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  1. #hireTRob T-Rob is 34. Muschamp was 31 when he got he first DC position at LSU. Defense remains consistent. T-Rob has a lot of energy and is a great recruiter.
  2. I love that Ben Davis is wearing an Auburn shirt. He easily could have chosen to go with neutral colors but he chose otherwise. Doesn't mean he will sign with Auburn, but still good nonetheless. I agree. Ben seems like a young man with a lot of class. Even if he signs with UAT, I will hope he does well, except for the Iron Bowl of course.
  3. WOW. This is terrific new! War Eagle Kyle.
  4. Well fortunately Gus has run his offense against Rocker's DLine for two years, Pelton's for one, and CRG's for two and watched these coaches recruit over these time frames. CWM has also worked with Lawing and the UT DL coaches over the years. I am confident they can make a good assessment of how CRG compares to the other DL around the league in terms of on the field coaching and recruiting. It's also clear that Gus and JJ will make a change if necessary. I think Williams and Marshall may have been played UAT, but time will tell. Last year, we didn't recruit the defensive ends well through the fall, but that meant we had the spots for Cowart and Prince on signing day. I trust Gus and Will have got this.
  5. Better now than in late January.
  6. Really happy Eli committed to Auburn. I'm sure JJ and SW are smiling.
  7. This is fantastic! Welcome to Auburn Calvin.
  8. Is he related to Wade Christopher?
  9. Boom. Welcome home TRob !
  10. I am so sorry Tray.
  11. War Eagle Jovon!!!
  12. Guess you might want to check with Gus on that question....don't think anybody on here can give you a knowledgeable answer. He earned an offer at camp, and we accepted his commit. That says something to me. I'm psyched about Auburn football and have no reason to need to make myself feel better. I think we're in excellent shape. War Eagle! I was told Westry was elite at both the Florida and AU camps. Boom offered Westry on the spot, same for AU. Elite talent that can't be coached. Was being pushed hard by Boom to commit to UF. Westry's coached called RG and that set the AU camp visit. FWIW. Funny how that worked out.
  13. Yesterday we got the X's and O's. Now it is time to finish with the Jimmys and Joes.
  14. Welcome back Boom!!!
  15. Tell me you wouldn't want to play for this guy: