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  1. Another bad bad turnover for Bo. How many fumbles does he have on the year now?
  2. Hmmm.... DJ has a few good runs and then all of a sudden things open up?
  3. Ran Shivers to the edge, touchdown. Never went back to it.
  4. No clue why we havent seen Schwartz or Stove on a sweep.
  5. Even worse, 13 yards of offense in the 2nd quarter.
  6. First 6 plays, 85 yards, 2 touchdowns. Following 28 plays, 85 yards, 1FG.
  7. 3 & out. Bo is off, starting to think the Florida game wasnt just an "off day" for him.
  8. Ugly possession there after the takeaway... Very ugly.
  9. Great job of Shivers to hold on to the ball there.
  10. LOL. What was that from Arkansas?
  11. Davidson having himself a game!
  12. Cant live in 3rd down all day. Or maybe we can...