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  1. that is wrong, the swim team had a golf early 2000, had nothing to do with David leaving. Today they have two carts for recruiting.
  2. WOMEN and MEN Swim scored ZERO points at NCAA....... Unheard of.
  3. I don't think Lopez would stay if not hired as the Head Coach, he is in the mix for a number of jobs so we will see. It is interesting the hire a distance coach when the mile is only one of 13 events.
  4. Arthur and family are set in Louisville, they own the age group team, swim lesson program, has one kid swims on the college team and has two more in high school. I think the possibility is zero..
  5. March 28, 2018 Following a successful 10-year head coaching career at his alma mater, Brett Hawke has announced his resignation as the head coach of the Auburn swimming and diving program. “I have enjoyed my time leading and giving back to a team and university that has given so much to me,” Hawke said. “After 10 years as the head coach, I feel it is time for me to find a new challenge and for the swimming and diving program to have a new leader. My wife Trudi and I have loved being a part of the Auburn community both as students and as parents. War Eagle forever.” “I wou
  6. There are a lot of Money COACHES puckering up about now.
  7. NCAA Division I Bylaw states that a head coach is presumed to be responsible for the actions of all staff members who report, directly or indirectly, to the head coach. The head coach will be held accountable for violations in the program unless he or she can rebut the presumption of responsibility.Feb 8, 2016
  8. Don't remember the name, probably way too many years have passed and my brain is getting old. Good talking to you. Have a great day.
  9. I am realistic, some would pay for the costs but I don't think many. I know if I didn't get instate tuition I would not be able to go to Auburn, I had brothers and sisters that needed a college education also. I am going to be in the same situation, sadly. But both the snow girls are on full rides if I am not mistaken so that helps. Yes, Hawk is no Marsh, but Marsh coached him and mentored him and some of that has rubbed off. He is in a difficult position with the limited scholarship availability (ie instate tuition) and more importantly the unrealistic expectations of the swim program in th
  10. FYI, I swam for Auburn, my kids swim year round. I have know David for over 20 years. There are so many errors in those statements I would not know where to start. So, we will probably not agree, which is fine. I just want to state the biggest problem with both of those programs is the instate/outstate tuition coupled with the lousy feeder programs from the high school teams has hurt both sport programs, whereas, soccer and softball seem to have those resources. Number one player in softball was an Alabama high school player, it helps. It is a complex problem. ALSO, the team swam great at SEC
  11. LOL, don't fool yourself. Its economics. It is one of the reasons Marsh left. He could see the writing on the wall, his recruiting ability was severely diminished. Pay little of nothing or pay $15, 000 (for a good good good scholarship) for 4 years. The math doesn't add up.
  12. yes, swimming is that bad in the state as a whole. One of the worst in fact. The teams (swimming and track and field) have really suffered from the day the State of Alabama decided to take the away the ability of getting INSTATE tuition in the 2000's. Compared to the States of Georgia, Florida, Texas and California, all hot recruiting areas for both sports have some sort of in state scholarships'. These athletes can go to their state school basically free, great education, great coaching or come to Auburn and spend thousands of dollars for great education and great coaching. In todays economic
  13. How specifically did he run off Coach Marsh? Coach Marsh wanted to be the Olympic Coach, he could not do that while at Auburn. Jay went all out to try to keep him, but he could not attain his dream/goal at a University setting. He did just get named as one of the USA Olympic head coaches for RIO, at a USA Swimming Team of Excellence in Charlotte.
  14. where and when did Gus say he would have a DC by today? He said "hopefully" to a recruit. If they recruit relayed that message correctly. CALM DOWN FOLKS.
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