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  1. No way a school could prescribe and administer an amphetamine to a minor without prior consent by parents. Different story for a college athlete.
  2. In addition to everything already mentioned, I think Bo Nix makes this move even more appealing for Morris. Young, talented QB with a lot of room yet to grow and a high ceiling, in addition to all the other talent on our roster means Morris will offense he can score points with immediately.
  3. Who knows. Gus gave Dilly a great opportunity, so I would imagine that he has been very grateful to Gus. That said, he likely has a better relationship with Norvell and more freedom to execute his own ideas on the offense.
  4. I have a feeling it was Dilly who approached Gus, and not the other way around.
  5. It's the little things in life
  6. Best case scenario right there
  7. Was trying to point out that a thread had already been created on the topic, but I agree that Luke would be a good hire.
  8. Such a weird way to word that tweet... How about 2nd SEC POY in three years?
  9. Good for him. I'm all for this. Excellent OL coach, great recruiter...