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  1. What are you talking about? We've given up one (fluke) touchdown in the last 6 quarters and are in the top 50 defensively. Monty Adams manhandled SJSU's line and McKenzy was flying to the ball. Not to mention 3 interceptions. With you the glass isn't half empty, it is empty. San Jose State...SAN JOSE STATE...rolled up big plays and big yards on our starters of this edition of Ellisball. Of the many head scratching issues he's bringing to the table this year, being apparently utterly unprepared for most of the first quarter against juggernauts Arky and SJS is tops. Do that against KState...or most of our remaining opponents...and we're in a 3-4 TD hole. Late in the game SJS was still ripping off big plays against our starters. Ellis needs to donate about half his paycheck to Gus & Rhett. His quote about 60 of the 77 defensive plays being "about as good as you'll ever see" is laughably clueless. Did Ellis Johnson kick your dog while you were in Auburn? Give it a rest already. It's like your constant complaining about our defense never ends. Our defense is absolutely better then it was last year. I picture clowns like you having your fingers in your ears goin "la la la la la". Apparently Ellis kicked Gus's dog too. 20 first downs allowed against San Jose State and last I checked defense is a significant part of a football game. Not nit picking. Ellis appreciates you sniffing his boxers. 2013 Stats: RK TEAM YDS YDS/G PASS P YDS/G RUSH R YDS/G PTS PTS/G 31 San Jose State 5919 493 4271 355.9 1648 137.3 389 32.4 32 Alabama 5903 454 3230 248.5 2673 205.6 496 38.2 33 LSU 5893 453 3263 251.0 2630 202.3 465 35.8 34 South Carolina 5880 452 3300 253.8 2580 198.5 443 34.1 35 Oklahoma State 5834 449 3599 276.8 2235 171.9 508 39.1 I know that SJS doesn't play the same schedule as #32-35 there, but we played a decent offense on Sat. They got 254 passing yards on us, but we got 3 interceptions to their 1 long TD. We held them to 1.4 yards per rush. They scored 13 points on us (7 of which came on 1 bad play). The AU defense isn't as great as we'd all like it to be, but it's good and continuing to improve. And when the AU offense is scoring >50 ppg, the defense has a little cushion. Try to be happy--we're 2-0!
  2. If you're going to get the ball inside the 50, you usually have to stop the other team inside the 10 or get a turnover. When we score, it's going to be rare to stop the other team inside the 10 after a kickoff. As for forced turnovers, that's something I think we'd all love to see more of.
  3. It seems outrageous to me--the athletes are not employees based on the current law regarding scholarships/grants-in-aid, so they have no authority to join a labor union. These players could organize into a group without joining a labor union to pool their resources and influence, but if you're not an employee, then how can you be in a labor union? It baffles me. But hey, I'm not the lawyer in the room. In short, if football players at Northwestern are employees, then so are the basketball players, the softball players, etc. And any musicians, artists, or other talented individuals who receive scholarships for continuing their work. And the students on academic scholarship if there's a GPA standard (which requires "work" to maintain), including graduate and professional students. Same goes for everyone at any private university, as well as any public university in a state without public employee unionization restrictions (and for the universities in states with such restrictions, it depends). This is a pebble that will turn into an avalanche. Best of luck to you as you try to stay in front of it
  4. How hard would it be to police legitimate commercial ventures from those that are only a front for paying players? Nearly impossible, which is why the NCAA doesn't allow it. Programs like Bama that have nearly unlimited funds would be giving out free suits and Dodge Chargers to every athlete as payment for signing autographs. Oh, wait ... I agree that it's impossible to contain payments to players without the rules the NCAA has in place. But to me, that's private individuals (or companies) paying private individuals for services that are legal. IMO, McDonalds paying a player to star in a commercial and Harvey Updyke buying an autograph are both legitimate commercial ventures, no matter what price is paid to the player. I don't see why these private interactions should be the NCAA's business. The NCAA can legally make these rules, but I think that the players will band together to stand against them one of these days. From a competitive standpoint, the biggest, the richest, most successful schools are already doing the best on the recruiting trail. I don't know if changing these rules would shift that balance even more or not. The big money will still be in the NFL (or NBA or MLB), so these guys need opportunities for playing time. And people will often go somewhere they love even if they would get paid more somewhere they don't like.
  5. College athletes are NOT employees of the university, the NCAA, or anyone involved in college sports. Therefore, college athletes have no right to be paid for that work. The only revenues that I see college athletes as having a right to are sales of products containing their likeness (i.e., jersey sales). I also do not understand why college athletes allow the NCAA to restrict them from making money doing other things, like signing autographs, accepting individual sponsorships (that don't conflict with their university's sponsorships), performing in commercials, etc. These restrictions are not imposed on "amateur" Olympic athletes, and they shouldn't be imposed on college athletes, either. Changes will come in the next 5-10 years, I think. At least I hope so, for these kids' sake.
