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  1. Men vs. Georgia

    2nd half scoring ... Auburn 53 Georgia 25 As Gus mistakenly once said, "we kicked the Dawg crap out of them."
  2. Men vs. Georgia

    2:52 Auburn by 10
  3. Men vs. Georgia

    Nope. 4 free throws
  4. Men vs. Georgia

    Georgia with only 4 points this hslf.
  5. Men vs. Georgia

    I'd settle for him giving the football team a halftime talk?
  6. 2018 playoff - I’m calling it now

    You know what's funny? Alabama will have more turnover than Auburn like they do most years yet, Saban will have the Tide in poll position for a return trip to the playoffs while Gus will end his season talking about learning experiences, growth processes and maturity because That's what below average underdog head coaches who have no business coaching for a college institution from a premier power five conference do.
  7. Men vs. Mississippi State

    Shot clock violation? Is that the first of the year?
  8. Men vs. Mississippi State

    What are those?
  9. Herb Hand contract

    How many more second chances do you think he deserves?
  10. Herb Hand contract

    This is why the team is going to tread water for quite some time. Auburn will always be Alabama's little baby sister because they're ok with mediocrity. “Our assistants have done a great job, and any time you have assistants that do a great job, you need to reward them,” Malzahn said - This coming from a coach who was just happy and satisfied enough to be in the big game rather than trying to win it. This all seems kind of cartoonish to me.
  11. Quit Complaining

    Let's not kid ourselves, the only real winner in Gus's new 7 year 49M contact is Arkansas.
  12. Official Postgame thread

    You don't need a blueprint when you're that predictable.
  13. Official Postgame thread

    Found it.
  14. Official Postgame thread

    In the first official business for Gus thread, when I suggested Auburn needed to find a new offensive line coach, I was laughed at. Of course, they just finished off Alabama at the time and everyone was giddy.
  15. Official Postgame thread

    Did they cancel the postgame press conference? I'm interested to hear what Gus had to say.