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  1. It is the best thing that can happen to us. Here is how I see it, 1 Bo is successful, meaning Gus can coach a drop back QB and Gus continues at AU with a stellar career. 2. Bo struggles and Gus gets canned cause Gus cannot figure out what type of system he truly wants to run. Praying it is #1 for all our sakes
  2. I missed something....We went from coach interviews to a quick escalation. Obviously our d-line has the history to prove they are going to be our strength on d. The LB play is going to be the difference to get that run/play reduced. Last year we had 2 issues, we missed a Jeff Holland and Tre Williams. I am impressed with the commitment put into the argument, I get bored after a few posts.
  3. I think Seth and Hill could be an all SEC tandem in regards to athletism. Throw in Ant, Stove and Hastings and we could be very good.
  4. A lot of film study and getting healthy
  5. Correct, I must a missed a post. No he wasn’t a HC but everyone knew Kirby would be successful at Ga. Ga is a gold mine for recruiting and he is a relentless recruiter. Plus UGA’s downfall with Richt has always been their lines, and Kirby learned early from Nick that a good O & D line is critical to any success.
  6. Kirby was hired and expectations were high due to his recruiting ability and his obvious background. Dabo was appointed due to the firing of a coach and no one expected him to stay in place. I guess I am not understanding your point
  7. I remember someone asking Mark Richt who was the best HS player he ever saw and his answer was Caddy. Seeing in in HS in person was so fun, he was just a wrecking machine. There is no doubt he and Ronnie pushed each other.
  8. I credit a lot of the ice to Pat Sullivan. He was great working with Slack!
  9. He was my favorite. Had some great moments, 1st one at J-H and he bombs to Ace were beautiful!
  10. I so hope there are explosive plays this year and we can come up with a pass rush
  11. With this LSU basketball firestorm and re-instating the coach, there were a couple neg articles towards them rightfully so. However these articles could help themselves by trying to say we were similar. I think he is just trying to explain the differences in situations
  12. Red, I understand they are performing well. Do u know if this is due to lack or rush end from our d front? That is still my concern for our d
  13. Sounds like ship may have sailed ......
  14. Unfortunately U would be one of the ones complaining when we do.
  15. It hasn’t helped Az or Az State for what it’s worth 😀