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  1. Similar to Pat Nix and DCraig. Let's get these guys and see how it will play out
  2. I do think that team chemistry is very important to all successful seasons/teams. The coaches have to constantly have their finger on the pulse of the locker room and sometimes there is addition by subtraction.
  3. Monty Adams and Carl Lawson Draft talk

    I think it is competition and what Gowebb said at work. We like to say and think otherwise but...
  4. Tenth Assistant coach talk (Merged)

    I would take Thigpen in a sec. not sure how accomplished he is as a coach but his recruiting is 2nd to none
  5. Offensive News and Notes from A-Day

    Awesome stat! It was incredible watching them throw the ball. It is funny you talking about it being vanilla and it was more open than I can remember.
  6. 2018 4* OG Trey Hill

    Agree GWebb. He is loading up in the trenches and that is where CMR failed. We missed two golden opportunities to quite some of the negative recruiting and wet the bed the last two years. Time to get over that hump.
  7. A Day Recruiting Thread

    I read on 247, free info, that coaches put more emphasis on Big Cat than A-Day so it is not as big a deal as we think. If it was the same day as Bama and they decided to go to their game it would be a big deal.
  8. Practice Notes 03/07/2017

    I agree. Was it no one respected SW's arm or our play calling as the DB was constantly able to jump on the quick route.
  9. 2019 4* QB Bo Nix

    I can say Unequivocally that Bo does not compare to QB from cartersville that is signing with Clemson next yr. if he wants to be a back up then go there, otherwise he will never see the field.
  10. 2018 4* DT D'Andre Litaker

    One would argue his most dynamic player, not Tebow, was from VA. That would be Percy Harvin
  11. Dameyune Craig fired

    He is not coordinator. DC's title was for resume only as he did not perform coordinator duties.
  12. Dameyune Craig fired

    I think he is a super recruiter, and the WR coach is supposed be a super recruiter. I would have no problem with him being a WR coach for us again either as long as he was a team player.
  13. Dameyune Craig fired

    Comparing our coordinator to DC is apples and oranges. You were not using my logic. Quite the contrary, just replying to your original post with common sense. I've never had a problem with another opinion as last night as it wasn't vindictive.
  14. Dameyune Craig fired

    Cole, my apologies as I forgot you are always correct. He is a super offensive coach and that is why he is looking for his 3rd job in 3 years.
  15. Dameyune Craig fired

    Yet coordinator has about 30 yrs more experience