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  1. They tried dealing. They were perfectly fair. They got ****** over anyway. They even went with Mitt Romney's model, and one supported by the Heritage foundation and Bob Dole just a decade and a half earlier. You are so naïve about political gamesmanship. McConnell is the worst thing to happen to the government since McCarthy, but he's good at what he does.
  2. Sorry to hear that, man. Hope you're doing well. Insidious ass bug. My uncle caught it. He's doing OK, aches and pains, but he's 72 so who knows if that's the virus. To make matters worse, my cousin passed away young. Imagine having to isolate at a time like that.
  3. Simply put, they can't right now. They tried hard to avoid the appearance of partisanship against the oppo, putting in all sort of R requested compromises, and ended up spending their political capital anyway. McConnell saw to that. Next time they get a super I hope they simply ram through the most progressive healthcare bill we've ever seen and call the R's bluff.
  4. They tried. Go look at Obamacare, which a lot of dems went to the chopping block for.
  5. Da na na na na na na na Da na na na na na na na Batman!
  6. It's hard to apply the standards of today to what was considered acceptable at the time. By today's standards, Lincoln almost assuredly was a racist. By the standards of the mid-1800s, he was a downright paragon.
  7. Really hung your hat on the "rapist" thing. Progressives, with the exception of a very loud and annoying minority, are going to vote for the best option on the table. Sorry you're sitting this one out.
  8. The problem with Rubin isn't necessarily his opinions but the one's he so frequently platforms. In a nutshell:
  9. It was great. The training was in Norcross, but they put me in a hotel in Duluth for the week. I was within walking distance of so much good cuisine, I could have spent a month up there and had something unique and awesome every damn day.
  10. Two nights in a row he went absolutely ape-s***. Wonder if he knows something we don't. And they're not good attacks either. I mean, how do you accuse someone who lost both of her legs in service of our country of "hating America?" Gone full nativist too boot.
  11. There's no quote mine there. It's a paraphrase, and a good one. You can watch the interview, as that highlight on Shapiro's name is a link. Watching Shapiro stammer through his bigotry while Dave tries his hardest to avoid the real question is pretty telling. It's not Rubin's homophobia being referred to, but Shapiro's. The takeaway is that Rubin actually does get annoyed with Ben's homophobia when it's disrespecting him personally, but only then. This is basically the distillation of how right-wing people who are members of traditionally oppressed minority groups operate. And to be fair, he did push back - again, affects him personally here - but he didn't give Molyneux a fraction of that when he had him on when he was talking about how black people have smaller brains and you can't transplant organs from black people to white people and vice-versa. In fact, he actually showed more agreement than he let on in that one but deceptively edited it out.
  12. Quality derail. Can't speak for authentic Mexican. We do have some decent Mexican restaurants here in Central Alabama, but I cant speak to their quality as I've never actually been to Mexico to compare. Best Tex-Mex I've ever had was in Flower Mound at a class for Stryker Surgery. The instructor was a local, former Texas Tech football player under Leach, and knew all of the best spots. We hit both Gabriela and Sofia's and Mena's in town. Both excellent. For Jamaican, when I was in Norcross for Mar Cor orientation, I somehow lucked up and stumbled upon a hole in the wall authentic Jamaican restaurant in Duluth that served jerk chicken that floored me. None of that sweet crap you'd find at Bahama Breeze. Also in Duluth, a restaurant that specialized exclusively in Mexican seafood that was simply amazing. Las Costas Nayaritas.