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  1. But, would King Dunlap cracked the starting line up? Career backup at AUBURN (shocker). Always remember watching the team run out when he was at AU, and he was seriously a foot taller than everyone else on the field.
  2. Bradnon Jacobs vs the Vanderbilt Kick Return Wedge... https://youtu.be/6hsBLm7B4p4
  3. Where did you get the $600k from? I believe it's significantly less than that, under $200k.
  4. I would greatly prefer an 8 team playoff vs 12. Looking at current standings, I just dont see where a 9-3 Utah or 9-3 Kansas State are in the talk for being the best team in College Football. Looking at the current top 8, there's definitely an argument for one of those being the best, even though a few had some no-show games, ex; Tenn vs USCe.
  5. I would like to see all time stats on Backup QBs vs Auburn...
  6. Cant find out what else is out there without entering the portal. Enter the portal, see what options are there and then base your decision on your current situation vs new options.
  7. I think we are going to see a lot of this. With the transfer portal guy can enter their names and see what "offers" are out there (school/NIL) and then make their decision.
  8. For those who are on the edge of donating, but cant decide. I used to pay for multiple sites, w/ the Nest being what it is, I cancelled all of my other subscriptions. No smoke, no click bait, just absolute facts and info as it comes in. Well worth the donation.
  9. I like this hire. His Dline absolutely wrecked for Liberty this season.
  10. After his Freshman year, I was hoping to see big things out of him.
  11. Story is that he sent CHF a text Monday night that his intention was to stay at AU and compete.
  12. If I remember correctly, Tubs was the one pushing that nickname when I was in school in the early 00's.
  13. Does anyone really still refer to JHS as the jungle?
  14. That would be wild. I wonder if a fired HC has ever returned to the school they were fired from as a OC/DC/Position Coach?
  15. I agree, I meant his last snap at Auburn.
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