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  1. Probably a fool's gold stat this early. Racked up 8 against McNeese, 5 against Central Michigan, 4 against UCLA and 1 against Mississippi State.
  2. He was never going to. It was always going to be a carefully worded statement either way.
  3. Don't read too much into that. Could simply be professional courtesy. Most people aren't going to publicly blast a guy they just left go.
  4. Nah but I imagine Corn had an extremely short leash and when he gave them a reason they didn't hesitate.
  5. He was a long shot candidate, yeah. Kind of entered a career holding pattern until something came open since we'd already filled the staff.
  6. I've smoked in the past on my Weber grill but my wife got me an electric smoker for my birthday. First dedicated smoker I've ever owned. Already seasoned it. Figure I'm going to go get me a few butts to get a feel for it before I move on to more advanced stuff. Assume I'm a complete novice. Any tips?
  7. Going back to the Obama era, huh? By the way, he only ever plead guilty to reckless endangerment.
  8. You can keep going back. Back all the way to the 80s, we've had Scott Etheridge, Rod Bironas, Jarett Holmes, Jim Von Wyl, Win Lyle, Chris Johnson, Chris Knapp, Al Del Greco. Keep going back to the 70s and it's clear it's just something we've been strong at as a program for ages.
  9. Man that was a different era. 60% on FGs and he was an All-American.
  10. We've been spoiled for a long time at the kicking position. Last really mediocre one was probably Yost. Duval at least had his moments.
  11. AUDub


    Raiders might still be fools gold. Too early to tell. Good to see Peyton and Daniel both contributing.
  12. When Jim Cornette harps on how good it was, you know it had to be good. He has a massive hateboner for modern wrestling in general but the ascerbic old gasbag knows the sport. His tenor has changed on AEW lately and it's definitely more on AEW than him. The promotion is improving.
  13. Vince didn't take AEW seriously, and now that the nascent promotion is getting its s*** together, making Vince pay for his screwups by scooping up legitimate talent he has cut loose, improved their booking tremendously and become a legit threat to challenge him, WWE is scrambling to make up for it.
  14. I mean I have a cigar ready, but I'll believe it when I see it.
  15. Oh yeah. Corndog week. Time to set the sig.
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