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  1. Just commit. Earlier than I thought. WDE!
  2. AUDub

    Kickoff game announcers

    Could be worse.
  3. Interesting! Never had it. Looks like they only made three batches. 94, 95 and 97. Looking at BA, the reviews seem to be heavily vintage dependent. 94 and 95 look serviceable, while all of the reviews of the 97 vintage seem to be horror stories.
  4. Wish they would collaborate with Mahrs Brau again. The 2016 edition bordered on world class to me.
  5. Welcome aboard! La Fin du Monde is an excellent beer. Never gets old. One of my earlier introductions to craft and I still find myself purchasing a bomber from time to time. I’m quite lucky to actually be able to find it on the reg. As you said, heavy, like a lot of tripels, and deceptively so. Easy to drink too quickly if you’re not careful. Others in the style I’d recommend should you happen across them. Chimay Cinq Cents Westmalle St. Bernardus Tripel All also very good, but I’m not going to lie, Unibroue’s offering is what I consider the class of the style among those I’ve tried.
  6. Oktoberfests still haven’t hit the shelves here. Bit later than last year. Hmm.
  7. Necropost! He's transferring out of LSU. Go figure.
  8. The fact that Trump didn’t direct SHS to go back out and guarantee no such tape exists tells you all you need to know about whether he thinks a tape may exist, and leaves no room to doubt he's ever used the word.
  9. But Obama listens to Jay-Z so checkmate libtards.