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  1. I’ve always thought the gleague route is short term thinking for these one and done types. Whatever they make from a gleague contract I would assume - I got no facts - would be made up and more from the increase in your brand. may or may not be a better baller ... but weekly highlights on ESPN for average fans to see during a college season vs the smaller group of hardcore nba fans. not to mention you have a college, coaches, fan base and it’s connections to fall back on.
  2. ... and this is the recipe for winning. I don’t begrudge the kid for wanting minutes. But ... less minutes on a winning team or more on an ok team ... I want the competitor who wants to help a team win championships.
  3. Add a pg to that list and I’ll take that group of players any day. Bowers may be my favorite cbp era player. He was a double double machine on very average at best teams. Heron was an automatic 15-6 guy every night.
  4. Crazy ... in years gone by desi would have been top of the list now we are putting him on the back burner. Rock on CBP!
  5. Yep this year sucks but W-L doesn’t tell the story in the sec. hes 3 out 5 ncaa tourneys. 2016 was a throwaway and last year doesn’t count. 2 regional champs no. 1 overall draft pick and another 1st rounder. Until this year the starters have blossomed under him. and a single out away from 2 trips to Omaha. That doesn’t exactly suck. This year sucks. No doubt about it. But give me a break on the hot seat talk based on W-L. That simply doesn’t apply in the sec like other conferences/sports.
  6. I don’t think the NCAA has much leverage. They could possibly use their TV contracts as some kind of bargaining chip alongside ESPN? only other thing I can think of ... and I’ve mentioned this before ... rule all kids who play AAU bball as ineligible for college. You essentially force kids to decide if they want to be pros or amateur athletes early high school. It’ll reduce the quality of play on the court for a bit but I’d think the bball talented kids that go college route will be more mature, better nba players after 2-4 years. Also, if you eliminate the 1 and dones then the talent
  7. Imagine the realistic 6’10” combo of Kessler, jabari and Thor on the floor at the same time hitting 3’s and opening the lane.
  8. Humor? Sarcasm? look up a few posts and you’ll see I point out this is a good thing although selfishly I’m partly bummed ...
  9. We just need to recruit shorter super talented PG’s that don’t fit the nba mold ala Harper ...
  10. The guy was a douche troll ... absolutely guarantee he has come back and read every post in this thread. That’s what a loser like him would do.
  11. Very happy for cooper very sad as an AU fan year after year first rounders - yeah that be goooooooood! We movin on up!
  12. Or it was a jump on board or the spot may be gone scenario...
  13. How bout temporary irritable bowel syndrome?
  14. It’s weird ... some of these players transferring would have been starters pre-CBP. I want us to have a great bball team but i hope that will always include likable players who fans can grow fond of through their longevity at the program. I really enjoyed okoro and he seems like a great kid but as a fan there was more of an attachment with okeke given that single extra year. Even more so with Harper given his 3rd year.
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