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  1. Auburn's next Head Coach

    Spent the last day trying to come up with the reasons this is a bad idea, and yeah, I've got nothing.
  2. ESPN OTL Report on Auburn football, AD

    Somebody tweeted this a couple years ago and I wish I could remember who it was so I could credit them, but it's so true: "Busting Auburn is the journalistic Sword in the Stone"
  3. Score Prediction- Ole Miss

    Sounds insane, but I think something like this is legitimately possible. Doesn't appear to be much fight in Ole Miss right now. 59-10
  4. Who here still likes Gus as the head coach?

    What kind of program is Auburn? Are we elite? Does elite mean top 10, top 15 in the country? How many elite coaches are out there, and how many of those coaches would listen to AU about taking over the program? I don't hate Gus. I don't think he's elite, but I also don't think he's driving a dumpster fire. I'm not taking a stance on this one way or the other, but just curious what you all think about what we are and what we deserve? We aren't getting rid of Gus to hire a Chad Morris or a Todd Grantham, so who do we go after and is it realistic? Justin Fuente level? Gary Patterson level? Chris Peterson level?
  5. Away tickets

    Sounds like you can rent a vacant dorm if you're gonna be in town for the game.
  6. Scrimmage 03/25/2017

    Nice work. You did good.
  7. Ole Miss

    Did I read correctly somewhere that if the NCAA increases the Bowl ban to 2 years, then players can transfer and be eligible immediately? SIAP, or already discussed-
  8. Projected 2017 Starting Lineup

    Ahh, that season. Forgot about that. Makes sense.
  9. Projected 2017 Starting Lineup

    This is interesting, with Auburn at number 2. Also interesing is this: Athlon compiled data on recruiting rankings over the past 5 years and correlated them with overall and conference records. According to 247, we have built the 4th best roster in the SEC over the past 5 years, but we have the 10th best conference record (if I'm reading this correctly). Is this concerning? We have certainly had QB issues, but what do you all make of this? Also, SIAP. And, War Eagle!
  10. Kamryn Pettway update?

    Had to sign in on a new device so I could like this. Phenomenal idea.
  11. Pat Dye Field gets new turf - Summer 2016 edition

    Is that Tifway 419 Bermuda?
  12. 2016 A-Day

    Didn't we play for the NC in 2013, or did I just dream that we did? :)/> Math...not everyone's specialty :laugh:/> There's three things I'm terrible at. -Making broad predictions based off a scrimmage, -And math.
  13. Craig a candidate for lsu WR coach (update: Done Deal)

    OK...the ORACLE has spoken...all is lost... :OnTheCan:/> .guess we can pin this one.... How do I put the little smiley-face cute thingies on my posts? Is that an app? Do they have little smiley faces eating BBQ and slapping each other on the backs?
  14. Craig a candidate for lsu WR coach (update: Done Deal)

    No other program wanted any part of bringing RL on board this offseason, Coach DC found a job at a huge program, and it took all of about 15 minutes. We lost on this one. It can be spun, twisted, whatever. But we lost today.
  15. Not exactly Auburn football

    That is pretty good. Let's add some verses. . . . Well my cousin Jenny done saved my life, Pulled me out the swamp so I made her my wife, She's a crazy good cook and she knows what I like, You oughtta try her fried squirrel bites. . . . Yeah we get down with Saban. . . . . (Banjos)