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  1. 🙏. Prayers for James.
  2. lala

    UGA loss

    Do we need another “Can’t we just get along” thread?
  3. Point is, right or wrong we paid Gus 7+mm to make the decision. I would think he made the decision based on who he thinks gives AU the best chance to win. If we see another game where Bo looks overwhelmed we may see another option, but until then it won’t happen. Prior to UF, Bo played very well, had good composure and made wise decisions. UF was a cluster. Let’s see what Arky and LSU bring.
  4. We need to hold on to Tank. He would be the 1st in a long time
  5. There was a lot of issues other than just QB and O play calling. 1. Punt return was horrendous- catch the dang ball 2. 3rd and short. Maybe a short pass after the 2nd time we could not get 1st 3. O-line jumping at terrible times....
  6. U may be 2 smart for me as I don’t get. I don’t live in AL. Auburn is relevant, just happened to play against a very good d that had 2 weeks to prepare
  7. Completely agree. No reason after the 2nd time we had 3rd and short he didn’t try something else.
  8. U cannot handle someone disagreeing. I cannot believe or support the fans that suggest Bo being QB1 is a political
  9. At Bo. He played pitiful and Gus didn’t help at all, but to support Flex that Bo was not the right QB to start is perplexing.
  10. Me? I am not breaking down. I am just flabbergasted at u guys throwing in the towel
  11. Don’t waste at what? Is Bo really not the best option? Gus did not help him at all but to suggest otherwise is BS. Why haven’t you been screaming the last two weeks if Gatewood was the best option?
  12. I am sorry but this is such BS. Gus has put in the best player; the one who feels gives us the best chance of being successful. Anyone that thinks they are equal are grasping fact is Bo struggled and Gus didn’t help him but he is our today & future The back up is always the best, same when Stan was QB and Pat was his backup
  13. The good thing is you have a week off to heal up for the big run.