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  1. Unfortunately U would be one of the ones complaining when we do.
  2. It hasn’t helped Az or Az State for what it’s worth 😀
  3. We need OT for sure but also need all lineman. Kendall Simmons played tackle in college at 6’3”. Just need him to be nasty.
  4. Agree with the learning curve, but what we had in place was not getting the job done.
  5. So...... how is Coach Lac doing. There is lots of excitement
  6. On a message board we all are... i am just always surprised at everyone that know all the “truths” but fail to use common sense, that are willing to burn on the stake for something they heard
  7. And what r u if not part of that.
  8. Agree, and it is because assumption by the beat writers is considered as fact. That is the AU way unfortunately- disfunction.
  9. On one hand it means he is getting others involved which is what we want, on the other he is not getting the hot hand involved. I wonder if Gusto preplans his rotations? If not this would help him make better changes on the fly.
  10. He was not our recruiting coordinator. Was a few years ago...
  11. I don’t think we can/will pay 400,000 for an off the field role. That is about 100-150k more than TWill. Hell, everyone would want that job.
  12. I would assume this is not well received by Tim. His pay rate will be reduced by a lot and he will most likely be looking for other opportunities.
  13. Disagree with you as I did on you all that said Grimes had no say in who to recruit. I 100% agree Tim will work recruiting and I also believe Tim will look at other options away from AU. Again, IMO this debunks the belief that only he and Gus figured who to recruit, why would u demote your most trusted team member.
  14. But don’t question or disagree cause your an idiot. 😁
  15. Keep him cause Gus respects him and his ability. It is a demotion tho no matter how you look at it.