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  1. It appears to me that CHF and CPM have evaluated our quarterbacks and are looking for an upgrade to what we currently have. They see lots of potential in Ashford and Geriner. So far, no one (except McCall) have what they want. Once they find what they are looking for, we'll go after them hard. If no one appears, we may take someone to give us another body in the room but that won't happen until the spring. I'm ok with RA and HG if our coaches are.
  2. Brandon Jacobs was a missile on special teams.
  3. So if a coach has been selected and signed, when do you think the announcement will happen? Saturday night? Sunday? Wait until Monday?
  4. Most people don't know Jerry Clower was always on time, always prepared, always did what he said he was going to do, his word was his bond. He was a true southern gentleman and as funny as they come!
  5. The word I heard was several of those fired were not recruiting and were a big part of the problems within the football complex. Maybe Schmedding was continuing to recruit and promote AU. I recall a coaching change a number of years ago where linebackers coach Joe Whitt held the recruiting class together between coaches with no assurance of a job after the new HC was hired. He said, "it was the right thing to do." That's the kind of man we want coaching our players.
  6. Ashford reminds me of Charlie Ward at FSU. There were bumper stickers around Tallahassee that said “Honk if you’ve intercepted Charlie Ward”. He had more int’s than TD’s. Always throwing to the wrong guy, but was an amazing athlete. Once he figured it out, no one could stop him. Hope RA can develop like that.
  7. I recall back in the day, we used to run a double screen at the top of the key. Chuck Person would come around the screen and hit a 3 every time. Even when the D knew what was coming, they couldn't stop him. They didn't call him the rifleman for nothing! I could see Jabari doing the same thing. His smooth release at the top of his jump is also great to watch.
  8. I agree. I rarely post but frequently check what’s happening on the AU forums. The past two weeks have been extremely entertaining!!!😁
  9. Could you imagine what the forum would have been like in 1998 and 1999? Terry Bowden was being canned with all kinds of accusations swirling around him and the athletic department. Then “Brother” Bill Oliver gets the interim coach title. When he’s not chosen to be the head coach, he sues the university for breach of contract because the PTB had told him he’d be the new coach if he’d help them oust CTB. Tuberville inherited a mess and eventually won 6 in a row vs Alabama! If we think this is bad, you only have to go back to the 1998-1999 seasons to realize it could be worse!
  10. I was in Auburn for most of the Sonny Smith years. Those were great times. We’d get to the coliseum early and grab front row seats in the student section. Lots of memories of Barkley, Frank Ford, Gerald White, Chuck Person. That was the golden era of AU sports - baseball, basketball, and football all were competitive and had great coaches. My wife is from Auburn and knew the Smith family well. Sonny’s a great and genuine Auburn man. So happy for him.
  11. It’s got to be tough for Mason to be an assistant coach again. He’s been a head coach and had a taste of being in charge. It could be hard on him to not be the boss. Having been in Harsin’s shoes, he may have strong opinions on how the program should be run. Maybe he sees more opportunity to move back into a head coaching position from another program not in the SEC. I had a employee that was promoted into a management position. He was unhappy having to manage other people so went back to his previous position. Then he wasn’t happy with the way the new manager handled things and eventually left the company. The fact he had no power to change his boss after he had been there was too much for him.
  12. Jimbo can recruit there's no doubt. But once all these 5 stars get to TAMU, can he keep them together. That's going to be a locker room full of egos and self absorbed athletes. So far, only CNS has been successful at that. Jury's still out on Kirby and Jimbo IMHO.
  13. I don’t think that’s the way that play was drawn up
  14. Is there a list somewhere of 2021 starters that aren’t playing in our bowl game? Did I miss it?
  15. For AU to move on, someone's got to beat him out. So far he's the best we got. That being said. I agree that he has the opportunity to be exceptional if he continues to improve thru next season.
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