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  1. Ilya's right. The OSHA mandate will likely not survive. The CMS one, the one which I operate under, should.
  2. Swear to God if Biden passed a mandate on breathing a third of the population would suffocate.
  3. Conspiracy theorists easily are. You know, the kind of people that watch Jimmy Dore unironically.
  4. He's written lots of books. This is actually number 10. In fact, this is his second NYTimes Best Seller and his second book on public health. He wrote a prior one on thimerosal.
  5. You find it odd one of the most prominent antivax loons out there has bad things to say about Fauci?
  6. RFK junior is a crazy person though.
  7. LOL If the mods of this forum want to crack down on purveyors of misinformation on this forum, your last thread revealed you to be a prime candidate. Holy s*** you flipped the switch from reasonable to dumb.
  8. Oh my ******* God. Can't you ******* read? Are you incapable of basic ******* research before shooting your mouth off? You are absolutely insufferable.
  9. You have allowed your biases to overcome your sense of reason. Your biases now steer you. There is a certain comfort in willful ignorance.
  10. So keen to finding an argument to make that you have to invent one, huh. In my case it is mandated by my employer, though. I work in healthcare.
  11. No there's actually a pretty good chance they're, best case, turning a blind eye to the fact that their data is incomplete or, worst case, bold faced lying about it. I do agree we are about at the point where we're going to have to accept the fact that we're going to have to switch gears from treating it like a pandemic to treating it like an endemic virus, much like we do flu.
  12. Sounds promising! I hope the trial goes well!
  13. That's ironic coming from J. Edgar Hoover. Improper and illegal conduct was sort of his bailiwick. He withheld information from the prosecution in the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing and basically had to be blackmailed into releasing it, for example.
  14. If you can call that improvement. Like I said, for you up is now down and left is now right. Dumb is smart. Right is wrong. The sky is green. "They're all out to get me!" Remember when Raven_Tiger disappeared for a while then resurfaced a few years back ranting about how Obama would intentionally spread Ebola throughout America to "share the pain?" That's where you are now.
  15. I'm sure you will, given how far down the rabbit hole of up-being-down and left-being-right you've gone.
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