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  1. I live in the town where this kid played, at Southeast Missouri St. and let me just say, . . . we have a couple phenomenal BBQ restaurants. Haven’t been to a SEMO game since I was a kid so don’t know anything about the guy, but that BBQ, especially Pilot House. Man.
  2. Absolutely. Best roster = best team. Coaching up 3* talent to win the SEC is not a thing. As Big Kat said, all you gotta do around here is recruit. If Bobo is the best recruiter we can get for that role it should be a no brainer. Whoever has the most talent will always win. Unless it’s Kirby. Man, how dumb is that guy?
  3. You seem like the kind of fella that would bitch about a free BBQ after church on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. CBH could flame out, he could take AU to a new high, or it could be somewhere in the middle. You don’t know, I don’t know, but we all know you’re probably a real gas at cocktail parties. I can’t wait to see what CBH does at Auburn. He’s our guy now, LET’S GO and WDE!
  4. I mean, maybe it’s somewhere in the middle? Actually, you know what, it’s absolutely one of those 2 scenarios. I just hope it’s the former. I have a bad feeling Saban called Mario and said Naw, you’re not taking the job at the Barn. And Mario said ok.
  5. I think Cristobal’s next job will be either HC at Auburn or Bama. I really hope it’s us.
  6. Real question, and I’m sure there are legitimate clues in other posts/threads, but why do we still have him? There are a couple people who will make this decision and it’s not Allen Greene, right? As fans we obviously think we deserve better but do the people actually in charge think that? I’m an AU alum, donate a little, nothing huge and I love Auburn whether we are good at football or not. But, here I am on a message board now, trying to figure out just what in the actual heck is going on.
  7. Tuberville Attended and graduated from AU 2 random football moments, Seeing Junior Rosegreen smoke Reggie Brown from UGA stuck with me. I didn’t love seeing a player get hurt but I can still see that happen in my head from the student section. Also for some reason remember Steve Spurrior electing to punt on 3rd down in Jordan Hare (am I remembering that right, 3rd down?) Favorite moment was BCS Champ.
  8. Used the search function but it lead me to this thread. Any grass connoisseurs on this site? Besides the obvs., Jon and Zach, any residential grass (to run on, not smoke) enthusiasts who want to talk grass types, fertilizers, watering, seasonal stuff in its own topic? I graduated from AU, WDE, but then moved north and I have cool and warm season grasses in my yard. I over-seed with a fescue and bluegrass mix every fall that looks fantastic, but Bermuda has been creeping in for years. It appears to be a pretty low grade, low quality, ugly, with no real redeeming qualities type of Bermuda,
  9. Y’all think things would have played out differently if it was Jo Gatewood and Boey Nix? Maybe over-analyzing this but, . . .
  10. What draft grade did Jeff Holland get? Guess I was thinking he might be a 3-4 rounder.
  11. Hope it’s not Hugh Freeze. But man, the timing seems right. Do we know if Gus and Hugh are really friends? That could create some awkwardness.
  12. Is Whitlow’s nickname Boobie? Feel like I read that somewhere. Boobie Whitlow. Bo, Cadillac, Kerryon, . . . Boobie. This is big if true.
  13. Just drank one for you. Fixin to crack open number 2. It's a little overcast here. Hope work is going ok. WDE!
  14. Making my first trip to Fayetteville today. Heard it's nice this time of year. Who else will be there? WDE!
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