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  1. I don't want to put a damper on what has been a most excellent day but... It seems like LB is an area of critical need (although I guess you could say that about most positions). I don't think we signed any today. Anyone have insight on what the plan is here? Any Feb signees or portal guys we are looking at?
  2. Ok whose idea was it to give them giant heads in these videos? Or is this some social media trend that I am unaware of?
  3. Most of the articles I read blame his lack of production on "a porous offensive line, and young, inexperienced wide receivers"
  4. It's complicated. Probably have some things wrong. But from what I can gather - Currently there are three open spots after all bowl eligible teams are taken. Buffalo is 5-6 and may earn one of the 3 spots Friday night against Akron. Of course it's also not impossible a six win team could decline a bid for some reason. 5-7 teams get bids based on APR, which my understanding is we are third. BUT.... one team we are behind, UNLV, just fired their coach Monday and has unofficially indicated they would decline a bowl bid. But wait there's more: App State is 6-6 but two wins are over FCS teams which makes them ineligible. However they are claiming a scheduling hardship and have asked the NCAA for a waiver to make them bowl eligible. NMSU is 5-6 and has asked for a waiver to become bowl eligible because their 12th game was postponed (weather) and their opponent has declined to reschedule There are no set guidelines or precedent for these waivers just the whim of the NCAA. But if either one is granted they would take open slots ahead of us. Sorry if I got anything wrong
  5. Maybe he’s taking the HC position
  6. The Auburn Paradox - one of the easiest places in the country to win 8 games, one of the most difficult to win 10
  7. Around 2017 to 2018, when Kevin Sumlin, Joe Moorhead, Chad Morris, Matt Luke, and Ed Ogeron we’re all kicking around in the West, you could maybe argue he’d be 2nd. The West coaching lineup looks very different today
  8. It's been like this for the better part of a decade, at least on the offensive side. Look at the NFL right now - 352 players are starting on offense in the NFL this week - exactly 2 are from Auburn. Two. And what happened to Running Back U? There is not a single Auburn running back on an active NFL roster right now. The next coach is going to have to be a heck of a salesman.
  9. They have Vanderbilt as their permanent East opponent. Replace Geogia with Vanderbilt on our schedule every year and Gus Malzahn is probably still our coach
  10. Fitting end given FSU wins game if refs make correct call on field
  11. Luckily for Harsin, Auburn fans are well known for their remarkable patience
  12. Sometimes I wonder if his name was John Smith rather than Bo Nix how his career at Auburn might have unfolded differently.
  13. I actually wonder that myself. His first two years as head coach he had QBs that ran for 524 and 592 yards. Then Brett Rypien was a four year starter that didn't run. At all. Then the year after Rypien graduated his QBs combined to run for 330 yards.
  14. Mason resigned I believe so we don’t owe him any kind of buyout
  15. No, you said Arkansas State beat writer. And "one of his own beat writers" when referring to the Arkansas State AD. The guy who wrote it is not an Arkansas State beat writer. He is a University of Arkansas beat writer.
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