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  1. lala

    Not liking this new 4 game rule

    It sticks from the instability it provides. It does provide clarity to the powers to be though that this is a big business and these guys are not coming in for and education (some may be) but to get to the league.
  2. Troxel and Brahms are/were hurt. I think they want to swap out Kim with either Brahms but he was not ready and there were hoping to get past LSU. There are always 5 stars/4 star guys that should not be and our ability to scout O-line players has been mediocre at best
  3. They have the ability to change and because of their competition they done lose much. Our poor OL recruiting since Grimes was here 1st time is holding us back. Kim, Carr etc... were Way over rated i do think they want to replace Kim but have been wanting to get past this game,hoping to be 3-0
  4. lala

    So what's to come?

    I think u guys can agree, neither had a lot of experience- Noah less. We have learn how to run 5he ball Agree on big Kat, need to get him more reps. TD got light up every time at strong side.... he has a long way to.
  5. lala

    LSU Game Report Card

    We miss a rush end terribly and that is absolutely necessary in an4 man front. Coe and Davidson are fine but not Lawson or Sunsei Mud.
  6. lala

    2019 5* OG/C Clay Webb

    I can’t help but feel the same way I did about the lineman last yr that went to Ga. He’ll flirt with us but at the end will go to Bama.
  7. The run by Cox was after a 1st down where we tried to speed up. I like pace but it was a poor call and a wasted play. Need to make sure we have the right personnel on the field
  8. The 2 pt play after the 1st TD was unnecessary. The crowd went from rocking to quiet which could have affected the momentum if not for our d stop on the next series.
  9. lala

    At the end of the day

    At the end of the day,.... In our last 6 games we have played 5 top 10 teams and we are 3-2. Not too shabby, problem is we have Ala, Clem & Uga at all time highs and overshadowing Gus.
  10. lala

    Big Kat Bryant

    Way passed TD. Big Kat is a big guy too. I am very excited about him stepping up as we move forward.
  11. lala

    Things to like about this team

    On passing, we struggled when we had a design rollout. Could not tell if receivers our Stidam but that needs work. Also, don’t remember us going deep any but they played 2 deep
  12. Both got tons of PT, lots of early subbing which kept our line fresh for the end of the game. I had huge expectations but TD really struggled and may not get much PT going forward if he doesn’t correct his stupid penalties. Big Kat played incredibly well. They had Big Kat drop back as a spy on the 2nd to last Wash drive and he made a great play. Really impressed.
  13. Beat a better team, maybe. I thought W was good
  14. lala

    J. Davis

    Pretty sure he did not return. No idea on status.
  15. lala

    Nick Coe is showing out

    True.... muschamp deserves much credit tho as he instilled a mentality that was desperately needed.