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  1. This is the number that stands out to me. Down and distance would be another metric worth considering.
  2. I've looked before and can't find those anywhere. I'm sure we keep them internally, but I don't know where someone else might publish them.
  3. Is it good? I don't know if I want to get inside the mind of Aaron Hernandez 😬
  4. Brought from 14 to 3. Already we look way more under control.
  5. I don't watch enough to say best in the sport, but he's the best I've heard that's for sure.
  6. Samir will play better in the 2nd half, right?
  7. Seems like every shot we're taking is contested. Also Kennedy made a good point about them not letting us get to the rim.
  8. Also, I really like Andy Kennedy on the mic. Dude has great insight.
  9. Well that's a big deal - making the easy ones.
  10. Serious question - does Wiley just lack polish as a scorer? Seems like the guy isn't great with the ball in his hands, but I'm not a b-ball guy by any measure.
  11. These are the important issues we should be taking about!