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  1. Somebody tweet her the "tag with ball rule" from rule book
  2. We've been hosed this year by calls at the plate. I'll take this one. also ... when the play was live ... our camera view from behind the plate it appeared she bobbled the ball during the "tag". She didn't bobble but the ump had a similar view as we did live. good point about tagging with ball although that wasn't what he called
  3. That strikeout pitch was higher than the previous pitch called for a ball
  4. Couldn't catch up to the high fastball. 3 swings were behind
  5. What's the better play? get lead at 3rd or turn the double play?
  6. Smallish strike zone today it appears. Carlson already starting to pitch down and away, up and in, and periodically change up down and away - for a ball each of the 4 or 5 times she pitched it. the inside fastball they hit in the first and she didn't throw that again in the second
  7. They played a great game. The entire lineup, pitching, fielding and base running. Very very solid win. They also looked more focused. I'm all for playing loose in dugout but they seemed to be in to the game more
  8. Comparing anyone, particularly a yet to be realized future Auburn NBA star, to Cam Newton is not a good comparison. For the love of Mike, people all over the globe were dabbing - primarily because Cam Newton was doing it on international TV for millions to see. As soon as we have a basketball player come through and is that dynamic ... I'll be right there with ya. I'd love to see the day it happens.
  9. Actually, we don't have to live with it. I would imagine that AU64 and I are in the minority, but if there is a will there's a way ... recruit great student athletes that want 4 year degrees before they leave ... somehow the "will" would need to be required. Like I said, we may be in the minority ... Also to this line of discussion ... really and truly, who are the "recent" notable/great Auburn players who have come back to Auburn and tried to make a difference. I guess guys we Auburn fans would consider great, cause there haven't been many recent universally recognized "greats". Frankie Sullivan and Marquis Daniels ... anybody else? I don't even put Porter in this category. Yes, he has shown up on campus, but has he tried to help the program? Anybody else? I can't think of anyone.
  10. I don't know why ... but this doesn't "feel" right ... can't explain it.
  11. I don't have a dog in yalls discussion ... but I'm thought I'd throw out there the lower batting average across the sec this year. Isn't it something like 40 points lower this year? It doesn't completely account for specific players numbers but it is a universal issue
  12. I'd hate to face lsu in the post season they seem to be coming in to form
  13. Last night we simply got beat by an excellent pitcher. Nobody was gonna hit that guy last night. The other 4 losses are just ...
  14. Once klobo entered the game it was a sure enough pitchers duel. if klobo pitched like that every outing, we'd have some serious starting pitching. That gives me some encouragement come tourney time
  15. Trust me ... be glad your missing this one. 2 bright spots - klobo looks good in relief and ingraham is 2-2 with a couple good at bats. everything else ... not so much. well, we've had a few nice defensive plays. If not for the first inning disaster and our inability to hit Lange ...