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  1. Saying the player should not be our starter or should be on a lower quality program is not bashing an individual. It may hurt someone’s feelings but still not bashing
  2. We have 0 nfl calibers backs on our roster, a freaking joke when u consider we are AU. I thought the line played pretty well the last 3 weeks once Kim was reinserted in the lineup. not the original question to your point on the db’s, but our lack of pass rush really shined the light on their inexperience.
  3. Yes, he is as much of this mess as anyone is. It lies at Gus but to suggest Chip is not complicit is silly. Biggest prob on O is our lack of RB and that is both’s fault
  4. He should be fired. There is no reason we don’t have a NFL running back. There is also no reason we are piss poor on D. We have facilities to compete on a top 10 level and there is no reason we don’t. We we should at least be Clemson
  5. Agree but not anytime soon. We stink offensively and defensively
  6. It has to be at our expense. Bama and UGA will get theirs but we will compete against Tenn and Clem for the rest of the recruits. Clem is a regular top 5 team so it puts us in a bad spot
  7. Steele owns this loss as much as Gus. Do we have db’s or lb’s?
  8. Really... Chip is in over his head as much as the rest of them.
  9. While that is not a terrible idea quit hiring buddy’s. Learn how to improve and evolve. Plus, if Lindsey was the boy one to go that would be a Huuuuge mistake.
  10. Kodi does not necessarily need to work under others. There are many WR gurus that teach techniques, footwork etc.... and the guys just need to be willing to spend the extra time on learning their craft. It s a commitment to growing in their field no different that any other professional (sport or non-sport) job
  11. I wish. A lax game and fat fingers. I fixed it tho. 😀
  12. Yea that was bad. Fingers need to lose wait
  13. I am not on the Gus Bus but let’s be real. We were not getting those guys regardless of our play They were going to Bama or another pro style coach I think Gus’ O (which most wanted) and Greg Rob does Grimes no favors
  14. Great, just what we need - 4 more years of the Coxcat
  15. Thanks Stat, I do not think this is a dumpster fire like Chiziks las year. However, we want to compete against Bama, Ga, LSU and Clemson CGM needs to realize we are not going to outscheme these guys. We have to have the players in the trenches and you have to have a run game. CGM has overestimated his ability to win based on his scheme. He needs to either up his game or move on.
  16. We cannot just outscheme these teams. Coaches are too good and have evolved. We have to recruit with a focus. To compete against Bama, UGA, Clemson, LSU, Fla we need to have a top 10 class that meets needs. Our lack of RB and OL the last few years is unacceptable and I think we will see the same on the DL next yr or the year after.
  17. We do not have to be 1-3. But you have to recruit with a focus. Not having an O-Line or RB is a Malzahn issue. You have to have the Joes to compete as a top 10 team and occasionally that top 10 ten will be a top 5 team.
  18. Exciting finish but after 53 mins of the worst football I have ever seen i was over it. I am proud of the guys not quitting as they did the last year of Chizik but it felt like the d was not putting in the effort the way A&M was controlling us. I applaud the coaches for inserting the true freshman if the older guys are not getting it done. C Miller looked good. Just need o-line and RB.
  19. Good to see us looking around. I have to believe there are plenty of lineman out there that would excel, we just need better scouting.
  20. I would have said no until the A&M meltdown vs Miss St. if we lose and get drilled by Ga and ALA to finish 6-6 it will be tough.
  21. Stat; hopefully if we can get the receivers in space this can change quickly. Another huge issue is our lack of ability to force turnovers these last three games. If we can get consistent pressure maybe this will change.
  22. The solution is not having Helton. Just saying that is traditional AU thinking that has to change. It dis with the AD and we can only hope it does in football as well.
  23. Why the hades would anyone include Clay Helton..... I know because he was at AU. Maybe we should think outside the box
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