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  1. current AU players in MLB on all-time list among AU players: * Josh Donaldson, 2nd in HR, RBI, 3rd in Hits, 4th in SB (needs 4 hits to pass Red Smith for 2nd all-time) * Garrett Cooper, 8th in HR * Grant Dayton, 8th in KOs (has passed Chris Bootcheck and Josh Hancock this season)
  2. It's kind of a big jump to the next spot in scoring but I do expect him to move up. he will easily reach the top 10 in rebounds, assists and blocks next season, it will just depend on whether or not Okeke passes him in those as they are very close in all (Chuma actually has a slight lead in rebounds.) If, like many, you don't include Toney Douglas (i do) then he'd technically be 9th. FWIW the list is Barkley, Mike Mitchell, Chuck Person, Eddie Johnson, Wesley Person, Chris Morris, John Mengelt, Marquis Daniels, Toney Douglas, Isaac Okoro. Those same guys make up most of the top 10s
  3. it's not a strong history lol
  4. FYI for anyone who cares about this sort of thing, Okoro is now 10th all-time among AU players in the NBA in Scoring and Steals. Passed Pat Burke in scoring and Chris Porter in Steals.
  5. Don't know anything about him, but if we're offering him as a freshman, he's got to be a top recruit for that class.
  6. https://247sports.com/player/chandler-smith-46101140/
  7. https://247sports.com/Player/Joenel-Aguero-46099462/
  8. https://247sports.com/Player/Karmello-English-46114484/
  9. https://247sports.com/player/aaron-bryant-46113285/
  10. I saw it, it was great. These women are bad.
  11. Definitely. most brutal women's match i've personally seen and definitely respect them both a whole lot more than before the match! Awesome promos last night too...Tully and MJF, Mox and Kingston and Don Callis all cut excellent ones. Great matches between Penta and Cody and Mox/Eddie vs. Good Brothers. Good show all around.
  12. https://auburntigers.com/sports/football/roster No Tutt, no Traivion Leonard...otherwise as expected.
  13. so many guys that deserve to hold a singles belt in AEW, almost sucks there's not more to go around! MJF, Adam Page, PAC, Brian Cage, Rey Fenix, Lance Archer, Sammy Guevara, Miro - all guys definitely could be great champs. I don't want the belt to change hands 24/7 like some runs of WWE though. PAC and Fenix are electric. They are an oddball of a tag team but they're probably the two most impressive athletes on the roster. I think they might take those tag belts. I love the AEW tag division. I'm not sure any of the teams who haven't been champs yet (other than PAC and Fenix) are re
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