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  1. One of my past complaints ... we need to obliterate some of our lesser opponents and let our backups run the full offense for extended game time. We need to have some of those guys better repped for 2020. We’ll have the skill guys that could benefit from good play by guys in this thread.
  2. I find this kids list interesting because of the teams he did not list. UCLA about the only blue blood but far in the rear view.
  3. That was the biggest revelation to me ... I was surprised at how much I DONT miss all the tv I had became accustomed to be exposed to. I really felt like our family gained time back in our lives.
  4. I agree that Murray seems like a whiny guy but my main point is the written article doesn’t represent the audio.
  5. Do it! we had the same set up as you plus more cost due to dvr’s. We saved nearly $150 a month. Dropped our house phone also. Started w sling O&B then switched to Hulu w live tv - we didn’t have great luck w hd antennas. There will be a little bit of a learning curve. There will be a few things that you’ll realize don’t work the same as cable. But it’s all worth it. Also you can switch services every month till you find what you like best.
  6. How many people actually listened to the Murray interview? it was on a radio show and most of it was just good football banter with a lot of tongue in cheek. Scumbag sports “journalist” got the clickbait and discussions he was looking for. the tone of the written article is clearly not in alignment with the audio.
  7. I wouldn’t think so. I would have assumed a college pres nowadays would have a pretty healthy severance/sunset/golden parachute package out the door. But with our BOT, nothing would surprise me ...The story of those morons giving gus the $49 mil extension and the way it went down ...
  8. I wish CBP would have asked me this last basketball season and I would have told him to skip Watford and go straight to Jones. The kid is smooth and can play/shoot from everywhere. Not afraid to pass the ball or shoot it. Of course that is coming from me ... self-admitted know nothing ... I never saw Mark play. I will say I was always more impressed with Jones than I was with Watford. To me, Jones' game will translate to college better as a 2 than Watford will translate to college as a 3 - i dont think he is big enough to be a 4. 247 says he is 6-9, but I thought he was 6-7
  9. It truly is a crazy world Auburn basketball finds itself in nowadays. I love the idea of keeping these kids 2-3 years regardless of how good they are. The continuity within the team would be helped. The hard part for me with the comparisons to other players - I love watching Auburn play, but really am only a casual fan with the rest of the SEC and even less so with the rest of the country and almost non-existent with the NBA. I had to google darius garland, then I remembered who he is. I hope we show Mark some love. He has family ties and is good enough to recruit casually at a minimum, particularly with inroads to the Alabama AAU teams. EDIT: my last sentence got me thinking ... the whole AAU issues Auburn got slapped for when Ellis was here. I did a casual review of the Alabama Fusion web page. I did not see a single name on there that Auburn has been associated with. We are not apparently recruiting Sears. We didn't get a sniff with Watford ... which a lot of people have wondered why we were never associated there. This scant casual talk about Colby Jones ... is it because he has only made waves this most recent season or because Auburn and this fusion team arent on speaking terms??? I know this has been shot down before, but is there an issue because they are a Nike team? Which cant be, because AOT is Nike and we are trying to recruit there whole dang team. Makes me wonder if there is an issue with Auburn and this Fusion program?
  10. It’s crazy to think that CBP is elevating the Auburn talent level that a kid this talented isn’t recruited. CBP has said a lot in the past that he wants kids to stay in this state. Out of respect, I hope we show this kid some love even if we are only taking 1 PG. I guess the size disadvantage could be these guys lack of size to play at the 2 in order to split time. @cole256 this may be a loaded question and appears purely academic at this point assuming cooper is in the barn ... who’s better - sears or cooper?
  11. Clearly I was referring to cooper being a walk on ... just kidding
  12. I’m still holding out hope that cooper is finishing up summer school classes and will show up on campus next month ... I kid I kid ... sorta ...
  13. I’m hoping it’s a formality kind of thing ... like judge sentencing someone to time already served.
  14. In the past I would have second guessed our recruiting philosophy but I don’t with CBP. There has to be an explanation?! We may not agree with it but surely there is some logic why this kid isn’t getting recruited? harper and mclemore has shown that CBP won’t rule a kid out due to measurables for a position.
  15. Normally I would agree somewhat, but in this case and with these circumstances - and most importantly with CBP as our coach - I dont think we miss a beat with basketball prospects. Fans and the scumbag sports media will have a field day with it. IMO It wont affect the team moving forward.