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  1. Let's go through the top ten: 1. Notre Dame-spread team 2. Uat-prostyle 3. Thuga-prostyle 4. Florida-prostyle/spread hybrid 5. Oregon-spread 6. K State-spread 7. Lsu-prostyle 8. Stanford-prostyle 9. A&M-spread 10. FSU-prostyle/spread hybrid That's 6 teams in the top ten that run some form of the spread. 4 more teams in the top 15 run the spread. Let's go through the top ten: 1. Notre Dame-spread team 2. Uat-prostyle 3. Thuga-prostyle 4. Florida-prostyle/spread hybrid 5. Oregon-spread 6. K State-spread 7. Lsu-prostyle 8. Stanford-prostyle 9. A&M-spread 10. FSU
  2. You guys did not know that he actually knows Tom Brady. He has to be a good coach. I think he can text him
  3. I think the key is the AD. Counsel that BS is what bothers me. If you are incompetent you get fired, not reassigned. That is the issue with Government. Should have been saving money is all I can say
  4. How? Why? He is the flavor of the week. From poeple that dealt with him or went through his tenure in ATL, no way in hades would he be a good fit. HE is an idiot. I also believe he is a west coast guy that will never leave from that area anyway. He was the famous HC of the Falcons that said in a interview that the Washington Huskies was his dream job.
  5. honestly i would put Florence on the list. Some reason i do not feel he will be here next year. don't know why just have that feeling
  6. i remember when a close family firend played at AU while i was young. They ended the season with a tough loss i was so dissapointed. When i discussed with him, he was just glad the season was over and i could not believe his answer. As i got older, it really put alot of things in perspective for a college athlete. They go through alot
  7. This information about TJ really has me convinced that Chiz is a pu**y. NO, and I repeat NO major university football coach would allow that to take place if he had any stones about him.
  8. I'm with you. Unfortunatly i think they are planning on doubling down which would be the absolute worst thing that could happen
  9. I am so tired of people thinking BP committed the unpardonable sin. He is a human being with flaws just like everyone else on planet earth. The fact is Pettrino is a proven head coach and that is what is needed desperately at Auburn to fix this mess. My sentiments exactly. Now we find out the General Petraeus had an affair while he was head of the CIA (if not while he was commander of our forces in the Middle East). Point is, we all make mistakes, especially when the opposite sex is involved. So now are we going to put this great mind of the sidelines forever because he screwed up? I don
  10. Yes i did but I was not sure if he is a full time journalist or someone that writes a "blog" if you will. When people that earn a living because of their close relationships with the athletic dept and the football program start piling on then you know it is bad and truly a change needs to take place. I was not expecting much negtive out of the beat writers or the Rivals/Scout chiefs because you have to be careful of biting that hand that feeds you. If he is just a fan with the luxury of writing a blog then i factor that.
  11. this is not a flame but who is Will Collier and what is his job?
  12. Stat, thanks as always. A couple of things related to this: 1. Chizik did make his living as a DC but I am now truly convinced that Tubs was responsible for directing Chizik's D. Tubs probably was in charge of physicality while Chiz was the game planner. 2. While i think Wallace competed admirably, he reminds me a lot of Kobi. Do you have the stats to compare? Granted he is a TF, but he is ready to run quickly.
  13. Seriously, if we keep this staff with all of the negative that is there we would be only putting off the inevitable. how i see it, our next years recruitng would suffer as this will just keep going on until he finally is fired
  14. i thought Jimbo was going to be the guy the last time and seemed like the most attrative.
  15. Does this mean that we may lose a current 3rd string RB at the end of the season, or is the the big back we were hoping wiht Jovon?
  16. thank you, the market is barren right now and the idea of hiring from the nfl is a pipedream given the absurd expectations that will be seen if they indeed fire Gene only 2 years removed from a title Miami is having buyers remorse for Coker too I'm not saying they are all poor coaches, but is your argument to keep mediocre coaches because they can recruit? Surely I'm confused
  17. i watched Thigpen coach DB's last year and I might have well been standing there in his place. he was clueless on discussing with his players what they wanted to accomplish. Not impressed at all with his coaching. With the amount of money these coaches make, they should be able to do both, Coach and Recruit
  18. guys, i am happy he is our QB this weekend and hopefully he will turn out to be Roger Staubach. But my stomach gets queasy when i see this love and annointment when the same this was happening to Kheil a couple of months ago
  19. Stat, i said last night watching the game in the 1st qtr that it looked like Chiz had been told and everyone knew. Your statement of Petrino has me very concerned that this is more real than i had hoped. Not that i do not think he is a good coach but we need a leader now and he is nowhere close. We have no leaders in the entire Athletic Department.
  20. I get so tired of reading this crap about the powers that be interfering, because people in the know claim that is far from the truth. G. Jay Tate writes for the Auburn rivals site and he claims Auburn has given Chizik all the control he wants. Kevin Scarbinsky recently wrote an article claiming the president and current board of trustees were known as being passive in regards to athletics Think Tommy T if you think that Chiz has control. TT was the last one that said get the F away and they could not handle it and support him. If you think that JJ is not constantly inserting his and other
  21. While reading this Les Miles name keeps popping up in my head. We need a coach that is strong and getting someone that is a patsy to the PTB's will not work. I'm not saying the HC does not report to the AD or Pres, but they do not tell him how to run his program and I wholeheartedly believe that Chiz allows that to happen. If the PTB's cannot step back like they did in the early 80's then the change has to start there
  22. Why wait until Monday. Someone earlier said that Troop was the problem and then someone replied he did not have a clue. So what is really the problem. To me there is no leadership from the players but other teams seems to overcome this. So what (or who) is really the problem
  23. For anyone that wanted a nail in the coffin, this is it. I think it should include some other people as well but this may allow that person to stay employed
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