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  1. May be one of those sec tourneys where we try and get the first win and then go Johnny all staff in next couple games prepping for regionals
  2. There is a lot of players that are not playing to their capabilities ... one baffling nuance is the number of strike 2’s that julien is watching go right down the middle.
  3. He needs a team who structures his contract based off not being productive next year put values his upside. I’d assume a team with an extra pick, already a great team or willing to use their second round pick assuming he’ll heal and his upside.
  4. This wasn’t a dig at their effort or their ability. I think we have the talent to compete with anyone ... something is going on between their ears - collectively. For the sake of my leadership comment, I think there is only so much a pitcher can do. There is also only so much underclassmen can do. 2 of our upperclassmen are new this year. It kind of leaves holland and Davis to be the torch bearers. They are good kids but we had 5 or so guys from last years team that were the rocks and were - from an outsiders perspective - more outspoken emotional leaders. The kind of guys that could, by their innate ability to change/boost team chemistry, raise a julien or Williams out of their funk, as an example. The kind of guys who could will a team to a couple of additional close wins when we had RISP.
  5. I put this years funk on the players. Lack of leadership ... last years team had a bunch of fire. They all left. IMO only ward has shown that this year.
  6. That arky game is the one that really sticks out to me. I’m not even gonna blink at the sweep at vandy. That team is unreal. the pitchers in this league! Miss st, vandy ... the monsters from Georgia this last weekend ... does any staff in the country have that velocity?!
  7. Some auburn guys playing regular nba minutes and I might actually watch the nba
  8. A “3-star” type player becomes a difference maker in college and beyond because he has “5-star” determination and work ethic. “Not feeling the love” type of comments ain’t it ...
  9. I assume fuller goes Thursday. Butch made a comment about the Friday/ Saturday guys staying the same against ga and LSU. butch made a comment a couple weeks ago that I thought was an unintended dig at Gabe. That is part of the deal since he has given up so much control. id guess that Gabe has tried to “trust” his veteran hitters like CBP does with his vet shooters. Holland showed life recently.
  10. Ump has a tight strike zone and it is up a bit.
  11. They didn’t have a ton of hits yesterday but they did make pretty good contact fairly often. There are a couple kids struggling but I’d say most of the lineup seemed fairly locked in. We had a few solid line drives caught at first and third.
  12. I worry most about our PG as a distributor next year. I’m hoping we have more consistent scoring from our 3 & 5 positions. I don’t see our PG scoring 15 per game next year. Jvon did great with his speed not necessarily his passing. Every player was crucial at some point during the year. CBP is gonna have to build the next team differently - but it’ll require 10 players to contribute.
  13. Makes me wonder if they have very little true player leadership within the team. A few years ago, it "felt" like some of those great players were also great team leaders. That can matter in sports, but a lot more in girls sports, at least in my experience.