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  1. He was my man crush for three seasons. Too bad this name, image, likeness stuff just started. Bill could have been a male model and made millions during undergrad.
  2. Okay, @bigbird, in fairness to @Mikey and to my main man Bill "The Tool Man Taylor", I think we can all agree that Bill added legitimate depth to every position group on the field. We all know he could have played offensive tackle, just like he could have played QB, CB, or even kicker. That kind of athletic prowess only comes around once in a blue moon.
  3. The Harsin isn't recruiting well because he is too much business and not enough fun take is the worst take out there.
  4. I agree, and I'm only passing along what I was told. Ultimately, the proof will be in the pudding.
  5. Let's hope so. I'm not passing judgment on the guy. It's only fair to give him time, but my ears perk up when I hear concerns coming from members of his staff.
  6. I keep hearing that Harsin is a stickler about by the book recruiting. @WarDamnEagleWDE Talked to someone today whose son is on staff. Said his son is concerned that Harsin is going to put us in a big hole, unless we are willing to start recruiting as our rivals do. Curious what you are hearing re: recruiting.
  7. Okay that's hilarious
  8. Scheme will help Bo a lot. Having open receivers and check downs will help him stay in the pocket.
  9. Yeah I get the sense that Harsin is pushing Bo hard in the area of leadership. I don't have any doubts about Bo's will to win.
  10. In light of the recent Lane Kiffin Twitter rumors about him knocking up ex-cheerleaders, I thought I'd share some more rumors here. Two weeks ago, my brother-in-law was on a plane from D.C. to Memphis, and sat down to a young, attractive co-ed on his plane. Whatever his curiosity was, he noticed that she kept chatting back and forth with someone via Gmail, and was surprised when Lane Kiffin's name appeared in the address bar. Later, he told me she sent no less than 40 bikini shots of herself via text message to "L.K." Finally, he says she logged into the Ole Miss studen
  11. Focus, discipline, leadership are keywords that keep popping up in all these interviews. It's not hard to see what Harsin is trying to do in this program. Really looking forward to SEC media days. I just can't get enough right now.
  12. Wonder what the feel is among Auburn writers with Harsin. The last few years definitely seem like they must have been a weird time to cover us.
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