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  1. Barnacle

    Two running backs separated from pack!

    Go ahead and take your like
  2. Barnacle

    Arryn Siposs in training

    Swear it said "Arryn Siposs is transferring" when I saw it first. Thank God.
  3. Barnacle

    All Things Shaun "Worm" Shivers

    Exactly! Shaun isn't slight by any means. Kid has some big strong legs.
  4. Barnacle

    All Things Shaun "Worm" Shivers

    Nah don't see him slowing down either. He's pretty stout already considering his height, anyway.
  5. Barnacle

    “Landshark Tony”

    😔 oh the shame
  6. Barnacle

    Washington: biggest game opening weekend

    Until September 2, he's a first round draft pick as far as I'm concerned. Not calling into question the legitimacy of the article, I just don't want to down play Browning - for my own sanity. I'm too scarred from the Eli Jenkins of this world. In any event, he is an experienced, senior quarterback - and that scares me more than anything else.
  7. Barnacle

    All Things Shaun "Worm" Shivers

    Can not wait
  8. Barnacle

    2018 AU Cheerleaders, Tiger Paws, Danceline

    True for some, not for most.
  9. Barnacle

    2018 Fall Camp - 8/07/18 (First Day Full Pads)

    This is the kind of in-depth analysis I come here for!
  10. Barnacle

    2018 Fall Camp - 8/07/18 (First Day Full Pads)

    Shivers is undoubtedly the most intriguing player for me going into the season. I can't wait to see what he can do.
  11. Barnacle

    All Things Shaun "Worm" Shivers

    We'll add me to the long list of people who have been mispronouncing it!
  12. Barnacle

    All Things Shaun "Worm" Shivers

    Think someone needs to come up with a dance move called the shiver for when worm scores. Demonstration videos would be appreciated, thank you.
  13. Barnacle

    2018 Fall Camp - Day 3

    Sounds like they've been working hard on his technique in pass pro. What I took from Gus' statement on Kam was 1) that he's gotten bigger - which will make him a better matchup in pass pro situations than he was last season, and 2) they feel like he's improved on technique where he may be significantly outmatched on size, a la Clemson last season. On all accounts that's good news and covers the concerns voiced in the off season. Hopefully Whitlow can get catch up in those areas he is lacking in. Would love to have a healthy rotation out there, unlike what we saw last year. We certainly have a diversity of skillsets in the RB group.
  14. Barnacle

    2018 AU Football Man Crush

    Solid pic