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  1. I actually wonder that myself. His first two years as head coach he had QBs that ran for 524 and 592 yards. Then Brett Rypien was a four year starter that didn't run. At all. Then the year after Rypien graduated his QBs combined to run for 330 yards.
  2. Mason resigned I believe so we don’t owe him any kind of buyout
  3. No, you said Arkansas State beat writer. And "one of his own beat writers" when referring to the Arkansas State AD. The guy who wrote it is not an Arkansas State beat writer. He is a University of Arkansas beat writer.
  4. No, it was written by an Arkansas beat writer. Terry Mohajir was the AD at Ark St at the time Harsin was there. Believe he's the UCF AD now. I can't imagine why an Arkansas guy would write something negative about Auburn...
  5. Did you watch the Ga State game? Not sure the Bo-Auburn relationship was ever going to recover from that.
  6. I think the raiders would have made the playoffs even if he missed. Had he missed the game ends in a tie and the chargers would have made it over the steelers. Wacky.
  7. That wasn't actually Deion. Although he had a game ending pick on the very next play after. Honestly though my recollection had this obvious PI and the Deion pick happening on same play somehow. WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT DO NOT WATCH IF YOU HAVE A WEAK STOMACH
  8. Gotcha, thanks. Seems like this will mostly impact a walk-ons ability to earn an unused and available scholarship, unfortunately.
  9. My understanding is this - normal NCAA rules allow a max of 13 players on scholarship at any time. due to the penalty we will only be allowed a max of 11 scholarship players at any time for the next 4 years (the probation period). Do I have this right?
  10. Yeah if ever there was a game that screwed over the fans for the sake of TV this is it
  11. Where is this game? Atlanta? The stands are absolutely empty
  12. Bo and Shivers were both captains last year. Maybe there is something (written or unwritten) about repeating as captain. I can't imagine Shivers isn't considered one of the leaders on this team.
  13. The "agreement" with Gus was not that he ok'd the uniforms and reneged (he has no say) but that he said he would decline the penalties at the start of each half, and then told Harsin right before the game he was going to accept them.
  14. Maybe I am misunderstanding what you are saying, but Malik transferred well before Nix was even named the starter. It was still a completion at that point although most had him third behind Nix and Gatewood.
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