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  1. Junior Rosegreen saw that little punk, and was not amused. NSFW.
  2. Some of these ladies taking issue with the ladies in Coach Harsin’s family should also probably refrain from checking out the student section too closely. And as a female alumna, I have no problem with either. All I require is you love, respect, and support Auburn University.
  3. I prefer something like this....a tiger version of course 😉
  4. Ummmm...what was that? The rings thing?
  5. Fans of a team that Hines Ward played for have no room to talk.....
  6. Nowhere did I say it was right. Just pointing out the laughable hypocrisy. Truth is often uncomfortable....
  7. You all already said it was over. Going conservative is crap. Throw the sink at them. But now....sheesh. Whatever.
  8. Most of you should be thrilled right now.....
  9. Who cares that they fumbled....it’s bammer. Pathetic.
  10. Knock yourself out......no one here gives a.....
  11. My significant other listens to The Drive. I have to leave the room when Shadow is on. That has to be the most miserable person not named $aban. ?
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