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  1. Cole, we should compare notes... We didn't play together did we????? Did we both get our clocks cleaned by Careg Bonner???
  2. Yeah, that 2018 depth chart is frightening - even if it is a doomsday scenario.
  3. @ellitor hows the 2018 RB class looking?
  4. To me, that's all on management. Generally, if I'm in a restaurant where I see the hostess or servers constantly on their cell phones, I see their manager on theirs. There are some average to above average restaurants (food wise) in Huntsville that I visit often, mostly because they are well managed and their service is EXCELLENT. It goes a long way in my book.
  5. Depends on the restaurant if I'm sending food back. In a nicer restaurant, a chef would fire one of his cooks, or the manager would fire one of their servers on the spot if they suspected that someone did something to a patrons' food. Either way, I always try to be friendly to the server and communicate it in a way that isn't hostile. As a general rule, I always give the server the benefit of the doubt. There are 100 reasons that things go wrong with your order that don't have anything to do with your server. Granted, there are a 100 that do have to do with your server, but I always give them the benefit. At some restaurants, I'm not going to send food back, because it probably won't come back any better the second time.
  6. Last night, my dad and step-mother very graciously took my wife and I out to a nice dinner for her birthday. My dad is not the most pleasant person to dine out with. He has a certain arrogance about him when it comes to nice restaurants. I'm not sure where he learned to be this way, but he believes that he knows more about how to make an old-fashioned than the bartender, more about how much dressing to add to his salad than the pantry chef, more about how to cook grouper than the actual chef, and apparently more about how to properly tip a server than the rest of us. It was one of those nights. He had been giving the server a hard time all night about drinks, and apparently he wasn't prepared for the up-charge on the premium bourbon he ordered. So, when he got the check to sign, my step-mom took the bill from him in fear that he was about to short our server, who did a nice job by the way. Apparently, it was dad's intention not to tip on the drinks. I've spent a good amount of time in the restaurant business - summers in high school, during college, and also serving tables at night in addition to my day job in order to pay for an engagement ring a few years ago. I always tip on drinks. In fact, only in special circumstances do I think its acceptable not tip on drinks. My last serving job was for an upscale restaurant in Huntsville. We had an extensive and very expensive wine list. We routinely sold bottles of wine in the $100-200 range, and sometimes as much as $300. In those circumstances, I wouldn't expect my tables to tip 20 percent on $300 of wine, even though 90% of the time they would. That being said, last night, everyone ordered a cocktail or two before the meal, and I ordered a glass of wine with my steak. We weren't popping bottles of Opus One. Dad went with the "he didn't make the drinks" bit, "he just brought them to our table." Interestingly enough, this is exactly what he did with our food, but apparently this isn't that. My step-mom handed me the bill and asked what I would tip. Without hesitation, I'm at 20 percent of the entire bill. That's just me. Unless someone does a really, really bad job, I'm going to tip them 20 percent. I think most people fluctuate between 15 and 20 depending on service. What he was going to tip, would have equated to 10% of the bill. My step-mom split our differences and left 15%. Agree to disagree. All of that is to say, how do you tip? The entire bill? Just the food? 15 percent for good service? 20 percent? More? Less? What's your reasoning. I'm just interested. I think most people who have worked as servers or bartenders share a different perspective then other people. I'm curious what people here think.
  7. bahahahah
  8. I'll add one more. One of my all time favorites...He and Vedder just shred.
  9. Well, this is good news, his talent notwithstanding.
  10. hahaha!
  11. They love the water, that's for sure!
  12. This made me tear up a little bit. Thanks for posting it, man. Going to have my wife read it, too. This is exactly how I hope it is.
  13. He's been doing pretty well. I know that he realizes that she isn't here, but I'm sure he also doesn't understand that she's not coming back. I wouldn't let him near her after we found her. We've been trying to keep him (and ourselves) busy, so I've been taking him with me to places more than I normally do, and try to get him around other dogs and people often. Luckily, our friends have been great, and my brother in law even offered to "lend" us one of their dogs to make it easier for him.
  14. Guys, I've got some unfortunate news. Riley passed away last weekend. Family was down at Lake Martin for the weekend, and the wife and I headed into Atlanta on Saturday afternoon to see the Cardinals play the Braves. As we were pulling into Atlanta, my in-laws, who were watching our dogs, called to let me know that she had gone missing. Initially, we thought that she might have run away, so we spent the next 48 hours searching, talking to neighbors and putting up flyers. Monday morning my father-in-law was working on the dock, and found her underneath. Apparently, she drowned on Saturday afternoon. We think she must have been worn out from playing and swimming all morning and afternoon and exhausted herself. She was the kind of dog that you couldn't stop from retrieving once she started. Unfortunately, whatever happened occurred so quickly that neither of my in-laws had time to notice she had gone under the water. I've had to let go of some anger of the past few days, and come to grips with the fact that there was likely nothing they could have done differently. Just a sad, tragic thing. Anyway, I can honestly say that I've never cried so much in my life as I did on Monday and Tuesday. She was only 9 months old, but I really loved that dog. I've been blessed at this point in my life to have never experienced real grief, until now. I'm not trying to diminish the grief someone feels when losing a child, parent, sibling or friend, but it really shook me up. Anyway, we buried her at the lake on Monday. She was a really special dog. Super sweet, very intelligent, and had a crazy drive. Probably would have made a good momma at some point too. Luckily, we still have her older brother, and that's made everything a lot easier