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  1. Middleton was a beast.
  2. We've lived in Tallahassee for over 25 years now. The FSU-UA game will be a tough one for me to choose who to root for. My two least favorite teams going head to head - I wish both could lose!!!
  3. The ACC vs SEC has FSU playing Alabama and Clemson playing us in the first two weeks of the season. If we're not careful, the ACC could be claiming they are the new dominant football conference. I don't expect either ACC school to win, but crazier things have happened.
  4. Rob Chaney at Tallahassee Community College is an Auburn man. Saw him Saturday headed to a ball game at TCC wearing his Auburn gear War Eagle Rob!
  5. Kelly is on fire right now. Give him time.
  6. Yep, my bad. All those Bowdens look alike to me!!!
  7. One half of a season does not make a great coach in my book. I really like CKS and I believe he's a great fit for AU and he'll be great for us, but the jury is still out. Remember, Tommy Bowden went like 20-0 before Coach Dye's players were all gone. Chiz went undefeated and looked great after one season...
  8. We live in Tallahassee. Always happy when FSU chokes. I figure Jimbo already packed for Baton Rouge!!!
  9. Living in Tallahassee and having to put up with FSU's superiority complex, we're loving this game!!!!! Not a big Petrino fan but Go Louisville!!
  10. Clearly we were too focused on Ark St and overlooked Clemson.
  11. One thing I noticed last Saturday was CGM and CRL both screaming and waving at the offense, and the offense looking really confused. Like, which one do we listen to? Backs shrugging their shoulders, QB's trying to figure out which play they were calling and wideouts trying to decide if it was their play or if they needed to get off the field... This wasn't the guys signaling in the plays, this was CGM and CRL. I may be exaggerating some, but our tickets are behind the Auburn bench so I got a good perspective of this debacle on more than one occasion. It appears the two headed monster that is our offensive brain trust isn't working so smoothly. Did anyone else see this? Unfortunately, I can't make it to the game this Saturday. If anyone is there, watch for the competition between CGM and CRL when we have the ball. Also, it was cool to see Cam Newton at the game wearing a throwback #34 jersey!! WAR EAGLE!!
  12. So to those of you in the know. Do you think CDC's coaching JF III is maybe a test? Maybe CGM is frustrated with the lack of potency of the offense, specifically the lack of performance by the QB. If the QB performed at a higher level, we could've been in contention for the SEC last year. Almost like a coaching competition, he's looking at how CDC develops QB's compared to CRL. Malzahn appears to be extremely loyal to his assistants, but is willing to make a change when the choice is obvious (see Ellis Johnson).
  13. My take on all things AU football The light bulb hasn't come on yet for JJ - and it may never come on. We just don't know. In the late 1990's there were bumper stickers in Tallahassee that said "Honk if you've intercepted Charlie Ward" FSU fans were screaming for Bowden to bench Ward. Last quarter of the FSU-GT game and Ward went off. FSU rallied to beat GT with a 3 touchdown 4th quarter effort by Ward. Charlie Ward won the Heisman the next year. Johnson has the physical tools. For him it's all mental. Gus Malzahn is a great coach. He's only in his 4th season as a college head coach. He's a smart guy and he'll figure it out - give him a few more years. There are lots of guys who never pan out as head coaches, I don't think Malzahn is one of them. It's going to take Muschamp 2-3 years to fix our defense. That assumes he can get our defensive recruiting up to the level of our O. War Eagle. I'm all in and will be there, as usual, cheering our Tigers on this Saturday night.
  14. I believe these prognosticators saying Cowart would be the first No1 HS recruit Auburn ever landed are mistaken. In 1992 Steven Davis was rated the top HS recruit in the country and Pat Dye and company landed him.
  15. If we don't call TO then Wisky could let the lock run down to 2 seconds, call their own TO and throw a hail mary pass to end the half. No loss if it doesn't work. By calling TO with 17 secs left, they couldn't or we'd get the ball in good field position.