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  1. Feel better wing sponsored by Sinola Cartel 😂
  2. They do based on proposals and not low price, which is fine but you have the same two/three GC’s making bank all over campus.
  3. Are they competitively pricing the building or just negotiating? That could be an extra 5-10mm
  4. Home run hire and home run person. War Eagle Zac, welcome back!
  5. He needs to visit across the state to see what they are implementing with their new program. Losing Cochran was a positive for them, that team looked much bigger than before
  6. Source? remember you have 2 say per your previous post. Especially with such a confident nope
  7. Prior to this yr he failed, this yr I actually thought we did a decent job spreading it around to the RB’s until injuries. Unfortunately MAR was #4 and hurt until late
  8. No he made poor throw. Also made a throw that should have been caught for a TD. Just be fair
  9. Oh know an insult from u, imagine that. U know so much... I bet u played pee wee ball🤟
  10. U r disgust with a player is sad. What will u do when he has success under real O coaching. Disappear? One could only hope
  11. If we had a game plan like NU Bo would be a rock star. Our o plan is trash
  12. I heard we were gonna punt on 1st play in solidarity with Gus
  13. Not the infamous fake punt I hope.
  14. Bo Davis maybe but I do agree with u. Coach G has the connections but he has to be loyal to the HC
  15. Yes he can. I hope he does and sees we need him desperately
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