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  1. I’m curious how this may impact colleges? Solid recruiters like CBT take advantage of kids opting for college. https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/29795127/why-mlb-minor-leagues-know-end-sept-30 also ... I’ve openly wondered if the b-ball gleague will have a similar issue?
  2. ... but a most welcome reminder in the appropriate thread ...
  3. And like the rest of my previous comments ... there are risks associated with most everything. Driving, drugs, Alcohol, influenza, etc... your well-being is constantly affected by others. As an example - our society has decided that 40k to 60k people dying yearly of the flu is reasonable - with the yearly vaccines and virtually zero other behavioral changes like we are now seeing with masks/distancing. It is common place for kids being sent to school sick to which people get upset by it but we don’t have these type response across the board. Maybe a school here or there will react.
  4. Whether you realize it or not your Life is a constant series of risk assessments. We can play the statistics game with dang near everything. Driving. Lightning. Lifestyle. Smoking. Drinking. Influenza. Covid. random bits of rationale, news and watching people break down stats has me believing that people in their 50’s and younger who are generally healthy, should go live their lives - be courteous and understanding of those who are higher risk - but go live. i can give my own personal examples but my own personal risk assessment of covid is equal to that of the flu. Go liv
  5. Can’t speak for other fields, but It’s amazing how successful engineers have been who took classes in Ramsey, Parker and Haley ... but hey let’s keep raising cost while slinging schollys to a few people ... it’s all gotten me more cynical than I already was. IMO I’m finding no increase in competency or ability in grads now with the higher costs than when tuition was less than $400 a quarter. but yes unfortunately the shiny new things are popular.
  6. My AU student got it. Mild flu symptoms, no fever, lost taste ... for 3 ish days and headache for 2 that said was really the only thing that bothered. They stayed in their apt and did their school work. of course don’t get me started on the cost of college for what is provided right now. Crap return on investment. I predict the look back in a couple years is gonna be angry
  7. Is he gonna play the 4? Tunde at 5? Most kids will have issues at the 5 in the sec... if he’s at the 4 then I think weight is much less of a concern if he shows some alpha aggressiveness. I’ll let u guys W knowledge discuss nba
  8. Yes In your opinion what is the acceptable number of times he should have been shot? Should the officer wait until the unknown weapon is pointed at him before shooting the acceptable number of times?
  9. A couple more lottery picks and deep tourney runs over a couple more years and there Won’t be much that other programs will be able to hold over CBP and auburn (other than trophy’s from time gone by) Success on the court, tv exposure, dynamic home court, excellent education, draft picks and the one thing the other schools can’t touch ... family vibe on the plains.
  10. Additionally, if there is multiple strains of covid ... the repeat infection could be different strain? Medical peeps?
  11. Well ... if I recall ... “the nip” was more than football ... but the approach of something greater ...
  12. Hope they figure out a way for students to attend also
  13. For a simplistic answer ... because of their youth and they are entering a big boy business world.
  14. Can’t help but think there will be a majority of these GL kids who regret these decisions. Just a hunch ...
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