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  1. I’m hoping Jboy means “big” as in large, like a HS OT. Gooch is certainly big.
  2. Cooper is getting better by the minute.
  3. There are still some decently-rated 2021 HS running backs who haven’t signed yet. We can honestly offer RB depth as a selling point 😊.
  4. Arik Gilbert is in the portal if they still want another tight end.
  5. Since no one else seems to want the job and the PTB want to keep the assistants, need to think outside the box like Memphis in basketball. Just give the HC position to Caddy and give him some time to figure it out. When the current assistant contracts expire, he can hire some NFL buddies to help. #HireCaddy 😀
  6. The AU-UGA games should be very interesting in the future after the "dog crap" comment. I was thinking about Gus and Kirby in the dance off during the Rashaan Evans recruitment yesterday when they were playing that clip. I don't think they are BFFs.
  7. #hireTRob T-Rob is 34. Muschamp was 31 when he got he first DC position at LSU. Defense remains consistent. T-Rob has a lot of energy and is a great recruiter.
  8. I love that Ben Davis is wearing an Auburn shirt. He easily could have chosen to go with neutral colors but he chose otherwise. Doesn't mean he will sign with Auburn, but still good nonetheless. I agree. Ben seems like a young man with a lot of class. Even if he signs with UAT, I will hope he does well, except for the Iron Bowl of course.
  9. Well fortunately Gus has run his offense against Rocker's DLine for two years, Pelton's for one, and CRG's for two and watched these coaches recruit over these time frames. CWM has also worked with Lawing and the UT DL coaches over the years. I am confident they can make a good assessment of how CRG compares to the other DL around the league in terms of on the field coaching and recruiting. It's also clear that Gus and JJ will make a change if necessary. I think Williams and Marshall may have been played UAT, but time will tell. Last year, we didn't recruit the defensive ends well through the
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