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  1. JB Grimes Returns to Auburn

    Just like all of Saban's recent coordinators, it seems like.
  2. I'm stubborn but I'm ready to admit

    I got ya. 👍
  3. I'm stubborn but I'm ready to admit

    Lane Kiffin saying he didn't enjoy working for Saban doesn't mean Kiffin doesn't think Saban is a good coach, or a good hire. No one in their right mind could argue that Saban was a bad hire.
  4. Hugh Freeze

    I'm sorry, I'm completely confused by this comment. I was musing with lionheart that Gus may not cheat as much as other coaches because he lacks the imagination necessary to get away with it. Sorry if you thought it was directed at another comment, or you personally. edit: okay, reading back over it I definitely understand why it would read that I was speaking about you, or other people who have personal knowledge about Alabama. That was definitely not my intent.
  5. Hugh Freeze

    Back to Freeze. Him at Alabama scares the crap out of me.
  6. Hugh Freeze

    Some people lack imagination. Just saying.
  7. AU, uat, and merit scholarships

    You know, I go and say that and then see this, this morning. WARNING: NSFW (language, racist language, loud) The problem with recruiting nationally is you end up with a bunch of out of state kids who don't care about your state, your school, it's reputation, it's alumni or traditions and are only there to party. I saw it at Ole Miss. We had tons of kids from Texas and St. Louis and Atlanta. Some good people, but many who just wanted to go to a preppy party school and will likely never contribute to the state of Mississippi, or the University for that matter.
  8. Next OL Coach?

    I always liked Grimes, personally.
  9. Next OL Coach?

    We are talking about the same Cole, right?
  10. Next OL Coach?

    Cole and his followers?
  11. Hugh Freeze

    It's the same way I view members of Congress. Most of these guys are talented, but none of them would have gotten here without unrelenting ambition. It shouldn't surprise any of us to find out what goes in behind closed doors, but damn if they don't sell themselves in a way that has us believing something else. Marcus Aurelius hired a servant to walk behind him and every time a citizen or follower would bow or praise him, the servant would whisper in Aurelius' ear, "You're just a man, you're just a man."
  12. AU, uat, and merit scholarships

    Alabama is doing a lot of things right at the moment. They are very aggressively trying to make Alabama one of the top public state schools in the country, and part of their strategy has been to attract top students through scholarships. They are also pursuing top out-of-state students. I've been very impressed by their leadership.
  13. Herb Hand to Texas

    now I'm just confused
  14. Hugh Freeze

    Agreed in part, but I think you hit the nail on the head earlier. This is Freeze in a nutshell to me. Ambitious and willing to take bug risks to fuel that ambition. The personal problems come from the same vein, IMO.