  6. All right, here's some angry, foolish pride for you. What ruffles people's feathers is that the Insiders and Mods derided the posters who had other opinions based on a different set of facts. Don't you think that since sometimes recruits say one thing to the coaches and their friends and then do another, maybe other posters' info and thoughts should be welcomed, even if it's not positive towards AU? I give a lot of credit to those who are willing to provide info to us for free. But they really stuck their neck out on RE, and they got it wrong. Ultimately, this is a "teachable moment" for everyone here.
  7. This routine web error was sloppy, but it did not reflect AU being "played" by Bama. I hope that Gus pays this absolutely zero attention because he's got plenty of better things to worry about.
  8. It's not linked on the main site. Might just be a dummy page. I'd be very surprised if he's not AU, though.
  9. Good thing that's not gonna happen then, isn't it? :-\ It sounds like we'll get between 24-26. That would leave 3-5 EEs left over for next year, I believe. That's a good number to be at.
  10. It's pretty clear that Sevenlee made a joke, and some folks around here are wound up too tight to let it be what it is. A Bammer? No business experience? Come on, man! RELAX, and WDE.
  11. I agree, but you have to balance out your SOS so that you don't tire your players out throughout the year. I remember in '07 or '08 we played an absolutely brutal game vs. LSU (the most physical game I've ever seen), and even though we won, our team wasn't the same after that, and we suffered a couple of losses. I'd like to see one good OOC opponent and then fill the rest with cupcakes/byes. These kids really need the rest IMO.
  12. The layoff is a big advantage for AU. 1.) Our offense is simple for the most part. How many practices does it take to know what's coming when we run the same 3 plays 80% of the time? The best run defenses in the SEC still couldn't stop it. I don't see how practicing more would change that. Gus' offense takes what you give them based on what the defensive player does during the play. And if the defense hesitates, they're gonna get run over. 2.) Tackling tends to get worse after a layoff. We've all seen it--4 weeks with less contact, and the LBs and DBs are flailing all over the place. 3.) As stated before, run-oriented offenses tend to perform better after a layoff. This is mostly because QBs and WRs need to perfect their timing, which is different in an in-game situation because the DBs and the D-line will disrupt the play somewhat. In our offense, our timing is all pre-contact, so our skill players should be in position to receive the ball. 4.) This team continues to improve week after week. More time to practice together --> More improvement. This is especially true for our QB, as Marshall didn't get here until the summer. Nick gets a chance to practice with our WRs for a month, which might improve his accuracy (crossing my fingers on that one). FSU has great players, and I think they're playing the best football of anyone. It's going to take a great effort to compete with them and hopefully beat them. I can't wait til Jan 6!
  13. Stat, your 2 cents are worth a lot more than most people's. You must have common cents.
  14. Dude, you're the one making that argument. Nice to hear that you know it's indefensible. After watching Alabama utterly dismantle a vastly out manned Notre Dame team....theres really no argument to make other then arguing that probably 9 SEC teams could've and would've beaten those over rated imposters. That day, sure. But you're trying to project ND's worst performance onto the rest of their season, and it doesn't fit with what they accomplished throughout the year. How many teams would have beat UF on Jan. 2? Or UGA on Oct. 6? They accomplished what throughout the season? Sure, they had a couple quality wins but the rest of their schedule is full of nobodies most of which they got past by very close margins. Look, i dont think they were that good...you obviously do...no harm there just a difference of opinion. They had to come from way back at home to beat a 6 - 6 Pitt team in 3OTs...Ole Miss beat then like they caught 'em stealing something. Racking up wins against BYU, the Service Academies, BC, Wake Forest, Purdue does not make a team great. Go ahead and throw out the USC card...but dont forget that Georgia Tech rolled them and showed what they were made of..or OU who A&M just absolutely gutter stomped..so in the end you end up with a win over Stanfard...well hayul, no other team in America would've gotten the run out of that win like Notre Dame did but everyone saw what they had when the chips were on the table and it wasn't much...oh and to your question...neither UGa nor UF were playing in the NC game but I can guarantee you this...had they been there they wouldn't have gotten punked the way the Irish did UF got punked by Louisville on Jan 2. UGA got punked by USCe on Oct 6. ND was a top 10-15 team that had the ball bounce the right way for them to win all their games. They were overmatched against Bama, but they underperformed on top of it and got themselves blown out. They picked a bad time to play their worst game, but if you saw them play during the season you would know that they had a very good team that would have been competitive (but still likely lost, of course) if they played up to par. Your 6-6 argument Is ridiculous--if they played like they did in the NCG for their whole season, they would have gone 6-6 against their own schedule.
  15. Dude, you're the one making that argument. Nice to hear that you know it's indefensible. After watching Alabama utterly dismantle a vastly out manned Notre Dame team....theres really no argument to make other then arguing that probably 9 SEC teams could've and would've beaten those over rated imposters. That day, sure. But you're trying to project ND's worst performance onto the rest of their season, and it doesn't fit with what they accomplished throughout the year. How many teams would have beat UF on Jan. 2? Or UGA on Oct. 6?
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