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  1. My gut instinct is that Kulinski got a little taste of that Joe Rogan "nothing is true, everything is permitted" audience and is exhibiting his galaxy brain as a result.
  2. Friendly reminder that David thinks we should "tolerate" this dingbat.
  3. I was in section 10 for the IB this year. Just me, though. Wife and kids stayed home. My neighbors did roll their trees though. Cecilia got to participate.
  4. Public appeal is irrelevant here, as it should be. Does what Trump did deserve impeachment? Yes. It does. Politics be damned.
  5. Am I the only one that finds these edgy YouTube liberals with their galaxy brained contrarian takes laughable?
  6. No lie, I can rip through a novel at a pretty blinding pace if it grabs me and I have the time to spare. Rare lately. "Real" life tends to eat into that time lol.
  7. wHaT dOeS iT sAy aBoUt tHiS aLaBaMa oFfENsE tO sCoRe 45 oN tHiS dEfEnSe? hErE's hOw aLaBaMa sTiLl mAkEs tHe pLaYoFfS.
  8. Is it wrong that this is the mental image I get any time I find myself locked in conversation with him? Truly, he has a dizzying intellect
  9. Underwent chemo while he was at Samford.
  10. AUDub

    Matt Luke

    Pretty much this. Ole Miss doesn't have too much in the way of fertile recruiting ground compared to us, Bama etc. , but they have the best access of the 3. Arkansas can poach from Texas and Louisiana on occasion. Mizzou? What ground they have, few want.
  11. AUDub

    Matt Luke

    Pretty much had to happen.
  12. This is the ultimate "ok, boomer" thread.
  13. Keith has seemingly confirmed it too.
  14. Marcello is reporting that he has passed. Hope he got to enjoy yesterday, and may God bless and keep his family.
  15. Credit to that back judge for having the nuts to drop that flag, end the game, and make Saban a meme again.