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  1. Nah I have polling supporting exactly that. Q-Anon polled quite favorably before the storming of the capitol, and the GOP's proclivity for conspiracy remains, as revealed by the very poll you posted. Don't listen to Krystal. She's insane.
  2. Pretty obvious outlier. When specific beliefs associated with Q-Anon are polled, that support is around 30%. As for conspiracy theories in general, that same poll has 7 in 10 voters saying they don't believe Biden was legitimately elected.
  3. He has contacts and campaign infrastructure all over the state, so he's actually in a unique position to provide aid. Either way, this is a very bad look, going on vacation to Cancun while the populace that elected him suffers.
  4. Rush died today. Peace be with his family.
  5. I am far from a Trump Republican, and no one even brought them up before your post. This is "whataboutism." It was on their official Twitter, so quite indicative. This was an extremely unethical and quite possibly illegal move and only compounds their recent troubles with Schimdt's resignation. They were an ally of convenience for me, but I kept them at arm's length, and for good reason. There's a gangrenous wound here. Cut it off.
  6. Quite possibly a crime under the CFAA. She didn't have a work laptop or cell phone, according to what Yashar said in that thread.
  7. This thread is a good breakdown of what's going on here, Homer. This is bad. Very bad.
  8. Accessing a former employee's private DMs and posting them online was a baaaad idea.
  9. How is this that difficult to figure out? Should have been 9-0. The man is condemned to die, and very likely deservedly so. Let him have his pastor present and be done with it.
  10. Ok Of course they do. No one has said otherwise. The argument presented is whether the IQ gap is genetically innate to particular "races." Which it isn't. This is the same silliness that led to people thinking the shape of your skull determined how intelligent you were, just dressed in a thin veneer of "science." It is pseudoscientific pablum, full stop. His suggesting gene editing and "serums" pretty much gives up the ghost. It's the tail wagging the dog. The "racial" IQ gap isn't the result of genetic differences in "race" (again, a term meaningless
  11. You aren't even reading my posts before responding. And I posted a video of the guy saying they are inherently genetically inferior. Funny how you keep skimming over and not bothering to engage that. I think you've quipped yourself into a corner and you're talking out your ass right now.
  12. I literally posted videos of the guy suggesting CRISPR or "serums" as a solution for the black populace. That isn't how this works. McWhorter is a bigot. Grumps, you're either arguing out of your depth, a liar or a dumbass. Weigh what I've said carefully before continuing.
  13. I do. https://townhall.com/columnists/thomassowell/2008/10/20/believers-in-obama-n122465
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