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  1. There are basically only 16 teams in play for the CFP every year with the current have/have not structure of the sport. We're lucky to be among them, but it's going to get boring for the teeming masses fast.
  2. Early and we typically start slow. Keep the faith, yall.
  3. For real. And hell, even if we lose, remember we were debating one whether or not we'd even make the tournament this time last year.
  4. Yeah. Petty gets going, we're in trouble.
  5. Wiley has been fine. Basically a cheat code since he's been hitting his freebies.
  6. Drinking a Rochefort 10 tonight. Almost forgot what an incredible beer it is.
  7. I caught full blown flu one time. Never again. I'll take any opportunity to avoid or at least mitigate.
  8. Part of my formative years has died. Knew they quit touring because of Alex Lifeson's arthritis. Never knew Neil was sick. This sucks. RIP, Neil. Thanks for the memories.
  9. Going to be a while before we see a team that hot from 3 again.
  10. On the subject of the HPV vaccine, it seems to be working quite well.
  11. Trump is, if anything, arbitrary and capricious.
  12. Trump's going to address the nation in a couple of hours. Hope he doesn't go full "time to obliterate Persian culture!"