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  1. Didn't they lose their starting QB?
  2. Tough loss but they still exceeded my expectations. I didn't expect them to score an offensive touchdown. Harsin is the anti-Malzahn. He's aggressive, probably a little too aggressive given the personnel.
  3. He's had time to throw. He chooses to pump fake and run around.
  4. What did Hardin do over the summer to have this team ready to play football. The coaching staff should be embarrassed.
  5. Auburn should be sticking to the run. They won't win passing the football.
  6. Need a QB that can hit a moving target beyond 10 yards.
  7. I'm worried. What team other than a 5 loss A&M team in 2019 has Bo Nix actually beaten on the road? PSU doesn't have a prolific offense but their defense is legit.
  8. Actually, he should never been hired in the first place.
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