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  1. So why is Tyler Queen the forgotten man this spring?
  2. So how many OL spots are we trying to fill this year and who are our top targets?
  3. Porter also coached ST @ NC. IMHO Porter gets ST's and Kodi/CCL split TE's. Then when the day comes, and we know it will, when Horton gets an OC offer Porter can shift over. But for 2018 and hopefully a few years beyond, again IMHO the combo of Horton & Porter is hands down the best 1-2 combo we've had. I would rather have them than Craig & Crime Dog.
  4. Looking at his footwork, he doesn't run like a "big" back. But most importantly he can catch th ball. I can see why CCL has him high on his board, perfect for Chip' O game plan
  5. So I wonder what CGM is going to do with all the free time on his hands? Looking at today's signing, there's no doubt it's CCL' O now not Gus's. Two TE's who can run pass patterns. Two tall WR's who can fly (not known for their ability to block). Today this old, old Auburn fan is seeing a vision. One or two 1,000+ yd RB's and WR's, like Clemson or OU. And, of course lessening to the turds whin.
  6. Thanks, I have only a very few virtues and patience isn't one of them 😁
  7. Any report/news/rumors on how the visits went/are going?
  8. So KC, I'm currently in northern Indiana for a few weeks and watching/waiting for your ice storm ❄ to rotate around to us. O'well, life goes on 😊
  9. Agreed, all I'm saying is that Woody's got the physical skill to push JS and drop Sean to 3rd on the depth chart. I'll be watching the reps to see if this happens.
  10. Eveyone talks about Sean vs. JS for the starting QB slot. Given all of Sean's injurys I'm going to be watching how many reps Woody gets early in the spring. If WB starts getting a lot of work, things may become very interesting.
  11. Lindsey or Spavital would be major up grades. Both have plues and minuses but at the end of the day either aline with Steele as DC and we get closer to having a championship caliber staff.
  12. Our run game is important, but... A 1,000 rusher and a 1,000 reciever MUST be the standard. Two RB Or two WR with 1,000 seasons is great BUT it will not win championships. Gus needs to learn to spell B-A-L-A-N-C-E !
  13. It's a no win for the committee: OSU gets beat and everyone points out the obvious - had they selected PSU and Clemson slams them, then then everyone would say "we knew OSU was the best team" What makes college football great (and better than the NFL) is not the prefections but the inprefections! Embrace them, enjoy them and understand this is the life we celebrate. Happy New Year and War DAMN Eagle 🎉
  14. I'm visualizing golf, nose candy and major deals/donations
  15. Is Sir Charles qualifed - No. But....he would keep the boosters entertained and there are two other things to ponder: 1. It would not be the stupidest thing Auburn ever did in regards to an AD - that was done when we promoted a Sports Informstion person to the post. 2. If Trump can be President, then certainly Charles can be AD.