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  1. mustache eagle

    Not liking this new 4 game rule

    I like the 4 game rule because it gives players more power. I'd like for the team to have some ability to offset the losses. This sounds like a reasonable way to do so.
  2. mustache eagle

    2018 Women's Soccer

    Watched about 30 min of first half. LSU defenders were big, physical and faster than us. Appears we could not finish. That was an issue last year but not as much this year till last night. btw, the male announcer for LSU last night was horrible. Please have at least a passing knowledge of a sport you are announcing ... good grief. I thought the lady did a fine job.
  3. mustache eagle

    Tip-off at Toomer’s

    There are a couple of toomers webcams... might have to be adjusted!
  4. mustache eagle

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs. LSU

    Well ... hope we weathered the storm. Let’s play better. That was not the quarter I expected.
  5. mustache eagle

    Dixie 1860 Passes Away

    Rest easy Dixie! I pray comfort and peace for your family and friends.
  6. mustache eagle

    What do you want to see in week 2?

    i hope we are in a position to have our number 2 offensive skill players in the game running the full offense in the 2nd quarter ... yes i said it ... i want willis to have heisman like stats from halfway through the 2nd quarter through half the 4th quarter. Then let Cord have the last couple of series. Get Tolbert a TD ... I want stidham back at his house getting an ice bath and drinking a smoothie watching the half time show.
  7. mustache eagle

    Injuries after Game 1

    i assume every sec team has a list similar to this after a tough game. unfortunately, a lot of these injuries/pains will linger on for a while also.
  8. mustache eagle

    John Broussard has left the team

    OK so I wasn’t crazy there is some precedent. Of course they put the new transfer rules in place which won’t allow a kid to talk w another college first. Guess he could always use an intermediary like his high school coach? anyways ... just something, a possible trend, to keep an eye on.
  9. mustache eagle

    John Broussard has left the team

    a year or 2 ago, there was some advantages to transferring early season. I dont recall the specifics, but is it too late to transfer to a JUCO this year and be eligible to play D1 after the first game next year? Also, with the new redshirt rule, we may see more kids quit after 2-3 games once they see where they are in the pecking order. anyone remember the transfer thing ... didnt a rival qb do it one of the last 2 years?
  10. mustache eagle

    When and when not to look for the ball.

    Required reading for AUFamily membership?
  11. mustache eagle


    ^^^what he said^^^
  12. mustache eagle

    2019 4* SDE/DT Jaren Handy Commits to AU!!!

    Looks like he’s trolling to me
  13. I'd guess that it has more to do with the high school season. He mentioned that he would concentrate on school/football. I'd guess he'd pick recruiting back up in earnest beginning next year. Seems like the kid just needs a break from it all. Good for him. Of course I want all the best recruits to love Auburn, to be right for Auburn and themselves and come back in to the fold ...
  14. mustache eagle

    2018 Women's Soccer

    Not Sunday’s game. Louisiana simply went “park the bus”. Apparently, according to the announcers, that coach will use early non-conf games to tweak his team and isn’t super concerned about results. He may have been experimenting with his team. I think he thought it was his best chance to win against AU. For the first half it seemed reasonable but fell apart at the hour mark
  15. this will lock us in for Webb ... I'm sure that is what the master plan is ... if clark ends up elsewhere, it will be a bummer. sounded like he may have been underrated. this is the one time where i actually thought we'd get a kid to flip another to us. i guess it did, but in the wrong direction.