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  1. We’re ranked

    Remember the rankings are just for show. If the season ended right now, 8 SEC teams are likely in the field, even though only three of us are ranked. It’s a balanced league that will cannibalize each other and the guys that do these projections know that. As long as the bottom tier of the league (Ole Miss, State, Vandy) stays were it is now, we’re getting 6+ in.
  2. Bracket Projections Talk

    Right now, the SEC has 8 teams in with USCe in the last 4 out. Would be awesome if we could get 9 teams in.
  3. We’re ranked

    Fair marginal drop. Still ranked highest in the SEC. How about UK falling out?
  4. The "Sh*thole Countries" Remark

    Tom Cotton is a damned snake.
  5. The "Sh*thole Countries" Remark

    Hey, look who just confirmed the president’s comment.
  6. All Things NFL Thread

    That was a big time drive by the pats. Can the Jags answer?
  7. All Things NFL Thread

    Gronk is done for the day.
  8. All Things NFL Thread

  9. From The WaPO Opinion Page

    She's a contributor for Fox and the Federalist, and has been a staunch Trump defender for some time.
  10. Men vs. Georgia

    That brought down the house like crazy. My dog still hasn’t forgiven me.
  11. Men vs. Georgia

    Yeah my cousin is an RA down there and she raves being in the student section these days. I’ve been down a few times in the scholarship seating. It snazzy as hell.
  12. Ah yes. My rave reviews of this stuff would make you think Oskar Blues was paying me.
  13. Men vs. Georgia

    Here come the walk-ons.
  14. Men vs. Georgia

    Keep driving.