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  1. Beaker, I'm a little confussed. Is the 4* or the 5* still on the team, ... or could it be bothπŸ€”? Man you might be as twisted as I am 😜
  2. Robbie Robenitte (hope my spelling was close)
  3. So greetings from an old fart who likes his adult beverages stright and his night time companions young and twisted. I read many, many post daily, but add my own infrequently. For me the rule to remember is better to keep your mouth shut and have people think you are stupid than to open it and remove all doubt. BTW, does this count as a post?
  4. Speaking of character, it seems many on this board have mastered the art of character assassination by a thousand little cuts. CHM has rightly been under a lot of fire the last two years. But, if you are unhappy with him, put your big boy paints on and make your case. Otherwise focus on the important issue at hand (pun intended) the health of a fine young man.
  5. So he's scheduled to move in the last week in May. When is the earlies Auburn trainers/Doctors can officall look at his hand? Also, BTW for all you wise a$$s who question why we would let a kid do thus are that - maybe CGC had it right, hire security guards to follow them everywhere.
  6. Speaking of Borges' tenure at Auburn, I seem to remember when he arrive there was a lot of talent that fit his system. But as time when on, the talent level dropped off becasue, as a staff, a number of people were mailing it in when it came to recruiting. Yes, AB preformed a miracle with Jason Campbell, but as simeone else once said, "to be successful, you need to limit yourself to one miracle per mission." Were there flaws in his offence - sure. Would it work today - only in select circumstances. But, with that being said, we are not putting in his system. We're using his knowledge to make CCL's system better. Still think this was a great hire, especially with the NCAA drying up the pool of qualified HS coaches.
  7. If memory serves me, and goodness knows that's iffy, Borges ran a hybred West Coast/power scheem. There was a lot if emphasis on presnap reads, quick throws, and throwing to the RB's. All of the will transition nicely to CCL's RPO/Airraid roots. Al Borges - quality person, quality hire. WDE
  8. My appoligies for the post of yesterday afternoon. I am very carefull never to drive when I induldge in enjoying my Gin and prescription pain killers, apparently I also need to add posting to that list. Now back on topic: there has been discussion of moving James inside to OG, Smith outside to OT, or various combinations of these moves. I believe either of these moves would be a mistake. At OT, we all know there were times James broke down, but many of these breakdowns were due to scheem or unexpected moves by the opposition (see TAM). All of this is correctable! At the end of last year, everyone was raving about Horton. I still maintain starting a true freshman is an act of disperation. Will one day CA surpass Horton? Very likely. But, right now Horton has had YEARS more reps, trainging, and wieght room work. If you don't think birthdays are important, just look at Leff last year. At OG, Smith is the most dominate returning player we have, why in the name of all that is holy would you change that? Although, my memory is still trying to tell me his first college start was not at his current position, and it was not good. That leaves the LG slot, which everyone admitts is the big question mark. I would feel comfortable with the winner of the Bell/Harrell competition. But, for those of you who demand on doing something crazy, move Golson out to OG. He could still make the OL call from there and he start one year at OG at Ole Miss. Oh well, just one old man's ranting opinions.
  9. I know this will raise evrryone err, but I do not like the idea of Smith at OG. My memory is just long enough to remember that unmitigated disaster once before. Leave him at OT, between Horton, Harnell, and Bell there are three good options for OG. This will also keep you out of the act of utter desperation of starting a true Freshman at OT.
  10. πŸ™
  11. πŸ™
  12. So let me offer you a fool proof method of understanding tweets such as these: become drinking buddies with a teenager of the oppoiste gender 😎
  13. So why is Tyler Queen the forgotten man this spring?
  14. So how many OL spots are we trying to fill this year and who are our top targets?
  15. Porter also coached ST @ NC. IMHO Porter gets ST's and Kodi/CCL split TE's. Then when the day comes, and we know it will, when Horton gets an OC offer Porter can shift over. But for 2018 and hopefully a few years beyond, again IMHO the combo of Horton & Porter is hands down the best 1-2 combo we've had. I would rather have them than Craig & Crime Dog.