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  1. Weekly Presser - Arkansas

    Counting FBS games only, last year we averaged 22.2 pass attempts per game. This year we cranked it up to 22.5 per game. Last year we passed on 31.3% of our plays. This year its 32.4% of our plays. WAAAYYYYY more balanced, right? BTW, as a comparison last year Chip at ASU: 48.2% pass previous year at So Miss 50.9% pass I don't know who is calling plays, but it's pretty clear whose philosophy we are following. And even if playcalling is Chip it's pretty clear he is being forced to operate way out of his comfort zone.
  2. Bad loss for AU but...

    Unfortunately you pretty much nailed it.
  3. Up 20-0, here's the play chart

    The "win the sec" scenario is pretty far fetched and probably not worth thinking about. However, the beat everyone except UGA and bama to finish 8-4 is not. And I think everyone is way underestimating the chances Gus keeps his job in that scenario. It took losing seasons before the last 4 AU coaches were fired.
  4. A Quick Look at Stidham's Numbers

    He is 7th in attempts, but Dormady, Fitzgerald, and Allen have only played 5 games. They have higher att/game. If you look at stats, we actually are throwing the ball about as often as last year. (22 attempts per game last year, 24 this year). We are just a lot more efficient when doing it (more completions, more yards per completion). We also aren't running the ball as well as last year (4.9 ypc this year vs 5.5 last year). This just makes me think passing is a real strength of this team, and maybe we should be throwing it a little more. I can't help but feel we have some weapons that are underutilized so far. Of course, we've had three straight lopsided games, so that effects everything. It will be interesting to see what happens moving forward.
  5. A Quick Look at Stidham's Numbers

    He is also near the bottom of the league in pass attempts/per game. As well as he is playing I'd like to see a little more balance. Maybe now that the schedule is getting tougher.
  6. Chuck Person

    I apologize if it's been talked about already but I haven't read this whole thread - it's too depressing - but has Bruce Pearl given any kind of statement about any of this?
  7. Some thoughts on Mizzou......

    Are you sure you didn't get confused and start talking about AU here?
  8. 2018 5* QB Justin Fields

    I know you aren't asking me, but maybe the critical number there is the 24. We ran 79 plays so that's a 70/30 run/pass balance. Now, it's not quite that bad, because there were some called passes that ended up being runs. On the other hand though, 40 percent of the passes we did attempt were within 5 yards of the LOS. Last year among P5 schools only Ga Tech was more unbalanced toward the run than us. And the (very) preliminary returns indicate this year might be more of the same. If you are JF and are being sold the idea that we are going to run a balanced offense this year, and you see this game....
  9. 2017 Auburn Soccer

    Was this an actual SEC game that counts in standings/record? Seems really early to be starting.
  10. Greg Robinson traded to the Lions

    Interestingly, he will likely be competing with Cyrus Kouandjio for the starting left tackle job in Detroit.
  11. Schedule idea

    I too liked the Amen corner aspect, but we kinda lose out on that argument now that we stick a six inch gimme in the middle of it.
  12. I think you would have 18 year terms if it was every two years? That's long. The problem with ten year terms is you are replacing almost one per year, so at the end of a presidents 8 years the Court would be totally stacked by one presidents choices. If the next president is from a different party then it will slowly wind back the other way. (Or to put it another way, think about what the Court would have looked like after 12 years of Regan/Bush) Also, this will cause everyone petitioning the Court to time the court by simply waiting until the Court is balanced in their favor (and this will be easily predictable) before bringing cases. I think the Court is mostly fine. It's largely the Senate acting like buffoons that's the problem. You know, the ones we vote for time and time again.
  13. 2017 3* PG Jamari Wheeler

    Duquesne just hired a new head coach a few days ago, I assume the previous coach was fired.
  14. All Things Sean White (Merged)

    I have high hopes for JS, and if he's not named the starter, it will probably temper my excitement for the upcoming season somewhat. I'll also admit I have become a little wary of all the hype. Even in the video posted above, it shows highlights against Kansas, SMU, Iowa State and Lamar(???). I hope the fans have some patience if his introduction to the SEC does not go as smoothly as we all expect.
  15. Chip Lindsey new OC

    Just curious, and sorry if it was already asked and answered, but do you expect our new OC like to be in the press box or on the sidelines during games?