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  1. Loving the new j-o-b so far. In Norcross to do HR bull**** and training this week. Yesterday and today I have been shadowing another tech, doing all of the custom electrical on one job (one of the major points of emphasis the guy I'm replacing had was that the new guy not be a complete moron with electricity), and it's great. I can do this work. Involves a lot of creativity custom routing water lines/diagnosing issues and what not. The driving will take some getting used to though. There will be some 60-80 hour weeks in my future, but damn if I won't be rolling in dough as a result.
  2. It's difficult to find one more unbearable than Piers Morgan.
  3. The King supposedly liked 'em young himself.
  4. But that’s applicable to any number of powerful people with large social footprints. Numbers are probably similar for Trump, Obama, etc. That’s an ipse dixit statement if I’ve ever heard one. You’re simply parroting a talking point that you’ve accepted as true because it tickles your partisan fancy.
  5. The new hotness right now is that he’s still alive and on an island somewhere having a cocktail on the beach. Get on my level.
  6. Don’t play dumb, Bird. You’re JAQing off and you know it.
  7. There’s an old saying, “when you hear hoofbeats, look for horses, not zebras.” Fact of the matter is, this guy was a picture perfect candidate for suicide in jail, yet people are approaching this like Bill Clinton's fingerprints are on his constricted throat, and with Bill Clinton's photo ID clutched in his cold, dead hand.
  8. “Disproportionate” Facebook disinformation campaigns have really done a number on our collective psyche. The Clinton body count meme in a nutshell: 1. Find literally any recently deceased journalist, lawyer, or politician. 2. Invent something to connect them to one or both the Clintons. 3. Claim their death was "highly suspicious". 4. bull**** until everyone stops bothering to argue. 5. Bask in your delusion of having "proved" that "the Clintons did it".
  9. As I said, a perfect circle.
  10. You’re not exactly dealing with Rembrandts here, I’m afraid.
  11. Both still alive and kicking, yep.
  12. Baby cockatiel thinks my beard is delicious