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  1. Seeing the latest tweets? How badly have to **** it up that John Bolton ends up being the only adult in the room?
  2. Wouldn't know. I suspect your definition of reasonable differs wildly from mine though.
  3. Going to be refreshing my Kindle like crazy come midnight tonight.
  4. Not every leftist you interact with here is a howler monkey, sweetheart.
  5. Friendly reminder that Andy McCarthy isn't to be taken seriously.
  6. Yeah well you're conditioned to automatically think the worst.
  7. Look at the boomer trying to meme. Silly boomer.
  8. I'm all for nuclear to bridge the gap, to be honest.
  9. Be that as it may, there's a certain mystique around Death Valley at night I'm glad we're avoiding.
  10. I'm fairly sure a **** up by a news org is pretty far down their list of priorities right about now.
  11. I'm sure the Kurds getting dragged out if their vehicles and unceremoniously shot on the roadside share y'all's concern.