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  1. Other than his pick, he was lights out. Obvious why he left.
  2. As bad as I can remember against this level of competition
  3. Missouri doesn’t miss a 20 yd field goal we lose. Missouri doesn’t drop the INT in overtime, we lose. Missouri doesn’t jump on Anders’ shanked kick in OT, we lose. You can’t make this stuff up. What did we just watch!?
  4. What a sad turn of events for Missouri. We deserved to lose this game. Glad for our players, but damn. Harsin needs to go tonight.
  5. Doubt it will be pretty, but we won’t lose this game.
  6. At this point it doesn’t matter what Harsin inherited. He’s toast. Time to move on.
  7. I agree about Urban. I don’t have any interest in him. I’ve tried to type out my thoughts on Gruden, but they aren’t so simple that I feel like I could adequately express them here, but I also don’t like how he talks about other people.
  8. Haven’t read a bit of this thread, but I agree with what I assume everyone is saying.
  9. Glad TJ didn’t try and force it. Great play to Shed to at least get us in the RZ.
  10. Oh I don’t think there is any question that TJ starts. Absolutely.
  11. According to reports, Calzada has seen a significant increase in first team reps this week. This may support what I've suspected will happen in the case Finley gets his leash pulled: Calzada will take on Finley's role as the primary quarterback and passer, and Ashford will continue to play reps in his specialized role as a change of pace, and primarily running quarterback. For those wondering about the status and health of Calzada, this news certainly suggests that he is getting healthy and may now be an actual threat for playing time.
  12. Biggest difference in the game last year was the lack of pass rush against Sean Clifford. We give him eight seconds in the pocket again on Saturday, we lose. If we can get to him and finally force some turnovers, we will have a good chance.
  13. It's sad that these sorts of things come as no surprise anymore.
  14. I'm in an optimistic mood, so my prediction is: AU - 27 PSU - 24
  15. To each their own for sure. Duck hunting can be a real pain in the ass, and is typically best in the worst types of weather, but that’s part of what makes it so rewarding. Dove hunting is great because it doesn’t require any skill other than knowing how to fire a shotgun. Usually involves a lot of socializing and cold beer. I actually just got back from a dove hunting trip in Argentina, which was an experience all in itself.
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