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  1. Agreed (as far as I can remember) Having Prechae and Courtney on opposite sides was pretty awesome in 06'. Likewise, Coates and Williams in 2014. This group definitely has the talent to be "great". edit: Man, my memory is clearly way off. Rodriguez was not the receiver that I somehow remember him to be.
  2. Better than Daddy
  3. First name basis, eh?
  4. I'm with you. Someone told me that they were considering, but I never looked into it.
  5. If players aren't getting free releases AND if Patterson were to transfer, that year of sitting out would make things more interesting. I read the same thing. He essentially said, unless there is a mass exodus, Shea is staying put. The interesting part is that he left the door open. We'll see what happens. If he has to sit a year, I'd choose to play ball now and stay put.
  6. I worked for Habitat when I got out of college. Great organization.
  7. "McLittle" - man, I love that.
  8. 0% chance Patterson comes to Auburn. He'll want to start immediately assuming they are given free releases.
  9. ha, I thought you were going to comment on how exciting the finish in the Open was on Sunday.
  10. All great pictures, but I like this one the most. The PACNW is beautiful. By the way, what did you think about Top Golf? Huntsville is building one and I'm curious.
  11. fify
  12. shake and bake baby!
  13. I really appreciate what a proud dad you are.
  14. Nothing that hasn't been said, but: Offensively: NCM, Darius Slayton, and I'd also like to see Cox have a 2010 Eric Smith type season. Defensively: Just everybody.
  15. Yeah, its too early to start applauding the man. I'm not suggesting that he isn't, but its easy to show contrition in the beginnings of something like this. He'll have a long road to walk. There are a lot involved that will need extra helpings of grace and mercy, and hopefully they have the humility to accept it.