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  1. Bathel

    Stidham not allowed to audible

    From what I can tell... other teams have figured out that there is no flexibility allowed and do a better job of not "showing" the coverage or defensive package until late in the snap count and not allowing the sideline to "adjust: the play.... not that I think GM has any clue as to what to really adjust to... Actually, if was to be honest with myself, the play calling the 1st have was great. It had a good mix and seemed to be taking what the defense was giving them... I even said so to my wife after the 1st quarter. What baffles me is when CGM gets conservative and decides to "Hang on to win" and not "Play to win". It's like he's scared to make a mistake and give the game way... the play calling becomes predictable and overly safe... You'd think he'd eventually learn... but I digress off the topic...
  2. Bathel

    Stidham not allowed to audible

    That was my point.. that there is no flexibility in the play designs to have anything to "audible" to. I think it goes much further than just being able to change from pass to run or vice versa... More and more college players may not be making line of scrimmage play calls... but they are reading the defense and expecting the WR to be reading the same thing and run routes accordingly. I don't see anything of the sort going on at AU. Not in the running game, not in the blocking schemes, not in the WR route running...
  3. Bathel

    Stidham not allowed to audible

    I disagree... I think from watching our routes we have very few options in the routes. This is the simplicity I think people are talking about.. What appears to be happening is we run a single route regardless of the cover type or where the safety lines up. I think other teams have more "options" on the routes that allow of the receiver to run several different routes depending on what the defense is doing. If they see zone they may run one route, if they see a safety high they run different route. Safety in the box and man might be a 3rd route. The QB reads the defense as much as the WR does... I don't think we do that at all. Maybe my opinion on it is wrong as someone with more knowledge can either correct or refine what I am trying to say... but I don't think our offense has much, if any, flexibility in it once the play is called from the sideline... for the better or worse...
  4. Bathel

    Scholarship Numbers (Updated 8/18/17)

    A medical redshirt is when a player has played less than 30% of the season and the injury has to happened before the midway point of the season. They can apply a redshirt year to that year even though they have games played. You still only have 5 yeas to play 4, so if you've already taken a redshirt year you'd need to apply for a 6th year extension/waiver. The hardest thing to over come is if that one of the redshirt years was non-injury based, ie your FR year and you were just not good enough to make playing time. It's rare to get it granted in that case. If you have two injuries leading to Medical Redshirts (actually its called a medical hardship waiver), they you have better odds. I think in resent years the NCAA has been a little more lenient on granting 6th years, but I don't have stats to show that to be true or not... so take it with grain of salt.
  5. Bathel

    CGM Offense

    Last night was an embarrassment... 117 yards of total offense. Kent state had 120 total yards of offense vs Clemson... It's a shame that our Defense played to a level that we could have and should have won... The lack of imagination in play calling is pathetic. It's to a point where a 3 year old could predict with a High degree of accuracy what the next play will be. It's just silly and stupid the state of the offense. I have never called for CGM to be fired, but I just don't see a future with him in charge. I'm just frustrated and lost....
  6. Bathel

    Opining all things Gus (Merged)

    I would argue that anytime you have an NFL caliber RB with as much heart and effort as Tre had, they are a game changer. He willed his way to a many 1st downs in the crunch that helped save that season. Granted he wasn't a solo act like Cam was... but I don't think we come near the NC game without him in the lineup that year. Honestly... I'm even more impressed going back and re-watching Tre his college games. He had the perfect attitude and gave more than his all. I think he enjoyed plowing over people like a bulldozer (not that it served him well if is recent issues are brain damage issues caused from all the head blows).
  7. Bathel

    Potential offensive changes coming

    I'd say it would be a smart move.. really hope they do go after a proven and good OC to replace Lashee... this would make me smile!
  8. Bathel

    Opining all things Gus (Merged)

    I would also point out the years he did well as OC or HC here, were years we have a game changer as QB (cam) or RB (Tre). I will also point out that it took 3 or 4 games before Gus and/or Chiz figured out how to use him correctly (IE Let him extend plays outside the pocket). If you remember, the first few games press conference they talked about keeping Cam inside the pocket more... Anyway, I think Gus can be a leader and a HC... but to be honest, I don't find him to be a very good Offensive guy... I don't think he understands scheme with much depth (or maybe better put is that he only knows ONE scheme) and he seems to be lacking knowledge of development... IMO.
  9. Bathel

    Opining all things Gus (Merged)

    Agreed... wasn't trying to say he couldn't be a HC... but he has had very limited exposure to anything except Gus and I would imagine that is a major deficiency when a school is looking for a HC... at least when that exposure is to a guy that has a very limited HC experience himself and not such a great winning track record to date... Maybe FCS ball or HS, but I really find it hard to see any FBS school taking him in to learn how to be a HC.
  10. Bathel

