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  1. I agree. Was it no one respected SW's arm or our play calling as the DB was constantly able to jump on the quick route.
  2. I can say Unequivocally that Bo does not compare to QB from cartersville that is signing with Clemson next yr. if he wants to be a back up then go there, otherwise he will never see the field.
  3. One would argue his most dynamic player, not Tebow, was from VA. That would be Percy Harvin
  4. He is not coordinator. DC's title was for resume only as he did not perform coordinator duties.
  5. I think he is a super recruiter, and the WR coach is supposed be a super recruiter. I would have no problem with him being a WR coach for us again either as long as he was a team player.
  6. Comparing our coordinator to DC is apples and oranges. You were not using my logic. Quite the contrary, just replying to your original post with common sense. I've never had a problem with another opinion as last night as it wasn't vindictive.
  7. Cole, my apologies as I forgot you are always correct. He is a super offensive coach and that is why he is looking for his 3rd job in 3 years.
  8. Yet coordinator has about 30 yrs more experience
  9. Correct that we've not coached with him, but logic would suggest that one would not fire a coach that was a very good teacher and top 10 recruiter.
  10. I like Kerryon but he is not a SEC starter at RB. Good back-up but that is it. Don't give me he had a sprained ankle.
  11. Let's hope they continue to stink and the shine will wear off a little
  12. We were so close to addressing the safety issue this yr. We almost had two stud safeties and that would have made a huge difference today.
  13. E, he might not necessarily been referring to a MOD, but WDE is treated like a mod and he is nothing but a pessimistic flake to the current staff. I have no problem with opinions, but when the poster pushes his agenda as if he is an insider they need to be careful as to what they post.
  14. Awesome. he had a super year and will be a great player in the league