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  1. Pretty cool. Beauregard is an interesting figure. He had a series of bad luck circumstances during the war. He once turned over his command to Braxton Bragg while recuperating from a rather severe illness, and he was relieved of command by Davis himself for "abandoning his post". Not a great general, but certainly better than the aforementioned fellow, one promoted above his competence, he turned his command over to. After the war he also, upon becoming a railroad and lottery magnate, turned down several offers to command the armies of Romania and Egypt. He wrote several books on the war. I have one entitled "A Commentary of the Campaign and the Battle of Manassas." This was a reprint by the Louisiana State Museum commission done in 1964 from Beauregard's work that was published in 1891.
  2. A friend shared this on another forum. Thought it could be a good topic here. Everyone working in healthcare has a horror story or a specific example that really got to them. For my dad, it was a 16 year old that was rushed to the ER after being shot while being robbed. Small caliber, chest wound, able to walk and talk to him. Stable when she came in. She crashed in a hurry and was gone. Dead within an hour. She was pregnant too. Baby, of course, did not survive. There were articles on around that time. Dad was the one that pulled her out of her boyfriend's car and into the ER. He sees a lot of awful stuff. That one really got to him. He's pretty much a dyed in the wool Libertarian. He favors some form of gun control. For me, we're treating little kids, and it's the sheer number of gunshot wounds I see in our PICU. And though I can't say for certain, I imagine a large number of them are accidental. It's different on the front lines, seeing the real world effects of things we argue about in the abstract on the Internet.
  3. They are. Got a ton. They're great to have around for painting, grinding stone etc. I also have untold numbers of exam gloves, surgical caps and masks.
  4. Is it bad that I actually have some N95s? (Tuberculosis. One can never be too careful)
  5. Titan is being logically consistent with a stance he took 7 years ago and it "smells of TDS." He's not wrong about people being up in arms about it. The response was more measure on this forum, but Google you some news article from around that time.
  6. Jokes aside, if I ever get the money to do it, I am buying a Tesla. Drove a Model S and it was downright fun.
  7. Here's the thing about that though: skepticism and methodological naturalism are about more than outright rejection of all theories. You get to a certain point where some things must be accepted axiomatically in order for science to work. As I said earlier, there are times when it is right to declare a theory "correct" and move forward, otherwise science itself wouldn't amount to much as nothing would ever get done. We can't seriously continue the debate on whether the earth is flat, or whether we're orbiting the sun and, at this point, whether the climate is warming and the cause of said warming. An important part of a healthy sense of skepticism is going where the evidence takes you. Taking it too far is called denialism. Contrary to what you might think, climate science is a slow, methodical field. The work they do is, on the whole, sound and falsifiability and scientific rigor are maintained. They spent a long time, a lot of energy and gathered a huge amount of evidence building up the body of research that tells us what we're observing is exactly what it looks like. I did cringe when jail was floated and he didn't immediately reject it. He certainly could have worded what he said better. But (with a charitable interpretation) I can see what he was getting at. Given he specifically mentioned Enron, who hid billions in debt and ultimately ****** it's investors, and cigarette companies, who intentionally misled the public into thinking cigarettes were healthy, he's bringing up wide scale fraud in both cases in which the parties involved knowingly and willfully (key terms) misled the country much to the nations detriment. He isn't saying to jail anyone who denies man made climate change, he's saying we'll see what happens to the people intentionally creating the misinformation, while shaping their company policies with AGW in mind. Saying he seems to be okay with jailing science skeptics is taking him out of context. But that he didn't immediately reject jail at all makes me cringe. Had he simply stopped at penalties like the cigarette companies were subjected to, I wouldn't have. But Bill Nye saying something stupid does not weaken climate science. It is a red herring. There's more money to be made on the denialist side if you're studying climate. Ask Willie Soon and others like him. The rank and file researchers aren't exactly making bank.
  8. Bad idea right about now. She'd beat my ass if I gave her a spring cold. She's got enough trouble carrying my child around right now. Back pain, swelling and the like. And I would let her because I'd deserve it.
  9. I'm a craft drinker, but 3 or 4 PBRs right now would really hit the spot. My sinuses and throat are killing me.
  10. Sick at home and actively avoiding the 8 months pregnant wife to keep from giving it to her. Nothing but time right now. Could really use a beer though.
  11. Hey, Homer? Remember my "Schrödinger's moron" escape hatch? Here it is in action. Say something ******* stupid. Get called on it. Engage in mental gymnastics as an out. ??? Winning.
  12. Before anyone jumps my case about this, I'm not saying we're going extinct. We'll still be here in a century. But it will be a very different world. What will happen is a massive reduction in ecological diversity as species that are not suited for these rapid ecological changes die off. There will be winners and there will be losers, but there will be ecological chaos. To some degree, we are insulated from this, but things will change for us. Sea levels will rise as the ice caps continue their downward spiral. Weather patterns will change. Areas that are deserts will green. Areas that are green will become deserts. Some areas will cool. Most will warm.
  13. A bit of background on Lindzen. Lindzen is one of the few scientists, a good atmospheric physicist before the wheels fell off, still denying the science of AGW and alleging conspiracies. His allegations are generally wrong, he isn't the least bit careful about it and has had to issue retractions: "Please accept my sincere apologies for misrepresenting NASA-GISS data. .... I concluded incorrectly that NASA-GISS had manipulated the data." One of the funnier things was his prediction that temperature increases would only hover around the 1 degree mark, a position he maintains to this day. What makes it funny is that barrier has already been broken and temps are still rising. ========== As for the video, I'm not gonna lie. There's a lot wrong with it from a data standpoint. It's a lot to cover, so give me some time. For starters: his first graph at 0:21, without mentioning that this is the RSS data from lower troposphere (the natural habitat for denialists is a few miles up ) Graph is deceptive. Data actually has an upward trend: Carefully cherrypicks the timeframe, starting with one of the strongest El-Niños, and ends before an equally strong El-Niño. Here's the RSS data: No pause there Here is the surface data: Probably the most ironic thing about using the UAH satellite dataset, Roy Spencer and John Christie's baby, was its recent adjustment upward by them, which brought it more in line with the surface temp measurements, effectively taking away denialists favorite dataset. I'll get back to this in a bit. I would suggest reading Bickmore's blog. It's very good. And goes over a lot of stuff I probably won't cover.
  14. FYI, I_M4_AU. You might like Bickmore. He's a social conservative and a Republican. Here's his breakdown of the video.
  15. Wasn't accusing you of it, just an observation. There's a lot of hagiography regarding Sagan from both ends of the spectrum, but whether you agreed with him or not, he was always thought provoking and, much like Tyson, often had reality on his side. But I do think The "Demon Haunted World" should be required reading in school. It's an excellent primer for skeptical inquiry, which is absolutely necessary to practice and think critically about the sciences.