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  1. Just saw D1Softball Preseason Top 25 Rankings. Auburn was not listed. Rank Team 2020 Record 1 UCLA 25-1 2 Oklahoma 20-4 3 Washington 23-2 4 Arizona 22-3 5 LSU 21-3 6 Florida 23-4 7 Louisian
  2. Agree Rivera and Horton will be game 1 starters. If I was a betting man I would say Schmidt will be the other starter. She has a great bat and very good power. Looking forward to watching them play!
  3. I believe he was referring to the team not being very deep at the plate. Hitting has been a struggle to say the least but now the 2020 and 2021 signing class have very good hitters.
  4. Louisiana- Lafayette is where Gerry Glasco went after Auburn. He is a good recruiter and there are a lot of good players/teams in the Texas area. 2021 class signs Wednesday. So technically they are commits until then. Strong recruiting class for CMD. 2022 class will be very strong as well. Two pitchers coming in that class. Emmah Rolfe is very talented. Might be the best pitcher in country even though her ranking is around 18th.
  5. CLASS OF 2021 - TOP 75 COLLEGE RECRUITING RANKINGS Ranking University Total Points # of Top 200 Players # in Extra Elite 100 1 Louisiana-Lafayette 1,613 11 10 2 Auburn 1,474 9 8 3 Oklahoma 1,347 7 7 4 Duke 1,126 7 7 5 Alabama 1,11
  6. I wasn't aware there were 10 girls in the 2021 signing class. Big Signing Class. Rank First Last Pos Yr Travel Team 14 Jessie Blaine C 2021 Iowa Premier 22 Kenadie Cooper OF/2B 2021 East Cobb Bullets - Schnute 20 Brianna Ellis 1B/UT 2021 Impact Gold - Jackson 7
  7. Looks like we are starting to get the recruits needed to get back to the CWS. I believe this will be CMD's top rated class to date.
  8. Not all of them are out yet. Still have the top 10 to go. The final top 100 list will come out tonight. I would think we should have a couple in the top 10 show up.
  9. Rumor has it that Kendal Calvert, OF 2021 is no longer committed to Auburn. I believe someone previously mentioned they expected this since her sister left last year. I'm not certain, but I believe the 2021 class has 6 recruits and is ranked in the Top 5 nationally. The 2022 currently has 4 recruits. Not sure of overall ranking.
  10. Kaylee is going to be a great addition to the roster, not only is she a gifted player (I see her playing OF) she will be a great leader in the dugout to the younger players.
  11. Nelia Peralta is a middle infielder (SS and 2nd). Hits with a ton of power. She grew up playing baseball and made the switch to softball a couple years ago.
  12. Yes, she is a beast. Great pickup for us! The Birmingham Thunderbolts Premier organization just won the TOP tournament of the year. Usually the best organizations go to PGF in California but this year due to Covid they all met in Oklahoma City for the USA tournament. 2021 Class is looking strong.
  13. Penta is still playing for Chaos. Lowe is playing some with Bandits-Conroy. I think, as mentioned before, that these pitchers are not looking for a lot of wear and tear on their arms and want to come into Auburn as healthy as possible. CMD is a wizard with pitchers, so I think he will do wonders with both of them.
  14. Atlanta Legacy Tournament is one of the top 3 tournaments put on in the country for Top Travel Organizations. Didn't know best place to post 2020 or 2021 since there are Auburn commits for both years: PA Chaos- is Madison Penta's team. GA Impact Lewis - Kendal Calvert's team. Birmingham Thunderbolt's - Aubrie Lisenby's team. Birmingham Thunderbolts-Rocky, #6 in the Extra Elite Eighty 18U Club Rankings, put together an outstanding run to win the Atlanta Showcase Legacy 18U Invitational on Sunday at Shaw Park in Marietta, GA, culminating with a 7-6 triumph over #52 Atla
  15. New Website launched (Fastpitchnetwork.com) today with Top 100 2021 player rankings: 2021 Player Rankings Top 100 Players 16 Jesse Blaine C Firecrackers – TJ Auburn 21 Kenadie Cooper UT East Cobb Bullets – Schnute Auburn 22 Aubrie Lisenby C Birmingham Thunderbolts Premier Auburn 44 Rose Roach SS Tennessee Mojo 2021 Auburn 51 Abbey Smith UT Tennessee Mojo 2021 Auburn 70 Kendal Calvert OF Georgia Impact – Lewis Auburn Currently Auburn has the 7th ranked class in the country.
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