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  1. Maybe I am misunderstanding what you are saying, but Malik transferred well before Nix was even named the starter. It was still a completion at that point although most had him third behind Nix and Gatewood.
  2. By my quick count, only 5 DL recruited and developed under Malzahn are on active NFL rosters. Only two (Brown and Lawson) listed as first string.
  3. What stat are you looking at exactly? Boise had the #18 ranked scoring offense in 2019.
  4. I don’t know exactly what the search committee does but I assume there are two parts: identify who we want to coach at Auburn, and then convince that person to actually coach at Auburn. I guess we can argue about the first part, but is anyone going to argue that Bo Jackson is not uniquely qualified to do the second part?
  5. I can only speak for what they did for spring sports - football is very different and unique so they may do something else. For spring athletes everyone was given an extra year of eligibility. SENIORS who return for the extra year, AND remain at the same school, are allowed to remain on scholarship for one year and their scholarships will not be counted toward any scholly limits next year.
  6. Some ivies have already committed to being 100% remote for the entire year, with only a small fraction of students on campus. I suspect they might not have sports in January either.
  7. For perspective, Siposs at 43.8 ranked #35 among punters. The worst punter in the country, ranked #124, had a 37.7 yard average, Of course Bo's 2 or 3 punts were in specific situations so i'm not sure they tell us anything about his ability.
  8. I'm guessing actual infections way more than 2 times confirmed cases. Here in New York it's at minimum 5x and perhaps even 10x or more. And New York is testing at a far higher rate than Alabama (avg 144 vs 76 tests per 100000 per day are the numbers I saw). I'm not sure exactly what the testing protocols are in Alabama, but would not be shocking if the multiplier was 10X to 15X for Alabama.
  9. The only thing I saw anywhere mentioned him and his family drove together, but who knows if it accurate. We do know his wife tested positive 4 or 5 days after the trip. His son tested positive a few days ago. I assume that he probably has felt fine for a while and didn't think much of it. I mean it probably takes a while for the CDC itself to personally clear you given all they have on their plate.
  10. I get what you are saying hopefully just a knee jerk reaction and they are able to get focused. On the other hand, I'd love to sit down with someone from the committee and have them explain why, compared to each other, Wisconsin is #8 and Auburn is #12. I literally can not think of any reasonable chain of analysis that leads to that conclusion. And this is not just about Auburn. Do the same thing with say Utah and Alabama. On what possible basis is Utah ranked two spots ahead of Alabama? It makes no sense.
  11. One of six teams would have to drop below us - Georgia, Utah, Baylor, Wisconsin, Florida or Penn State. And of course we can't get jumped by someone else like Alabama.
  12. And you forgot ole miss who put up over 600! yards against LSU
  13. Maybe but I think our path is remarkably straightforward - if we win out we play for the SEC championship. If we drop another game we don’t.
  14. Well. if he already knows the wheel route how long can it possibly take to teach him the other three plays?
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