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  1. What is the key to an IB win?

    The key to victory is simple: score more points than them 😁😜
  2. Injuries?

    I don’t want to be a Debbie Downer but keep this in mind: The reserves who have had to step in at LB for Bama are getting more and more game reps. They will be approaching midsesson form by the time the Iron Bowl kicks off. I would expect their LB play to be much improved vs what we saw at Miss St ☹️
  3. 2018 4* CB Christian Tutt Commits to AU!!!

    I though I read he would commit on Tuesday. Can anyone confirm and what time?
  4. Score Prediction- Georgia

    I see it as low scoring (note UGA’s outing vs USC) and that Auburn has the “intangable” advantage: Tigers 21 Dogs 17
  5. Florida, McElwain part ways

    As mentioned above in this thread there will be a lot of Power 5 jobs opening up this year. Now that UF has broken out of the gate, I would not be supprised to see Ark, UT, and maybe Mizz follow quickly.
  6. Roll call Mizzou

    I'm in Canada this week. When you're north of Cobalt, your luck to have any conection. Beat Mizzou and I'll enjoy reading the recap in a few days.
  7. ***Auburn vs. Mercer -- Game Thread***

    So it looks like they brought Dunn in at C, slide Golson to G, and Smith to T. hum... 🤔
  8. Hurricane Irma - Clemson game

    Play the game in Clemson with Irma screeming overhead! with our run game and D, Aburun by 3 TD's 😁
  9. Do we get a 1K YD season by a WR in 17?

    Respectfully disagree. Yes, it would make us more difficult to scheme against. BUT if we don't start producing a 1K reciever at the rate of 2 or 3 every 4 years you can forget about recruiting top notch recievers.
  10. Do we get a 1K YD season by a WR in 17?

    300/300 split still is 3,600 yards in a season plus the Bowl(s). That will get at least one reciever and likely two over K
  11. Do we get a 1K YD season by a WR in 17?

    So sitting here this morning I have a terrible thirst to drink the Kool Aid. By my math, if you average 600 YPG (200 running + 400 passing) you will have a lot of 1K+ players! WDE
  12. 2018 5* QB Justin Fields

    Beaker, I'm a little confussed. Is the 4* or the 5* still on the team, ... or could it be both🤔? Man you might be as twisted as I am 😜
  13. Best AU Tight End ever?

    Robbie Robenitte (hope my spelling was close)
  14. So greetings from an old fart who likes his adult beverages stright and his night time companions young and twisted. I read many, many post daily, but add my own infrequently. For me the rule to remember is better to keep your mouth shut and have people think you are stupid than to open it and remove all doubt. BTW, does this count as a post?