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  1. lala

    2019 5* OG Clay Webb

    So true, like my man Mike Webster.
  2. lala

    A-Day thread

    It just seems like a lot of chaos
  3. I am most excited about Hill. He was a stud n Ga this year and will be one on the plains.
  4. lala

    Ron Stallworth

    He was a #1 player of the year coming out of HS
  5. That is good but Bama used to get first pickings there. Maybe it will change this year with Woodson, but what about the next.
  6. lala

    2018 4* SDE/DT Malik Langham

    I want the best available, and hope we are all investing in the resources to scout everyone and recruit according to our needs regardless if that is AL, GA or FLA.
  7. I agree with u , the 2 leaving backs were the slowest with the exception of Miller but getting a potential back with this size a speed is an overall positive. Just think if he became our Derrick Henry😀. If you saw OU or some of the others top teams our O speed needed to get better across the board and we are seeing a commitment to that.
  8. I think our speed was severely lacking and we needed to become more explosive. That is what I am seeing.
  9. If we have 5 slots I could go with 2-OL, 1-LB as long as it is Quay, 1-CB and 1 elite athlete. If he is not ready for hitting he will be washed out next fall, if he is we could have a stud!
  10. We thought we had no chance so the fans soured on him. He is very good (very athletic) so is someone you take a chance on. We need speed and athleticism and he has it.
  11. lala

    Grading Auburn's defensive line

    I thought he struggled some but what were his injuries?
  12. lala

    Grading Auburn's defensive line

    I agree with a B+. Very good but not dominant. Next year they have the ability to be dominant tho. A starting 4 of Davidson, Brown, Russell and TD with Coe and others as backups- WOW. That is 3, 3 yr starters (2 5* and 2 4* ) that have proven they were deserving of their rankings.
  13. we need to capitalize on this momentun and turn our ‘public perception’ into a positive instead of one that can’t maintain successs. That could start by not laying an egg in the first game next year.
  14. lala

    Auburn moving forward

    The spy comment is exactly what I was screaming about on the 1st half. Made no sense as he was the only O they had at that point. Early in the season I was really hoping for a Kam P and Kam M (Thunder and lightning) backfield with Kerryon as a receiving threat/back-up. I was wrong about Kerryon but still disappointed with lack of series from Martin. Maybe that is because of our lack of confidence in the O-line.
  15. Not to mention the o-line guys which is just as many