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  1. Dude apparently doesn't mind awaiting his trial in a cell.
  2. AUDub

    President Emergency Powers

    Speaking of Rush.
  3. AUDub

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    So Sadie’s first game was today in Montgomery. Thrashed Capital City 3-0. Not much asked of her in goal, but she had a save or two. Funniest thing was the wind assist she was getting on her punts in the second half. Other keeper was fielding them lol. Montgomery beat Vestavia earlier this weekend, so that’s promising. Vestavia Invitational next weekend. Big one.
  4. I pretty much always vote libertarian in national elections for ballot access reasons, otherwise my vote is a complete waste in this state. There's no cognitive dissonance in pragmatism.
  5. The window has shifted. All of the sudden, wealth redistribution is gettiing more popular. Doubt folks like Warren at your peril.
  6. Never said I didn't. I've harped on the conservative judiciary aspect of it for a while now. Believe it or not, I think Clinton would have been better for conservativism in the long run. R legislature would have locked up her policy goals and not much would have gotten done. She was an easy target. Other problem is the long term damage he's done overall to the conservative brand. I wouldn't be shocked if Democrats dominate politics for the next few cycles as a result.
  7. Maher makes a good point here. Beggars can't necessarily be choosers. Though I personally disliked Clinton immensely for the political creature she was, had my vote mattered (Alabama, you know), I would vote for her 10/10 times in a choice between her and Trump. Sometimes, the betterment of the your goals means choosing the least damaging option. Voting for a candidate you may dislike is very much a part of that. And this applies to folks like Kamala. She scares me on CJ reform, but she'll do far less damage than the option across the aisle, so she would get my vote.
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    Pulling for their sissy.
  9. AUDub

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    Momma. Daddy is an alcoholic, apparently.
  10. AUDub

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    Luckily, both girls entered the game relatively late, and Trussville has a great training program. Those big scrums are extremely uncommon at this level. Positional play is emphasized, and just about every touch takes place with lots of space to work. Gives them lots of room to try and be creative.
  11. AUDub

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    We did dance, which, as a dude, I couldn't stand, but thankfully she's suddenly decided to give soccer a go like her big sister. Sadie has turned into a bad ass keeper for Trussville's 07 competitive team. Jillian is extremely green, but she played the entire game today, most of which we played a man down, and ended up blowing out Briarwood. She was nervous as hell going into her first game, and today was a huge confidence booster. She's got a lot of learning and growing to do, but we couldn't have asked for a better start.
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    It's official, I now have two soccer players. Jillian just won her first game 5-1.
  13. Pelosi was OK with additional border infrastructure just two weeks ago, man.
  14. AUDub

    President Emergency Powers

    "I didn't need to do this"