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  1. Didn't his father coach him up in high school? Wonder why he didn't correct any of his bad habits. Surely, they were evident then.
  2. You mean one of those coaches that says do as I say, not as I do?
  3. Bo will be here for another two years and then he'll be in a booth or working a 9 to 5 job. I hope he's studying hard.
  4. I bet if I told you one was a five star recruit and the other was a three, most would just assume mac was the five star QB.
  5. I never wanted Gus in the first place. 3/4 of this forum was in Aifamily heaven when he was hired to take over CGC. And it doesn't matter who hired Steele, he's not getting the job done on defense and people here loved the hire by Gus so don't go down that road.
  6. So a so called offensive guru told the DC how to do his job?
  7. Defense gave up 35 points. That's Steele's responsibility
  8. Steele created the defense. Remember when he could do no wrong?
  9. Gus isn't even out there and people are blaming him for the loss.
  10. He should have thrown his patented one yard pass play. Would have at least gave himself a chance.
  11. I agree. Chad Morris was just brought in to run Malzahn's offense. He's terrible.
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