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  1. Duke and fsu are the only teams to score in the 80's against Florida - 84 and 83. Both losses for Florida. ... and then we score 95?! crazy!
  2. Outside of the shooting the stats are similar. they had 42 FT attempts! and look at how many dang FG attempts we had! 95 points in a loss. Crazy. First game heron doesn't go for double digits this year. He had a poor game from the floor - at least the stats say so
  3. Height does not equal big. Saiz plays bigger than he is. tj Lang doesn't play anywhere close to his 6'7" bryce brown plays way bigger than Lang. Leron smith doesn't play his height. Maybe a little bit as a shot blocker. Definitely not on O. Heck Waddell plays bigger than his size next year ... Wiley will be a monster
  4. Well, I said 5-2 yesterday morning. Therefore we have to go 5-1 now with the loss to only to either Florida or arky... plus an sec tourney win. seems unlikely, but it ain't over till it's over ... amirite!!!!! (Ummmm, that would be one heck of a story)
  5. there has been a couple of specific moments this team lacked effort. Last night was not an effort problem. It was a composed team took advantage of an non-composed team. as far as giving no CBP a hard time for his coaching - I'll give cole props here - we needed size on the court. Leron smith played double digit minutes after not playing any for a few games. Heck Waddell played and he is typically on the court as a "big" and for his composure and trustworthyness. He has never had the athleticism. CBP tried to put experienced size on the court even if it wasn't as talented because spencer was out. the announcers even discussed at beginning of game - it was their experience vs our athleticism. Our young athleticism lost. Everyone can be ticked about our rate of improvement but we are still playing guys that were high school seniors and 1 junior this time last year. Being mad about it doesn't make that fact different. it still sucks to lose a game like that and I never imagined this team would blow a 23 point lead against ole miss. but for all the peeps that are mad at CBP about the game implosion - he is the same coach that had them overcome an 8 point deficit to go up by 23.
  6. I watched a recording of the game ... first half was awesome! second half was nauseatingly bad ... its in their head now.
  7. Wonder if Casey has them down no something different at the plate that will take some time to get used to?
  8. This guy and spencer splitting time at the 4 ... with the new recruit next year ... that'd be solid or is this guy supposed to be a 5. I'm afraid sec bugs would boss him around i just can't figure where mclemore best fits. Seems the 4 would be better but he is producing at 5 even though he is way undersized.
  9. just based on what others have said ... 5-2 if one of the wins is arky/fl and a loss isn't missouri/lsu. seems like 1 tourney win is just about a must from what everyone is writing on here.
  10. I think it was pawlowski ... scheduled cupcake OOC. We still lost some of em and missed post season once or maybe twice. This board went ballistic about the pathetic OOC. it might be different now, but it was a problem within the last 10 years
  11. i never cared about softball a few years ago ... but now ... my blood pressure is up and i have butter flies because the first softball game of the year (on neutral ground), with the #1 and #2 teams in the country are playing in a close game ... you have to love college sports!
  12. Is it my imagination or is this field crap?!
  13. Yeah, they could have played better at the end. But we didn't fall apart completely and we pulled out the win. the difference between auburn/msu is much smaller than Kentucky/lsu. We gave up a 20 point lead to win by 6. Kentucky gave up a 25 point lead to win by 7 also at home. it happens. We won. Rock on!
  14. We have Carlson! And his kid bro! who needs a stinkin ST coach!
  15. Garner to TE? rocker to DL?