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  1. Probably. Gonzalez did not have a good game at what would probably have been Cameron's spot. At LB, Arena supposedly likes VillafaƱa a lot, but it probably would have been Johnson there. I imagine Clint would have been the odd man out up front.
  2. Just saw we didn't have a corner last night. That's a trip.
  3. As an aside, we just bought my daughter a Nike Strike, the same ball they were using tonight. She's so proud of it. Got cleats to match it too.
  4. [exhales, takes drink of water, packages bottled water to mail to John Brooks]
  5. When was the last time we crushed a team like that?
  6. Pulisic is player of the game, and as good as Dempsey was with his hat trick, Pulisic deserves it.
  7. Ballgame. Beat Panama Tuesday and we're back on track.
  8. Most that's been asked of Tim all night and he's up to the challenge.
  9. Dempsey unselfishly setting up Jozy. Too bad.
  10. Oh thank God. Brooks is just dehydrated.
  11. LOL Clint. He was behind the D too! No way he outruns them at this point though. Gotta be gassed.
  12. I don't really care for anymore goals. Just play keep away, get it to the corners and run the clock. No more injuries.
  13. The cross Altidore just misplayed? Yeah. Rats. Should have put that one away.
  14. Just get out of here healthy at this point.
  15. On comes Tim Ream. Just what we needed though. More injuries.