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  1. please please please Okeke stay!!!!!!! one more year?!?!?!? I always want our athletes to do what is best for themselves ... but if he is willing to gamble on himself (and CBP), next year could be a freakish year for Auburn bball. If for some crazy reason Harper, Okeke and Wiley all stay, Auburn bball will be in all of the national discussions for the preseason and entire season next year with legit deep ncaa run capability. Next year could cement the golden years of Auburn bball and Okeke could be central to that and move himself up to top echelon of the draft. ^^^^^complete homer comments above^^^^^
  2. I actually think next year stacks up to possibly be an all time great season for Auburn .... IF and DEPENDING on the non-seniors pro decisions. A case can be made for Harper, Okeke and Wiley all leaving ... or staying (this assumes purifoy stays as he has indicated). If for some miracle they all stay and we inject the 5 new guys to replace the 3 seniors, we could be a scary good team. with improved athleticism, length and more balanced scoring. Our D style will probably stay the same, but we will be able to score from every position. After that, all 4 of the guys mentioned will leave (plus Amac) and the 5 new guys (plus johnson) will be here and be experienced with 5 more new guys coming in the fold. If we can hang on to 2 of the 3 listed in first paragraph ... we should have a really good basketball at Auburn for the foreseeable future. I just got pumped thinking about it!
  3. ok you bball geeks ... like in baseball, will the altitude affect our outside shooting? I may be setting myself to get creamed for that question ... With our size advantage, do we play all out crazy D and let the O flow through our bigs? Lots of drives to the basket by our 3's, oops to our 4/5's and a bunch of work for wiley? will the altitude really affect our legs and our pressure D? even if we go 10 deep?
  4. Give him an average salary and bonus him like crrrrraaaazzzy. Give him a mil for reg season title. 350k for sec tourney. High Bonuses for grades. Etc...
  5. I’ll quote myself! need minimum 4 more of those DP!
  6. UT was gassed end of last game ... we need to run these guys
  7. Btw ... awesome take to the basket by DP do that about 5 more times and put some fouls on their bigs
  8. That may or may not be a foul but that was 2! 2! Guys fighting for position. Crap call. That’s a no call or you better call that on Williams next time
  9. Hate hate hate these camera angles. somebody over thought that
  10. Wiley muscling their guys and gets the strong block. We need him for 10+ Minutes today
  11. 8 minutes in and a combined 2 offensive rebounds
  12. Nice! Have watched my fair share of girls soccer. Love watching my kids play.
  13. Seems we’ve hit into above average DP’s this year
  14. Strike zone has been noticeably higher today than yesterday