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  1. The bigger story here should be that is actual name is Tathan...
  2. I’d play for him. He’s down to earth and gets it.
  3. Too bad they hired a coach about 4 hours ago.
  4. What was that read on 3rd down? Defensive end crashed down for the RB, and Malik gives the ball?
  5. Watching with my bro in-law, and he said this is the most Auburn/Gus game he has ever seen.
  6. At this point, any excitement that can help our program is a good thing. After all the negative this and negative that of the past few weeks, we couldnt have come out with a better first half of football, IMO.
  7. It also helps the team looks to be super up for this game and not going through the motions.
  8. I didnt expect any of this. And I am 100% ok with it.
  9. Cant tell if our playcalling is better, guys are performing better, or Purdue just has a putrid defense.
  10. 3rd and 17, 3 man rush, and Stidham still has to flee the pocket.
  11. Looks like the forgot to black 2 out of 3 bama players on that screen and all went for the one guy.