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  1. olewarthog

    LSU Game Report Card

    Exactly. So depending on how the defense reacts, you give SW 2 other options.
  2. olewarthog

    LSU Game Report Card

    What the O is lacking is a player like C Grant or OMac that forces them to defend sideline to sideline. Why not use JF3 in that role? Keep SW at QB. Put JF3 in motion for jet sweep. SW has the option to give on the sweep, inside to JJ or KP, or hit a quick throw to the EZ. JMHO.
  3. My thoughts exactly. Gus pretty much wasted all preseason practice by dragging out a 3 way QB comp. It should be clear that neither SW or JJ are SEC caliber QBs. Why not put all the time into prepping JF3 or even Barrett? Banner & uga seemed to be able to get a TFR QB ready to play.
  4. New Offense: HUCQ = Hurry Up Change Quarterback
  5. olewarthog

    QB packages

    You also missed "horrible throw to wide open receiver for easy touchdown".
  6. olewarthog

    Fire malzahn

    When our head coach put that inept a performance on offense, the booing is deserved
  7. olewarthog

    So did we not practice the game plan?

    How can you have over a month to prepare & not have a gameplan for game #1?