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  1. Interesting quote here. Especially considering all the rumors out there that he was gone...
  2. If you ever wondered why Gus was obsessed with the WR bubble screen that hasnt been successful for the last however many years, its because of Ryan Davis. I loved him in the screen game, it was electric. Gus continually tried to recapture that, but other than Eli Stove, we didnt have anyone that could do that play like RD could.
  3. $900,000 for two weeks of work... $64,285 / day $2,678 / hour $44.64 / minute
  4. What I like about this hire, is this is someone Coash Mason knew and had wanted on his staff previously. IMO, Harsin and Mason got together and sought out someone together, vs Harsin picking a DL coach and letting his DC know who he was getting. I often felt like this was something Gus would do, hire who he wanted and hoped everyone meshed vs using a team approach to interview candidates and find who will gel the best with the rest of the staff.
  5. Just a few short days ago, Tennessee fans were rejoicing about the transfer portal and landing Big Kat from us, now, scanning a few of their forums, they are clamoring that something has to be done to fix the portal problem now that half their team is leaving. Thought it was funny. It’s fun when you are getting the benefits of something, but sucks when it bites you in the rear.
  6. I checked twitter this afternoon and was amazed at what i saw with all these guys leaving.
  7. If you delete the tweet, then it never really happened...right?
  8. Steele was brought in to UT to serve has Head Coach while they navigate their NCAA issues. They knew Pruitt was going to be out, so bring Steele in while they deal with their issues was the plan. Who else would they get as HC when they fire their Coach and the AD resigns? Steele is as good as they could get.
  9. Seriously? Handing cash in a mcdonalds bag? That’s as creative as they can get? They deserve to be slapped by the NCAA for being so stupid.
  10. I’m curious... everyone we have offered to lately has the same tweet message coming out, “Blessed to receive an offer from @AuburnFootball.” Is this new or am I just not noticing it?
  11. Chose wisely when jumping ship, make sure the ship you jump to will still be floating when you land there.
  12. See below... Agreed 100%, he made a decision that he thought best for him, and when he announced that I wished him the best of luck and thanked him for his efforts at AU. With that said, there is no coming back now because what he “thought” was going to be better than what he had here is now a sinking ship. He made his decision based on what HE wanted to do, now he has to deal with it.
  13. Ooooh, I hope UGA gets hammered.
  14. Going to Tennessee right now would be career suicide. TWill can do much better than UT.
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