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  1. Then there’s the majority. Is Gus an idiot? No. We’ve been to the natty with Gus at the helm and to the SEC CG. Is Gus Vince Lombardi? Absolutely not. AU has been in the upper 25 for almost all of his tenure. He has his flaws and is turning out to not be what we thought we were getting but this doesn’t make him an idiot!
  2. When Gus made the "shade" on Nick Saban about game time, I thought "He's pretty confident to be picking on Lil Nicky". Now we know why. 5-0, headed to the Swamp!!!
  3. If his resignation is true, this’ll put UT first in line for the coaching carousel. Beating FSU to the punch!!
  4. During the KS timeout, Derrick Brown was in the defense huddle on the sideline. He turned and spoke to a trainer and they walked away from the huddle to what appeared to be one of the doctors or head trainers. Brown was talking to the doctor and kept pulling on the collar of his pads acting like he was short of breath. They held him out the rest of that series and next time I saw him, he was in street clothes on the sideline. Looked very comfortable and relaxed.
  5. This whole "hide part of the offense or don't run up the score" idea seems to be somewhat new to AU. I believe CTT was the first to do this - and it almost cost him a few games when opponents mounted a comeback. Under the last of the CSJ years and under CPD we would beat weaker opponents by 30+ points. Running our entire offense from game 1 helps the offense to perfect it's technique more than it aids future opponents. The SEC west teams know CGM's entire playbook already - they haven't forgotten it from the previous 6 seasons. So what are we hiding and how could it surprise our opponents when we spring a QB keep on a zone read? They know it's coming. The beauty lies in getting the O in a rhythm and the defense on their heels so they have no idea what play is coming next. They may know the AU playbook, but the opposing DC should be unsure what D to call because they have no clue which specific play is coming next. Our O has become too predictable. The D is rarely in the wrong play. Then we rely on the athleticism of a workhorse running back to make a play.
  6. If you go for two and screw it up, they run it back for 2, then a field goal ties it up. Don’t go for 2 and they have to score a TD no matter what happens.
  7. Don’t go for two. It gives them the chance to make it a 3 pt game if we screw it up.
  8. I'd remind your Alabama friend that during our 7-0 run of Ironbowl wins under Tubs that storming the field wasn't a thing. Of course, UA wasn't very good during those years. It wan't as big of a deal as it is to beat a national juggernaut like UA is under Saban.
  9. AU64, You may not be talking to the right people. The administration at the College of Veterinary Medicine is very aware of the high cost of tuition and have been working to create scholarships or financial aid for vet school students. Call the Dean's office and speak to Dr Dan Givens - Associate Dean for academics and an all around good guy . His office is extremely helpful and he's always available to talk to prospective students.
  10. I had 3 sons go to AU - Aerospace; Accounting/Finance; History/Economics. All 3 had similar credentials coming out of high school. The oldest got a huge scholarship thru the legacy scholarship program - tuition, $1,500 stipend for new laptop and calculator, and $1,500 for study abroad his junior year.. The second got about 50% of what the first got - it had been watered down over the 3 years between them. And the third got about 50% of what the second got - watered down yet again. Unfortunately, AU continues to enjoy 100% enrollment even with the high price tag. If enrollment were to falter, the PTB may increase scholarships to maintain their numbers, but no need to as long as they're turning students away.
  11. Thanks StatTiger. Always look forward to your insightful numbers.
  12. It’s going to be a great battle between Nix and Gatewood for the starting position. Willis and Sandburg have some ground to make up to get back into the competition.
  13. If I recall correctly, Jerry Rice did the same thing with the 49ers. Blew out his knee, came back too soon, blew out the recently reconstructed knee early in the season. Then he sat out the entire year got proper rehab and had another all pro year. Even with all of the medical advancements - nothing speeds up regrowth of ligamentous tissue.
  14. What a great season. I attended AU during the Sonny Smith, Charles Barkley, Chick Person era. It was a blast to attend games and watch AU play. This team plays as a unit like the guys did in the 80’s. Fun, unselfish basketball for sure. Thanks Bruce Pearl, Spencer, Brown, Mitchell, Murray, McLemore, Heron, Harper, Okeke, Dunbar for making AU basketball great again!!
  15. Neon Deion couldn’t tackle either and he did ok at corner...