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  1. Look, I’m not here to pile on Harsin. His fate has already been decided, but my point remains the same. Of course players need to own their mistakes, but last night was indicative of a larger problem within this program, namely this staff’s inability to adjust at the half. Either Harsin is the recipient of some of the worst luck I’ve ever witnessed (his players “execute” during the first half, and fall apart during the second - which, also implicates coaching) or, alternatively, the staff is consistently failing to adjust at the half. Play calling last night was a nightmare. You talk about limitations due to personnel, yet we are asking Robbie Ashford to throw the ball 40 times. Sure, if we don’t turn the ball over, we win a close game. On the other hand, I think we win the game going away with a better plan. Just my opinion.
  2. No doubt, because our greatest areas of need have not been adequately addressed by this staff. Again, the players deserve better.
  3. Nowhere did I say that the players were perfect. There is a pattern and practice with this staff that has become disturbing: Again, the players deserve better.
  4. These kids are out there playing their asses off. I hate it for them. I really do. Couldn’t care less what happens with this staff. The players deserve better. That’s all.
  5. credit to these players laying it on the line!!! LFG
  6. Is an “alpha” but have you ever seen him jump a player’s case on the sideline? I haven’t.
  7. So has it been a good time in here or what!?
  8. You don’t believe he would be a top tier recruiter. Okay.
  9. The question was why people have interest in him. Not why he would be a risk.
  10. He’s a narcissist like most coaches. Dude needs to be thoroughly vetted. Like, thoroughly.
  11. Not to mention it took more than money to bring in some of those recruiting classes. Freeze can recruit. Mark my words.
  12. It’s because of recruiting. I think he’s a risky hire for sure, but he will attract talent from all across the country, and in my opinion that’s more than half the battle.
  13. Right. I think he’s fun to talk about, but I think Deion has a plan for where he wants to go, and I’m not sure a program like Auburn fits within that picture. Guy doesn’t need the money. Think he wants to really do something special for HBCU’s, and he may be committed to be at JSU for a long time.
  14. Would Deion even have interest in this job? If he does, I obviously agree he needs to be a serious candidate.
  15. Other than his pick, he was lights out. Obvious why he left.
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