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  1. Interesting. Just in terms of quickness of his release? I don't see Rivers at all in his throwing motion.
  2. Yeah it’s pretty bush league. That was the most blatant one, but Ole Miss players were going down left and right. The tough part about instituting some sort of rule - for instance, an injured player cannot rejoin the game until the next quarter - is it will simply encourage injured players to stay on the field when they shouldn’t, and I don’t see the league putting a rule in place that will put players at risk. Likewise, there are times when a player needs to go down, and even be encouraged to go down due to risk of further injury, so penalizing what happened above becomes entirely
  3. Harsin clearly loves the grind, and there’s probably no better school in big time P5 football than Auburn if you are that guy.
  4. I think what we are seeing is an offense that is finally settling into the passing game. Remember, this is an offense that runs a lot of option routes that require receivers and quarterback to read and understand leverage, and adjust routes accordingly. That aspect of the passing game requires a lot of focus in it of itself, and a lack of confidence or trust in route running will naturally affect things like timing, pass catching, and accuracy. It isn’t an excuse, but I think it should inform what we have seen up to this point.
  5. Reading Auburn has a shot at several LSU commits right now. Going to be a fun finish in recruiting.
  6. Magic in Atlanta right now.
  7. I only saw him on one play. He definitely didn’t get any meaningful playing time.
  8. This is the most accurate I’ve seen Bo in a while. Been on target all day. Glad Tank is back in the mix and having success. Burks and Fair have been great so far as well.
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