sports to lift me up out of my college sports doldrums ... then I remembered all these sports consist of young college athletes ... who just happen to attend the same university I graduated from. it reinforced that what I want most from these athletes is their best efforts they can give and a positive winning attitude. this basketball team, so far, has had that. I expect another gut wrencher or 2 like the Georgia game mixed with a bunch of good moments - perhaps a few great ones - before the season is over. War Eagle!
  12. it would be a slight risk for some talented kids. Wiley had these going for him: very talented basketball player apparently a good student because the ncaa and sec cleared him relatively quickly fore-site and planning by him and his family to put himself in this position went to a school that desperately needed a player at his position willing parents willing college coach and what i think is the most important thing that made this work ... both parents went to the college he goes to. he has probably been to auburn many, many times through his youth and had an innate comfort with auburn that many new college students dont have. i think a lot of kids will try this and it will seem like a short term failure ... but assuming they are strong willed and talented, the full year of playing will still pay off. i dont think there will be some overwhelming success rate with the first "half" year of this pending phenomenon of 1.5 and dones.
  13. Wow ... this game has turned on its head. Ouch.
  14. Fun first half if not for georgias FT shooting ... hard for me to tell but seems like we got guys playing all over the place. Lots and lots of contributors
  15. I like the idea of heron at 2 i hope that reduces his rebounding responsibilities. He is so good going to the glass, imagine if he is more free to fast break. i think all of this switching requires spencer to play the 4 and to have about 8 pts and 7-ish boards a game with a block or 2. My feeling is if he can't do that then he will be sitting and watching mclemore get his minutes. Because mclemore is gonna get to the glass. regarding brown ... if heron is moved then brown better light it up from outside or he won't see the court very much