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  1. Rob Brown from Finding Forrester and Coach Carter to play Jared. Looks just like him.
  2. I was at that game too. We happened be on the UNC side right by the tunnel they ran out of. Got some high fives from Stackhouse, Wallace and Zwicker after that game.
  3. The clock is so slow. It feels like the 1980 US hockey game against USSR. Hurry up clock.
  4. There'e 2 sides to every Schwartz. He got the upside.
  5. That's Joe "Finebammer" Tessetore. He was instrumental in getting Finebammer to BSPN. Would you expect anything else?
  6. And as far as the UAT SGA president, she knew when she either ran for or was appointed to that position that this was all part of it. You don't want to get booed, don't become the SGA president. I thought she handled it well.
  7. To be honest, that is part of the home court/field advantage. These guys are big time college athletes getting their education (and probably more at UAT) paid for. That is all part of the game. They have to have thick skin and mental toughness. The game ain't for sissies. I know it seems classless, but the players probably can't even hear it or it doesn't bother them. If it does bother them, they may want to pick a different sport. As far as the fans go, as long as there are not racial slurs or bad language, I'm good with them hammering any opponent (not just UAT) and being as ruthless as possible.
  8. 36 Male Birmingham area UAB BS '03 (long story), UAB MBA '08 (longer story) Grandad API class of '53, Dad AU class of '77, Mom AU class of '76 Been going to games since I was 3. Remember when we played FSU in Auburn in 1985 and I was doing "The Chop" thinking it was an Auburn cheer. My dad quickly corrected me. Played baseball in college which is why I did not attend AU.
  9. Now, AL.commie will argue that he never said that, since they have been carrying UAT's water for over 20 years.
  10. I was 18 and a freshman in college in Mississippi. We had just gotten back from a fall baseball game and this was definitely a refreshing end to the day.
  11. You cross that bridge when you get there. Don't burn it unless you have to.