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  1. It would definitely be more fun. With the exception of last year due to COVID you can't beat the experience. Plus you'll get a fan base for life.
  2. Hey did you know that when you combine me and Jeff Bezos we're both worth over 100 billion dollars, or that a majority of Alabamians are protestant and Jewish too? Don't focus so hard on "owning the libs" you latch onto heavy spins on data.
  3. He's still going to be at worst a top 5 pick, maybe top 3.
  4. I read the Catalist report and Saagar is spinning this so hard he's basically ******* lying. I mean what he's saying is basically about as relevant as 90+% of Trump's voters being right handed.
  5. I love it. Tear down every statue except this one because it actually does a good job disproving white supremacy without meaning to lol.
  6. Titan will probably leave you alone and ICHY would more likely laugh at you. 😉
  7. Get a load of the guy that maintains it on his property. A literal apologist for slavery.
  8. Eh. Not worth the effort.
  9. By the way I actually love this statue. It's just so stupid looking. What a perfect monument to the Confederacy.
  10. One thing that always got to me when I was in the backroads of the boonies of south Alabama was how many Roy Moore signs there were. Later it would be Tuberville lol.
  11. I travel around Alabama a lot in the course of my job. Two of the most notable landmarks are along major interstates. On 65 the Sons of Confederate Veterans maintain a massive flag on the southbound side. On days I'm heading toward Atlanta, there's a general store, the "Dixie General Store" on the eastbound side of I20 around Heflin. I also pass this statue routinely on occasions I have to provide coverage for a co-worker in Nashville.
  12. One of Sharyl Atkisson's favored lines of attack is to blast anyone that disagrees with her as "astroturfing" when challenged on her turn to antivaccine nuttery. She is the "shill gambit" made manifest.
  13. It has a well defined meaning. The term "grassroots" is the key, implying a movement or position springs up organically. Astroturfing is when someone in a position of power actually creates the movement and tries to pass it off as having sprung up organically among the "regular folks." The TEA party is probably one of the best examples. Now regarding Peterson, that man is insane. Peterson's schtick is putting put a lot of incoherent gibberish out there. As a result he can usually handwave challenges on his gibberish as "misrepresentation."
  14. I spent literally 6 hours on the phone with my BPD buddy yesterday and of course this came up in the discussion. Abolishing the police is an extremist and stupid position. There's a good reason Biden refused to even utter "Defund the Police" during the campaign. Oh, I invite you to search my post history lol. Key on "Astroturf" with me as the author.
  15. Yep. They're a good, pious people doing great work. Someone here once mentioned I come off as a Jesuit lol. Now I invite you to Google "reddit Catholicism Jesuits" to get a feel for just how twisted our online presence on the most active forum around is. There are the top results. As you can see the general sentiment is pretty negative. As I said, our online presence is strange.
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