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  1. Barnacle

    U.S. Open Golf

    Thought you were going to say Freddie Mercury. I remember Corey winning that tournament well. My dad was/is a big fan of his. This tournament has been a brutal test from what little golf I've been able to watch - and of course the scores. Dustin Johnson is clearly deserving of his number one ranking. He's finally got the putter going to match the rest of his game. I'm not a huge fan of his (I'm not not a fan, either), but its enjoyable to watch someone at their best.
  2. Barnacle

    13 new guys- heights, weights & numbers

    Okay spent the better part of my "bathroom break" trying to find a picture of Dee posted here prior to the 2012 season. Think it was after practice or something. Just remembered thinking "that guy is an absolute monster". Can't find it. Maybe someone here knows what I'm talking about. Anyway, I'm done pooping, so...
  3. Barnacle

    13 new guys- heights, weights & numbers

    Damn that's a big difference. I was 5'11" 165. Definitely listed as 6'0 185. In the 7th grade, my Dr. told me I would grow to be 6'3". Bastard of a man. I still haven't gotten over it.
  4. Barnacle

    Site rerouting 2 pop up advertising.${EXCHANGE_ID}&pid=${UNIVERSAL_SITE_ID}&8hCYPEc9=148110949672446#
  5. Barnacle

    Baseball vs. Florida game 3

    Daniel coming through huge!!!
  6. Barnacle

    Baseball vs. Florida game 3

    Agreed. Wow. Daniel is pitching great right now too.
  7. Barnacle

    Baseball vs. Florida game 3

    Byrne is on it. Dang.
  8. Barnacle

    RIP Anthony Bourdain

    I think he would really enjoy reading this. 🙂
  9. Barnacle

    Carl Lawson been working out

    Can't verify, but his arms may be bigger than my legs.
  10. Barnacle

    Music Thread v.1.5(POST YOUR TUNES!)

    Most definitely - 2013, I think. Mostly a collaborative album with modern artists.
  11. Barnacle

    walk-on wide receiver arrested

    I've seen it happen
  12. Barnacle

    What was your first Auburn game?

    Honestly, I can't. 🤔
  13. Barnacle

    Learning on the BGE ...

    Let me know if there's a big difference