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  1. Post a picture

    So we’re in the midst of a tournament and I have some very pointed criticisms. First, we’re on to the final, so yay us. But whoever decided goal differential should be the first tiebreaker is a moron. It’s practically inviting blowout games. The format is a group of 7 with each team playing two games against other teams from the group. Group winner goes straight to the final. 2 and 3 have a playoff game to see who reaches the final. 4 vs. 5, then 6 vs. 7 in a consolation game. Got matched up with two Birmingham area teams in the group. We thrashed the first team we played, a north b’ham side, 9-0. Sadie started in goal, but they yanked her after we went up by 5 in the 1st half. She finally scored a goal this season and had a beauty of a layoff for an assist. Ended up winning 9-0. Ho hum. An Atlanta area team is our main competition in the group. They played the other B’ham area team, BUSA, this morning and thrashed them 11-1. So to go straight through to the final tomorrow, we had to beat this BUSA by at least 9. We beat them 10-0. Sadie played in the field all game. It’s sad that we had to do that, but when you incentivize blowouts, these things happen. The opposing parents were pissed. Can’t blame them. We had to do it. Putting rec sides, and there were two of them - Bruno Montessori, another Trussville side that got beat 7-by the Atlanta side - was stupid. Should have invited another rec side and split things up. Putting all the 07s, competitive and rec in one amorphous blob was a stroke of idiocy. Neither team we played got a single shot on frame against us. That’s how crazy this was.
  2. Yeah, yeah, yeah. In my defense, I said somewhat. I'm sure Trump hasn't thought that deeply about it.
  3. He needs to shut up. Bluster isn't the way to go on this one.
  4. "If you've nothing to hide, you've nothing to fear" doesn't really apply here. Criminals make up stories to get deals and prosecutors are professionally credulous about stories that advance their narrative. That may not be the case with Trump, but it’s how the system works, so I will somewhat come to his defense on this one.
  5. Never be offended. Drink what you like, but there are plenty of great beers out there with sub 5 abvs. About to hit Gose season.
  6. Nova: Decoding the Weather Machine

    Yeah it’s been a while since we’ve had a discussion on it.
  7. Well this thread got funny in a hurry.
  8. Hefty as hell for a poolside beer. 7.5%