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  1. I'd remind your Alabama friend that during our 7-0 run of Ironbowl wins under Tubs that storming the field wasn't a thing. Of course, UA wasn't very good during those years. It wan't as big of a deal as it is to beat a national juggernaut like UA is under Saban.
  2. AU64, You may not be talking to the right people. The administration at the College of Veterinary Medicine is very aware of the high cost of tuition and have been working to create scholarships or financial aid for vet school students. Call the Dean's office and speak to Dr Dan Givens - Associate Dean for academics and an all around good guy . His office is extremely helpful and he's always available to talk to prospective students.
  3. I had 3 sons go to AU - Aerospace; Accounting/Finance; History/Economics. All 3 had similar credentials coming out of high school. The oldest got a huge scholarship thru the legacy scholarship program - tuition, $1,500 stipend for new laptop and calculator, and $1,500 for study abroad his junior year.. The second got about 50% of what the first got - it had been watered down over the 3 years between them. And the third got about 50% of what the second got - watered down yet again. Unfortunately, AU continues to enjoy 100% enrollment even with the high price tag. If enrollment were to falter, the PTB may increase scholarships to maintain their numbers, but no need to as long as they're turning students away.
  4. Thanks StatTiger. Always look forward to your insightful numbers.
  5. It’s going to be a great battle between Nix and Gatewood for the starting position. Willis and Sandburg have some ground to make up to get back into the competition.
  6. If I recall correctly, Jerry Rice did the same thing with the 49ers. Blew out his knee, came back too soon, blew out the recently reconstructed knee early in the season. Then he sat out the entire year got proper rehab and had another all pro year. Even with all of the medical advancements - nothing speeds up regrowth of ligamentous tissue.
  7. What a great season. I attended AU during the Sonny Smith, Charles Barkley, Chick Person era. It was a blast to attend games and watch AU play. This team plays as a unit like the guys did in the 80’s. Fun, unselfish basketball for sure. Thanks Bruce Pearl, Spencer, Brown, Mitchell, Murray, McLemore, Heron, Harper, Okeke, Dunbar for making AU basketball great again!!
  8. Neon Deion couldn’t tackle either and he did ok at corner...
  9. Will Wiley and Purifoy be allowed to travel with the team? This team needs a great xperience to prepare them for next year.
  10. 57 Male Tallahassee, FL 1982 Accounting & 1987 Veterinary Medicine Note: My wife was born and raised in Auburn. All three of our boys have graduated from Auburn.
  11. Very impressive win today. 1/3 of the way thru the 2nd half Jared Harper scored to make it 60-33. It gave him 11 pts. Before that we had no one in double digit scoring! That's playing selfless basketball. 58 pts and we've don't have anybody in double digits? Hats off to Bruce to get these guys to play so well together.
  12. My perspective on Gus reminds me of Florida State in the 80's. Bobby Bowden came to FSU in the late 70's and had two very successful years right away to set expectations. They then went through several years of 7-8 win seasons and there was talk of making a change. Then, Bowden put things together as a head coach with two great coordinators (Brad Scott, Mickey Andrews). FSU then had an unprecedented run of something like 14 seasons finishing in the top 5!! When Bobby roamed the sidelines checking on players and keeping a pulse on the team and the flow of the game, everybody was happy. But, if something was going awry with the offense and he started putting on his headphones, the FSU boosters would begin to moan about here comes a bone headed play. This appears to me to be much like the Gus of 2017. I hope we're about to have a dominant run of success!! War Eagle!!
  13. Funny story: The Tiger Paws used to be right in front of us at ball games. We have 3 boys (all grown up now). When they were little they were all about Aubie and War Eagle. Then their eyes turned to the football players and the game. THEN, they discovered the Tiger paws and would be mesmerized by the girls dancing in front of us. All 3 wound up going to Auburn. I'm not sure if it was Abbie, the team, or the Tiger paws that influenced their love of Auburn the most!!!
  14. Players' parents seats are in Section 7 about rows 7-20. Right behind AU bench. You have to watch out what you say in these seats. Marcus Mcneal's parents sat next to us one year. Marcus missed his block on one play and I wasn't about to yell at him - both his parents are much bigger than I am!
  15. KJ was on the sideline still in pads with no brace and no ice after his injury.