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  1. All that said, Shivers very well may end up being given a more outside-run-heavy role, but if that happens I think it will be because our composition of talent makes him most useful in that role, but not because of a lack of ability between the tackles on his part.
  2. I think Shivers and Omac are apples to oranges. Shivers is certainly capable on the outside given his speed, but I think he is equally as capable between the tackles. Schwartz is a much better comparison to Omac.
  3. It's a valid concern. I agree that you are undervaluing Shivers, but if you take away the unknowns, Boobie's health is definitely very important from a depth standpoint.
  4. End of the day, we finally have good depth at RB. I'd say we did last season too, but almost all of it was unproven. Would love to see a resurgence of the dominant run game. Also, I don't think of Shivers as a "small back". I get it - he isn't tall, but he's thick, and very strong. O-Mac was a "small" back in my mind.
  5. The football version of the yips? Reminds me of Les' Miles clock management when he was at LSU
  6. Yeah, although I could see both scenarios being labeled as "chokes". Mistakes happen, but in my opinion a choke is when you let one mistake spiral out of control. See Rory McIlroy at Augusta in 2011.
  7. To me, this is a much more interesting conversation. How would a win in that game have changed things for Gus, for the program, etc.?
  8. Definitely lugging one of these bad boys in
  9. Dang man. Had no idea about this. How awful. Can't imagine having to make that decision, and knowing that it would be heartbreaking either way. I'm so sorry, but so happy that you and your wife have been able to create the wonderful family that you have today!
  10. That's the one. We have one here in Huntsville.
  11. That is awesome. Bucket list trip to do with your dad, and at PB of all places.
  12. hahaha - they'll be looking like Kevin Kisner's caddie