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  1. Bathel

    Who replaces Chip?

    Is he in line to graduate? I’d only see that if he’s a graduate transfer. However, Jake’s been the starter at USCe for 3 years. I have a had time believing he’d leave his senior year to follow his Dad. Pretty s***ty of him if he does...
  2. Bathel

    Who replaces Chip?

    In all fairness, who'd want to come here to coach ? The Admin/Gus made a deal that absolutely kills recruiting and any potential hires. I just don't get what the hell they were thinking... such a screwed up situation that nobody wants to touch...
  3. Bathel

    Who replaces Chip?

    Well... a High School Coach should be good at running a High School Offense... /Sarcasm
  4. Bathel

    Who replaces Chip?

    Yes it is... but what makes you think Gus will do that... Doesn't really fit his MO....
  5. Bathel

    Another loss to a rival

    You know... it’s not the losing to our rivals that bothers me the most. UGa and Bama and LSU are traditional power house teams and always a tough out... however, the way we keep losing (or barely winning) is what bothers me the most. It seems undisciplined, ugly and in the wins just plain lucky... with a few rare exceptions. My faith has been whittled down to the point I don’t look forward to the games anymore...
  6. Bathel

    Another loss to a rival

    It would be a shock if we do... i am exoecting to see 50 runs by Boobie and absolutely no development of any other players while simultaneously running our main RB into the ground. I would hope to see Willis in the game running Read options and also throwing the ball some to help develop him along with some others running backs. If not for the rest of this year, then at least for next year.... but that hope is a small flicker of a flame.
  7. Bathel

    "They're probably gonna fire me"

    I Triple Dog Dare you...
  8. Bathel

    Texas A&M postgame thread

    IMO, JS has always struggled if pressured, even last year. However last year's Oline was/is much different than what we are seeing this year, hence the perceived regression. I truly think JS is more worried about the rush of the Dline, than he is completing a good pass. To be fair, I don't really blame him if that is the case. Again, this is only my opinion... it may or may not be what you think or what is reality.
  9. Bathel

    Would Dye have survived the internet

    I don't know... would his buy out had been 32.1 million dollars.... ??? Cause in all honesty, I believe that is the only way Gus will survive it....
  10. Bathel


    I bought 5 tickets, but all the same number.... that way I get 5 shares if there are other winning tickets
  11. Bathel

    Malzahn Ole Miss Presser (Video Added)

    My guess... his "tweak" will be that he'll find the lightest RB we have on the team and run them between the tackles 40 times.... /Sarcasm The good thing is Ole Miss Defense has looked pitiful for the most part, so maybe we'll have a chance to execute the plays.
  12. Bathel

    Fire Gus (merged threads)

    If you go back in and look at the history books, you'll see 10 win seasons a bit more rare than you think... especially prior to the 12 game schedule. Saying AU has only done it once back to back isn't saying much of anything... that is the misleading part... Hell, go back far enough and you'll see they didn't even play 10 games a year. 3 teams in the SEC have never done it... Ole Miss hasn't since 1959/60... aTm not since 1993/1994... UT 2003/2004... Heck, Vandy hasn't ever had a 10 win year... In total 10 win season (not necessarily consecutive) AU is tied for 4th in the SEC with UF (14 total) and behind UT (20), UGA (21), UA (35) I don't think AU even started playing 10 game seasons until 1930, and that included the bowl game. It was 1937 before we played our first 10 game regular season. 1957 was our first 10 win year, 10-0... followed the next year with a 9-0-1 record (no bowl games those years due to probation). The misleading part your your statement is bringing ALL OF AU history into it. When you should know full well that a 10 win season in 1957 is completely different than a 10 win season in 2017.
  13. Bathel

    Fire Gus (merged threads)

    That’s a bit misleading. The 12 game schedule didn’t start until 2006... since that time we are a 10 win team 4 times, or 33% of the time. To me, it’s not the 10 win game mark that bothers me... it’s the 5,6,7 win years I find unacceptable. We shouldn’t go from a 10 win year... to a 5 or 6 win team the next year. That’s the consistency I don’t see. For it this year, I could of easily seen 8 wins as understandable with the knowledge of 4 new starting olineman and a lack of running talent... but that should have been the bottom. Which doesn’t seem to be the bottom this year.
  14. Bathel

    Gus Just Doesn't Hate to Lose

    Maybe I'm not reading your statement correctly, but literally we won 10 regular season games just last year in 2017, not to mention in 2013 and 2010 also.. So I'm not sure where you are pulling your data from. Let's also remember the 12th regular season game wasn't added until 2006, by the way we won 10 games that year too
  15. Bathel

    What would you do to fix the O?

    Well, the first thing I would do is stop handing off and running straight up the middle of the line every time we get a big 1st down. We rush to the line and hurry up to hand off and run right up the gut... Every Single Time... Does any team NOT know where this play is going to go? Can we come up with some variations? Maybe I've just missed the plays where we actually do call something different in that situation, but it seems like we never do. I'm surely not qualified to be an an OC in any sense, but my "feeling" is that we don't seem to have a lot of plays to call from. It feel predictable in the games where we look so bad. So much so that I am a pretty high percentage correct in calling the next play. In the games where we seem to play well, I'm always seem to be saying to my wife... "they're mixing up the play calling well today." What drives that difference? Is it the play calling? The execution? The other team's defensive scheme? Not being a coach, I really don't know why this happens this way, but it seems pretty consistent from my view.