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  1. I pity those that have faith in your intellect. You are a fool.
  2. I'm going to be really blunt here, Mikey. You're a blithering idiot.
  3. If one of my kids or my wife are dying in front of me, hell, I'd suggest rainbow sherbert and unicorn farts, but anecdotal results from suffering patients and their loved ones are not reliable sources of efficacy or risk evaluation.
  4. No. In fact, it's a decent piece highlighting our deficiencies on preparedness. Life throws a lot of things at you. Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you respond. I don’t blame him for the outbreak, though hindsight is always 20/20 and his missteps have made this a perfect storm, but he’s not stepped up to the moment. Don’t be so inclined to pass the proverbial buck. He boned this, badly.
  5. On it being Solomon's attempt to reset? I mean, his name is on the masthead. On your spamming? You've posted that article 6 times now.
  6. Not exactly a 9-5. Really freeform. Some jobs can't start until 5pm or later, for example, and some some weeks I may only pull 15 hours, while others I may pull 90. Plus, I'm on call 24-7.
  7. August of last year. Got headhunted to be a field service engineer. These guys offered me a huge pay bump, an E450 box truck with a lift gate and the opportunity to "be my own boss," as it were.
  8. Using my grill glove I'll slightly elevate one end of the skewer by hand, then snatch all the way to the end with a long pair of tongs and rotate them. Will tighten things back up after setting them down with the tongs if necessary, though it rarely is, and you gotta be careful with the wooden skewers cause they snap easily if you aren't careful.
  9. Listening in the car isn't exactly my criteria. Always found wrestlers using songs that could hit on the radio derivative. No one's making a single out of Stone Cold's intro, but when you heard that glass break, you knew something bad ass was about to happen.
  10. No Goldust? Maybe I'm just old, but the pop that theme got when Runnels returned to the gimmick against Val Venis after the "born again Christian" thing always stuck with me.
  11. You found John Solomon's new venture. Spam the board some more with it, please.
  12. Pretty much a CYA. Doctors could already prescribe it off label, were they so inclined. As for the "nothing to lose" caveat, meh. It's efficacy has not yet been established, and there are currently people using the drug that will suffer from it not being available due to a potential run on it initiated by the president, and it has some pretty nasty side effects on the heart and eyes to boot.