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  1. AUDub

    Rotation this year

    But it did happen, hence me going four deep lol.
  2. AUDub

    Rotation this year

    I keep hearing “think Dunans but better in just about every way,” and I loved Dunans, out of control as he played sometimes.
  3. AUDub

    Rotation this year

    I consider anything after the 2 deep a “forced into the role” situation.
  4. AUDub

    Post a picture

    Sadie and I went to an Atlanta United game today and lordy was it fun. Place was rocking. 71,000 for a soccer game. Times have changed. And anytime I do anything in Atlanta from now on, we're doing it on MARTA. Convenient as hell.
  5. AUDub

    Rotation this year

    I get the feeling that will eventually be the case too after everything settles in, but I hope McCormick surprises us and ends up being a strong contributor rather than a warm body to spell people at guard when needed.
  6. AUDub

    Rotation this year

    I wouldn't put Mac anywhere but 5 if I can help it, personally. He'll see minutes at 4, but his minutes should mostly come at the 5. Chuma is more versatile. Better with the ball on the floor and a better shooter. Anfernee's best defensive attribute is his shot blocking. He's a rim protector. Putting him on the perimeter will take him away from the basket, and who knows how he'll hold up out there when matched up with twitchy stretch 4s. Better to play to his strengths.
  7. AUDub

    Rotation this year

    Y'all think this looks about right? 1. Harper - McCormick - Doughty - Brown 2. Brown - Doughty - McCormick - Purifoy 3. Purifoy - Dunbar - Doughty - Okeke 4. Okeke - Spencer - McLemore - Purifoy 5. Wiley - McLemore - Spencer - Okeke
  8. AUDub

    Monday Morning Humor

    Friday morning humor.
  9. AUDub

    Post a picture

    Poor Cecilia has HFM. Been crying all day, almost nonstop. Finally found something that calms her down. Remember how I said rats are great pets? Lo and behold.
  10. AUDub

    Five Tribes of American Voters

    The differing response rate on live polling across cohorts is generally more heavily altered by poll type than anything else. Mobile phone polls, response rates skew younger. Landlines, skew older. The Moore-Jones race last year provided an excellent example of this.
  11. Founder and leader of the Proud Boys
  12. A “pass.” LOL. Hell no. They’re a**holes. **** them. ANTIFA too. Nobody gets a pass from me. They all suck. Pretty easy when it’s 30 on 2, and a surprising number of their brawls end up that way.