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  1. Anyone else predicting run up the middle, run up the middle, 3rd and long pass for the next offensive series?
  2. The coverage of this game has been awful.
  3. Have been watching this for the past hour. I have never seen this YouTube channel and I really dig it. Josh Pate, in this episode, tells it like it is. Better than anything we watch on ESPN, etc. subscribed and looking forward to watching more. thanks for sharing.
  4. We had 14 points on defense. If Brown stays on his feet we beat Florida. Defense gave up points tonight, but also gave us 14...
  5. How dare you question running someone averaging 7 ypc! Whitlow got the hard yards tonight, a very under appreciated effort.
  6. 2 yards in the 4th. if we run our 4th Q offense the entire game we walk away with a win. But...we didn’t.
  7. If you told me these stats before the game, I would have said we win big...
  8. Can we, perhaps, learn something from that 4th quarter game plan?
  9. How many 3 and outs have we forced today?
  10. I think Bo could have pulled the ball down and run on that 4th down to get the 1st.
  11. Terrible execution on 4th by Bo.