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  1. Even if AOC is more interested in winning twitter than anything else, she brings the thunder in that realm. Cruz is such a troglodyte.
  2. Scarier than it sounds, for those not familiar with it. Having an NG inserted not fun, especially while aware of it.
  3. You talk a lot while saying very little. Take your meds, loon.
  4. Why not? The future is bright. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Wait until you see Thor with a year of seasoning on him!
  5. We're playing with a heavy bunch of underclassmen and that happens. It sucks now but will pay dividends going forward. Give it time. We're fine. This is a rebuild year.
  6. Hey we got ****** on the road in a throwaway year. No biggie.
  7. You guys are weirdly fatalistic.
  8. I was kidding. I think he made some important contributions to journalism but has his head so far up his own ass that it nearly negates it. He's a ******* loon.
  9. "It's not gay! It's masturbation!"
  10. I don't get why you can't make the connection here. You guys really have no idea how grave what happened was. Attempting to stop the legislative affirmation of a duly elected leader because you refuse to accept that your favored narcissist despot lost is doing just that, overthrowing our government.
  11. Linking it cropped out the "JFK and UFOs" tweet. Face it. Glenn has gone batshit insane.
  12. Hey is Glenn Greenwald a good journalist? I forget.
  13. Whoa whoa whoa there man we got to get all of the Republicans rounded up into the re-education camps first.
  14. Streaming on CSpan now. Bad-ass Goodman getting well deserved applause upon his introduction as Deputy Sergeant-at-Arms of the Senate.
  15. So Trump has departed and Biden is in DC attending church with several Congressional leaders, including Mitch.
  16. The really sad thing, Brad, is that Burn After Reading probably nailed this insane era.
  17. Ladies, gentlemen, we have only 11½ hours to go.
  18. Well the good news here is that your prognosis is good given what you've been told so far (I'm sure you've researched by now), uncomfortable as you may be right now with part of your colon missing. Keep us up to date.
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