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  1. I don’t believe Bucky ball will translate to college. In theory ... absolutely yes. But, the way it is played in high school would foul out your entire team n college. It’ll be fun to watch him try. samford will be a good place for him to give it a go. A community that knows his style, pulling some local kids ... he’ll be able to make things work with a bunch of “try-hard” kids.
  2. Generally speaking, I completely agree with this post. I’m on record on this forum as saying that buying Flo out was nothing to the athletic dept. At the time I said that I had assumed wrongly she was making about half what she makes. I was shocked she made this much and that the buyout is what it is. unfortunately the “university“ (regardless of who it actually was) made a bad hiring and contractural decision. again, who is gonna spend 1.8 mil in the present environment. of course there is a headline Behind the pay wall on AUC that says “huge coaching move in women’s hoops”. There are no likes, so I assume it isn’t auburn related.
  3. In the middle of this economic disaster... Auburn isn’t gonna throw away 1.8 mil to get rid of a non-rev coach. The optics would be horrific. They can hide behind the minimal recent success a year or 2 ago and ride this out. I hate it but she’s the coach unless fans themselves stroke a check. Nobody is gonna buy her contract.
  4. I agree. I think CBP wants a 5 who can shoot. Think that is why we went after Kessler. At that time he was A Georgia lean and we pursued him hard. cbp will work with whoever but it sure does open the floor when the 5’s are standing at the 3 pt line!
  5. Ciampi want to take pity on his former school and help a brutha out ... volunteer coach ... kidding (not kidding)
  6. I think he answered those questions ... the season was unexpectedly bad. The transfers were not expected pre season. Coronavirus overrules most everything right now ... particularly a sport at or near the bottom of the pecking order. He may simply not have time. not to mention he cleared house we he started and may not have anyone to delegate it to. Oh, yea plus the buy out price. Who’s gonna pay it?
  7. I’m starting to feel a couple of transfer players a year is a solid recruiting tactic. You get guys who are solid, will sit a year and train in your system, are Almost guaranteed to be on your roster when you need them and you can recruit knowing you have them. our 11th-13th scholly guys played so little this year, the roster management upside could be of bigger benefit
  8. On 247, mark murphy has a thread response to someone that Leath was the one responsible for flo’s extension. Greene may be simply managing the situation as best he can. Y’all remember ... someone has to write the check to buy her out. Who’s gonna write the check to buy out the women’s b-ball coach? She needs to be gone. It just may not be simple. You’ll have to pull the money from somewhere else in the athletic dept budget. Who are you gonna pull it from? id bet she is gone within the month but it’ll be painful. None of our sports should be viewed this poorly.
  9. @AURex Scholarships are yearly I believe and we may not renew Some of the old guys ... that’s when Some of the “backups” magically start looking for playing time elsewhere. Most are probably on scholly through May, then renewed or not. could be wrong about all that.
  10. Ward chases one and bales him out i was hoping a bases clearing double was Comin
  11. Don’t want to be mean but this guy doesn’t appear to be on the same workout regimen as the other players
  12. 19 pitch inning and counting this kid looks like he may not hold up well in long innings but fire in short ones
  13. I’m not saying wiley isn’t committing fouls but he’s getting pummeled on O and no calls.
  14. In the past we have gotten okoro the ball at the free throw line which has worked against the zone why not now?
  15. 10 auburn guys have played 8 have taken and missed a 3 jvon and wiley the exceptions