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  1. Wes Flanigan. You know, the coach who recruited him?
  2. IF he committed to the Clemson staff previously, and IF Freeze was able to earn his commitment in the face of that, I think we can put to bed the “is Freeze an elite recruiter” debate. That would be a serious, serious accomplishment, IMO. Clemson wants this kid as bad as we do, as I understand it.
  3. Suggested Auburn is still very much in it. I really want this kid, so I’m not getting my hopes up.
  4. Makes it look effortless is a great way to describe him. Very under control and navigates traffic in the paint well. Great quickness. I wouldn’t say that he possesses elite athleticism, which is why I believe he has not been given a fifth star.
  5. I know enough to know that the staff feels good about this one. He’s a very good player. Seen him multiple times this year.
  6. Labaron had another phenomenal game against a good Huntsville team tonight, advancing Baker to the finals of the Huntsville Classic. Scored 37. Baker shot lights out.
  7. I saw him today and he did not disappoint. May go back tomorrow.
  8. Didn’t see a thread for him, but I know Auburn really likes the kid and I had a chance to see him play today. He’s the real deal. Best junior in the state.
  9. Sylvester Smith just committed to Auburn per Keith Niebuhr
  10. Leary can ball, and this staff has a better track record with quarterbacks than any I can remember at Auburn. If this is their guy, I’m all about it.
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