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  1. There's a sour version of Golden Monkey you'll probably enjoy. In fact, I saw Sour Monkey in sixers for the first time a coup,e of weeks ago. Much more complex than stock Monkey.
  2. The megawheat was a very pleasant drink. Just got to it after a day of yard work. Pleasant wheat backbone and a very fruity, bitter but easily quaffable west coast hop character. Well worth the $8 I dropped on it.
  3. Not yet. I'll pop it open tonight after I get home from my daughter's season opener and sit down for the basketball game.
  4. Speaking of Odell, this is probably the closest I'll get to it floating down here.
  5. Not surprising. Affirms a point I've been making for years. There's a reason police view groups like the sovereign citizen movement as the greatest threat they face .
  6. My kids are all about the stupid YouTube "celebrities." They try to do it themselves with little "horrible tasting jellybeans" challenges and such. I have been exposed and find him and those like him - well - unfunny would be putting it politely. He really pushed it too far this time. I mean, yeah, I get that it's supposed to be crass, but I can't blame Disney or YouTube for not wanting their brand associated with something like that.
  7. I think my member title is still sewing related. EDIT:Yup
  8. "XDidNothingWrong" Heh. I see what he did there. I’ll say that I believe him when he is saying that he personally harbors no anti-Semitic feelings, but it still dumb and I don’t think its out of line for him to suffer some blow-back for it. A dumb idea is a dumb idea. I wouldn’t go into a predominantly black neighborhood and start quoting Blazing Saddles dialogue, y’know?
  9. 78, part of the point with splitting off the smack talk forum was to avoid drive by posts. If you could provide a short breakdown of what you found interesting about the article, it would be appreciated.
  10. "Catheter Cowboy explains the nuclear triad" is my new favorite thing.
  11. Won't link it for length and language, but did you see John Oliver's monologue last night?
  12. I'm going to miss this stuff. I look forward to it every year. At least I still have 5 left.