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  1. Small side soccer is fun. Games are quick with a lot of scoring. And they're somehow #2 nationally now lol.
  2. I think the worst case scenario for us is wins from the 16-17 season vacated.
  3. The celebration thing is going to have to come up eventually. The ladies acted like complete jerks. After goals 6-7, don’t be afraid to keep scoring, but subdue your celebration a bit.
  4. Leaving the bases jacked gives me an ominous feeling. Hope Bailey gets it together.
  5. Ain’t on the zone. Bailey isn’t hitting it.
  6. Without freedom from religion, freedom of religion is ultimately a meaningless concept.
  7. I don't necessarily have a problem with it, as it will reduce recidivism rates. What I do have a problem with is the flawed reasoning behind it. The idea of it acting as a deterrent is a myth.
  8. Everybody get in here!
  9. One of the more militant wings of the movement, IUIC, proselytizes by the fountain in Five Points, and you'd be surprised at how many creative names they can come up with for a honky like myself just passing by. They're actually pretty funny for a hate group. Could buy lunch and chill right there listening to their crazy s***.
  10. Tech about to be eliminated from their own regional.
  11. Wow really? Damn. It’s way out of season right now. Can’t find it here at all now. Still got 3 remaining from my last find of the year in February.