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  1. In ASA's case, even if he could graduate JC... he'd be require to sit one calendar year.... so he still wouldn't qualify next year. 4-2-4 transfer rules: 4-2-4 transfers in Division I must meet the following academic requirements to be eligible to compete immediately after transferring to the second four-year school: Complete an average of 12 hours of transferable degree credit per term of full-time attendance at the junior college; Earn at least a 2.000 GPA in those transferable courses; Have at least one calendar year elapse since leaving the original four-year school; and Graduate from the junior college.
  2. I don't believe that would work for most FR as they are bound to the NLI they sign for a full academic year... unless the school is willing to release them from the NLI. Which will be interesting in ASA's case. Technically, he has to finish out the academic year and wouldn't be able to transfer until Summer if Auburn doesn't release him from the NLI he signed. Also, I think it maybe a bit difficult for a FR to carry enough credits forward to be able to actually graduate JC in one quarter...
  3. I'm not sure what you are trying to say... but what I am understanding you to say is not correct. There is no such thing as a REDSHIRT. It's a term used in the media. What it means is a year you are not playing. You always and only have 5 years to play 4. (of course unless you get a time clock extension which has been given out a bit more lately than in years past). In ASA's case. This year he played 5 games... so 1 of his 4 Play years is gone and 1 of his 5 Time clock years is gone. Currently, as it stand he has 4 Year left to play 3. Now, if he transfer he has to sit a year in residence taking a year off his time clock... at the end of that year he will have 3 years left to play 3. Also, there is no such thing as a medical redshirt. It's called a Medical Waiver that would give you a year back on the "Play" side. You still would only have 5 years time clock, so if you had previously sat a year out you'd need to get a extension on your 5 year clock too. In recent years the NCAA has been much better at granting that "6th" year IF you lost 2 year to injury.
  4. Which one hands the ball off better... /Sarcasm
  5. and get's flagged 15 yards for unsportsmanlike conduct....
  6. Is he in line to graduate? I’d only see that if he’s a graduate transfer. However, Jake’s been the starter at USCe for 3 years. I have a had time believing he’d leave his senior year to follow his Dad. Pretty s***ty of him if he does...
  7. In all fairness, who'd want to come here to coach ? The Admin/Gus made a deal that absolutely kills recruiting and any potential hires. I just don't get what the hell they were thinking... such a screwed up situation that nobody wants to touch...
  8. Well... a High School Coach should be good at running a High School Offense... /Sarcasm
  9. Yes it is... but what makes you think Gus will do that... Doesn't really fit his MO....
  10. You know... it’s not the losing to our rivals that bothers me the most. UGa and Bama and LSU are traditional power house teams and always a tough out... however, the way we keep losing (or barely winning) is what bothers me the most. It seems undisciplined, ugly and in the wins just plain lucky... with a few rare exceptions. My faith has been whittled down to the point I don’t look forward to the games anymore...
  11. It would be a shock if we do... i am exoecting to see 50 runs by Boobie and absolutely no development of any other players while simultaneously running our main RB into the ground. I would hope to see Willis in the game running Read options and also throwing the ball some to help develop him along with some others running backs. If not for the rest of this year, then at least for next year.... but that hope is a small flicker of a flame.
  12. IMO, JS has always struggled if pressured, even last year. However last year's Oline was/is much different than what we are seeing this year, hence the perceived regression. I truly think JS is more worried about the rush of the Dline, than he is completing a good pass. To be fair, I don't really blame him if that is the case. Again, this is only my opinion... it may or may not be what you think or what is reality.
  13. I don't know... would his buy out had been 32.1 million dollars.... ??? Cause in all honesty, I believe that is the only way Gus will survive it....
  14. I bought 5 tickets, but all the same number.... that way I get 5 shares if there are other winning tickets