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  1. If memory serves me right a few years ago there was a lot of interest in bringing him to Auburn. Sometimes the best hires are hires that you don’t make. Chuba-Hubbard-threatens-boycott-media-athletes-reaction-Oklahoma-State-Football-running-back-Mike-Gundy-OAN-T-shirt-protest-racial-injustice-148197962.html
  2. An old adage; “if you sow the wind you will reap the whirlwind” Mississippi State hired a coach who is famous for he is unscripted, off-the-wall, kooky, offensive utterances. Guess what they got 🤔. Another old adage; “never fault a giraffe for having a long neck“. I don’t fault Leach for being stupid (because that’s what he is) - I fault MSU for being stupid.
  3. I was hoping we would pick up a punter. Is there a spot for a graduate transfer punter?
  4. The coaching community in the SEC West is definitely schizophrenic. On one side you have Lane Kiffin, Ed Orgeron and Mike Leach. On the other side Sabin, Fisher, and Malzahn. I’m sure the sports writers think they’ve been giving a Christmas present.
  5. I have no idea who we will close with, but I do have a wish list 🤔😜 Harty - DL Jones - Ol Jackson - DL a punter - I’ll volunteer to go to Australia on a recruiting trip if all the coaches are too busy 😁
  6. Mine was getting off an airplane in Minneapolis / St. Paul. Talk about the last place you would expect to find a Auburn fan.
  7. with 21 commitments that leaves only four open spots. It seems we would like to take another quarterback, TE, and we’ve been giving a DB a lot of attention. That would only leave one spot open for another defense of lineman. But I thought we wanted at least two more DL’s. Any thoughts on how these last four spots are distributed?
  8. 74 gator bowl, what is it that when we played Archie Manning and Ole Miss? funny I remember that as an exciting game, lots of scoring. My Oh My, how things change. 48-45 War Eagle
  9. Ha! My youngest daughter is a professor at the university of Minnesota. I am spending the holidays with with her and family. Enjoying the snow and the grandkids. Would love to have them come south over the New Year’s holiday.
  10. I was a sophomore during Sullivan’s freshman year (when freshmen were not eligible to play). But because of grad school I got to see all three years of Sullivan to Beasley - touchdown Auburn. For me that will always be Auburn. RIP Pat Sullivan 😢
  11. I have seen enough to know I’ve seen too much 😅 My sweet mother-in-law, who is in her 90’s, put it best; “I went through three pairs of the depends during this one“
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