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  1. He doesn't really know any better. He's a simple man trying to do a complicated job. I expect a few new wrinkles because his job is on the line. I think Gus knew coming in he was going to be judged on SEC play and you could tell he's feeling the pressure with his abrasive interviews and postgame press conferences. If all he's going to do is run the ball up the middle, he might as well start planning his exit speech while the seasons is still hot. Auburn cannot afford to lose this football game.
  2. Look at all these debbie doubters. I had Auburn going 13-0, winning the national championship, watching Bo walk away with the Heisman and the Lott impact award (technically, he can't win the award because he's not a defenseman but if anyone can pull it off, Bo can), and giving Gus a new 5 year extension. So far, my prediction is a bullseye.
  3. Gene Chizik won a national championship too. You don't need a PHD in Football economics to win in college football if you have the best player in the country. Football can be pure emotion and sometimes, pure emotion outweighs pure talent. That's how a mediocre team like Auburn can win a home game against a juggernaut like Alabama and Georgia but get slapped silly against a team like Miss St. or losing a home game to Jeremy Pruitt and Tennessee. When was the last time Gus won a big game on the road against a power 5 conference team and I'm not talking about squeaking by a lowly Pac-12 team on a neutral site? Why is it that everytime Gus wins a big game, people keep saying "He finally gets it" only to have those people have to eat their own words the very next week? Auburn deserves better than mediocre and saying things like "who could do a better job than Gus" or " their are only so many Bruce Pearl's out there" is like saying Auburn should just give up trying to be a top tier football program or that Auburn should stop recruiting the country's top talent because they won't play here anyways. That's defeatist talk. There are a lot of good college coaches out there, some of which you probably haven't heard of that could do a better job than Gustav.
  4. An even bigger problem is that it's dated 2013 and it's still relevant today.
  5. But they'll still need to be coached, unless they're Juco's and somebody else is doing the coaching staff's job for them.
  6. If Bo has 100 passing yards and Boobie goes an entire game without putting the ball on the ground, even if he has negative yards rushing, they should get game balls by whomever the new head coach will be.
  7. I'm hearing 2020 is going to be different. Be patient
  8. But then he'll beat Goergia and Alabama at home and he'll get another extension.
  9. You can just buy Gus Malzahn's playbook for dummies at Barnes n Nobles in the 75% off bin.
  10. LSU is just better coached. You wouldn't think Auburn was a top 10 recruiting team by the way they play. It's been that way since Gus got here. In two years from now, it will be "people need to relax, Bo is starting to show signs "
  11. Yeah, last week not going for two at the end of the game (I don't want to hear any mentions of LA Monroe) and this week, not even attempting the hail mary. Bush league coaching.
  12. That's the play you call on 3rd and long? That's embarrassing
  13. First half game ball goes to the defense.
  14. Damn, my alma mater is leading Penn State at the half.
  15. Auburn's defense is no joke.