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  1. It's an extremist position there, though. Japan would be a better example. Their conservatives love to rewrite history when it comes to their behavior in the 30s and 40s.
  2. Back when I was in general clinical engineering, I'd often tell people a monkey with a screwdriver could do my job.
  3. That's most professions, really. I've reverse engineered a bipolar junction transistor for troubleshooting a grand total of zero times in the field. I've applied Ohm's Law once.
  4. Salty actually already owes me. He tried to pay with some paperclips and a subway coupon.
  5. And no answer is often an answer in and of itself.
  6. To be fair it's easy to see why she'd want to throw things at Bill.
  7. The divide isn't that stark. We're not talking state vs state. It's urban vs rural.
  8. I think you 2 are talking past each other and more than likely agree with each other more than you know.
  9. Even Bernie is a Social Dem, as much as he likes to bandy about the term "socialism."
  10. See this? That district 7 is where most all of the black people are.
  11. You ever looked at map if Alabama's districts? It's wild. Only district with any proper minority representation is basically Birmingham, down i59 to Tuscaloosa, then our black belt. They've essentially lassoed the majority of minority voters into one district. When Doug Jones beat Roy Moore, he only carried one district, and that was it.
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