    Opining all things Gus (Merged)

    I can't imagine any school giving a HC position to Lashee... well, maybe a High School, but not in the NCAA ranks...
  11. Bathel

    Opining all things Gus (Merged)

    Lashlee is just Malzahn light... he has never know anyone/anything different than Malzhan... heck, Malzhan was even his HS coach... If anyone is expecting something different than Gus from Lashlee, they're fooling themselves. So to your post, I would agree...without a change, I see 8-5 the norm rather than the exception. As I said above in a previous post, I really think Gus could make a good HC if he can step away from the offense AND get a good OC in place of Lashlee, but that doesn't seem to be something he is willing to do.
  12. Bathel

    Opining all things Gus (Merged)

    Funny how the fall back defense is calling someone a bammer... If you look at our program the last 4 years under Gus, we are not heading forward... at best we are standing still. You cannot compare our 16 point loss to uat's 14 point loss because the programs are both moving in different directions... the joke is that you're trying to pump sunshine and make AU football look like we're moving forward... Here let me help you see the difference.... uat was holding two consecutive NC the prior two years and was 11-2 after losing to ok... our past two years was 8-5, 7-6 and our loss to ok put us at 8-5 for the year... can you see the difference? Listen, you can keep believing whatever you want to believe... but at the moment, we are not anywhere near what uat is nor are we moving in that direction... maybe that's not all doom and gloom, but it sure as heck isn't sunshine and clear skies. I personally don't care if we keep Gus or not. I actually think he could make a very good head coach IF he can step away from the offense and let someone else run it. Given his limited HC experience, I would suggest getting some very experienced coordinators to help guide him where he is deficient in knowledge... the problem I see is that he's unwilling to make that type of change and until he does, we'll be stuck in this flat line of progression...
  13. Bathel

    Opining all things Gus (Merged)

    Let us not forget that in 2013 we got a late win over Washington St and a last second/minute win against MSU, UGA, aTm and uat... that 12-2 could have easily been 8-5... of course we had some close losses in those 8-5, 7-6 years to be fair... My biggest complaint isn't really the "record" in wins and losses... it's the record of progression and getting better... which I don't see. We seem to get a good player every now and then that changes our season. Not because of the coaching, but because of their raw talent. I just don't see much development in any of the players over 4 years... and as such, I really don't see a bright future. If we continue down that road, the recruiting will drop and then it will even get "harder" to get out of this hole. It seems that we are either standing still at the best case, or slowing moving backwards as a program with Gus. That is my main problem and I don't know that there is a good answer to that, because if we fire Gus we may take a bigger step backwards... the questions is, can we keep Gus and limit him to Head Coaching functions and get a good OC to "run" the offense away from Gus?
  14. Bathel

    Opining all things Gus (Merged)

    SMH.... wow.... just wow... I'm not even sure what to say to that post. The state of Auburn football and the state of uat football after losing the sugar bowl are two complete different directions. I'm just embarrassed that you could even post this with any seriousness...
  15. Bathel

    Opining all things Gus (Merged)

    Look at the teams we played... ULM, MSST, ARKY, MISS, Vandy... Not really teams I'd say ended the year on a positive note. MSST almost lost their bowl game to Ohio (of Miami), only scoring 17 points and winning by 1. ULM... They're ULM... well I think that all I have to say about that. Arky lost to Mizzu and VTech to end the year, self destructing in the 2nd half of the VT game. MISS... no defense at all... ever... and was a hot steaming pill of crap by years end. They didn't even qualify for a bowl! Vandy... Ok, decent defense, but really... it's Vandy and we almost lost that game I wouldn't consider any of those teams "bell weather" teams to judge our increase in offense power with SW at the helm... Where we better with SW leading the group? Absolutely, but that's only because the two stooges as backups were so poorly developed they were/are useless. Now that gets me to what really pisses me off about Gus... Why in the heck didn't have have JF3 in there during the Arky State, ULM, Arky, and/or Alabama AM games in the second half throwing the ball 100 times to try and get him some in game reps and develop his passing skills? We all know he can throw it pretty damn good every once in awhile, it's the consistency that he seems to be lacking and that only comes from in game live reps. All 4 of those games listed were blow outs and JF3 had a total of 2 passes in those games... My issue is that I don't think Gus or whoever on the staff should be in charge of development doesn't know what they crap they are doing and put us into a posstion of deficiency at QB as soon as SW was injured. To me, that is unforgivable.