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  1. In my personal opinion our DB’s played better under Brown than when McGriff was coaching. I know a lot of y’all pan Coach Brown, but I can remember getting beat over the top and in one on one coverage the year McGriff was with us. Coach Brown may not have been the sexiest hirer, but he could coach and coach very well.
  2. 🙏 for you, your wife and your family
  3. I agree with Charles Barkley; thank you Clemson!
  4. Notice that 24/7 has yet to reportt his sending in his LOI. It’s this any reason for concern?
  5. I am honored and the first shot will be a toast to the other honorees
  6. I am hoping that instead of a game fir serious drinking, the ASU game is it is the type of game you end up doing belly shots with your favorite 17-year-old.
  7. The game will not be close. The winning team will have at least a two score advantage . Washington wins if Browing can dink and dunk his way up and down the field. Getting the ball out of his hands quickly to the wide receivers thus neutralizing the rush. Then when Auburn tries to counter by doubling with the linebackers underneath Gaskins explode for a big day. Auburn wins if the front four of Washington gets exposed for being overrated because of their performance against lesser teams last year. K-Mart and Boobie both have a big first half and when Washington counters by bringing their safeties into the box Auburn’s supior speed on the outside torches there rather good DB’s. Final score 24-13 one way or the other ?
  8. Hook and latteral ?; Stidham to Schwartz to Matthews .
  9. I first read On the Road in the 60s. I will be driving to the West Coast from Alabama leaving this weekend and added it to my audible playlist for the trip. Seemed appropriate. ? Doubt that it will have the appeal that it had to an adolescent in the 60s but you never know. We can always dream about reliving our youth, i.e. felonies, drinking, womanizing, fighting, long BS sessions, doing things no sane person would do, and seeing the country through fresh eyes. Yeah, that’s the road trip I’m looking forward too ?
  10. OK, this doesn’t have anything to do with Nick Coe, who I think is going to be an absolute stud, but continuing the Ellis Johnson discussion: Johnson’s alignment may have been similar to the nickel package run back coach Steele, but the technique used by the defensive backs is certainly different. From my untrained eye it appears that Johnson wanted the DB’s to keep everything in front of them and wait for help to arrive where as Steele wants the DB’s to arrive when the ball arrives with a great deal of violence. If some of you professional coach types have a more concise explanation of the technique differences please share it with us.
  11. So right after we were married, my late wife worked in the Desn of Women’s office as an assistant to Evelyn Jordan. As my wife was from Baton Rouge, Evelyn gave her tickets to the Alabama/LSU game to be played in Tiger Stadium on year. That year Alabama was led by star running back Johnny Musso and LSU was led by a great defense of back named Tommy Casanova. The week before the game Casanova had guaranteed that Musso would not gain 100 yards against the Tigers. The first play from scrimmage Musso took the ball on a sweep right, was knocked out of bounds after a 15 yard gain, and Cazenovia speared him out of bounds. What was funny was the old woman - mayby in her 70’s sitting back behind us. Although she had arrived at the game wearing a mink stole and wearing enough gold jewelry to pay for my current house and cars, she could have easly passed for a nice little old grandmother. While the referees were walking off the 15 yard personal foul penalty she was standing up screaming; “ that’s right, that’s right break his f#*$ing neck!”
  12. For day games: one jigger Bombay Sapphire over ice in a rocks glass with a twist. For night games: two jiggers Bombay Sapphire over ice in a rocks glass with a twist. ???
  13. I agree, but there’s at least four other players that are also too good not to be on the field most of the time. Looking forward to coach Strele constantly changing personnel groups to keep the other team off balance
  14. Can anyone say Will Hasting. Receivers with that skill set appear to be something that is important in CCL’s playbook. JJ will definitely keep one of the safeties 10 yards off the line of scrimmage and out of the run support mode.
  15. Couldn’t help but notice Kobe’s positive remarks about the wide receiver coach and the head coach at Aulbern. I guess you haters are just loving that.