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  1. Robby with 356 yards passing, in a losing effort, because Harsin wants to throw deep on 4th and 10 and run trick plays with goal to go. He doesn’t deserve his buy-out, he failed miserably and didn’t do his job. Fire him, and tell him he’s not getting paid.
  2. The Harsin era was miserable. End it tonight.
  3. That’ll do it. Second half woes. Awful. Hate it for the players.
  4. Moore has to bring that ball in and not let it get snatched from him.
  5. AUBURN FOOTBALL! Thank you Defense for not giving up!
  6. Scott. Scott. Scott. Nothing going right for us tonight.
  7. Figured the refs were trying to throw another flag on us on 3rd down there.
  8. Can we somehow force a TO on Defense? I mean, something has to give.
  9. That is pathetic. Coaches should be able to be fired “for cause” for crap like this.
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