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  1. Probably should be but I was thinking more of gaining an advantage, finding intel on KJ's status so as to determine how to game for Saturday.
  2. Anyone think Kirby has asked Scott Fountain to reach out to his Auburn contacts???????
  3. Is that the UCONN Huskies......? That would be interesting (at least this year)
  4. My question would be why was Woody not ready to play by the Georgia game? With so much riding on that game (still shot at playoffs), why was he not ready by this point in the year (coaching/player development).
  5. "Adams, who has 28 tackles with six for loss including three sacks, is ranked No. 123 overall by The also has two fumble recoveries and two blocked field goals." - No way Adams is available in the 3rd Round (IMO)
  6. Yeah, I remembered him being a target at either position, I was just playing "what if" now that Dean is injured and we look thin at that position. Also, seems like the 2 way recruits always end up on the offensive side of the ball
  7. Anybody notice Slayton's name all over that board with the DBs/Safeties? Makes you wonder what he could do on defense (especially with Dean's injury). But he is penciled in as a starter on O so what do I know......
  8. I don't think anyone has mentioned it, but I thought Prince Tega the backup at RT was a huge surprise since he just got moved to offense. Has he really progressed that much or is he just a name filler for that slot?
  9. I think this would be a good reference point to quickly look at player info throughout the season. Is it posible to get this pinned?
  10. LSU has 2 of the Elite 11.... I wonder how that will play with Narcissi's final decision (although I assume he knew that when he committed to LSU)
  11. It's just you, and potentially anyone looking for him to fail. He underhanded it once. Otherwise, he is right there with the other guys. If I noticed anything it was that Sean rarely ever completed the passing motion part of the drill. I'm guessing that doesn't matter to Gus/Rhett, since they are both right there watching. It looks like the guys are all pretty comfortable with the basics... now let's see how they do when they are live, tomorrow. It's just you, Gus has loved their energy in spring camp. definitely you. Good try though No, it's not just you. Tom Luginbill (ESPN) made a similar observation during the spring game of JJ's freshman season (I think it was). Too lazy to go look for the clip of Luginbill's comment but I distinctly remember thinking to myself back then, "well, if that's true, we may be in trouble". I actually thought that about SW but then I thought maybe the leg is still hurt Every practice video I've ever seen of the quarterbacks looks lackadaisical. Its not just JJ that's for sure. My thoughts exactly.... Why not setup a net and let these guys actually throw the ball instead going through the motions.... the toss back to the coach does not seem to help prepare for a game time situation...
  12. I keep seeing that this was a lateral move, but CDC was Co-Offensive coordinator at Auburn (at least in title). I would think being just the WR coach at LSU is a demotion? I hope he got a raise, does anyone know yet? Also, anyone see Gus going after Kodi Burns @ ASU?