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  1. Zags down 10 with 2 minutes til half...
  2. Tank looks like he has put on a bit of size. He's a beast.
  3. #3 is the key for me. I took a 5th year in college, not because I needed to, but because I wanted to. I enjoyed being a college student. I had a great job lined up that didnt require me to start immediately, so took a 5th year to enjoy being a college kid before going out in to the real world. I have never regretted staying around for an extra year.
  4. I hope im wrong. However, there is something about watching him and Jabari that looks like they are really enjoying being college kids and feel like they may want to run it back next year. Deep down, I know there is no chance.
  5. I too want to see him in Auburn for another season, but I just dont see it happening.
  6. This. 100%. My golf handicap is just under 4, if you saw me on a driving range you would think I have never swung a golf club before. I cant get in to any type of rhythm practicing on the driving range, but as soon as I get on the course and play it's totally different.
  7. 4th and 2 to keep the drive alive and we trust TJ to make that throw?
  8. Why do we keep throwing the deep ball? TJ hasnt come close to connecting on one today.
  9. TJ isnt overthrowing anyone, our WRs just arent fast enough.
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