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  1. He will get a chance to prove this I would think. Won't surprise me if he picks up more reps in a hurry. Hard to criticize much about the way he runs.
  2. Didn't realize Tim James was still in politics. Figured he would be finished after his "In Alabama, we speak english. If you want to live here, learn it" campaign.
  3. Pretty amazing what a talented receiving corps and an accurate quarterback can do these days. Clemson was a lot of fun to watch last year.
  4. Appears to be drunk @Barnacle trying to defend Tiger's honor. I honestly have no idea 😂
  5. Not an easy scoring day. Koepka was incredible.
  6. Popular pick. When he's driving it well, it's really hard to beat him. Some people (looking at you Brandle Chamblee) don't like him at Augusta because he doesn't like to move the ball right to left off the tee, but I think that's a bunch of rubbish. When DJ is on with his driver, he is able to put it wherever he wants. His wedge game is pretty darn good too. Will likely come down to his work on and around the greens. Fleetwood is my pick.
  7. A 250 Onterio is a FAT Onterio
  8. Something not right about seeing Nicklaus and Player without Palmer though. Still not used to it.
  9. Honorary Starters One of my favorite traditions. Two legends. 9 Masters, 27 major championships, 238 professional victories worldwide between the two of them.