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  1. Actually the democrats are polling quite well on the generic ballot.
  2. I guarantee this rolled across Merrick Garland's desk. This isn't some run of the mill state or metropolitan warrant. They've got something.
  3. If they're searching they gotta have something. Lot of people smarter than me in the DOJ. No way they go off half cocked.
  4. Also we just played another game yesterday.
  5. Think we gassed out in a 48 minute game against pros used to games of that duration. Won't happen often in season.
  6. He did have some really nasty blocks though. He's gonna be a force.
  7. That's what I've said in the past. Same tendencies that let him take over a game are the same tendencies that sent him out of control. You take the good with the bad.
  8. Is what it is. A literal top 10 pick went off on us in the 3rd quarter. Not a bad loss at all.
  9. Tied after 1. Given how they outplayed us I'll take it.
  10. This Israeli team makes us look silly with even a hint of overcommiting on defense.
  11. Yep. They've got us discombobulated defensively.
  12. Since this is apparently the CPAC thread, I'll just drop this here.
  13. He's a good investor and hype man. Somewhere along the way people started calling him a genius and he apparently believes it.
  14. He's basically tanking his own case. Musk is problematic in that he believes his own hype.
  15. Democrats embracing the "Dark Brandon" meme lol.
  16. it gets really hard to say he doesn’t mean this in an antisemitic manner when Orban was at CPAC.
  17. Look who finally got their act together legislatively.
  18. I am falling in love with Johni Broome right now.
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