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  1. And what I meant was that most of the "wagyu" I've seen doesn't look as well marbled as your filets did. Those actually look better than most of what I've seen advertised and definitely more fat content than your average choice filet. I bet they were delicious. Those ones in the picture, I can't even imagine.
  2. Whoa. Those look good. I also came here to say that it's not all created equally. Most of the "Wagyu" beef I've seen looks nothing like those filets. Especially in a ribeye, the marbling should look like nothing you've ever seen before.
  3. Not sure why you decided to quote me, or what any of that has to do with the conversation I was having with I_M4_AU.
  4. I respect where you are coming from, although I could never advocate for my child to go to prison under these circumstances. There are too many unintended consequences associated with a prison term. All that said, he can still end up with a sentence up to three years. It will be up to the state or the judge to decide.
  5. I agree some of what you are saying, but advocating your your child's imprisonment is a far cry from taking away their keys.
  6. Is there direct evidence to that point? All that I've read is that he had marijuana in his system. That's not proof that he was under the influence of marijuana at the time of the wreck. Look, I'm playing devil's advocate here. Given his history, and pattern of behavior, I think its more likely than not that he was under the influence. I'm just saying that if he's my kid, I'd like to know beyond a shadow of doubt before I started advocating for them to spend time in prison.
  7. Fair enough. Would that require you to disbelieve your kid's version of events? Is it at least plausible that he simply fell asleep at the wheel?
  8. Just want to see the team improve each week. Hoping to look like a good football team at the end of the season, but fully expecting the opposite to start.
  9. Fade gives you the chance of ending up on top like Hideki, and so I actually think the draw was the correct shot. Looked to me like a pull. I could tell the second he hit it, he was headed too far left. Maybe he's just not that comfortable hitting a draw.
  10. Seriously. A gettable pin as well. Anyway, Hideki is a deserving champion and I'm extremely happy for him. Dude played lights out yesterday, and maintained a lot of composure today. Damn, I love this tournament.
  11. Don't care where the kid plays, so long as he's on the field.
  12. Sunday, at The Masters Final Round Pin Sheet
  13. Moving Day, at The Masters Round Three Pin Sheet
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