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  1. Kira Lewis is for real.
  2. Interesting read One of the authors is Kellyanne's husband.
  3. It's laughable. This guy was the king of "broken windows" policing as mayor.
  4. "Snorting Adderall" is a pretty over the top allegation, and the beauty pageant thing is salacious as hell.
  5. If he's telling the truth, the Feds probably have the receipts. They seized nearly everything related to his practice and pretty much none of it was deemed privileged.
  6. I perused the plea agreement. Erickson had better have retained an attorney yesterday. Treasonous dog.
  7. FECA conviction requires a "knowing and willful" violation. That's a high bar.
  8. Minard's presentation there is something I've seen in multiple lectures on data presentation. It's just damn beautiful. Love how he correlates temperature along the bottom. Do not invade Russia in the winter!
  9. What he did is absolutely a crime. Pleading ignorance is his best defense, however.
  10. Cohen was sentenced to 3 years in prison today. Hannity is sanitizing his Twitter account of all Cohen tweets lol.