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  1. I'm so sorry Bird. Poor kid.
  2. Man I watched the first few episodes and it didn't do it for me. On the other hand, wife and I have been watching Barry on HBO and I think it's fantastic.
  3. For those that don't know - Bird's son is a stud. If he's complaining about pain, it's because he's in A LOT of pain. Breaks my heart man. Just said a prayer on his behalf.
  4. Not true @AU64 They brought in Joe Brady from the Saints to overhaul and coordinate their passing game. Joe Burrow has flourished in the system, and there's no doubt that he, along with their talented receivers are the ones making it work, but this is a totally different passing game than we've seen under Ensmimger previously.
  5. Speaking of Joker, has anyone seen it yet? Any good?
  6. Plenty of depth at that position. Not worried.
  7. Also, think this kid is going to make it pretty soon. Reminds me very much of Tyler Childers, but he's a good songwriter in his own right.
  8. @alexava have one Josh Ritter song that I picked up a few weeks ago that's been in the rotation recently:
  9. It's the legacy and 5-star thing, IMO. I do think more people would be clamoring to bench Joey under similar circumstances, and I'm basing that off of nothing more than a hunch.
  10. Yeah I can't disagree with the argument that Gatewood couldn't have done worse. Also, probably agree with you about Joey being in the game earlier. I didn't get to watch the game very closely, but it seemed like there were some short yardage situations where Joey could have been helpful. It would have been interesting to see whether that package was successful, and if it was, whether Gus would expand its usage as the game went on and as Bo continued to struggle. Our use/non-use of Schwartz is the most confounding part about Saturday to me.
  11. I think Gus has a ton of belief in Bo. My guess is Bo was and has been executing the plays called against Florida during practice and throughout the early season, and Gus ultimately believed that Bo would throw his way out of the funk he was in. It seemed like after MSU that Bo was taking the next step forward. Unfortunately, he did the opposite. I'm not staying that what Gus did was the right thing. In retrospect, it appears that it may have been the wrong thing keeping him out there, but it's easy to question that decision now. Remember, Bo threw two picks against Oregon and found a way to lead us down the field to a victory at the end of the game. I realize that's not an apples to apples comparison, but it showed resilience and I think Gus probably believed Bo would prove resilient in the 4th quarter against Florida. Unfortunately, that was not the case. I think Bo and Gus were each other's worst enemies on Saturday.
  12. Luckily, didn't get a chance to watch the whole game. Was in a wedding on Saturday evening and missed good portions of it. And TBH, I'm over it. Just ready to see how we adjust moving forward. Still think we have a good chance to beat UGA and Alabama at home. JMO.
  13. Can't find one but pretty sure it replays on the SEC Network tomorrow.