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  1. Whoa man! Congratulations. Marriage is a wonderful gift.
  2. Glad to hear that her fever broke, E. Must be scary times for you and your dad.
  3. Still thinking about you guys...
  4. Bulls on Parade was the first song I downloaded on Napster. 10 year old Barnacle would put it on LOUD and start jumping on and off his bed like a crazy person.
  5. I'm so glad you are okay, Nathan. So, so glad. Hang tough, buddy.
  6. For the record, I'm pretty sure this is @bigbird and his kids:
  7. Speak for yourself. He's so much funnier than me, and I just hate that about him.
  8. Zeek, I can definitely imagine how this must feel overwhelming. I'm trying to imagine myself in your shoes, and it's difficult for me to even think about, much less go through it like you are. You and I don't know each other well, but if you are ever in need of some catharsis you can shoot me a pm and we'll chat. I'm a good listener!
  9. Still not wrapping my head around it. Some people are genetically blessed. Some people simply work hard. Some have the rare combination of both. Worm is a freak, y'all.
  10. I'm just sitting here appreciating your use of "nay".