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  1. From the Vatican, right? Think I read about this in the Da Vinci code.
  2. Those all whites are pretty sharp 👌
  3. Felt it on Saturday for the first time. Went skeet shooting with my pops. Dove on the power lines. The smell of a spent shotgun cartridge. Bluebird day. Only thing that was missing was Andy and Stan on the radio.
  4. But we have a HUGE video board! Did I mention that our video board is HUGE!???
  5. Michael Vick anyone? Fastest quarterback of all time combined with one of the strongest arms you will ever see.
  6. I don't trust anything at this point. And I've thought all along that Nix could "look" better and still lose the job.
  7. At least we have quality depth on the line...right?
  8. Yeah, I've never been a fan and don't think it really works - unless you are talking about a Leak/Tebow situation where Leak was taking 95% of the snaps, except for short yardage and goal line situations.
  9. Said it could be. Never said it was or would be.
  10. Emphasis on glorious. We're not into any half-assed backflip catches around here.