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  1. Home run hire and home run person. War Eagle Zac, welcome back!
  2. He needs to visit across the state to see what they are implementing with their new program. Losing Cochran was a positive for them, that team looked much bigger than before
  3. Source? remember you have 2 say per your previous post. Especially with such a confident nope
  4. Prior to this yr he failed, this yr I actually thought we did a decent job spreading it around to the RB’s until injuries. Unfortunately MAR was #4 and hurt until late
  5. No he made poor throw. Also made a throw that should have been caught for a TD. Just be fair
  6. Oh know an insult from u, imagine that. U know so much... I bet u played pee wee ball🤟
  7. U r disgust with a player is sad. What will u do when he has success under real O coaching. Disappear? One could only hope
  8. If we had a game plan like NU Bo would be a rock star. Our o plan is trash
  9. I heard we were gonna punt on 1st play in solidarity with Gus
  10. Not the infamous fake punt I hope.
  11. Bo Davis maybe but I do agree with u. Coach G has the connections but he has to be loyal to the HC
  12. Yes he can. I hope he does and sees we need him desperately
  13. Right - they used sources such as coaches for a different situation. That is poor reporting and should be better than that, if they want to be considered journalist. not arguing with u, but they should be called out IMO
  14. They have to. A source on a player being suspended is different than a source on a coach search. I think most just ran with what they heard to be 1st and were very loose with any verification. They helped perpetuate false info
  15. Not trying to be rude but explain. They aren’t expected to verify before reporting? Seems this way of reporting is the issue, just write what u hear at the coffee shop with any verification.
  16. Next year is the yr to do it if it’s gonna happen, as we have decent guys coming back (assuming we keep them). Not much depth and need to be bigger and stronger but it’s not completely bare.
  17. It’s gonna be about his ability to recruit trenches and open up the O to get the ball to his playmakers - reference O’s from LSU 2019 and Bama 2020. you cannot win with Muschamp O mentality
  18. No no no. Pretty sure he was gonna stay but something happened with $$$
  19. When Champ left for Texas he referenced something similar
  20. QB - C/B (with good progress could be better). I’m hoping 4th qtr last night sticks RB - A need Goodwin WR - with Seth and Flash they are C (we’ll miss stove) OL - D- (no tackles or C) HB/TE - B DL - C DE - C- LB - C+ / B- ( we need a KB) DB - B+ One cannot win without a decent line and QB play!
  21. Not arguing, best coaches take jobs take based on commitment such as — facilities, contracts (including asst coaches), administrative, etc.... for instance, Saban turned down bama initially but took the job when they came back to him because AL admin agreed to let him call 110% of the shots no exceptions, even down to the music at pregame. USC and Texas have facilities and commitment but not sure about Mich something just seems wrong there. Regarding Miami and FSU, FSU was Bowden made similar to UM. There was no history there.
  22. Michigan, Miami and FSU would drop a tier, USC, A&M and AU would move up a tier IMO
  23. I will also say their team looked great physically. I wonder if their change in strength training has made that much a difference, from a physical appearance
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