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  1. Stidham never took that next step under Gus either. He was a little more polished because he was already developed. Nix has the tools to be good but I don't think he'll learn any new tricks under Gus that he didn't already know. Therefore, mediocre is the beat that he'll probably be.
  2. Wasn't Orgeron suppose to be a mistake hire for LSU? Just goes to show you that anyone can win at college football if you recruit talent and develop it.
  3. Or a couple years into an egregious contract extension. The Gus Bus is parked.
  4. Kind of like LSU last week.
  5. Anders Carlson should be benched. I'm tired of his act.
  6. He shut it down with 6 minutes left in the third.
  7. Bo is closer to becoming a punchline than a competent college QB
  8. He's also treating Gatewood like K. Frasier, sending him out there for one play, to run up the middle. The other team knows it's a run everytime he comes into the game yet, this silly man continues to do it. How is Gatewood suppose to learn anything unless Gus is training him to be a running back.
  9. Bo should be learning on the sidelines. The Pupil doesn't become the teacher overnight.
  10. It could be worse. We could be Arkansas.
  11. You wish we had Mark Jackson. We have Luke Walton.
  12. Week 8 and still don't have an accurate passing QB or one that knows what intentional grounding means.
  13. Week 8 and Auburn still doesn't have a qb that knows what intentional grounding is.
  14. If Bo isn't responsible at least in part for the loss against Florida, he shouldn't be getting credit for the wins against A&M and Oregon either.
  15. Kentucky in 2015 was pretty impressive. Road wins are tough to come by for Gus if the words Texas A&M isn't in the description. Ranked team... probably K-State.