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  1. I haven’t heard anything other than he’s improving . Hoping an return after the bye.
  2. We’ll be better once Pappoe returns
  3. Stat, some of this is def on CBH. Not sure if it is him trying to set a tone within the program, but it seems he has gone for it many times where he could punt and pen the opp deep. thanks for posting, great read!
  4. I’d say our running game is the issue. We have to get it going. We shouldn’t be passing as much as we r.
  5. That is my thing. Whether he sucks or does outstanding, Bo is gonna bust his tail trying to get better. I’m an AU man and a Bo Nix fan!
  6. That will be added to the pregame highlights on the Jumbotron
  7. I think it was Tank that would have broken a huge run if the WR blocked for 1/2 a sec. it was pitiful
  8. Robertson had a big one on a 1st down throw
  9. Two thoughts…. 1. Our WR’s could not get separation last wk, and will be a concern all yr. 2. Losing Truesdale and Newquik really hurt IMO.
  10. They r a big concern. Stan was bragging on their potential but they could not get separation especially deep. Bo under threw 1 but the others were tight coverage
  11. He was not in garbage time. Maybe 3rd series, most of 1st half and 2nd series of 2nd half
  12. Feel better wing sponsored by Sinola Cartel 😂
  13. They do based on proposals and not low price, which is fine but you have the same two/three GC’s making bank all over campus.
  14. Are they competitively pricing the building or just negotiating? That could be an extra 5-10mm
  15. Home run hire and home run person. War Eagle Zac, welcome back!
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