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  1. About what I expected. We are much improved but not there yet. We get PSU in our house next year. It will be a different outcome! Bo looked better than he did in the Swamp. We’re getting there! War Eagle!!
  2. Very true! I was hoping Mike Norvell would still be at Memphis whenever we got around to firing Gus. Fortunately for us, FSU picked him up. Harsin has come in and cleaned house at AU. Norvell has tried to work with the players he was dealt at FSU and is still having internal problems. Glad we got CBH and not CMN.
  3. Mine was 1973 UF game. AU trailed the entire game. Scored a TD and 2 pt conversion at the very end of the game but was too little too late. Lost 12-8.
  4. Totally agree. And like y'all have said, it's too late now. Bama can recruit now without many of the tactics they used in the past when they were building their dynasty. I just hope we're ready to step into the void when Saban hangs it up!
  5. Oklahoma won 47 straight games from 1953-1957. Was that not a dynasty? FSU won 10+ games a year for 14 years and finished in the top 5 every year (1987-2000) was that not a dynasty? I agree time can fade our memories and the here and now is the "greatest ever" but 20 years from now this dynasty will be fuzzy in our memory as well. Some other program (AU?) will be the new dynasty.
  6. 20 years ago it was FSU. They had 14 10+ win seasons in a row!! Then there was Oklahoma in the 50's and 60's. There was no CFP back then so we'll never know how they stack up against the current programs. Seems like every 20-30 years there is a dynasty that will never be equaled. This is just another of those dynasties and it too will fade into the muddied waters of which dynasty was the best of all time?
  7. Great hire! Proven winner. Hungry to prove himself on the big stage. Knows how to be a head coach. He’ll do great at AU. Offensive mind. Interested to see who he hires to build his defense. War Eagle coach. Welcome to AU!!!
  8. Gus has done well maintaining recruiting in spite of losing to UA, UGA, and LSU just about every year. Unfortunately, he’s losing momentum, which is huge in college football. It’s time for a change. Even if we do well next year, we’re going to be in a huge talent hole the few years after that in several positions. I say Norvell would jump from the dumpster fire he inherited at FSU, or Cristobal from the left coast.
  9. Idiot statement. AU is way more than a football team. This game and this season and this coach’s schemes hurt, but we are in no way an Idiot Institution!!!
  10. Great video Stat! Brings back lots of memories. My senior year of high school I was fortunate enough to come to AU for several games. Joe Cribbs, James Brooks and William Andrews together in the backfield, what a combination. My favorite 1,000 yd backs, in no particular order: Bo, Joe Cribbs, Steven Davis, Kerryon Johnson, and Cadillac.
  11. Didn't Cory Grant return kicks. Nonetheless, I agree. Schwartz doesn't appear to have the field vision to return kicks. Have to be able to make the first couple of guys miss.
  12. Thanks Coach. Always enjoy reading your insight and listening to your podcasts. It is educational for us non-coaches to get your rational perspective.
  13. Derek Brown was a beast today! I’m normally at the game but had knee surgery so sat at home with my leg propped up. What a game!!! Post game CBS interviewed Derek Brown and then gushed about him and showed some of his highlights. Great publicity in his hope for some post season hardware.
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