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  1. Interestingly, he will likely be competing with Cyrus Kouandjio for the starting left tackle job in Detroit.
  2. I too liked the Amen corner aspect, but we kinda lose out on that argument now that we stick a six inch gimme in the middle of it.
  3. I think you would have 18 year terms if it was every two years? That's long. The problem with ten year terms is you are replacing almost one per year, so at the end of a presidents 8 years the Court would be totally stacked by one presidents choices. If the next president is from a different party then it will slowly wind back the other way. (Or to put it another way, think about what the Court would have looked like after 12 years of Regan/Bush) Also, this will cause everyone petitioning the Court to time the court by simply waiting until the Court is balanced in their favor (and this will be easily predictable) before bringing cases. I think the Court is mostly fine. It's largely the Senate acting like buffoons that's the problem. You know, the ones we vote for time and time again.
  4. Duquesne just hired a new head coach a few days ago, I assume the previous coach was fired.
  5. I have high hopes for JS, and if he's not named the starter, it will probably temper my excitement for the upcoming season somewhat. I'll also admit I have become a little wary of all the hype. Even in the video posted above, it shows highlights against Kansas, SMU, Iowa State and Lamar(???). I hope the fans have some patience if his introduction to the SEC does not go as smoothly as we all expect.
  6. Just curious, and sorry if it was already asked and answered, but do you expect our new OC like to be in the press box or on the sidelines during games?
  7. It seems odd that our compliance dept would block hiring Kendall Briles due to a minor recruiting violation, yet previously allow the hiring of Bruce Pearl. Doesn't make a lot of sense to me.
  8. Still don't understand why he's become so one dimensional. He wasn't like this before he got here and wasn't like this in 2009. It's like Cam ruined him as a play caller. And it it was depressing to watch Oklahoma run the offense I thought we were getting when we hired Gus.
  9. Actually we weren't even close to pass first or 50/50 in 2010. More like 70/30 run/pass. We finished next to last in the SEC in passes attempted that year, and would have been dead last except that we played 14 games while Miss St played 13. I think we have finished last or next to last in the SEC in pass attempts 5 out of the 7 years Gus has been here. Exceptions were 2009 and 2014. i don't fully understand it given he hasn't been like this at other places. I guess we will see what happens next year.
  10. Pat Dye 9 straight 1982-1990 that streak included 5 straight New Years Day bowls
  11. You cannot participate in any games after the midpoint of the season to qualify for a medical hardship waiver. At least that is the rule in most sports I assume football too.
  12. So I'll be the annoying guy, but the snowboarder is actually Shaun White. And yes, I am lots of fun at parties.
  13. IF Wisconsin wins out they will be the B10 champs - I think
  14. Not sure why you guys are thinking about Louisville so much. I can't imagine any scenario where a 1-loss Louisville gets in over a 1-loss Bama. I also think if Ohio State wins a close game against Michigan, they will give serious consideration to putting both into the playoff.
  15. Directors cup standings, all years: Year overall SEC 2001-2002 19, 5 2002-2003 12, 2 2003-2004 23, 6 2004-2005 17, 4 2005-2006 25, 7 2006-2007 19, 6 2007-2008 20, 6 2008-2009 26, 7 2009-2010 26, 7 2010-2011 31, 8 2011-2012 28, 7 2012-2013 34, 8 2013-2014 32, 8 2014-2015 32, 8 2015-2016 35, 9 One of the biggest drops is Track and Field. At one point we were perennial top ten in Mens and Womens. We rarely crack the top 25 in either these days. No idea what happened there.