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  1. That may be the only way to stay up with them in recruiting and have the proper player development. Maybe TWill for HC. One of the 1st was fat Phil at UT, he was a helluva recruiter, money making machine, etc... and was the o-line Coach. Lots of examples
  2. Do you do if like a Clemson and LSU? Have a disciplined yet high energy , recruiting guru as the HC and turn over the D and O to specialists?
  3. It killed us. There was one I believe was on Bo where half the line jumped but that is bad
  4. Bird, replacing center was due... he struggled with snaps all day. The over the head once we finally got on their side of the 50 was brutal . Are the false starts on the C too, noise, QB or all above?
  5. How about us swapping centers. That was long needed
  6. That was a horrible offensive series. Maybe Joey on 1st but surely not on 2nd and long. That was just poor
  7. I am not suggesting Gus did a good job play calling but He was not putting bo in 3rd and longs. Poor snap was ridiculous, jumping off with a Sr line is inexcusable.
  8. Not disagreeing per se.... but they have very good to dominate lines ( o & d) and 1-3 difference makers in the skill positions.
  9. I still think this is his One and only yr at UGA
  10. 🙏. Prayers for James.
  11. Do we need another “Can’t we just get along” thread?
  12. Point is, right or wrong we paid Gus 7+mm to make the decision. I would think he made the decision based on who he thinks gives AU the best chance to win. If we see another game where Bo looks overwhelmed we may see another option, but until then it won’t happen. Prior to UF, Bo played very well, had good composure and made wise decisions. UF was a cluster. Let’s see what Arky and LSU bring.
  13. We need to hold on to Tank. He would be the 1st in a long time
  14. There was a lot of issues other than just QB and O play calling. 1. Punt return was horrendous- catch the dang ball 2. 3rd and short. Maybe a short pass after the 2nd time we could not get 1st 3. O-line jumping at terrible times....
  15. The good thing is you have a week off to heal up for the big run.
  16. If we benching due to fumbles, we wouldn’t have a RB
  17. He has been outstanding at making the correct decisions and quickly. I do believe he will have his freshman day but gonna just marvel until it happens
  18. Again, we have numbers but need to road graders like the have adjacent to us if we want our O 2 work. We cannot have down years on the O line like last yr. It is sad we cannot capture any momentum from our guys that go pro
  19. It is Grimes job to get the elite talent and then coach them up. This is no different than Pittman at UGA. Pittman didn’t fall into 5 star lineman. He did have a great rep prior to UGA (at Arky) but Grimes had the same opportunities, probably even more since he was at AU while Pittman was still at Arky. UGA never got a top lineman from Al before Pittman, Clay Webb is a failure on Grimes
  20. This is where Gus has to grow. This is the annual Gus loses one he should not. We cannot have a let down and allow them to stay in the game.
  21. We really need him. Reminds me of the Chubb recruitment for some reason, not sure why as Chubb was never committed. I am am ok with Ga going nationwide and leaving these studs to us!
  22. I personally liked it but he lost it for a sec. when he kept telling modi to get Hill off the field it was hilarious
  23. I want to be a 20 pt fav every game but it ain’t happening
  24. it is the circumstance- we are on the road in the SEC, at supposedly the most hostile environment, with a fresh QB, and the 16/17 only loss was at Clemson.
  25. Lines are there for a reason, we were not expected to win From someone that played ball I am shocked. If u think being aggressive with a TFr or RSF QB on the road is smart I am speechless. Not to mention the game plan worked. There are games ahead where we play some great teams, to think all those will be W’s would be unrealistic. I bet DB is very happy right now! i am sorry I disagree but it’s my opinion and will not change it, at least tonight!
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