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  1. He needs a stout offensive line for that. Every team in America wants him throwing on the run. It's in the gameplan.
  2. Chizik was sabotaged by Malzahn's recruitment of QB Frasier. To Chizik's credit, he did win a national championship
  3. You don't need ample time to prepare for his offense. You just need game tape of one game and you pretty much have Malzahn's playbook. He's a one trick pony doing one trick pony things.
  4. That is why you can't judge a book by its SOS.
  5. Now you know how Penn State feels.
  6. Defense got gouged from the start. This wasn't a case of the offense not staying on the field.
  7. Just LMAO at the people who didn't think Minnesota was worthy enough to play Auburn in a bowl game. Auburn deserves better than Minnesota... Just look at our SOS...
  8. B-b-but Gus beat Alabama. He finally gets it. Give that man a contract extension.
  9. Gus will still be proud of this loss.
  10. What is it with Gus and failure?
  11. Shivers has 6 yards? Wow, that's better than I thought after watching the first half.
  12. Three certainty in life .... death, taxes and Gus getting schooled in another bowl game
  13. I thought Minnesota was big 10, overrated garbage that was in for an SEC style beatdown?
  14. Auburn should win. Having said that, I can give you a laundry list of teams that went into a bowl game with less recruiting power and talent and persevered through hard work and motivation. Games aren't played on paper and if Auburn gives the Gophers an inch they could be in for a dog fight. Auburn has a lot more to lose going into this game than Minnesota, who's basically playing with house money.
  15. Ucf if I remember correctly, was a double digit underdog though. Auburn should have beaten them handily. Minnesota beat Penn State so they have to have some talent. These underdog teams that aren't given much of a chance are sometimes the most dangerous.