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  1. Yes, Mikey, keep up with that angle of attack. At this point, all Biden has to do is stand there with a s***-eating grin on his face and he clears the stupidly low bar you've been harping on for months. That's how bad you are at this.
  2. Pretty sure Biden could stand on stage reciting Hamlet from memory at this point and you'd give him hell for having a sip of water 2 hours in.
  3. As an aside, I hate that subscripting that ² isn't an option.
  4. Forget Garland. I want to pack the court in retaliation for making that troglodyte president. Cindy McCain endorses Biden.
  5. Let's just let it all hang out, huh.
  6. Careful. Daily Mail may be approaching this with their well known sloppiness on display. Apparently a neighbor called. And, again, defund does not mean abolish.
  7. That is a good read, but I don't think it proves the point you were trying to make. Climate change when it occurs naturally is not a fast process. We're talking seriously deep time here. The current warming is occurring too rapidly for the environment's buffers to absorb. CO²'s properties as a forcing agent are quite well understood, and have been since the Civil War, the oceans are undergoing acidification, etc. We may not know all of the finer point yet, but it's abundantly clear that it's going to suck unless we act to limit the potential change within an envelope.
  8. The BLM organization and BLM movement aren't one and the same. And you're strawmanning the "nuclear family" argument.
  9. I'd be really careful about making a martyr out of this guy. The grand jury returned the indictment after reviewing new evidence, evidence the state confirmed. We probably won't ever see it unless the civil suit smokes it out, since the indictment is automatically sealed.
  10. The video was released a few hours after the fact and word spread quickly. But yeah, there were protests, some turning violent. That's the reason the LPD got the footage out there so damn quickly. People are primed to assume the worst and aren't going to be particularly rational, I'm afraid. And like any other large movement, there are going to be extremists. Even saw some folks on Twitter arguing that the shooting still wasn't justified even after seeing the footage and they should "stand with Lancaster." Those people are ******* loons and not to be listened to.
  11. Don't be dense, alexava. Everyone with a brain can watch that video and see that the officer reacted as reasonably as possible given the circumstances. In fact, it was excellent. He basically had 3 seconds to flip the switch from "routine DV call" to "oh, s***!" At the same time, this guy was a paranoid schizophrenic and bipolar. He was very sick, and the care he received was likely inadequate. The result can be attributed to the system. More resources need to be directed toward prevention. It's possible the officer wouldn't have been put on the spot like that. I don't blame the of
  12. I think Biden will do OK, but will make some minor flub and the Rs will soundbite it and play it incessantly through election day. Trump will be a mess as usual but it won't matter.
  13. Probably not. The core of his support is a cult of personality, and he can do no wrong in their eyes. Anyone that tried to police his behavior would be pilloried as a RINO. Romney, for example, when he crossed the aisle for impeachment.
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