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  1. "Captain Crunch" Mike Kolen
  2. He literally has the same measurements that Nick Marshal did.
  3. True dat!
  4. I was 12 and still remember how loud the stadium got when Calvin intercepted that pass. It was nuts. Agree, loudest game I ever attended. Ace Atkins made his mark on that game too. Bostic bottled up and then breaks through for a TD. Frank Sanders reverse for a TD. I hated Jack Jackson and wanted someone to lay him out everytime he took off his helmet on the field. Oh the memories.
  5. If you'll recall, who was the first team we lost to after we won the NC? That would be Clemson. Time to return the favor.
  6. Well said. I too think year round baseball is not a good thing. Fall ball was non existent when I was a kid. Now you finish the spring season, have a two week break and then jump into fall ball. Crazy. When I was in college, my coach would tell us not to pick up a ball after the season was over for at least two weeks. You're absolutely right though, their arms never have a break if you are going from 1 season to another.
  7. I think pitchers have evolved, are throwing harder, but are also babied a little more. Yes, pitchers did throw more in the old days. Hell, we had rag arms when I played little league 25 years ago. But, like POD said earlier, I think a lot of kids are getting hurt because they don't throw enough. Again, danged if you do, danged if you don't. But, I think the pitch counts, no throwing in between starts, etc has caused problems. Not that I'm against pitch counts, but at some point you have to work your out before it can maintain the level you want it. I don't know. It's a touchy subject. Hope Mize gets back soon.
  8. Curve balls, if thrown properly, have nothing to do with Tommy John surgery. I pitched through college and threw the same curve ball at 9 years olds that I did when I was 22. My 8 year old throws the same curve ball now. It is not the 12 to 6 elbow bender, but a variation of the "slurve" that puts does not put stress in the elbow. It basically has more of 1 to 7 action and you can throw it harder. Tommy John surgery comes from not using the proper mechanics. You're right, people who have no baseball background get on YouTube to learn how to pitch, or they send their kids to lessons before researching who the person giving lessons is. 99.9% of arm injuries can be prevented if the kids use proper mechanics. While coaching my 8 year olds team, I cringe when I see how kids are taught to pitch. They may throw hard, but they will never reach their potential until they are properly taught. If any in the league throw a curve ball, mechanically, they are killing their arm. I'm not saying I was a world beater by any means, but I avoided injury because I was very meticulous about my mechanics. I'm the same way with my son. Pitching is such a fun position because it is one on one with the batter. But mechanics are the main issue with why Tommy John surgery is happening in young kids. And, Tommy John surgery should be outlawed for anyone under 16 years old because they are still developing. Dr. Andrews has said that he has had 10-12 yr olds parents coming to him asking him to perform Tommy John on their uninjured son so it will help them throw harder. Just remember, less than 50% of Tommy John surgeries result in throwing harder and when they do, it averages only a couple miles an hour. Sorry for the rant. I'm very passionate about this subject.
  9. I guess that opens the door for Swindle as the Saturday starter. Good for her.
  10. "Fatigue" is just the over-the-counter term for any kind of soreness these kids have. He probably has some kind of tendonitis or something like that. It's more than likely nothing serious, but it does require them to shut down and go through a throwing rehab type program. He probably did not throw for 3 or 4 days and now has to work back into form. Hope he gets it back quick because he has been damn-near unhittable.
  11. Being a former pitcher, I can tell you that pitchers throw a lot. In between starts, you're looking at long tossing, flat ground work, simulations, etc. It builds up. Even if you have 6 to 7 days in between, you have to throw a long bullpen, probably 60 pitches or so, in the middle of the week. If you don't do this, you won't stay sharp. It's kind of a double edged sword. Take it easy, there's a chance you don't have your good stuff. Work through your progressions during the week, you could get injured. It sucks, but it looks like Butch is taking care of his pitchers. That will help down the road. Jim Wells, who used to be at bammer, did not take care of his pitchers. He's lucky he had a staff at the end of each season.
  12. Gorgeous Borges. I love this hire.
  13. I think this was somewhat orchestrated by LSU because they knew he would be leaving for UAT. They just tried to save face by firing him before he resigned. I believe he will be announced at bammer in some capacity within the next couple of days. Sucks for us because it will be another PR nightmare similar to when James Willis crossed enemy lines.
  14. Bring on Devon Waddell. He filled in admirably at times last season.
  15. Bowden trended up the year before he was let go too. Remember, he was 20-1-1 his first two years. Then he went backwards in 95 & 96. But, in 97, he won the SEC West and had a 10 win season. Then, in 98, he crashed and burned. Tater Tot and Gus are so similar in performance it is almost scary.