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  1. Never had the pleasure of seeing Crimson, and it's likely I never will. Only time they've ever been to the 'ham was the 72 concert you mentioned, which my dad attended. I did, however, get to see Robert Fripp performing his Soundscapes in Atlanta a decade ago. That was an experience.
  2. Portnoy is one of the best around today. Too bad he left Dream Theater. He's done some excellent stuff outside of there though. His work with supergroup Transatlantic with Neal Morse, Roin Stolte and Pete Trewavas is some of the best progressive rock you'll ever hear. In standard tuning on a stick, the melody side is tuned for fourths, while the bass side is tuned for fifths. Not really sure how Gunn does it, but NST on a guitar is CGDAEG, which approximates all fifths and already matches the tuning on the bass side. They are typically fretted, though there are fretless models too. More reliant on technique and EQ. As long as they aren't super quiet, you're generally fine with whatever pickups you choose.
  3. The postgrunge era was a dark time. Creed, Nickelback, Puddle of Mudd etc. Banal, derivative crap, obscenely overexposed and simply dominating the airwaves. And, embarrassingly, I didn't really mind it at the time. Like most teens, I was a moron.
  4. LOL no harm. My dad raised me on King Crimson and Warren Zevon. *The nostalgia, it burns.*
  5. You've lived a sheltered life if you've managed to avoid King Crimson this long. Progressive rock would not be what it is today without Robert Fripp and King Crimson. The guy is a gem. Yep. Go look them up. Yep. It's a bit of a niche instrument played by hammering-on, often employed by bassists for speedy licks in prog rock and prog metal bands. Here's Tony Levin, also formerly of King Crimson, playing a speedy jam with Mike Portnoy, John Petrucci and Jordan Rudess, all members of prog metal band Dream Theater at the time and 30 years his junior. Not really meant to be ambient. Fripp encourages active listening. They can be hard to listen to.
  6. Hmm. What would you call that? Progressive folk? It reminds me a lot of the music below. It's a video of one of Robert Fripp's string quintet shows. He's done some interesting things outside of Crimson. He codified New Standard Tuning, and he used to teach a guitar development course called Guitar Craft. The guys in the video below are part of said League of Crafty Guitarists. The three on the acoustic guitars are the California Guitar Trio. The other fellow, Trey Gunn on the Chapman stick, was a member of Crimson. Apologies for the quality. It's a VHS rip. I started on a particular song, but if you go back to the beginning, the first song is Fripp and Gunn playing one of his Soundscapes.
  7. Not surprised you're hearing echoes of progressive rock's pioneers. Math rock most definitely came about from prog rock, particularly bands like King Crimson and Yes. Math rock, much like prog rock, relies on complex time signatures and showcases technical ability, though I would say math rock is a little more self indulgent about it (I often call mathy, prog metal bands like Dream Theater "musical masturbation").
  8. First I heard of this young lady was a guest appearance on a Scale the Summit album (I'm a math rock dweeb) a few days ago. I'm hooked.
  9. I might find one and save it for Christmas.
  10. I've had a few, but they were fruity. Dogfish has a peach one that was pretty good, and Trim Tab has a raspberry one that wasn't awful.
  11. Yep. I've said before on here that other Goses don't quite meet the standard Westbrook set for me, even several highly rated ones. Most just taste like a slightly funked wheat beer in comparison.
  12. I'll spend a lot of money on an artfully crafted sour regardless of alcohol content. Drinking a good gueuze is an experience all its own.
  13. I drink a s*** ton of Gose and sours in general over the summer months. Nothing better after a morning of yardwork or chilling by the pool. Strangely enough, my dad loves sours, and he's a Coors drinker.
  14. Happy Father's day to all our dads. Girls got me a very nice set of English pub glasses from Williams-Sonoma. Edit: Oh, and John Wick 2. Badass.
  15. Looks like very few of our first teamers will be receiving the call. I understand the reasoning behind this and also agree with it but, at the same time, it means that this tournament is going to be a bit of a bore. You'll have Mexico and the US playing B or C quality players because of most of our players playing in Europe and most of Mexico's A team going to the Confederations cup. Then you'll have minnows from the carribean along side mid-level sides like Panama playing likely their A team. Hope we find a couple of diamonds in the rough for the rest of qualifying.