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  1. Fire him now. Start the search.

    Hire James Franklin. He is a winner, top shelf recruiter and doesn’t back down from anyone. I want a HC that is top level regardless of asst coaches as they come and go!
  2. Going on the road against a pretty talented team. This is a big one for Gus to determine if he can keep momentum.
  3. Intensity Training--Best Laboratory?

    No doubt but such a big early lead and a noon kickoff does not lead to sustained success. I hate we did not blow them out and felt we should have been up 42-3 at half but it was still dominating.
  4. Notes going into Week #6

    That has been my frustration. Kam has shown nothing but explosion and he has been underutilized. I understand he was hurt last week but no excuses for not playing him. .
  5. Was the DJ getting the crowd riled up or was it just the videos
  6. FINAL: Auburn 49 Mississippi State 10

    In the Mizzu game it looked like he was making an excuse for not catching it. a couple misses followed by excuses means less PT and no looks from the QB.
  7. D Russell

    Is he hurt. Have not seen him.
  8. He should have been Let go with they way he handled the Sunny G firing. Not very professional at all. When you compare what has happened to us and and west neighbors in his tenure I think it is obvious we need better vision.
  9. Defensive Ends

    Agree. We hear a lot about our guys not performing to their star rating but these guys surely are.
  10. Defensive Ends

    These are the best combo we've have in a long time. I have a man crush on Davidson, not sure if it is because his hustle or his smile, enjoyment of the game, but they are both killing it. Back-ups are extremely active as well.
  11. ***AU vs. Missouri -- Game Thread***

    We've seen Kam and devan.
  12. Upon Further Review - Mercer Game

    Well Stat, maybe they are listening to you on first down passes. To continue O improvement we need more explosive run plays, Pettway seems not as quick this yr, and some deep balls.
  13. Sean White arrested

    That is not the point and fact remains. I work n a business that does requires test and I understand the rules and abide by them. He should too!
  14. Sean White arrested

    AU has a policy of suspension after positive test. I think after the 2nd they get a 2 game suspension. While AU never said why, we can safely surmise the reason for the suspension