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  1. Solid, 7.5 but not great. Missed on our next Britt, missed on anchor OT and DT that would have put us up with A&M. Hopefully getting Tank, Capers and a TE will be our difference makers in the class...
  2. I want Chiefs O Line Coach. Wow that line is good
  3. It is an easier throw but also more bad things can happen if not completed. We all saw how inaccurate Trevor was throwing to sidelines on the move with LSU chasing after him. Not comparing the two but it is a difficult throw, especially on the run.
  4. Bird, another article I found said he struggled coaching outside run zone schemes they used in pros. Do we do that?
  5. U can call him a running game coordinator if that is an issue.
  6. DB is great; Chase Young maybe greater
  7. He came on this yr. what a great catch in the IB!
  8. Cause he is a whiner. If they would have spotted the ball with 1 sec on clock it would have been impossible to get our FG team on the field and get a kick off. As it was, they did a review to see if there should have been a sec on clock and to get Bama back on field. Gave us time to get set up and kick.
  9. Every time I start to lean a way he pulls something like yesterday and and pulls me back. Two biggest things for me: 1. We are AU and should have a great RB at all times, no excuses. I don’t get this recruiting fail. I love Bobbie but if we had Carnell last night he would have rushed for 250 2. I think it was Gus, had a weird point on the post game show - that he really got confidence in our WR after the Ga game. I think our WR’s have played well so why just now?
  10. He and stretch were walking around on north concourse and they took pic with my youngest son. Were really nice.... other fans joined in and they were extremely kind
  11. Marlon was limping all over the field so he’ll need to heal up. DB seemed ok after his injury The field was the worst I’ve ever seen, not sure if that was reason for so many injuries on both sides
  12. I agree, not denying that. I do believe that is the underlying excuse for not making a change
  13. There sure are a lot of thumbs down lately. I got one for a reply from a month ago where I just explained why Coach is no longer atound