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  1. Bet they showed him this right after that drive. Gotta take the high percentage throws - it will help open everything else up in the long run as well.
  2. Very encouraging to know that we often had multiple players open on one play.
  3. He'll inevitably be put in that spot this season - maybe next week.
  4. Dude had plenty of time to throw for most of the game. No doubt.
  5. I think Florida might balk at it. I'm trying to temper my optimism about Bo until after Georgia, though. It's not hard to drop dimes when you are being well protected for the majority of the game. For the offensive line, and for Bo, Georgia's defense is going to be a much better barometer.
  6. Simpson was a surprise for me too, although I did read some posts last week building him up - notably by @bigbird and @cole256(and not particularly in that order, Cole 😜)
  7. Also think it should be noted - because it was stated over and over in the game thread - and because it seems to have been repeated since then as fact, that the two runs on 2nd and 1 and then 4th and 1 that were stuffed during the first half, those were both by DJ. For some reason, Worm keeps getting attributed to the 2nd and 1 run, and then used as a justification for why he can't run inside.
  8. I just think that context matters, and at least on that particular play, I thought Bo was being reasonable. There are times where he will drift or back pedal, which puts him on his back foot. The big mistake that younger quarterbacks make is taking their eyes off of the play in front of them, onto the pass rush, and then bailing as a result. We saw some of that last year. I saw none of it Saturday. Now, what will get him in trouble against a team like Georgia and what I'm sure posters like @McLoofusare probably foreseeing, are plays against a team like Georgia with elite speed. They will
  9. Totally agreed. There was one 3rd and like 15 play that Jordan Rodgers made a big deal of, when everyone including his check down were covered, so he bailed right and threw it away. It's hard for me to make hay about a play like that, where he ultimately protected the football with a lead, and when he demonstrated throughout the game his ability to hang tough. You can win a lot of football games with a guy who knows when and when not to force the football down the field. Again, I'm not saying there's nothing that needs to be cleaned up in the pocket, and there's been plenty of talk about his t
  10. I just don't feel like we've seen enough of him running inside to form a hard opinion. You might argue that's by design but the fact that Gus and Chad are willing to hand him the ball on third and short should say something, IMO. I'm very curious to see what the rotation looks like against Georgia, and whether Tank starts eating into DJ's share of carries.
  11. I just don't see the burst, quickness, or balance from DJ that you see in Worm. Tank looks raw, but clearly talented. I'd have Shivers as RB1 and Tank as RB2.
  12. He looked the best, IMO, of the three backs. Where Tank might be in a few games is going to be very interesting.
  13. No doubt about it. He continues to be a quarterback whisperer.
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