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  1. I mean, what is your plate going to say? AU4PBR?
  2. You think so? I guess I don't associate college football coaches with teachers unions.
  3. He's Church of Christ. I'd expect him to be pretty conservative.
  4. vanity plate?
  5. So, basically what the coaches have been saying? I'm just kidding with you. Thanks for the info.
  6. Listened to a good portion of him on the Opening Drive this morning. I really like Tubs. He's a solid guy, and he's darn serious about running for Governor.
  7. Right. I agree with you about the offensive line. That seems to be the biggest question mark that we have, assuming Stidham is who we think he is. I meant that we will have every tool available from a skill position standpoint to keep defenses honest, utilize motion, and call a catalogue of plays that will be less predictable than we have been in the past. But, as you pointed out, none of that matters if we can't block.
  8. I also think that if he were in serious trouble academically, we would have heard about it from people on this board. My feeling is that these measures may be preventative more than anything else. And again, I'm only piecing this together in my own mind.
  9. Fully agreed. KJ is most dangerous when in space, and Lindsey's offense is going to create more space for guys like KJ and Martin. Not to mention, when this offense gets clicking as I think it will, we are going to be able to get very creative with those guys, especially with their ball skills. I think it was corchjay that talked about KJ being a "long-strider". The good thing about someone like that is that when you do get them in space, they are going to pick up large chunks of yardage in a hurry. I actually also think KJ will have more success between the tackles this season as well. We have every tool in place to create a lot of space at the LOS, and we have backs who can both take advantage.
  10. A year ago I would have said Hugh Freeze, but well, you know... I actually think that Mullen is pretty undervalued/underrated. He has done an absolutely phenomenal job at Mississippi State.
  11. I might be one of those fans who under appreciates him. I'm not sure. I do think with a more balanced offense and a healthy body, he is going to have an opportunity to be a BIG TIME contributor. Much more so than he has been in the past, which as the article points out, is already a lot. What I unquestionably appreciate about Kerryon is his character. Not just how he handles himself off the field, or the kind of leader he has become, but how smart he is on the field. Dude has some serious football IQ. He's someone you don't worry about when he's on the field. He's going to do his job.
  12. In before McLoofus! dangit
  13. Reading between the lines, I'm lead to believe that KD is not in any "trouble" in the sense of any violation of team rules or conduct. My sense is that he is focusing on some school work. He's still in class. The coaches are "rooting for him." That's my take away. He's also good enough to warrant giving him time off to ensure his participation for the summer and fall.
  14. This board is dead in the off season, and I for one appreciate your steady contribution of articles to this board. It keeps conversation alive.