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  1. likewise, not really interested in any of these from an AEW perspective. Can make Impact, ROH, MLW and NWA stronger though, which is always a plus to me.
  2. Dang, another round of releases today!
  3. Updates: * removed Tray Matthews and Ryan Davis * added Quan Bray to Montreal, Cassanova McKinzy to Calgary and Ricardo Louis to Saskatchewan
  4. I'd really like to see Strowman and Black move to AEW, the rest are meh for me. I'd like to see more of Lana and Chelsea Green for obvious reasons. i don't want the AEW roster to get overinflated. they already really need the new show to give guys more air time. and if they're going to bring in other talent, i'd like to see some of the top guys at other promotions rather than some WWE castoffs. Impact, MLW and ROH could all really use any of these talents and it would make the whole landscape better rather than just one company.
  5. apparently Zelina's status is "up in the air" after the releases. Strowman and Black seem like they'd be musts for AEW - nowhere else seems big enough for guys that high on the horse. Lana could definitely come join Miro. Ruby Riott would really fit the Impact women's division. Murphy would kinda fit at Impact too.
  6. https://247sports.com/player/chauncey-wiggins-46093921/ 4* unofficial visitor this weekend
  7. https://247sports.com/player/nick-smith-46086035/ Top 25 player official visit this weekend.
  8. I love watching the old stuff. I started off watching NWA, Florida and Georgia Championship Wrestling, Mid-South, WCCW in Texas, AWA and WWF. I was completely enthralled in it as a kid and love to go back now and watch old stuff on the network (Peacock now) or YouTube. I got back into it in my late teens/early 20s with ECW and the Monday Night wars. Then i've only gotten back into it for the third time since AEW came into the picture. It's based in my hometown and definitely is more reminiscent of the stuff I loved - I just enjoy it alot more than the overproduced, undercreative WWE stuff. Since then i've ventured out some into other indies and NJPW. it's a pretty good time for a wrestling fan, relatively. It doesn't match the old days in any way, but it's as good as it has been since the early 90s, for me.
  9. Caster's raps are appointment viewing for me. Love it.
  10. AEW announced it's moving to TBS in 2022 and adding a 1 hour Friday show AEW: Rampage in August. Looking forward to it. Also, Kenny Omega will defend his AAA Mega Championship against Andrade at AAA's Triplemania. As i'm sure you guys know, Andrade was cut from WWE not long ago. I bet he wins the belt from Kenny so it can be defended more often in Mexico.
  11. current AU players in MLB on all-time list among AU players: * Josh Donaldson, 2nd in HR, RBI, 3rd in Hits, 4th in SB (needs 4 hits to pass Red Smith for 2nd all-time) * Garrett Cooper, 8th in HR * Grant Dayton, 8th in KOs (has passed Chris Bootcheck and Josh Hancock this season)
  12. It's kind of a big jump to the next spot in scoring but I do expect him to move up. he will easily reach the top 10 in rebounds, assists and blocks next season, it will just depend on whether or not Okeke passes him in those as they are very close in all (Chuma actually has a slight lead in rebounds.) If, like many, you don't include Toney Douglas (i do) then he'd technically be 9th. FWIW the list is Barkley, Mike Mitchell, Chuck Person, Eddie Johnson, Wesley Person, Chris Morris, John Mengelt, Marquis Daniels, Toney Douglas, Isaac Okoro. Those same guys make up most of the top 10s statistically, give or take one here and there.
  13. FYI for anyone who cares about this sort of thing, Okoro is now 10th all-time among AU players in the NBA in Scoring and Steals. Passed Pat Burke in scoring and Chris Porter in Steals.
  14. Don't know anything about him, but if we're offering him as a freshman, he's got to be a top recruit for that class.
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