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  1. But they will be starting a terrible precedent. If everyone could transfer because of what some idiot says (or types) my goodness
  2. That dude kicked that girl in black while grabbing the steer. He was jamb up
  3. What u talkin bout Willis. 😁. DB too?
  4. No reason we cannot. It has as much to do with Pittman than it being UGA. That RT is not from Ga, neither is Webb
  5. That center we recruited last yr, Trey Hill is what I am referencing as he has a body type ready to go. He just needs more maturing. Trey Would have been our starter day 1 did u see their RFr right tackle last night, my goodness
  6. Correct, they are NFL size now. That is how they are passing us by
  7. From day 1 he focused on the line, particularly O-line and getting the correct ones. UGA always had talent,especially skill positions, but they have never had O lineman like they do now. This is similar to Bama, the reason they could win with game managers as QB.
  8. We better hurry - if u saw that red team last night they have some really incredible youth on that line, size I have never seen before. KS saw Richts downfall and he is bringing the guys in. Hate to say but Clay Webb won’t see the field for 3 years.
  9. We aren’t giving up. My poorly worded point is his propensity for transferring is known and will not hurt us. This has been a difficult area for us historically but with our a Memphis connections maybe it will change.
  10. Asa transferred HS 3 times, I doubt we have messed up any relationships. In reality that area has always been AL or UT. Others had similar issues with redshirts but don’t get the negative press that Gus does. It is a new rule so not surprised there were some screw ups, just wish it wasn’t us
  11. I don’t believe you have to get all 5/4 star and we cannot anyway.... but get a lot of 3 star w/ potential and make them push each other. The ones that don’t make it will eventually leave and you can keep the pressure on everyone to excel. The lineman in NFL are not all 5 star Plus we get the occasional top end and that works out just fine.
  12. 18-20 seems about right but our problem is we have less that 10 that are SEC caliber and none or maybe only 1 of those 10 are All-SEC players. Need guys to push each other. Think about Bama class they just pulled All have starting potential and all will push the 2nd team next year. Their 2nd team has the starting potential so they are pushing the starters for PT right now Competition breeds excellence
  13. I do the same sometimes. Hire someone i can control/manipulate vs someone strong that is gonna do it his way and fight my input. It is not healthy but I get it.
  14. We cannot get out of this cycle until we provide a more consistent product on the field. It is an AU thing that started back with Tubby tho he was lucky enough to avoid competing against Saban. Gus will have a good year, get a raise and we say there is stability. Then Gus will follow up with a stinker yr and we want to fire him.
  15. Do you really believe the review is independent of our o-line coaches or OC? Not the decision of who to offer but the review? Also, do you think this is different that a Saban or Smart?
  16. Maybe so but doesn’t change the fact. That was pre-Champ who was needed to change the overall mindset
  17. Garner has recruited on a high level since the early 90’s. He has the relationships but more importantly he gets people in the league.
  18. The biggest part of that is Clemson getting the recruits out of Ga that used to go AU. With Tenn now recruiting better it is tougher sledding, good to see us go to the west this year for some of the DL guys.
  19. This is silly. They definitely screwed up and the way to avoid is to not have him dressed out. Unfortunately with new rules things like this happen and they have to learn to assign responsibilities to individuals so this does not happen again However, you see coaches in the NFL constantly screw up with regular tasks such as clock management, etc.... so it is not like this is a Gus only thing
  20. The fact we are talking Bentley and Kodi shows how bad we are. For Bama let’s see what NFL guy or previous HC we want to bring in for OC. For AU let’s see what inexperienced or HS guy we can get. No wonder we are headed the oppo direction
  21. That coach has it going on from their HS to their rec progra He woulD struggle at AU, not used to losing much. 😜
  22. He just signed the deal our idiot trustee negotiated. If they now want him gone pay him and don’t drag my University through the mud.
  23. I’d call their bluff. I was for a new direction but this has me on the verge of rooting for Gus. If you want to fire Gus honor the contract you negotiated and move on!
  24. It could be that our depth is just that poor and we don’t have much other options. It is an issue of going for the win vs overusing. There is zero doubt our RB depth is horrible when comparing us to Bama or Georgia
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